tagLoving WivesKim Accepts the Indecent Proposal

Kim Accepts the Indecent Proposal


Bob Schoor walked across the lawn to his neighbor's house next door. After several months of the young couple living there it was his first time to visit their house. Earlier encounters had not gone well. Being neighbors doesn't necessarily mean you have to be friends. The young couple hadn't cared for Bob and Erica Schoor from the beginning.

Now after only a few days after the funeral for Erica her husband was about to ring their door bell for the first time. He shifted the large satchel to his left hand and pushed the doorbell button.

Kim and Garrett Perkins had fallen in love quickly. Kim was 22, an office assistant at a manufacturing plant. Garrett was in sales with the same company. That's how they met. Garrett, at 24 swept her off her feet, so she said.

When the doorbell rang they had just returned to the kitchen after Kim had gotten a good fucking from her husband. Garrett went to the peep hole to see that it was Bob.

"It's Bob Schoor from next door for God's sake and he's carrying a large leather pouch or the like. I hope he's not suing us for being bad neighbors."

Garrett was in shorts and a t-shirt. Kim was just wearing panties, her big C-Cups jiggled in front of her chest. She was always willing to tease her husband into an extra fuck and was hoping for another round of what she had just gotten. Cum had already ran out from the well fucked cunt and dampened the panty crotch. She dashed for the bedroom and more clothes.

Garrett answered the door and invited him in, then cried out to his wife.

"Kim! Bob Schoor from next door is here to see us."

"We were taking a nap. Kim will be out in a few minutes."

"What can I do for you, Bob?"

"Well, I need to talk to both of you ..."

Kim took her time. She really hated Bob. He'd see her in the yard and try to make a conversation while trying to check out her tits and see down her blouse. Kim dressed to tease, but didn't dress to tease a sixty-something year old neighbor. As a young and pretty wife the only time she didn't dress to tease was in church on Sunday morning, and she and Garrett rarely missed a Sunday. But, then again, they'd come home and have a explosive fuck session. That's what had just happened and rather than getting a quick repeat of her husband's hard cock in her she had Bob Schoor in her living room.

Kim appeared from the hallway. Bob gave her a quick up and down. Suddenly she wished she had stuck with the slacks and shirt instead of an above the knee skirt and t-shirt. Husband Garrett gave her a disapproving scowl. As much as she loathed Bob maybe she could show him enough thigh to distract him from her tits. Kim sat and let her skirt rise up a bit and left her knees unexplainably a few inches apart. Bob smiled. Kim looked at him and couldn't figure why her nipples stiffened in the bastard's presence.

"Well, as you know." Bob began. "We lost Erica the other day."

All three sat in silence.

"So sorry, Bob." Kim finally added.

Her words echoed in her ears like distant voices.

"Things were good." Bob continued. "The kids had been grown and gone for years. We had retired. That night we had gone to bed, had sex, and gone off to sleep. In the morning when I rolled towards her she had passed smiling."

The thought of Erica having sex with Bob rolled through Kim causing a little shudder up the length of her vagina. She noted that it was an odd thing for him to use in the conversation. Garrett kept his smile of disapproval.

"I guess it is natural for funerals to bring out the bad in people. Maybe you heard my daughters hollering and screaming at the top of their lungs at me. Their mother had been gone 4 days and they wanted to divide up her jewelry as if I had no rights to it at all. I never expect such greed from my own children. They just didn't want a piece of Erica's stuff, they wanted it all."

Garrett and Kim listened without saying a word.

"Maybe I should show you what the fight was about. We have always done well and Erica loved jewelry."

He reached into the satchel and brought out tray after tray all sparkly with gold, silver, and diamonds.

"After the big blow out I sent my daughters home and considered donating to charity or maybe even dumping the stuff in the lake. Then I thought of giving it away a piece at a time. Kim, I want you to pick something out just for listening to what I am about to say that may sound unstably absurd and maybe a little crazy."


She looked over at Garrett. There was no look of approval. No hint of expression after the conversation had now become only between Bob Schoor and Kim.

"Uhhh," Kim shook her head. "I mean ... I don't know. Really?"

"Sure pick something out. Something nice. You will have deserved it if you don't like what I am about to say."

Kim tried to get something nice, but not go expensive with her choice. She selected a ring and put it on her hand to look at.

