tagIncest/TabooCabin in the Woods Ch. 01

Cabin in the Woods Ch. 01


Author's note: This story has a strong focus on watersports, so if that is not for you, you may want to give this one a piss- er- a pass.


I had just started to shampoo my hair when there was a knock on the door and I heard the click of the knob turning. I quickly turned my back to the door and looked over my shoulder, saw that it was open only a crack.

"Hey brother?" I heard Julia ask.

"Yeah, what's up?" I replied, speaking over the sound of the shower.

"Um. I...Um. Can I use the toilet?"

Thankful that the steam had covered the sliding glass door of the shower, I blushed and said "Sure."

Julia and I were close, but we probably hadn't been in the same bathroom other than to brush teeth since we were little. We tended to respect each others' privacy. At this point, I had just turned 18 and she was 23. It was summer, so we both tended to sleep in way late. Parents were off at work already, and I was taking more long showers just to relax about college starting in the fall. My sister was only in for a couple months before going back to college. Still facing away from the door I returned to shampooing my hair. I'd let it grow halfway down my back and was pretty proud of it, so I tried to take good care of it.


"Sure" my younger brother said, in his always-surprisingly deep voice. I hurried in, thankful that steam had filled the room and covered the glass door on the shower. I pulled down the boy shorts I use as pjs and sat down on the toilet. I was glad he didn't ask why I didn't use our parents' bathroom. But of course he wouldn't, he knew. We were a pretty private family, and we'd always been asked to stay out of their room. I don't think they were hiding anything, they just needed to keep their space to themselves.

As I let my outrageously full bladder (I had been out drinking the night before) go, I absentmindedly glanced towards my brother. As he washed his super long black hair, he splashed water on the door, rinsing it of the steam for a moment. The glass was that stuff that has an odd pattern, so it's not clear or anything. I still caught a quick glance of his ass and half-gasped and the stream of pee stopped for a second.

I shook my head and mentally admonished myself, pushing to get my business going again. "He's my brother!" I thought. "Yeah, but his ass is cute" my brain responded to itself. And I was right. My little brother had always been a skinny, lanky guy, but despite that his butt had a nice roundness to it. I shook my head again and tried not to think about how long it'd been since I'd gotten laid, and finished up peeing.


After an impressively long pee, I finally heard the toilet flush. I tried really hard to ignore the fact that I had half a hard-on. I had recently discovered some crazy sites online full of pictures and videos of chicks (and guys) pissing, and discovered it really turned me on. I'd mentioned to my girlfriend sort of in passing that I wanted to watch her while she went to the bathroom, but she wouldn't have any of it, so this was the first time I'd even been near someone while they were going. Aside from public restrooms, but that's not really the same thing.

I couldn't help but turn a little and look as she left and saw that her shorts were not quite pulled all the way back up. I couldn't see through the glass and steam, but I knew that her back dimples were visible.

I shook my head and shoved my face in the water stream, trying to ignore the thoughts that were forming at the back of my mind. I gave in shortly and masturbated fantasizing about watching my girlfriend squatting in the back yard, a golden stream from between her legs soaking the ground.


I didn't want to admit to myself how much the sight of my brother's butt got me going. I blamed the fact that I hadn't had sex in way too long, so anything was liable to fire me up, right? Right. I'd probably get horny looking at a bowl of fruit. Sure.

Either way, I was super wet and had to take care of myself. I went back to my room and shut the door, got my dildo out of my bag under the bed, and went to town. In my head I was getting it in every position. I didn't think anything of the fact that the guys I imagined were a little taller and skinnier than my usual fantasy fare.


A week or so later the situation was reversed. I had been up pretty late playing some games online with a few buddies, so Julia was already in the shower by the time I got up. I had so many sodas, to keep awake, then had just stumbled over to my bed and passed out without going to the bathroom first. I was going to pop.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom, barely awake and only that way because of my intense need. I didn't think to put pants on, so I only had on boxers. I knocked on the door, opened it a little, said "Hey sis?"

"Whatcha need little bro?" she replied.

"I've gotta piss like a mofo," I told her.

