By Invitation Only

byLord Greystoke©

I was becoming lost again to the sensation when I happened to look beyond the bent form of the woman giving me the best sex I could have imagined. What I seen at first caused a lump to form in my throat but at the same time I realized the sensations my brain was trying to decipher was causing less concern over things abnormal.

What I saw was beyond imagination. Where Oliver had been was now the biggest gray wolf I had ever seen. Yet I knew it was Oliver. The arm coverlets were still in place and now I knew the reason for them, to prevent scratches to his wife. I thought I was dreaming and yet as I continued to watch I realized that his pace had increased and so had Sharee's. The ladies were still keeping in time with this huge wolf. The other thing was because Oliver's cock was so long, there was space between him and Sharee's mom and what I seen then told me it was no dream. The biggest knot I had ever seen was showing just at the entrance of her mom's cunt. A knot that you would find on any of the dog species.

I was beginning to understand the feeling of fullness yet couldn't comprehend why I had the same sensation. Sharee's pace had quickened and I was becoming lost in the feelings that were colliding with my brain. I was aware of the sensation in my prostate, something had been planted there, what I didn't know, but it was keeping me stimulated while at the same time maintaining a huge erection. I was aware of Sharee forcing herself harder and harder upon my pulsing cock and just when I thought she couldn't go any harder I felt her push me forcefully into the seat. I felt something give and all of a sudden I felt a chorus of howls in the little auditorium.

I felt her cervix give and the muscle of her cervix surrounded the flare of my cock and pinched it in place. She continued to thrash and hump and I noticed the other ladies were doing the same. When I looked over to Oliver, the knot was buried in his wife's cunt and her hips were thrashing and humping in the chair. She was mewling and moaning and crying out, while Oliver in his guise of wolf just growled deep in his chest.

I felt in my mind the spasm of an orgasm as a cock exploded with such force that it filled the space it was in to almost overflowing. At the same time I felt Sharee's cervix squeeze against the head of my cock as her cunt muscles milked me. Whatever was massaging my prostate increased its firmness and I felt the cum begin its path of no return. My mind and senses were becoming attacked from every area with sensations of eroticism and I could feel the muscles in my thighs tighten as my balls also tightened with the pressure of release.

That familiar feeling of total and unfathomable pleasure that starts at the center of a man's prostate and works its magic through his balls up through the sensitive passage of his cock took hold of me as I felt the suppressed cum begin to force its way past the barriers of arousal. Everything began to take on a surreal sensation and it felt as if time had slowed and I was aware of every feeling and every sensation. I felt the seed traveling the length of my engorged cock and felt the nerve endings signal its passing as it headed to the head and open freedom. I felt the pressure of a spasm as the first wad of my seed made its way into Sharee's uterus. I felt her cunt muscles begin their seemingly slow milking of my cock muscle as another spurt and then another was forced in milking fashion out of my member.

I was still trapped by her cervix as my member had to this point refused to diminish and I felt her using her skill to continue to milk the cum juice from me. I felt her juices mingling with mine and running down my balls as she continued to work her cunt on me. I had no idea I had so much stored up inside me. My brain was telling me that I was being filled with spurt after spurt of cum and at the same time I felt myself filling this girl who had made me one with her.

The throbbing was slowing down, but she was still milking me as I felt my cock 'pop' out of her cervix. She was totally in control and I was in her power. I watched as her father fell out of her mother and as he went to all fours on the floor he licked his wife's cunt and juices with his long wolfish tongue. I continued to feel the sensation in my mind as I watched Sharee remove herself from me and turning around, she cleaned every bit of residue of our passion from me.

My cock was not as hard but it was still every bit as erect. I was wracked with passion and need for this woman. Where I had been unsure and fearful and apprehensive it was as if I didn't care, but it wasn't the same lack of concern I felt earlier. This came from the intense sense of eroticism that had some how taken a hold of me. I couldn't explain it unless it came from some kind of drug in the drink I had at the meal or whatever it was that had attached itself to my prostate. I could still feel it doing its work and it was keeping me in a state of arousal.