"Good choice. That has matching earrings and a necklace. Go ahead. Put them on. See how they feel."

Kim admired the way the items looked and felt on her. She jumped up to go see herself in a mirror. The most expensive jewelry she owned was the six hundred dollar wedding set Garrett had bought her from the membership discount chain store. When she returned and sat back down both men were quick to notice that Kim didn't pull her dress back down, leaving he knees parted enough to almost show her panty clad pussy. The look on Garrett's face and the nod towards her open things expressed his disapproval. Kim gave him a defiant look and turned her attention back to Bob Schoor.

"Mr. Schoor, I couldn't take this from you. It's way to expensive."

"Seriously, Kim. Take it. Remember that it is in exchange for listening to what I have to say to you ... and to your husband, of course. If you accept or if you throw me out of your house it is yours to keep."

The light went on in Garrett's mind. BOB SCHOOR WAS GOING TO TRY TO FUCK Garrett's wife! To fill his mind with even more concern Kim wasn't exactly acting the modest wife that had attended church with that morning. Did her thighs look at little more open, and if one was looking closely Kim's nipples were firm against her shirt, and Bob Schoor was looking.

Bob Schoor was the hated neighbor. His now deceased wife Erica even more so. Their disdain for their neighbors was well known with them showing off there possessions others couldn't afford. Then there was Bob Schoor always trying to fuck the women and Erica taking a shot at the husbands. They were ugly people both in personality and appearance. The example of ugly would get Bob Schoor a two rating on looks and even less given a chance of one of the women actually fucking him. His wife Erica had a little better luck according to rumors. After all to most men pussy is pussy.

Now here was Bob Schoor in the Perkins' living room. Oh, Kim knew what was up. When Garrett announced Bob Schoor was at the door she knew there would be good enough reason for her to fuck him. It was just a matter of whether she would or not. She kept her guard up when the jewelry came out of the satchel. It would take some pretty expense diamonds and gold to get Kim to let him fuck her married cunt. After all Garrett's boss wasn't much of a catch, but Kim fucked him to get Garrett that promotion and she let his boss fuck her several more times after that when the opportunity presented itself. All without Garrett knowing the source of his good fortune.

For Garrett when discussing other partners before they met he admitted to another girlfriend and Kim had suggested the same for her. Truth to be told Kim didn't think to mention the dozen or so encounters with dates, men at parties, and just guys in general like co-workers at old jobs she let fuck her. Kim had fucked several guys while she and Garrett dated. Then there were several others after she had agreed to marry Garrett.

She didn't get too far into the marriage before fucking a guy in Vegas while Garrett insisted on gambling their wedding cash at the tables. She was angry that rather than paying attention to her he would rather lose their money. To her surprise he was back in the room and in bed after coming out about seven hundred dollars ahead at gambling. He had no clue that the second night after their wedding he was fucking his bride still sticky inside from another man's cum. Rather than feeling guilt Kim had cum hard knowing that Garrett's seed was mixing with a stranger's sperm inside her.

The rest of the week Garrett gambled and won over five grand while Kim ran the Strip sometimes opening her legs when someone flirted and looked fuckable to her. On Tuesday four guys were catcalling her and she went to their room and gave them several turns each fucking her. Every night Garrett would be back in the room first. Kim would come in and shower before fucking him, taking his load to mix with the residue of all the others. On the flight home Kim snuggled next to Garrett on the plane as one of the best fucked brides ever to keep what happened in Vegas in Vegas.

He watched his wife now warming to that cocksucker Bob Schoor's banter. What the fuck could she possibly be doing? He thought of the old boyfriend of hers and never asked, but always wondered about her fucking him. He had no clue about Vegas, the several times she had fucked their boss after they married or that weekend that he rented the cabin on the lake. Garrett spent most of his time learning to fish off the dock while Kim's walks in the woods while he fished were really trips to another cabin nearby where five gentlemen had rented it for a fishing and gambling weekend. After Kim got their attention little fishing or gambling got done as they continually plowed loads of cum into her willing cunt.

That's marriage though. Husband works, remains faithful to the wife and she racks up strange cock by the dozens not feeling any guilt or worry about him catching on about her being an unfaithful wife. Women are treacherous creatures with a love of a different cock fucking into them.

Now it comes back to Kim Perkins and Bob Schoor. Kim was accepting the gift and Bob Schoor was beginning his story as Garrett sat in awe of his wife letting Bob Schoor do his presentation.