She chuckled and said "Yeah, come on in." I sighed with relief and hurried over to the toilet. I was half-dancing as I lifted the seat and pulled my cock out through the fly of my boxers, aimed into the bowl and let loose. I closed my eyes as I felt my bladder deflate, totally forgetting my sister in the shower.

After what had to have been a full minute, she snapped me back to the world by laughing and saying "Up all night drinking?"

I chuckled as well and responded "Pretty much." We both laughed again, her clear voice echoing in the tiled room. The pressure was finally letting off, but I was still peeing. I couldn't help but look over momentarily at her.


I was standing in the shower, just letting the hot water flow over me, my hand absentmindedly running over my hips, tracing down my landing strip, cupping the water up against my snatch. I must have jumped a foot when the knock came and I heard him say "Hey sis?"

As he came in, I turned my back to the door and tried to keep my hand out from between my legs. After I heard his pee splashing in the toilet for a minute or so I glanced over my shoulder. I don't run the water as hot as he does, apparently, as there wasn't nearly so much steam on the glass. I saw that he was standing there, cock in hand, head tilted back and eyes closed. It was obviously in relief from what was clearly a full bladder, but somehow it looked...sexual.

I did the only thing I could to ignore what was going on in my head and made a joke. We both laughed, and as I heard his stream lessening I just rubbed my face with my hands, trying to rub the tension out. After I heard the door close, I turned to make sure he was actually gone, then leaned with my forehead on my arm up against the wall, my other hand moving quickly back down to my pussy. Though I was in the shower, I knew that wasn't why I was so wet.


As I glanced over, I realized my older sister clearly didn't shower with water as hot as I do, since there wasn't all that much steam on the glass. The bright blue streaks in her hair were visible, reaching all the way down to the very top of her ass. And it was the nicest ass I'd ever seen. My girlfriend was hot, sure, but she just didn't have any ass at all. Julia, on the other hand...

Was my sister! I tried to push the rest of my piss out so I could get the hell out of there. Unfortunately my dick was not cooperating, and had begun to swell. As I grew harder, the stream cut off. "That'll work," I thought to myself, even though I knew I wasn't quite done. I did what I could to tuck my still-growing boner back into my boxers and left as quickly as I could while trying not to be suspicious.

I practically ran back to my room. I immediately went to my computer and pulled up a website I knew had some extensive pissing galleries and went tab-crazy. I had probably two dozen pics open, with everything from girls just peeing on the toilet to guys pissing in kneeling girls' open mouths.

I had my cock out and was wanking like mad with my right hand while I cycled through the tabs with my left. As I got close, I left the screen on a picture of a girl on her face and knees, using her hands to spread her asshole open while a guy (with an admittedly nice cock) was pissing right in it. The golden-clear stream spraying out of that thick shaft, filling up her rectum, little droplets glistening all over her pale cheeks. I grabbed my balls with my left hand as I came all over my stomach.

Sitting there as my dick began to slowly become flaccid again, I wondered what sent me into such a state. It wasn't that I wasn't getting laid. My girlfriend may not be super freaky, but she was as horny as me. I didn't think it had just been the- somewhat blurred- sight of my naked sister. I had had a small crush on her when I was 12 or 13, but hadn't really had any sexual thoughts about her since. I decided it was mostly the fact that I had been pissing with someone else there, even though she wasn't watching and probably didn't even really pay any attention to it.

Thinking about it again, plus the image still on the screen, made my erection start growing again. There was a knock on the door that startled the shit out of me.

"H-hold on a second!" I said, scrambling for a towel to wipe the cum off of my stomach. I hurriedly put some pants on, adjusting my boner so it hopefully wasn't noticeable.

"Ok, come in." I said. Julia walked in, hair still wet, in a tshirt and sweat pants. She told me about this grand idea she'd had. Since she was going back to school and I'd be moving out to college myself soon, she thought it could be fun for us to go on a trip somewhere, just us. Get some good brother-sister time in before we started going our separate ways and didn't see much of each other.


