tagIncest/TabooBy Accident, On Purpose Ch. 02

By Accident, On Purpose Ch. 02


I awoke just as the sky was beginning to lighten. I laid in bed rolling the events of yesterday around my aching head. I imagined my mother's thoughts, a husband that not only cheated, but completely left her for another life, before actually even leaving her. What a sucker punch. I was trying to gather my thoughts about a father whom I had always loved and admired. I couldn't get my head around this new image of him being such a duplicitous liar and cheat and coward and phony.

What was I doing here? He had arranged all of this in advance. I know that Mom had taken excited phone calls from our other friends, who were now supposed to be here with us, enjoying this lovely vacation. What had he told them to prevent their coming? Where was Amy in all this? I had really built up the idea of her being here with us.

My thoughts returned to Mom. She must really be devastated! Beyond devastated. I tossed back the covers and stepped outside to shower in the waterfall outside my room. The water was chilly and bracing. I wrapped a towel around me and headed off to Mom's side of the villa. I passed by Maribella in her kitchen, topless in her pareo, making coffee, her perfect breasts sway gently as she worked. My penis rose in greeting at the sight of her. I kissed her lips and took a tray of coffee and tiny pastries from her and headed for Mom's room.

Entering quietly, I noted that she was still asleep, or so I thought. She was laying half on her side, the sheet lowered and bunched around her hip. Half her bottom and her naked back were exposed as she lay facing the open doors to the sea. I stood taking in the sight of her. I wished I had my camera, the image was so beautiful; tiny waist and perfect flaring hip and a lightly muscled back and shoulders. I approached quietly, not wanting to wake her. I moved to a table and set the tray down as quietly as I could. I turned to face her and noticed her watching me; she was wide awake.

"Oh, hey. Good morning." I stammered. "I thought you were asleep." She offered only a faint smile.

"No. No sleep." She said quietly. "I couldn't sleep at all,... all night." I noted that the sheet was draped so low that a tiny bit of her pubic hair was visible. Mom unhurriedly moved to pull the sheet up a bit. In doing so she completely exposed her right breast, briefly. The sheet then covered it. I noted though that the sheet was of such delicate material that I could still make out the dark areola through it. That brief image of her breast was seered into my mind. Her breasts were obviously perfect, probably C-cups,

I took her a cup of coffee, steaming and smelling of rich, heavy coffee beans. She took it from me with a slight smile. I grabbed mine and sat on the edge of her bed.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" she asked me softly.

"Me? I was going to ask the same of you. Are you okay?" She sipped her coffee thoughtfully and took a long time to reply.

"No, baby. Not really. I don't even get my mind to focus correctly. I don't even know what I'm thinking, how I'm feeling,... I don't even,... I,..." she set her cup down gently, rolled onto her back and covered her face in her hands.

I simply sat there and watched as she began to softly cry. I took both cups and returned them to the tray and moved to lie down next to her and took her in my arms. At first she resisted slightly, but then gave in and let me hold her limp form as she cried and cried. We stayed like that for a long while.

I noted Maribella at the open door, silently asking if we needed anything. I smile and shook my head. She left us alone. Mom cried herself to sleep and I simply moved us gently to where I was sitting up with her in my arms. The sounds of the jungle and the sea wafted into the room as I waited for her to get some needed rest.

A lovely bright green bird appeared at the open doors and landed on the railing. I eyed me suspiciously as it sat there, taking stock of the tray of pastries. I cocked my head and gave it a 'Don't you dare!' look and it thought better of stealing from me and flitted off again, but not before squawking its irritation as it left. The noise awoke my mother. She lurched at the sound and then, sat up a bit, taking stock of where we were and what was up.

She scooted down into the bed, gathering the sheet under her arms and over her bare breasts, then stretched and yawned. "Your father,..."

"Is an unbelievable fucker!" I finished for her. She looked at me with a shocked look as if she was about to scold me for the language, but then her mouth snapped shut and she thought for a second.

"Yeah. I guess that is so. He is!" she stated calmly. She used the back of her hand to wipe her eyes. "An unbelievable fucker!" she repeated. She glanced around for her coffee. I told her that I think it had gone cold. She had been asleep for about a half an hour.