All of a sudden Sharee was done with her preening me and she rose, removed the hooks that secured the flap holding me to the chair and took my hand. I rose from the chair my legs rather stiff and I felt I might collapse.

"You will be fine in a bit, just take a minute." She said.

While I stood there I watched as the other wives took their husbands by the hand and led them from their chairs. They all began to file out the door and I noticed that Oliver and his wife were gone and I hadn't really seen them leave.

"There is one more thing we must do to complete the mating." Sharee said, gazing into my eyes. I found that I could lose myself in her gaze and I was held captive.

"Okay," is all I replied not even knowing what was in store for me or even giving a damn.

As the others filed out, she led me back to the dining area that had been cleaned up while we were out. We were still totally and unabashedly naked and I didn't give it a second thought. She went to the cupboard that her father had gotten the drink that had caused such sensations in me. I thought it might be to have more of it, but she reached in took out a different bottle and a silver medallion. I couldn't see clearly what the medallion looked like, but she led me back to the table where she asked me to take a seat.

I did without the least bit of concern, my mind was still filled with feelings of afterglow and feelings of deep-seated arousal that were anchored just below the surface of my consciousness. I still wanted more of Sharee, I didn't care about the rest of her family or the strange situation with Oliver turning into a wolf. I just knew that I needed her and nothing else.

She poured me a small drink from the bottle that she had procured from the cupboard. "You must drink this." She said handing me the glass. I took it and did so without the slightest hesitation. It tasted a bit different than the one I had at dinner, but when it hit my gut I felt as if it somehow infused my skin with a warmth that was totally different than the other one. Whereas the former drink had felt like warm silver flowing through my blood stream, this made itself known through each and every pore and nerve ending. I had a sense of power, of strength. I felt like running, jumping, chasing!

She watched me as the effects of the drink took hold. "One last thing to do." She took the medallion that she had been holding and showed it to me. "This is the sign of Malcor," she began. "He was our creator, our benefactor, all we are and all we become is because of him." She was matter of fact and didn't appear to feel she needed to explain. The medallion itself looked like silver, it was round with intricate weaving encircling a wolf that was standing on all fours with a look of intense scrutiny.

As I listened and watched she took the medallion and positioning it below her breasts and right on the area of her sternum she pressed the medallion into her skin. What I had not seen were tiny needle points on the back of the medallion. The needle points had pierced her with minute punctures and had drawn blood which collected on the tips of the medallion. She then took the medallion and looking into my eyes first said, "This will not hurt."

She then positioned the medallion on the same part of my chest and looking into my eyes, holding my gaze she said, "My life to yours, by the blessings of Malcor I accept the Oneness of your Uniqueness and the Uniqueness of your Oneness." She then pushed the medallion into my chest, the needles piercing my skin mingling her blood with mine. It was not much more than a pin prick, but I felt the blood draw and begin to swell at the point of each little puncture. Hers had barely bled and had since stopped, but as mine started to drip ever so slightly, she knelt between my legs and placing her breasts in my lap, she began to lick the drops of blood from my chest until the bleeding stopped.

I was curious about the proceeding but not to the point of concern. When she was done, she took the bottle and the medallion back to the cupboard replaced it and came back and took my hand. "Okay," she began, "it will soon be complete." Taking my hand in hers she led me to the outdoors.

I was surprised to see that night had already fallen and above was a full moon unobscured by any hint of clouds at all. The tree tops looked as if they were all pointing to the moon in reverence as if to some lunar god. The air felt warm which was surprising as it was late in October and up here it should be absolutely chilly by now. Here we were totally naked under the canopy of night and I didn't feel a chill at all.

I looked around and realizing that I didn't see any body I asked Sharee where everyone was. She smiled at me and just said, "They're here. You'll see them shortly and then we will join them."

