tagGroup SexBy A Mountain Stream

By A Mountain Stream


In my travels I've had many interesting experiences least of which was my time travelling with Liz and Tiffany.

I met Liz just by chance; she was on her own and was interested in going into the mountains. But didn't want to risk going on her own as she was not experienced in backcountry living. We hitched together toward the mountains and arrived at small mountain village and booked in at the local hostel. As soon as we arrived Tiffany appeared.

Her and Liz struck it off from the start. It soon became apparent that they were both into girls. This you might think would have made me depressed. Well it in fact made things easier. They were both going to come with me into the mountains and if they wanted to get it together. That was entirely up to them.

The next day we set off on the post bus to be dropped at the start of the mountain trail. It looked to quite easy going, with plenty to see and side trails to explore. The weather was warm and bright and we set off for the first hut. Being late in the season there was a real lack of other hikers. I always like walking out of season as you then have the wilderness to yourself, and can imagine you are one of the first explorers.

Both girls were fit and able to keep up with my pace, neither complained nor moaned. This was going to be an easy trip. They were both interested in learning bush craft and about all the different features we were passing. We were also all getting on really well. With a lot of horsing around and quite a bit of accidental hands touching places otherwise not normally touched. The flirting was quite obvious between the two girls and the atmosphere was becoming electric.

We arrived at the hut by late afternoon, it was simply beautiful, sitting on top of a saddle with a mountain stream only 50 yards away down the hillside. We went into the hut and found it empty with no sign of other hikers. The girls took one bunkroom and I took the other. We set about making ourselves at home and I went off with Tiffany to collect firewood for later. I hadn't been alone with Tiffany before this, and so took the opportunity to get to know her on a one to one basis. We had got on well all day but when we were alone things were different. She seemed to bump into me at every turn; and at one point I found myself with my face between her breasts as I stood up from picking up a piece of wood. We laughed it off. But I was wondering what her game was and with all the little things that happened earlier by the time we got back to the hut my mind was doing overtime.

When we walked into the hut Liz was stripped off to her knickers giving herself an all over wash, Tiffany thought this was a great idea and asked me if I minded going outside whilst she had her wash. Being the perfect gentleman I retired outside for a smoke, I went and sat by the stream and watched the Sun set behind the mountains in blaze of brilliant colour and just before the Sun disappeared I saw for the first time that green flash that only ancient mariners and explorers talk about "Magic".

After a few minutes Liz came and sat next to me and we talked about our day. She also apologised to me that her and Tiffany were fast becoming an item. But that she wasn't sure about how she felt. I explained to her that I wasn't offended and thought it was rather sweet that I had been the matchmaker and bought them together. Liz lent over and kissed me saying, "thank you for being such an understanding bloke". "Oh don't get me wrong," I said "its not if I wouldn't have the pair of you, if the chance arose". But before I could finish.

Tiffany called from the hut telling me she had put water on for me to have a wash as well.

So I left Liz sitting by the stream and walked up to the hut. When I walked in Tiffany was standing drying her naked body down. I said "oops" and turned to leave. Tiffany stopped me in my tracks and told me not to be silly and come in. So I went to my bunk collected my washing gear and went out have my wash at the common room sink. Tiffany had gone outside by the time I returned. When I'd finished I set too preparing our supper and called the girls in to set the table and make some tea. We ate and laughed about our day, and around ten we went off to bed. The girls to their bunks and me to mine. I got into my bag and started to read by candlelight. The girls were giggling and laughing and after few minutes. I shouted to them that a body couldn't sleep with all that noise going on.

Tiffany said, "Well if you can't sleep, why not come and join in the fun".

I leapt out of my sleeping bag and took it and myself into their bunkroom.

They had spread their sleeping bags out over two beds that they had pushed together. Tiffany was wearing only knickers whilst Liz had a t-shirt and knickers on like myself. They were lying together laughing at me standing there with surprised look on my face. Tiffany said, "Come here and help me get Liz's shirt off and get yours off before you get on the bed". I didn't need asking twice and through off my t-shirt and jumped on the bed. As landed on the bed my knee went in the gap between the mattresses and disappeared down the hole falling forward as I did. Right into Tiffanies chest. I grabbed her around the middle and pressed my face into her gorgeous breasts. We all laughed uncontrollably at my miss hap. The girls pulled my out of the gap. I took full advantage of this and pulled Liz's Shirt up and over her head. As I moved toward her breasts I was joined by Tiffany and we took one each, and sucked on her nipples and stoked her body. Which bought only slight protests from Liz until she started to enjoy our caresses. She lay back and enjoyed the attention she was getting from two affectionate people. I pushed my hand between Liz's legs only to find Tiffany had already got there before me. So I reached over and slid my hand over Tiffany's bottom and into her knickers. Her slit was soaking wet and my fingers slid into her with ease. Tiffany sat up and removed her knickers to allow me easier access. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and lips were shaved smooth. She also took the opportunity to remove Liz's knickers and bare her to our attentions. Liz chirped up that I still had mine pants on. I protested to this and half-heartedly fought them off as they pulled my pants down. To reveal my stiff cock, Tiffany was delighted that I was a round head and bent forward to suck me. I then pulled Liz to me and buried my head in between her legs. At the same time I reached round Tiffany and slid my hand between her butt cheeks and pushed my fingers into her slit.