Two weeks later we were on the way to a little cabin nestled in the hills outside of Asheville, NC. I had taken the first shift driving, but now Jason was at the wheel. We had already had a good time, talking and joking and laughing. I asked him about his girlfriend. He said he was happy with her, the sex was good and all that. I sensed there was something that he wasn't getting that he wanted, though. Maybe she didn't swallow or didn't like anal or something. It was a little weird thinking about my brother and sex at all, though I guess he's 18. I know I was a frisky little bitch when I was that age.

We'd been on the road for probably 5 or 6 hours, only having stopped once for more caffeine and to switch drivers. I'd noticed Jason's responses were becoming kind of clipped, and he seemed a little fidgety when suddenly he rolled down the window, dumped the ice out of his cup and said, "Sorry Julia." He blushed and I knew what was up, so I turned the other way and watched the trees go by. I heard the zip of his pants and lots of rustling as he got himself situated. I had just heard his stream hit the bottom of the cup when he suddenly swerved.

I jerked my head around and saw that we had narrowly missed a chunk of tire tread. "Here," I said. "You keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. I'll handle this." His face was beet red as I leaned over and grabbed the cup. After a moment he got started again and began filling the cup. I noticed his cock started getting hard, pulsing with what I assumed was his heartbeat. My eyes were glued to it as it just kept getting bigger. I couldn't see the whole thing, it was obscured by the cup. But damn was it thick.

His pee slowed and was soon coming only in bursts as he tried to push through his boner. He was fully erect at this point, and then after a little longer, I heard the stream stop. After 10 seconds or so of awkward silence, he finally said "I guess I'm done."

I carefully removed the cup from between his legs, making sure not to accidentally dump it in his lap. As I did I saw just how big he was. Damn, my little bro is hung! And he kept himself trimmed. I wondered why his girl wouldn't do everything she could to keep that glorious piece happy.

I could feel that my face was as red as his as I finally tore my eyes off his throbbing dick and rolled my own window down. I could feel the warmth of his piss through the plastic as I leaned way out and dumped it out onto the road.

"Um" he coughed, after he'd tucked himself back in and zipped up. "I'm really sorry about that. I don't...I mean I just...um."

I laughed nervously and said "Hey, don't sweat it. I remember how boys were your age. It didn't take much for them to get hard, and a girl near your junk is certainly much!" I was trying to reassure him while at the same time I was feeling guilty about how wet I'd become.

He also chuckled nervously and just said "Yeah, I guess." His face was still red and I could see that he was still hard. But that moment when I pulled the cup away and saw his cock, that was the moment. The moment I realized I had to have him. That was the moment I decided I was going to take my brother.


I could not keep what just happened out of my head. My own sister, holding the cup I was pissing in. If only it had been any girl but her. Her face and hands had been so close and I could see she didn't take her eyes off my dick the whole time. I never thought my fantasy of having a girl hold my cock and watch while I pissed would be so nearly fulfilled, much less by Julia! Fuck, I was still throbbing hard.

And now I was getting flashes of other images, as my imagination went crazy. Of her nude and kneeling, cupping her hands in front of her as I filled them with my pee. Of washing her hair in my piss. Goddamnit, I needed to concentrate on the road.

After 20 minutes or so of awkward silence, during which I did my damndest to quit imagining my big sister submitting to me like that, she said, "Well shit."

"What's up?" I asked. She smiled sheepishly at me and said "I guess it's my turn. Only I can't really use a cup."

"Aww damnit. Um." I wasn't sure what to do. "Any chance of holding it for a bit longer?"

"I don't think so, Jay. I didn't realize how bad I had to go 'till...well, 'till you went. I haven't seen too many people. Just pull off on the side somewhere."

I went red again at her mention of what had happened. "Uh, ok." I drove a little farther, looking for somewhere I could pull off without being in danger of getting hit by another car. As I did, I noticed Julia crossing and uncrossing her legs. I guess she wasn't kidding. Finally I found a spot I was happy with and pulled over, put the hazard lights on and set the parking brake.

"Thank god" Julia said, quickly unbuckling her seatbelt and opening the door. She got out and stood up, setting her feet apart fairly wide. As she turned her head to look up and down the road, her long braid swung back and forth, the blue streak twisted through it. She hooked her thumbs into the band of her short skirt and pulled straight up, then bent over and squatted, resting her butt on the edge of the car and her elbows on her knees.