I just looked back at her and smiled. I continued to look around and then I began to feel the warmth spread through my body like a rush. It was almost what women describe as a hot flash and it spread from my toes, caused my cock to throb with the rush of heat and felt like it was rushing out the top of my head. The next thing I noticed was the night was taking on a new look. I could look out among the trees and just by the light of the moon I could see every twig on every tree and I could even see nocturnal animals scurrying about. It was the strangest sensation.

Then I saw them. Their were a bunch of wolves at the edge of the clearing, there must have been about twenty to twenty five or so, and they were all watching us! I looked at Sharee and she continued to smile, then she asked how I was feeling.

I told her of my sensations and of being able to see the wolves in a pack looking at us. "Yeah," she said with a small chuckle, "that's the family." It was matter of fact and her eyes just twinkled.

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me in the direction of the pack and asked, "Don't you feel like running?"

I had to admit I did and I told her so. "Then lets!" She started to run in the direction of the pack and I followed. I felt a rush, this is what I wanted and I wanted to chase her. I was watching her naked and all I could think of was what I was going to do when I got her. I would ravish her without restraints. I would make her mine, all mine. I felt the warmth start to tingle as I felt my lungs begin to fill with the night air. I was bare footed but the forest carpet felt luxurious under my feet.

As I followed behind her I was becoming aware of an amazing transformation happening right before my eyes. With each bound she was drawing closer to the ground and started running on all fours, her soft and supple skin was becoming matted with a thick growth of reddish fur, her face became elongated and when she turned around to look I could see the same twinkle in her eyes, but she was now a wolf. This happened before my eyes in mere seconds.

She started running faster chasing after the pack that had ran through sparse growths of trees and foliage. I was doing my best to catch up when all of a sudden a sensation filled my mind. I seen myself in my mind as a wolf, not unlike the one that Oliver had become, I felt the sensations of every one of my nerves and as I sped headlong into the forest, I realized the desire to use my hands to help me run. Just when I thought I would stumble and fall, I felt the earth underneath my front pads, I felt my cock recede back into a sheath as the air rushed past my nose that was at the end of an elongated snout. I felt my tongue want to taste the air as hung to the side of my partially open mouth.

At first I lost sight of the pack but then I caught a scent which registered in my mind as familiar. It was Sharee's scent and I could see her ahead. I ran to her chasing her through brush and forest playfully nipping at her hindquarters. After one decidedly sharp dodge I jumped at her and we toppled on the forest floor. I approached her and sniffed her, smelling her aroused scent, reaching out with my tongue and licking at the source of that.

I felt free, I felt exhilarated, I felt like nothing could stop me. She nudged me and started to trot off and I followed behind her until we came to a sparse clearing deep within the forest which I had loved to hike. She led me to a small copse of brush and promptly lay down there. The smells that came my way were intensified and amplified many times over what I used to be able to smell.

Her wolfish form came to me and she began to nuzzle me with her snout. I could smell the scent of her arousal and it caused my cock to poke from its protective sheath. She placed herself with her back side to me and her tail raised to the side a bit. I moved around and smelled her sex and felt my cock start engorging and lengthening as the pheromones reacted with my wolves brain. I mounted her from behind and my cock found its mark as I thrust into her with wanton abandon.

I was becoming aware of other wolves joining with their mates in the coupling process as the sensations began to flood my brain just like in that lodge room. I was thrusting into her and humping her just like the wild animal I had become. I could feel a new sensation on the strange body as a knot formed on my cock. Through instinct I had to get it lodged in her and I grabbed her around her body and thrust as hard as I could. I felt the area of my knot slide into her and then when I was in her totally I felt it engorge and we were locked.

The sensation I then felt was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. I was thrusting and pumping into her with all the power that I could muster into my hind legs. I could feel my wolf cock bottom out inside of her and instead of a flared cock head mine was now rather pointed and I could feel it enter her cervix. When I would pull back before thrusting again, my knot would catch just inside her cunt and I couldn't go any further, but it created its own pleasure sensation.