Liz had a wonderful sweat flavour and really got stuck into her with my mouth and tongue. Her pubes tickled my nose but my beard, really tickled her thighs. Tiffany wasn't to be left out and pushed me over on my back and sat herself down on my face. Liz complained at this sudden change of events and made her feelings clear and tried to push Tiff off of me. All Tiffany did was grip my head between her thighs and push herself down harder on my face. I couldn't move and had shout to be allowed to breath. They were both very sorry, that they had nearly killed me; fighting over my mouth, tongue.

Tiffany relented and let Liz Sit on my face. So that I could finish what I'd started. Liz screamed as she came, pushing down on my head. So hard as I sucked on her outer lips. That I thought she would bust my nose, I pushed her off and Tiffany immediately took her place, reveling in the feeling of my beard tickling her thighs. Liz lay down next to us and just watched as Tiffany moved her pussy back and forth over my mouth to apply attention and pressure to all the right places at the right time.

I was in Heaven as Tiffany rocked her way to orgasm giving me directions of where to lick her pussy to intensify the sensation to her clit. I was her slave to this instruction and did as I was bid. Liz stroked my cock up and down, but seemed shy to do any thing more. Tiffany told her in no uncertain terms to suck it. Liz wasn't too sure as she said she'd never sucked a cock before. Tiffany told that since I'd bought her off so well. That Liz owed me the favour.

So Liz took my cock in her hand and gently kissed the tip of my cock. I could hardly feel her touch and lifted Tiffany up so I could tell her to be firmer in her attentions. So she started to kiss my cock with growing confidence, Tiffany told Liz to suck it properly. So Liz opened her mouth and took the head of my cock right in to her warm mouth, Tiffany pushed on the back of her head and Liz took more into her mouth until she gagged and lifted her head up quickly. But she didn't take my cock out of her mouth. Liz had now got a taste for cock and wasn't going to let go. She told us how nice the pre-cum tasted and Tiffany said she wanted to try spunk.

So with Tiffanies tuition Liz started to suck me off with vengeance. So as Tiffany ground her groin into my face Liz sucked on my cock. As got closer to her climax she began to shake and whimper shouting that she was cumming. When Tiffany did cum she came with such a flood of juices that she literally plastered my beard to my face with her juices. Tiffany rolled off me and watched Liz sucking my cock. Now I was able to concentrate on myself and laid back and enjoyed this novice cocksucker going for her first tonsil icing. Tiffany gave her more tuition and even did some practical demonstration. But Liz didn't let suck me for long and soon took my cock back and went to it with gusto I warned her that I was close but she hung on for grim death, and let me shoot in to her mouth. She tried her best to swallow but it was all too new to her and my cum ran out of her mouth and down my cock. But it wasn't going to be wasted .As Tiffany came over and helped Liz lick it all up, with both girls kissing each other in the process; this had a great effect on me, resulting in my cock just staying rock hard. Tiffany said to Liz "I suppose you are virgin too?"

" Oh no" said Liz "I've been screwed before". "Good" said Tiffany " then I can have him first" And promptly lowered herself down on to me. I wasn't just going lie back and take it I wanted to do some shagging, and said so. I got them to lie in all fours next to one another and proceeded to shag them six strokes each then swoop over. They complained that this was teasing and I had to agree. But wasn't it fun?

As I got more and into my stride, I screwed each for longer and longer. Until Tiffany was near coming, then I stayed in her until she came again. She then lay down and curled up on the bed.

I turned Liz over onto her back pushed her legs up to beside her head to reveal her pussy completely open and then, rammed into her for the final furlong. She asked me not come in her, as she wasn't on the pill. I told her not worry; and continued pounding my cock into her like a pile driver, until she came. I pulled out of her pussy just before I was going to come and straddled her chest telling her to suck me. Tiffany came over and told me to lie on my back. I flopped over onto the mattress and both girls went at my cock like a couple of porn stars. I came in their sweat mouths and they licked and slurped and kissed until I was spent. We all three kissed and cuddled and whispered endearments of gratitude to each other, but finally sleep from a long day and a hard night caught up with us.

We pulled the sleeping bags up around us and drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night we woke up and went at it again.

In fact we didn't leave the hut all the next day, and by the end of it we all three were rather sore. But extremely satisfied. We did finish the track and I went south and the girls went north. To further adventures of many different kinds.

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