"Let me get you some more." I stood, almost losing my towel in the process and headed for the door, to find Maribella. I found her waiting just outside the room with a new carafe of hot coffee. I kept discovering her knack of knowing just what was needed, just before it was needed. I smiled a thanks and took it from her. I watched, entranced as her hips worked in that sexy way as she hobbled away. What an ass on the girl, I thought to myself.

"Feel like a swim?" I asked her after we had silently feasted on breakfast.

"Oh baby, no way. I have to get back home."

"Back home?" I asked her completely shocked at this new idea. "What the hell for?"

Well, I have to find out where you father is, what he's up to,... "

"Whoa, whoa. Hang on a sec." I told her. "He's not there. Even if he was,... I mean,... He's gone. No one is there. If you go home now,..."

Mom simply stared at me, as if I had no idea about what was required at a time like this. She was looking adamant that she was going to go get him, fix this, and get on with her life; with him. We stared at each other for a long time.

"I'm afraid that there's no fixing this. He has played all the moves to ensure that he is well and truly out of it. He can't be found. There's no bringing him back." Mom had no response, simply stared. "How could you even want him back now?" I asked her.

"I take it you don't?" she asked me, calmly as she sipped the last of her coffee.

"Fuck him!" I blurted, realizing that I was almost in tears. Mom's gaze remained even. I hemmed and hawed for a bit, not knowing how to express the depth of my outrage, my hurt. I caught myself realizing mine could be nothing compared to hers.

Mom set down her cup, pulled the sheet up over her breasts a bit and then laid back into her pillows, hands clasped above her head. She was gazing at the ceiling, thoughtful, unaware of how close she was to exposing both lovely breasts to me. "I used to be able,..." she started, "... to see just where we were going, where we were headed in life. Now,..." Her voice fell off as she simply, slowly shook her head.

After a very long while staring at nothing, her gaze shifted to the open doors and the sea beyond.

"Yes. I do feel like a swim." Slowly here eyes came to mine and she smiled wanly. "Although,... I don't have a swimsuit appropriate for swimming with my son." She smiled a bit more. My pretend confused look, prompted her to continue. "When I thought it was just going to be your father and a few close friends, I thought to pick up some,... smaller,... sexier suits."

"So?' I simply asked.

"Fuck it." She said, making a face at using such extreme language in front of her only son. "My head is so muddied right now, I just don't care." I simply smiled. "Go throw on a suit and we'll go to the beach."

Having changed, I met Mom on the veranda. She was dressed in a floral beach cover-up, large straw hat and her wedgie sandals. I had my shorts on and no shirt. We both noted Maribella busy sweeping the lower deck around the pool, topless and an impossibly brief wrap around one hip. With a simple knot in the material on her other hip I figured that there was no way her pussy wouldn't be openly visible. As we passed her on the way down to the beach, I noted that my suspicion was correct. Mom noticed, I think, but made no comment.

I toted the towels and chairs, and once on the sand arranged them side by side for us. I simply dropped my shorts and stepped out of them. I didn't want to draw any extra attention to my hammock. The instant attention that I got from Mom was enough as it was.

"Oh my!" she said quietly. "And here I was worried about the size of my suit." I turned and looked down at myself, lewdly displayed, hands out to the side as if to say, 'What do you mean?' I noted that her gaze was straight on my basket. Even I had to admit it was shockingly apparent. My cock was totally on display, as was my ass, with the tiny swatch over my crack.

"I figured, if we were to be castaway in this beautiful place, why not 'go native".

"Well, I guess you do have a point." My eyes went up to hers. "Not what I meant, naughty!" I gave her an 'I didn't say anything' look. "So,... I guess,... I'll 'go native' as well, then, tossing her hat into the chair. I watched intently as Mom reached down for the hem of her light dress and pulled it smoothly over her head.

I was stunned to silence, to see the suit she had chosen, from her shopping excursion. It was a collection of bright yellow fabric patches, trying vainly to cover the private bits of my mother's beautiful body. Tiny triangles of the luminescent fabric barely covered her nipples, leaving breast skin exposed on both sides and even the bottoms of her breasts. The top was tied loosely enough so as to not completely mash and flatten her gorgeous shape. The bottom was a bit of fabric of similar size and was also barely covering. It was obvious that she was completely shaved. The fabric was of such delicate material that both nipples and her labia were obvious, the shapes obvious through the material. There was no coverage in the back. Mom's beautiful bottom was totally on display.