"I'm sixty-six now. The last fifteen years with Erica had been a perfect match. With the kids out of the house sex started to be every night, then every morning as well. We'd make love every morning when we'd wake up and again right before we'd go to sleep and many times on impulse during the day as well. That was our days and nights right up until Erica passed last week. She died with a load of my cum in her."

Kim watched him closely, not saying a word, but knowing what he would say. Garrett was showing fear that Bob Schoor's story was getting to his wife. She fidgeted a little and the view up her dress was complete now. Bob Schoor could see her pussy outlined against her undies.

"I think this has gone far enough!" Garrett's voice crackled through the air.

"Let him finish, Honey. I took his gift in exchange for listening."

Garrett wouldn't let her keep the jewelry, but wouldn't hesitate to pawn it for as much cash he could get.

"I know that I'm not much to look at and I'm a lot older than you."

He open a velvet bag and poured out the most expensive looking necklace, earrings, and bracelet in front of Garrett Perkins' wife.

"This is what the fight was about with my daughter. They fought over this of their mother's. It was a 35th Wedding Anniversary present for their Mom. It was kind of a joke about it when I bought it ten years ago. It was the price. The pieces added up to over 45 grand. I dealt with the jeweler to get it down to thirty-five. That was our little joke. Thirty-five grand for our 35th anniversary."

I think the look on Kim's face told Bob Schoor that whatever his proposal might be Kim's answer would be a resounding yes. She was looking at the jewelry while Bob was looking directly at the outline of her puffy little pussy. This was different than the admission of her dalliance with a previous boyfriend. If Kim fucked Bob Schoor it would be very, very real and right in Garrett and Kim's own house.

"I'll do it!"

Kim's voice was soft, low, and husky. She kept her head down and then looked up at Bob Schoor, never looking at her husband as the green-eyed brunette stared Bob Schoor down. She had fucked some guys almost as nasty and what she got out of that was a snatch full of warm cum and some pretty great orgasms.

"You'll do it? You don't even know what I'm going to ask, Kim."

"Yes, I do, Bob. You want to give me the necklace, earrings, and bracelet if I fuck you."

Kim didn't use that word very often. In fact Kim was pretty churchy, hardly ever missing a Sunday. Both men were slightly taken back by her choice of words although it seemed like the right ones to use under the circumstances.

"Wait! We have to talk about this first!" Garrett choked out the words.

"No, we don't have to talk about this first. It's my pussy. My choice. I'm fucking him. But, we can discuss it for a few seconds."

The couple moved into the kitchen, with Kim giving Bob Schoor a full access view off her undies as she stood up. She then gave him a down blouse view of her tits as leaned over to tell him she'd just be a minute.

"Kim, what the hell? You can't do this to our marriage. I'm just supposed to watch you have sex with this guy over some necklace?"

"Like I said, Sweetheart, I don't need your permission to give this guy a little pussy if I want. It's not your choice. You don't have a vote in this. He's an old man. Letting him screw me isn't going to do any damage. You know, what's he supposed to do to me that is going to be so awful? It's just sex. He fucks me. I get showered and get his cum out of me and it's over. Are you listening to what this jewelry is worth? Relax, will you?"

Kim was quickly back in the living room with Garrett right behind her.

"Come on, Bob. Let's go back to my bedroom."

Garrett gulped hard. Her bedroom? What happened to their bedroom? Their bed? Why not the guest room bed, or even fuck him on the couch or across the kitchen counter? His wife wanted to fuck Bob Schoor in their bed!

Kim led him back, her hand in his. She looked into Bob Schoor's eyes and then over to her husband. Kim was going to fuck him. First off was the shirt, boobs straining her C-cups. She gently tossed it to Garrett. Then the skirt, again gently tossed to her husband. Garrett watched his wife in just bra and panties in frot of the neighborhood creep. So far it was soft porn. Then she reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She shrugged her shoulders and the bra came off leaving her nice knockers jiggling naked in front of the leering old man. She handed her bra to him and proceeded to peel her undies down her legs, stepped out of them, and put them in Bob Schoor's hands. Bob Schoor raised them to his face to smell her musky fragrance.

With a look of determination Kim laid back on the bed and spread her thighs apart. Her cunt lips parted giving Bob Schoor a view right into where he was to shove his cock.

