Did I ever tell you about the white sun dress and the hot buttered lobster? Well when I was eighteen, and still a virgin, I had a major crush on my best friends older brother. He was a sophomore in college and a gorgeous Spaniard, with a pretty but stuck up girlfriend. Isa and her family had invited me to spend several weeks with them in Massachusetts that summer. They were an entire family of intellectuals and everyone was so was beautiful and warm. I loved how open, and free they always seemed to be with their conversations and opinions. The house was big breezy and beautiful, with wrap around porches and led right to the beach; it was on Nantucket. I vowed that this was the summer I would loose my virginity and seduce Paolo, Isa's brother.

The family was very large, which was really cool, 4 brothers and 3 sisters some were already married or had their significant others. Paolo was in the school of Engineering but in his soul he was an artist. He was a musician and played the acoustical guitar and the pianist and a photographer and painter. His family was kind of artsy, lots of discussion of politics, religion and just anything really.

I loved the environment and I knew Isa and Paolo's mother really liked me, though I did not know why. She often stared at me when she thought I was not looking with an odd expression that I was not familiar with. She was an extremely demonstrative person and I noticed she would roughly hug and kiss anyone at anytime for any reason. But with me, she was very gentle, barely touching me as if she thought I might turn away or be harmed in some way. I loved the feel of her gentle, sweet, maternal hugs and the way she always smelled of vanilla and spices. I loved the feeling of safety that I had whenever they invited me into their midst; as though finally after a lifetime of searching, I had found my tribe.

I was already planning my trip back to hang out with them next summer. So the holiday was going well. I just had to begin working on my plan of seduction. Since early childhood I had been plagued with sleep problems, by 12, I just started running each morning to try and wear myself out and eventually I was addicted to running; the constant slapping of my feet against the concrete, the solitude, it was as though I was freeing myself from some unknown burden whenever I returned sweaty and exhausted. At the beach, with the Castillo's I continued my routine and was delighted to learn that Paolo ran as well. In fact, he suggested we run together since it was so early and might not be safe for me alone at 6:00 a.m. I was only to happy to oblige and thus we began our ritual.

I had always attended an all girls Catholic school, and had grown up in a home with an overprotective father. So I had little experience with boys and flirting. But I had girlfriends and watched television so I tried some of my notions out on Paolo. At first I thought it wasn't working. When I would look deeply into his eyes, he just turned away, when I placed my hand softly on his chest one morning to catch my balance as I was standing from tying my shoe, he moved away and once when I grazed his arm with my hand and he pulled back as if burned. All left me with the opinion that I was being too subtle and needed to kick it up a notch. When we returned from our run we always came through the garage so we could deposit our shoes in the mudroom and enter through the kitchen. This morning we had gotten caught in an early morning shower so we were drenched. As I kicked off my shoes I noticed he kept looking at my t-shirt through which my nipples were prominently displayed. I knew I had beautiful breasts, this was it, my chance. I said laughingly I have to get out of these wet clothes and took off my shirt, bra and shirt standing there right in front of him and ran upstairs in nothing but a tiny red thong. ...laughing all the way.

His dumbstruck expression kept popping into my head throughout the day and it would cause me to giggle each time. I was sitting in the yard, reading when he came over and sat next to me hours later and asked me, what the fuck was that about this morning? Surprised that he seemed genuinely angry, I stared at him and asked what do you mean? He said stripping in front of me as if I was one of your sorority sisters and not a man. I realized immediately the problem - his machismo was bruised. So I got up, walked over to his chair and knelt beside him, careful to allow him to smell my hair, skin as I licked my lips. Paolo, I think of you as my brother, it never occurred to me you would be turned on by the sight of my naked breasts. I apologize for getting you so excited this morning by showing you my wet naked body, please forgive me I said, as I kept my warm, steady gaze upon his face. I reached out to kiss his cheek and quickly darted in for his mouth when he was not expecting it. I kissed him softly and sucked in his beautiful, luscious bottom lip (something I had fantasized about for over a year) when he grabbed my arms as if to push me away and pulled me into his chest instead, taking over the kiss he opened his mouth against mine and was sliding his tongue inside when his girlfriend came over screaming, I knew you were hot for this little bitch. With a smile and a wink, I walked away saying to him - good luck with that as I motioned to his "girlfriend".

Later that day, Isa and I were kneeling on the sofa watching as whatshername put the last of her bags in the taxi and Paolo watched helplessly as she drove away. He spied us in the window and the look he gave us made us duck our heads down like children. Isa looked at me and said quietly I hope you know what your are doing. Paolo is not like my other brothers, he is quiet, moody and intense. You can't read his expressions, so you never know what he is thinking. God help you, because he looks like he really wants a piece of you; little did poor Isa know, I prayed she was right. Isa asked what did you do to him and whatshername this morning? I gave her an innocent little head shake and said, I have no idea.