I kept humping and thrusting feeling the knot close the entrance to her cunt. In my present form I wasn't concerned about pleasure I just wanted to unload my seed into her. I felt the pressure in my balls and the next time my knot hit the inside walls of her wolf cunt I spewed my cum into and I spewed and spewed. I kept humping and pumping and I could feel my seed fill the inside of her cunt but none escaped because of the size of my knot.

I was finished and yet my knot wouldn't go down. I rested upon her back and then I began to feel rejuvenated again as I felt the urge to begin humping again. I started again and I could feel the cum begin to boil in my cock again as the power of my newfound instinct took over. I humped her fast and furious again and then I felt the seed jet out again mingling and mixing with the first load. It was a different and sensual feeling my cock literally swimming in the cum trapped in her blocked cunt.

Somehow I knew then that I was spent and I lay again on her back until my knot shrunk back to nothing and I slipped out of my mate. I sniffed her filled cunt and licked where a few drops of cum had spilled then I laid down upon the earth and cleaned myself. A procedure that I was unable to perform in my other form.

I watched as my mate cleaned and licked herself and then lay with her head near my chest.

I don't know what time it was when I awoke, but the sun was shining through the tree tops spreading a warm glow over my body. I awoke and realized I was laying next to Sharee totally naked. She also began to stir and I watched as she stretched marveling in her creamy skin and beautiful complexion. Did I dream last night? I could have sworn I was running with a pack of wolves and I had mated with Sharee as one last night.

I tried to clear the cobwebs out of my mind but for some reason I was aware of other's presence around me. I got up and stretched and realized there were several other naked men and women around. When they noticed I was up they began to come by and greet me. It was only then that I began to get their names and where they fit in the family.

Sharee came up behind me and put her arm around me and just held me as I finished with the greetings of the last few stragglers. When the others had finally left she took my hand and said, "We can take our time going back. I have to tell you some things so that you will more understand what has happened to you. I can tell you this much, I knew when I met you that you were the one promised to me. It was foretold and it came about."

At this point I was not surprised by anything except for maybe one thing. I was amazed at the level of confidence with which I accepted this new phase of my life. I had been a para-normal researcher for many years and had always skirted the fringes of evidence, and yet here I had stumbled right into a nest, or should I say a pack, of evidence.

I also had been a bit of a ladies man. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a male whore or anything like that. I had a few women friends and I knew how to pleasure them, but my mind was blown away with what I had experienced just this last day. I had fallen irrevocably in love with this woman.

Along the way she filled me in with the history of her family going all the way back to the early 1400's. She told me about the persecution and sometimes the loneliness, but also of the bond that her family as well as others have. Yes there are other clans or packs. Most all are entrenched in areas of forest that can be purchased and to a more or less extent be cordoned off. Wanderers are extremely rare due to the rumors that surround certain areas of different forests.

Sharee explained that their lodge was a central meeting area for about seven or eight other 'packs' or families that make their residence in the nearby forests. They are a close knit, protective people who only want for the most part to live their lives in peace and harmony.

I was able to digest all that she shared with me and was easily able to accept it all. I do want to say that she certainly dispelled many of the myths of 'werewolves' but also let me know that some of those same myths have actually helped to protect them.

When we made our way back to the house I was warmly greeted as part of the family and it was not hard for me to develop a routine of help with the maintenance and care of the family. My love for Sharee grows with each day and I never want to leave her. The ritual with which I became one with the family is something we do on a regular basis at each full moon. It keeps our senses attuned to one another and keeps our bonds strong. Once a year we share this celebration with the other 'packs' in the immediate vicinity. It is a wonderful and rewarding life and I choose no other.

With that Paul took a deep sigh and looked at me. Of course I didn't know what to say.

"You been on drugs or something?" I quipped. Paul just looked a bit mournful and then let out another deep sigh.

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