"I really hadn't expected you to see this." She commented to my stunned expression, "but as I said before, fuck it! I just don't care."

"Mom,... you are gorgeous!" I said breathlessly. She gave me an appreciative smile, posing slightly, hand on one hip.

"Not bad yourself." She countered.

We stood there for a long time just taking in the sight of each other. My cock felt even bigger, not hard, just nicely filled out. Mom bit her lip. "Swim?" she asked simply. I turned and offered her my arm. She smiled as she stepped forward and took it, We walked to the shoreline. I hadn't thought about it, but having her take my arm, brought her close enough to rub against me as we walked. The exposed flesh of her breast was gently stroking against me as we strolled.

The water was so warm! Mom made a sexy moaning noise at the contact, and gave me an equally sexy look, rolling her eyes. We stepped gently, deeper into the surf until the water splashed my cock. I pulled away and ran and dove into the oncoming wave. As the wave reached her she turned her back and let it wash against her from behind. Her ass was superb. She continued to walk out to where I was floating. The waves bobbing her full breasts.

"The water is glorious!" she told me when she reached me, treading water gently.

"You are glorious!" I blurted. She gave me a dubious look and rolled her eyes. "Seriously, your body is incredible!" The dubious look remained but she thanked me, awkwardly. She ducked under the water and swam a few long, smooth strokes away from me. When she surfaced her hair was slicked back and gave her an elegant, sexy look, like a model in a magazine.

We swam around for a bit, never far from each other. Finally we agreed to head back in. I let her swim ahead and several times I saw her bottom break the surface, basically nude before me. I was entranced and quite erect at the sight. When she was in shallow enough water she stood and began walking through the thigh deep water. The waves had begun to come up a bit. I noticed one bearing down on her and yelled for her to look out. At the sound of my voice she turned to face me just as it reached her and completely bowled her over. She completely disappeared.

I swam towards her as if my life depended on it and when I reached her she was just finding her footing. I noted that her top was completely gone as she wiped the water from her face. I reached her just as her eyes opened and she looked at me with such a shocked expression.

"Are you alright?" I asked

"Fine." she said, "I didn't see it coming." She coughed a bit and pushed her hair back on her head. This raised her bare breasts enticingly, nipples hard as bullets, as they swayed a bit with the motion. I caught a brief glimpse of bright yellow as it washed past us in the water.

"There!" I pointed, trying to catch her top as it went by.

"What?" she said, sounding afraid, as if I was pointing out a shark.

"Your top." I told her as I fished around in the water, to no avail. She looked down, noticing her bare breasts for the first time and quickly covered them with her arms. I continued to grab at flashes of yellow and then she joined me, ignoring her topless breasts as she did. Neither of us was successful though.

Finally, she gave up and watched my fruitless search, while covering her breasts again. After a short while I gave up as well. A couple more waves had jostled her to the point of exposing her breasts, again and again, until we gave up and headed in.

"Now what?" she asked quietly.

"Well,... honestly,... I have really had an eyeful already." Mom tried to give me her best scolding look. "I say we don't worry about it."

"Easy for you to say you still have on your,..." as she was about to mention my swimsuit, she unconsciously looked down towards it. I did as well. My erection was so pronounced that, besides being quite uncomfortable, it was pushing the material out so far that there was a gap between the material and my body. You could easily see inside both sides of the suit; my cock was on full display.

"Well that's a fine thing." I stated simply, comically. I noted that Mom was entranced and could not look away. "You say 'fuck it'? I say 'fuck it." I grabbed the material and pushed it down and off into the sand. My cock was now completely straight out from me.

"Kevin!" Mom squealed. She stood there mouth agape, as I picked up my suit and walked to the waiting chairs. She was still standing there, when I sat down in mine and dug my toes into the sand. She stood there, ankle deep in the water, gaping at me, breasts covered by her hands as she simply stared at me, shocked into silence. Finally she resigned herself to it, and began to walk towards me. Halfway to me she defiantly dropped her hands and let her bare breasts sway as she walked.

"This is not cool." She stated firmly as she stood before me hands on her hips. My cock was standing straight up between my legs as I shaded my eyes to look up at her. We shared a long look, in which I didn't back down one bit. Finally she looked away, checking to see if anyone was watching us.

"Who will see? There's no one here." I stated, obviously. Mom tsked and looked up towards the villa.