The next morning I could not wait for our run, but when I went downstairs, all I found was a note saying I left early, you should be ok on your own from now on. Chicken I thought as I began my stretches. Well at least knowing my plan was working gave me confidence. I wasn't sure what I would do but knew it had to be quick the holiday would be over soon. When I got back from my run and heard the shower running, it occurred to me exactly how to kick it up a notch. I boldly walked inside the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain to reveal Paolo in all of his naked splendor. OMFG was he gorgeous. I almost forgot my intent as I stared at him from head to toe, when my gaze reached his eyes, he was looking at me with.... amusement and asked me did I forget something? With a playful smile, I said actually I did, and stepped inside the shower, pushing him back against the wall kissing him with all of my pent up sixteen year old yearnings, and an amazing thing happened. He did not fight me, at all. He abandoned himself to the kiss and was pulling me into him, kissing and sucking my lips moaning, he picked me up and pulled me hard against his body and I could feel something against my thigh, and I suddenly became scared and pushed him hard and jumped away running out of the bathroom like the devil was chasing me. But there was no one, the bathroom door never opened and Paolo never came out. Well at least not for some time.

When I was on my way to take a shower he poked his head outside his door and said, be careful angel; payback is a bitch. I locked the door and pushed a stool against from then on whenever I showered and made certain I was never alone with him again. I stopped running in the morning altogether complaining about a mythical hamstring injury. But over the next few days, Paolo mellowed out and I let my guard down, he seemed his old self but sometimes I would catch him watching me or looking at my body.

On the night before we were to leave, their mother, set about making every one's favorite, hot buttered lobster. It was more of a family assembly line thing, the mom steamed the lobster and the brothers would cut the cooked lobsters in half, passing the halved lobsters to the next brother who would dip the entire thing into a large hot pot of melted butter, then place it in a bowl to be served. We were all going to be eating together and there were so many people. Fortunately they had this huge and unusual dinner table. It was a very charming huge wooden table, it was made from an old antique door that was pulled from a monastery. Their table needed to be large because at any given time there were 12-15 people eating at it. Well when I came downstairs, most of the seats were taken, I had spent a long time on my appearance because I wanted Paolo to remember me and have a nice image to call upon. But as I looked around there was not an extra seat. Paolo, seeing me, sucked in his breath and said come on sit here on the bench next to me, I won't bite you. Only Isa and I knew he was probably still holding some resentment, and his family was all looking at me so not wanting to be a bother, I smiled and slid onto the tiny bench beside him.

He and I were seated side by side at one of the ends of the table. His mom, brothers, sisters and their spouses and lovers were seated along the sides of the table and his dad was opposite us at the other end. For dinner I selected my favorite white summer dress, it was a wrap around dress with a halter top so it was a pretty easy access type of thing. My complexion was normally a buttery light gold, but the sun had given me a deep honeyed color that showed off well against the stark white of the dress. So back to dinner... well the parents allowed us all to drink wine with dinner, since we were celebrating the end of our vacation, and I was not used to any type of alcohol, so my head was light and there was delicious buzzing inside of me.

We'd been drinking delicious white wines from France and Spain, laughing and talking and eating this hot buttered lobster and all of a sudden I can feel this heat, and I look up and Paolo is staring at me like I'm some science project he is trying to figure out. Now remember the seat we are on is actually a wooden bench, so we are sitting very close anyway, but as I stand up to reach for the bottle of wine, pour some into our glasses I look at him with an uncertain smile and try to sit back down, but he moves his legs at the instant I am descending and I end up on his lap, my dress slightly pushed up so that I can feel his thigh against my hips and thighs. He casually slips his arm around my waist and is now actively engaged in the conversation with his family, hardly giving me a glance. I am comfortable on his lap and take a sip from my glass. His hand which was dangling around my waist slips into the side of my dress through the wrap around opening.

I look over at him and he doesn't even look at me, just sure as silk, slides his hand down my stomach into my panties and starts to slide his fingers, slippery and warm from all that butter, up and down over me. Now remember he is not looking at me he is laughing and talking to his family, but his warm, slippery fingers never stop their manipulations. I can hardly stand it, I can't breath, it feels like everyone must know, but it feels too good too move or walk away. For the next several minute or two, I never really knew how long, he kept it up, sliding his fingers slowly then faster and faster until KABOOM, it just happened. I climaxed so powerfully my body just shivered and shook, and I put my head down on the table to try to compose myself.

When I finally could look up at him he smiled, slipped his hand from under the table, licked his fingers and grabbed another lobster. Then he looked at me, winked and whispered - round 2? I jumped up from the table and flew into the bedroom and did not come back down until it was time to leave the next morning. We never consummated our relationship or whatever it was. Several years later I saw him out with another girl and we stopped and said hello to each other - no hard feelings. As they were leaving, he gave me a hug and whispered into my ear - hey, do you still smell like the beach... do you still taste like the ocean? Still have that white dress? I'll remember what you tasted like and looked like in that dress until the day I die. What a summer....

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