I couldn't help it. I really fucking couldn't. I was so fucking horny at this point, that I absolutely could not avoid looking. As soon as she pulled her skirt up I was hooked and everything seemed to move slowly. She wasn't wearing any panties and the tip of her braid rested on her right ass cheek, which was exquisitely pale and full. As she bent and began squatting, her cheeks spread just enough that I caught the briefest glimpse of her puckered asshole. My cock became instantly hard, bulging against my jeans. She sat down and and her ass jiggled, my dick twitching with it. I was aroused beyond belief and thought I could get no harder when I heard the stream of her piss start hitting the pavement.

I was so thoroughly in my lust world that I didn't notice when she turned her head to the side a little and glanced at me. I was staring at my sister's ass, my eyes roving from her shapely cheeks up to the dimples in her lower back, back down the middle, hoping for another glimpse of her anus. All the while I was listening to the glorious sound of piss splashing on the ground, suddenly wishing I was on the other side and able to see it leave her body, arcing through the air.

I felt some precum seep out as she leaned forward just a little farther, again spreading her ass just enough for me to once again see her backdoor.


My heart racing with nervousness over what I was about to do, I thought "fuck it" to myself and slid my skirt up high enough that I knew my whole ass was bare. I leaned over as I squatted down, then rested my elbows on my knees as I sat on the edge of the car. I hadn't been kidding when I told him I needed to pee. The moment I relaxed my control, a high-pressure stream came shooting out, splashing on the side of the road. I smiled a little, finding that it was actually really relaxing, being able to just pull up and go, sun shining on me, forest breeze blowing.

After a few moments I turned my head to the side just a bit and looked at my little brother over my shoulder. His eyes were locked on me like a freaking missile. I got even wetter, knowing how turned-on I was obviously making him. I leaned forward a little more to give him an even better view. I saw his eyes get wider, so I figured it must have worked.

"Man, peeing outside really is freaking great. No wonder guys go on about it all the time." I thought. The air felt fantastic on my soaking pussy and I was feeling so much relief as my bladder emptied. I had a crazy thought, then. I began to wonder if what was turning Jason on so much wasn't just that he was a horny teenager and I was a bare-assed girl. I had to wonder if, somehow, my little bro was into watersports. Now there's an interesting idea. I'd never really been into that, but then none of the guys I'd dated had either, so I hadn't had a reason to try. Well. I guess I'll find out before too long.

My bladder finally empty, a nice puddle running off the side of the road, I sat and enjoyed the peace for a little before I turned my head back to the side, keeping my ass to my brother, and quietly said, "Jason."


I was totally spaced. My cock was throbbing in my jeans and my heart was pounding in my throat. I was staring so hard at my own sister's asshole that I didn't even notice that she'd finished peeing.

"Jason," she said quietly. I was only half aware of it, and kept staring like a goon. A little louder, she said "Jay?" I mentally shook myself and looked up, locking eyes with her. There was just the hint of a soft smile on her face.

"Huh?" I said. Always the elegant speaker I am.

"Can you grab some tissues or something from my bag?" Julia nodded her head towards the back seat. "I don't want to get the seat wet."

I was in such a daze. I just sort of nodded my head and turned to get her bag out of the back. Julia didn't lower her skirt, straighten up, or anything. I snuck a glance back down and could still see her little hole. My eyes darted back up to her face. She was still just smiling softly at me, waiting patiently.

I blushed hard and dug around in her bag. I thought for sure my dick was going to explode out of my pants. I was so confused. I was horny as hell, but guilty that it was my big sister that I was lusting after, and then confused as to why she wasn't covering herself back up now that she was done...I guess maybe she just thought "he's my brother, it's no biggie."

I finally found a pack of tissues and handed it to her. "Thanks, Jason," was all she said, and turned back around. I swallowed the huge lump in my throat and wiped the sweat off my palms and just plain ogled Julia as she wiped herself clean. She finally stood up and tossed the tissues off into the ditch beside the road. God, her ass almost looked even better with her standing. It just looked so delicious. She pulled her skirt back down where it belonged...more or less. Really, I think it was a little lower, since I could see the top of her butt.

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