By the Way


To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: Groceries

Hi, honey, sorry I left before you got up this morning. I wanted to get to the office, and you were so sound asleep I didn't have the heart to wake you. You said last night you might go to the grocery store today. If you do, would you please pick me up some shaving cream? And I'd really like steak for supper.

By the way, you looked very sexy in that new nightie of yours!

To: Adam

From: Kendra

Subject: Re: Groceries

I guess I needed the sleep, but I wish you had woken me. If I ever get to the grocery store, I'll remember your shaving cream and steak. Right now, I'm too busy trying to figure out how to get permanent marker out of the living room carpet. Your son decided to try to draw a swimming pool on the floor.

By the way, if I looked so sexy, you could have at least kissed me goodbye.

To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: Marker

You deserved some extra sleep. I think you work harder than I do most days, even though you're home all day. Tell our darling son that Daddy will deal with him when I get home. I had all the permanent markers in my desk drawer, and he knows he's supposed to stay out of there. Then again, he is only three. As for the carpet, maybe you should buy some of that carpet shampoo stuff when you go to the store.

By the way, I wouldn't have wanted to stop at just kissing you.

To: Adam

From: Kendra

Subject: Re: Marker

You work hard too. But between the baby and Jamie, some days I feel like I'm running a marathon. But I love being home with them. I'm so glad we worked it out so I can be. Even when Jamie does draw on the carpet. I don't know if I'll get to the grocery store; it's ten o'clock and I haven't even managed a shower yet.

By the way, who says I would have let you do anything besides kissing me?

To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: Home

Speaking of Jamie and Megan, how are they today? Being good, I hope, other than the marker incident. Did Jamie at least apologize for that? If you need a shower, I'd say put Megan in her crib and Jamie in his room, and go take your shower. You've done that before, haven't you? And don't worry about the grocery store; if you don't get there, I'll stop on my way home.

By the way, wouldn't you want to feel my lips and tongue on your nipples?

To: Adam

From: Kendra

Subject: Re: Home

Jamie apologized. He gave me a big hug and kiss and said, "Sorry, Mommy, Jamie love you." How could I stay mad after that? I have put him in his room before so I can take a shower, but he always gets out, even if I put the gate up, and ends up trashing the place. I need a shower now more than ever, though. I was trying to give the kids their lunch, and Megan vomited mashed peas all over the kitchen and herself. And me. I just finished cleaning her up. She's down for her nap. Now I just have to get the kitchen cleaned and get Jamie down for his nap, and maybe I'll finally get a shower. But I don't think I'll make it to the store; it's almost noon.

By the way, I'd rather have your lips and tongue on my pussy.

To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: Cleaning

Ugh! Sounds like a rough day! Sorry it took me so long to answer; right after you sent the last message, my boss called me in for a short chat that ended up lasting two hours. Did Jamie take his nap? Did you get your shower? Don't worry about the store; I'll take care of it.

By the way, only if I get your lips and tongue on my cock.

To: Adam

From: Kendra

Subject: Re: Cleaning

The kids just got up from their nap and I just got up from mine. Guess sleeping in didn't give me quite enough sleep. It's three o'clock, and they're watching a DVD, or at least Jamie is. Megan's talking to her feet. I did get my shower before I fell asleep, but I'm definitely not going to make it to the store. If you're sure you don't mind going, that would be wonderful. I'll send you the list in another email. What did your boss want to talk about? Nothing bad, I hope!

By the way, where else would you like to put your cock, besides my mouth?

To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: List

Got the list. Glad to hear the kids and you napped and that you had some time for yourself. My boss wanted to tell me about a new account he's thinking about assigning me to. If he gives it to me, it'll mean a raise. Of course I don't mind going to the store! I won't get out of here till about six, though, so it'll be seven before I get home. Hope you can manage that long.

By the way, I'd like to put it in your sweet, hot pussy.

To: Adam

From: Kendra

Subject: Re: List

No problem about you getting home later. Jamie settled down, and Megan's just being Megan. I'll keep them up until you get home. You know Jamie loves it when you put him to bed. But if you want steak at seven at night, you're cooking it! That's wonderful about the new account. Hope you get it! When will you hear?

By the way, my pussy is exactly where I want your cock. When can I have it?

To: Kendra

From: Adam

Subject: Quitting Time

Just got out of a meeting with the boss. I got the account! Time to celebrate! I don't care if I do have to cook it; we're having steak tonight. I'll be as quick as I can at the store so I can get home and get Jamie to bed. Then you and I can have some cuddle time. And maybe a little bit more than cuddling; all these emails have me horny as hell right now. Can't wait to get home and give my sexy wife a kiss... and a grope... and hopefully a fuck if you stay awake long enough. LOL. See you in a bit!

By the way, put that nightie back on!

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