"What about,... " her voice faded as she thought about Maribella, sweeping the veranda, virtually nude herself. "What's her name again?" I told her.

"We were down here nude yesterday. She's seen the goods already." I left out the fucking part.

"Puh!" Mom blustered, "The goods." Mom scanned up and down the beach, uselessly again, and then moved to sit next to me, her right arm touching my left. She pulled her hat onto her wet hair, uncomfortably close to my bobbing erection, not 18" away from her. "This isn't something mothers and sons do together." She busied herself fetching a book out of her bag.

"Apparently it is." I told her after about a minute's silence.

"Don't be vulgar!" she snapped.

I sat there in the sun, half watching the waves and half watching to see if my cock would go down. Very slowly it began to abate, drooping heavily to rest gently on my left thigh, the one closest to Mom. It remained thick and full. Mom tried to read her book, but I know was quite distracted by the sight of her son's cock, not a foot from her hand. I was distracted myself, straining my eyeballs to watch the rise and fall of her breathing, as it translated through her gorgeous tits. Her nipples remained rock hard the entire time.

"I'm very sorry about Dad." I told her softly. Mom said nothing and continued the pretense of reading her book. I noted that no pages had turned in quite a while. Finally, it settled softly closed and she set it on the sand next to her.

"I just don't get it. I laid awake all night trying to figure out when and how it started to come apart. I was trying to think of what signs I might have missed." I gently took her hand. I squeezed but she did not return it. "I feel so stupid." She said quietly.

"Don't!" I told her emphatically. "Don't even. I've been trying to remember a time when he wasn't happy, when he seemed like he was,... unhappy. I couldn't. He always seemed like he was totally happy in our lives. Except when he was out of town,..." I chuckled sarcastically, "out of town on 'business." I sneered.

"I see now that he was out fucking around on you; on us." Mom squeezed my hand at last, but said nothing. "Another whole life,..." I wondered aloud. "In another country. A daughter?! Really?! What the Fffff,..." I resisted the foul language.

"What the FUCK?!" Mom finished for me. "I must have said that 100 times last night."

Mom began to cry again. I put my arm around her and she leaned into me. I turned a bit and took her in my arms and held her as she cried and cried.

After she stopped crying she remained nuzzled against me. She finally brought her left arm around and hugged me to her. At this movement I noted her naked tits pressing into me, warm and soft. My cock began to rise again. It slowly became wedged between us.

"Kev." She whispered. Mmmm hmmm. I moaned in response. "Your fat cock is poking my breast."

"Oh." I said simply, not moving. "Sorry." Neither of us moved.

"Why is your fat cock poking my breast?" she asked, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Because they're there." I responded. "And they are nude." I continued slowly. Still no movement. "And because they are incredible."

"Kevin!" mom said sitting upright again. "That is not something mothers and sons should do together." She made no motion, however, to cover them in any way.

"I know that." I said stupidly. "But look at you. You are so gorgeous! Your breasts are the most incredible pair of,... "

"Tits?" she asked snidely.

"Breasts. I was going to call them breasts. But fine, if you want I'll call them tits. Your tits are fucking gorgeous, alright!! My mother has the world's most beautiful tits!!" I yelled to the empty beach. "Does that have to be such a big deal? Yeah, I've seen them now." My eyes involuntarily, magnetically returned to gazing at them. Mom simply sat there, impassive. "Boy, have I seen them now." I told her, my voice dropping low. She let me get my eyeful.

"And I could tell you,... fuck! Naughty as hell, this! I could tell you,... that you have the most gorgeous,... cock,... I have ever laid eyes on. But that does not excuse how wrong this is!" She was almost fuming, but staring openly at my erection now. It suddenly bobbed wildly, involuntarily, at the thought of her looking so intently at it. "Really?!! Really Kevin?!! That's your response to how wrong this is? Waving it in your mother's face?"

Mom stood and began to gather her things. She was fuming, now. It wasn't an act.

"Mom, wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to,... I can't help,..."

"No?!! Here I am, down here, abandoned by your son-of-a-bitch father, fucking some cheap French slut, completely devastated, and you're going to waggle your naked cock at me?" I sat stunned and silent. "Beautiful!!" she railed. "Just beautiful!" I felt so scolded. "It really is beautiful! Probably the most gorgeous piece of manhood I've ever seen, but I'm your MOTHER, Kevin!"

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