"Oh, I forgot to make part of the deal. I wanted the offer to be for the week."

Kim, with her pussy gapped open now was feeling the heat inside her and wanted Bob Schoor to fuck her. Not a good time to make a deal.

"I don't think we would make that deal."

The other two had forgotten Garrett was in the room and snapped there faces towards him. Kim answered.

"No such deal, Bob. It's today only ... as many times as you want. It all will end at midnight."

Garrett's mind crashed. As much as he wants? Maybe two or three times. Why would she fuck him more than once?

Bob Schoor just smiled. "As much as I want. Okay, deal!"

Bob removed his shirt and the wife beater undershirt. He laid them over the chair. Garrett and Kim noticed at the same time. There was a pretty good bulge in his pants for an old man. The pants came off and his cotton briefs were having problems holding him all in. The young couple looked at each other. Neither had expected something like this.

Free of the underwear Bob Schoor's penis hung out in front of him. Not even really hard yet he had Garrett's five inches beaten. All Kim could do was stare.

"Oh, another thing I forgot to mention. My dick is huge."

Bob Schoor grinned and pumped it a couple of times. Kim was leaning towards it. A couple of more strokes and it was hard and poking out from his groin. Kim finally got her voice.

"Holy shit! No wonder Erica wanted to fuck it two or three times per day."

Part of what Kim and Garrett had thought to be bullshit bragging now looked like what he said about fucking his wife was true. Bob Schoor was almost a frail looking little man at about 5'- 7", but there he stood with that huge dick projected from his body.

"It's just a tad over nine inches."

Kim moved around on the bed. Her legs fully spread now. Her pussy looking wet, excessively small compared to Bob Schoor's cock.

"Are you sure you are ready for this, my dear?" Schoor sneered.

"Garrett and I had sex right before you came over. I still have his cum in me from that, and I suddenly find myself lubricating like crazy just seeing your cock."

Bob Schoor stepped closer to Kim on the bed.

"Let's see how you do."

Bob Schoor was on his knees between her legs. Kim shifted a little as if to line up with his cock. Her eyes sparkled and her face showed anticipation of her largest dick ever. Bob Schoor slid the head of his cock in her wetness. She was certainly wet enough if she could open up to take his size.

Garrett watched as Bob Schoor's cock started into his wife's cunt with little jackhammer like strokes. An inch into her, then two, three inches, then four. Kim fucked back at him. That made it five inches deep. Just a little more than half way. Garrett was thinking Bob was at the depth she was used to and waited for the onslaught to slow down. Bob Schoor grunted. Kim purred as the big cock made its way into her even deeper. Six inches, seven inches. Then Bob seemed to stall a little as he fucked into the same spot.

"Looks like we've found uncharted territory." Bob grinned.

"Uh-huh. It does seem like it, doesn't it?" Kim panted.

"Couple of inches more, Kim. Want it?"

"Yes, I want it. Fuck me hard, Bob!"

Garrett was making a calculation. If he was 5 inches and things tighten up on Bob at seven inches? Oh, shit! Right now he was hard as a rock and laser focused on Bob Schoor's big cock getting fed into his wife. Instead of watching it slide in what Garrett could see was every few dozen strokes less and less of Bob's cock was outside her cunt.

Kim must have cum a half dozen times as Bob's cock was almost buried in her depths. The sounds Kim and Bob were making let it be known that Kim had taken the whole thing inside her and Bob was dumping his load. Feeling the old man squirt his seed into her started Kim into a crushing orgasm.

God! They must have fucked for thirty minutes. Kim was the one gasping for air. Garrett had never gotten to ten minutes inside his pretty wife's cunt. Kim had her legs almost around Bob and both hands clasped around his neck as if she wouldn't let him go.

"Jesus, Bob. I've never had that much cock in me and you shot your seed right directly into my womb. The way your cum hit my cervix in had to go all the way into me."

Kim remembered her husband in the room. Right near the bed actually, his face in an open mouthed expression of disbelief of the fucking his wife had just taken from the old man neighbor. Bob was up on his hands, but the young wife still had her legs wrapped around him. She kissed Bob Schoor full on the mouth. He met her tongue as there was a lot of passion in their kiss. After about three minutes Kim broke the kiss and was clutching Bob's dead wife's necklace that was still around Kim's neck.

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