Caleb Woke Up Ch. 01


Caleb was both amused and flattered. She thought he might have a girlfriend?

He smiled and replied, "Ha, no, I wish I had a girlfriend."

She put on the necklace and her eyes glazed over. She suddenly felt completely at peace. Then a need started to build about pleasing this man. She had heard him say that he wished that he had a girlfriend, and she wanted to, no needed to, fulfill his request.

She replied rather calmly, "I can help you find a girlfriend."

Caleb thought this was a bit odd, but he was more taken with how the pendant nestled in between her boobs. He was thinking about the fact that he was just holding that pendant, and now look where it is.

Caleb was thinking, Using the substitution principle, I touched the necklace, and the necklace is touching her boobs, so it's almost like I'm touching her boobs!

The girl looked at Caleb, and read his face. He wore a pained expression from the conflict of desire and guilt. She also noticed the small gash on his finger. It was still seeping blood, although not very much.

"You're bleeding. Can I help?"

Caleb was surprised, embarrassed, and a little pleased at this gesture. He was worried about germs and infection so he replied, "Uh, yeah, that would be nice."

The girl came around the counter, gently grabbed his wounded hand, and led him to the employee bathroom with a sign that read EMPLOYEES ONLY. She unlocked the door, pulled him in, ran the water and carefully washed off his finger with soap and water.

While she was working on it, her right breast was rubbing up against his arm, which was certainly noticed by Caleb.

After a thorough cleansing, she patted it dry with a paper towel. She kept a hold of his hand and led him back to behind the desk where there was a first-aid kit. She applied some ointment, a band aid, and gave the finger a little kiss.

"Is that better?" she asked.

Caleb blushed. He didn't know how to respond. He was in a state of shock. He only got this type of treatment in his exceedingly rare wet dreams.

It should surprise many to find out that Caleb, at 18, had never once masturbated.

Caleb didn't think about pleasuring himself. It was like he knew it existed because it had been discussed in health class, but he never gave it much consideration. The message he got from church was to not think about girls with lust in his heart. His TV time was budgeted to an hour a week for shows that met his mother's approval. Video games were forbidden. He spent his evenings praying, studying, reading the bible, and trying to be good.

His only sexual outlet was his occasional wet dream where he couldn't repress his desires.

So this little sequence of pleasantries from this scantily clad vixen almost sent him over the edge.

Caleb was a little emboldened by her attentiveness. He took a deep breath, exhaled through pursed lips, and asked timidly, "Uh, do you have a boyfriend?"

She thought for a second, and answered plainly, "Yes, I have a boyfriend."

Caleb was not surprised, but he was a little disappointed.

She startled Caleb a little by continuing, "And I don't cheat on him. But I know that he cheats on me. He really doesn't treat me very well." She wasn't so much reflecting as much as blurting facts.

Caleb was thinking, Wow, why is she telling me this? Maybe she likes me?

Caleb pressed his luck, "Why are you with him then?"

She took a second, and answered "He treats me how I deserve to be treated. I complain a lot about him, but I am comfortable in this relationship. I don't deserve better. "

This made Caleb a little sad and a little angry. He had developed a crush on this girl who had been so nice to him, and he wanted to protect her.

He spoke in a soft, but commanding tone, "That's not right. You deserve better. You deserve someone nice."

This made her eyes flutter a bit, like she was processing what he said.

In her mind, she rephrased Caleb's direction as if it were a mantra. I deserve someone nice.

Before she had uttered a response, Caleb already felt embarrassed about stepping over the line. Here he had just met this girl, and he was trying to tell her how to live her life. He pulled away from her and asked for his necklace back. She assented to his request and returned his necklace.

After she took off the necklace, it took a few seconds for her to get her orientation. She looked around with wide eyes. There were suggestions running through her head, mingled with her own consciousness.


She realized then that she needed to break up with her boyfriend.


In her mind, she started going down the list of her friends to find a good match for Caleb. Susie? No, she would eat him up. Danielle likes a more masculine guy. Rachel isn't nice enough for him.

Nobody was immediately coming to mind, except maybe ...

"Caleb, my name is Melissa. You can call me Mel. That's what my friends call me. Uh, I'm thinking about some girls that I can hook you up with, if you are interested. So, can I get your phone number?"

This was too surreal for Caleb. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights, just before they get hit by a car.

After several seconds of open mouthed astonishment, Caleb finally managed to stutter, "Uh, uh, I g-g-guess so. L-L-Let me write it down. May I have something to write with?"

Mel surfaced a friendlier version of the smirk she was sporting earlier, and asked for his cell phone. He gave it to her. She used it to call her own phone, and then proceeded to program in her name "MEL" on Caleb's phone with a little heart symbol on the end of it. Caleb didn't even know his phone did heart symbols.

*** