tagInterracial LoveCabin Romance Ch. 02

Cabin Romance Ch. 02


Jonathan awoke to the sensation of Charisse's warm breath tickling his ear and her soft fingers gently stroking his still swollen cock. He turned his head to give her a kiss still thinking of the way she came for him. He'd never known that making love to someone could be so erotic and exciting. He'd seen women squirt before, but knowing Charisse usually needs a little extra something just to stay wet, he never thought he'd see the day where she would totally let go and abandon all her inhibitions. Jonathan moved his head down as he began to nuzzle Charisse's neck enjoying the smooth, damp skin and the fragrance of whatever perfume she had put on that day. Jonathan never knew what kind of perfume Charisse would be wearing or if she would even bother with perfume. There were times when she chose just to go with the natural clean smell of Ivory soap.

Charisse moaned slightly enjoying the feel of Jonathan's lips on her neck. She wanted more but thought, they should have a light snack first to rebuild their energy. She knew Jonathan probably didn't need anything as she was quite sure, she had given him more than he could handle but she was famished. She eased up off of the carpet, and walked towards the kitchen. Jonathan, rolled over onto his side and propped his head on his elbow as he took in the view of her glistening body sashaying away from him. He wanted to get up and grab her from behind and bend her over the table but he restrained himself.

Charisse called to him from the kitchen, "Jonathan, Baby...you got any fruit?"

"Yea, look in the drawer in the fridge," Jonathan replied thinking of how much fun he could have with Charisse and fruit. He decided to get up and see what Charisse was up to. As he came up behind her and saw her bent over the fridge, with her big round ass up in the air, he couldn't help himself. He just wanted one or two strokes and then, he'd be good. He grabbed Charisse by the hips and reached down to see if she was still wet enough. Charisse was more than ready for Jonathan to enter her twitching, wet pussy. He could feel her juices dribble down his hand as soon as he touched her. Damn, was she wet and so hot! Jonathan bent his legs so that he could gain access to Charisse's waiting pussy. He slowly entered her feeling her warmth engulf him and he had to lock his legs for a minute to keep from falling down. The sensation of Charisse's hot, tight, dripping wet pussy surrounding his dick was enough to send him over the edge. He held back the strength of his desire with all the will power he had and gave Charisse two long sensuous strokes before pulling out.

Charisse surprised Jonathan by turning around and dropping to her knees in front of him. In her hand she had a spray can of whip cream. She looked up at him and smiled that smile that let Jonathan know she was going to have some major fun with him and he knew he was going to enjoy every minute of it.

Charisse sprayed the whip cream around his cock, glistening now with her pussy juices. She reached back in the fridge and found some strawberries. She took a strawberry from the bowl, inspected it to see that Jonathan thought of everything because he'd even cleaned the fruit. There was no stem on the strawberry and Charisse smiled at the thought that she wouldn't have to waste valuable love making time just to wash some fruit. Charisse turned the top half of her body and reached into the kitchen drawer next to the fridge to pull out a table knife. She turned back to Jonathan and saw his eyes widen just a little bit in a joking manner as he knew she would never hurt him but he had to make a joke about it. It was just his way.

"Please, Baby I beg you, don't cut it off! I promise, I'll be your sex slave for the rest of your life, just don't neuter me...please!!" Jonathan said looking down in Charisse's eyes seeing that she appreciated his wry sense of humor. She smiled up at him and winked as she began to slice the strawberry and drop pieces of it into the whip cream still sitting firm around the shaft of his smooth hard cock. Charisse finished dressing up her special desert and settled in for a feast. She slowly licked the whip cream from around his cock tasting a piece of strawberry with each lick. As the whip cream began to disappear, Jonathan felt as if he would explode if she didn't take him in her mouth soon and he hated to waste a good nut. Charisse continued to clean Jonathan up with her tongue, gently stroking his dick as she did so. Charisse could feel the blood surging through Jonathan's dick and knew it wouldn't be long before she would get to feast on what she really wanted. Charisse put the tip of her tongue on Jonathan's thick, hard cock already dripping with precum and tasted the saltiness of his precum as it mingled with the still sweet taste of the strawberries and whip cream. She slowly rolled her tongue around the tip of his dick enjoying the sounds coming from Jonathan's throat.

Jonathan put his hands in her hair and allowed his fingers to become tangled in it as Charisse slowly took him into her mouth taking a little more with each stroke of her mouth. Jonathan wanted to pump his dick in Charisse's mouth but knew if he tried to take over, she would stop. He learned that lesson quickly, when Charisse wants to suck him off, he's not allowed to help her in any way except to just play in her hair, if he wants.

Charisse reached down and began to fondle Jonathan's balls as she continued to give Jonathan the head job of a lifetime. It's not usually very easy for Jonathan to cum from just getting head but there was something different in the way Charisse was sucking his dick tonight and the feeling was just too overwhelming. He sent a silent thanks to Charisse's husband for whatever this new trick was she learned with him. It had started to rain harder and the thunder was coming in loud claps and it seems with each streak of lighting Charisse seemed to become more engrossed on sucking Jonathan all the way into her mouth. Jonathan didn't want her to choke herself but he couldn't do anything. She was in control and she was doing things to his body, his mind, and his emotions that he'd never felt before. Charisse moved her mouth down and began to give him a nut job as she continued to stroke Jonathan's cock feeling the viens popping out from the strain of the passion overtaking him. Jonathan's nuts began to contract slightly and Charisse knew he was close to cumming. She moved her head back up and took his dick all the way into her mouth and down her throat in one fluid motion.

Jonathan reached over and balanced himself holding the top of the fridge as his orgasm overcame him. "Oh Shit!" Jonathan screamed. "Charisse, I'm gonna cum Baby, can't...stop...it...oh yes!" Jonathan allowed his body to release his love juices down Charisse's throat. Charisse greedily swallowed the first squirt but pulled his dick out of her mouth with a loud popping sound and stroked him wildly to allow him to cum on her face. She looked up at him, saw that his eyes were shut.

"Open your eyes, Baby. I want you to see." Charisse said to him in her husky love-making voice. Jonathan opened his eyes and seeing her big brown eyes, full of passion and something else that he didn't want to put a label on yet, brought on another spurt of his orgasm. He watched her face as he came squirting cum on her cheeks, on her forehead, on her chin and in her mouth. This was such a new experience for Jonathan to share with Charisse and he felt his heart rate speed up even faster at the sight of Charisse's cum splattered face. Charisse took Jonathan back into her mouth and her actions imitated a child gone wild in a candy shop as she licked and sucked Jonathan's dick with total abandon. Jonathan couldn't stand anymore. He gently pulled his dick out of Charisse's mouth, walked gingerly over to the kitchen sink as his legs were still a bit weak. He grabbed a towel and doused it with warm soapy water. He walked slowly back to Charisse who had sat completely down with her ass on the floor and her back leaning against the fridge and kneeled in front of her. He had to laugh because, she was taking strawberries, rubbing them into the cum on her face and eating them.

"Charisse, my sweet, chocolate goddess, you are truly something." Jonathan whispered, his eyes smiling into Charisse's.

"Mmmmmmmm" Charisse responded to Jonathan as she popped another strawberry in her mouth.

Jonathan took the towel and cleaned the sticky mess of his cum mixed with the juices from the strawberries off of her face. Once he had her cleaned up, he leaned over and kissed her with all the emotion he had inside of him. He couldn't tell her yet what she was really becoming to mean to him but he meant to show her throughout the rest of the week. They still had their skinny dipping excursion to do and he was so looking forward to it.

Charisse wrapped her arms around Jonathan's neck pulled him into her as the kiss grew from the usual after sex thank you kiss, to an emotion filled passionate one. She couldn't say anything to Jonathan about her true feelings either but she knew she'd have a lot of fun showing him and she would always have the week in the mountain cabin to remember. She hoped it wasn't raining the next night because she was dying to jump in the lake. She'd never been skinny dipping before and it was definitely an experience she looked forward to sharing with Jonathan.

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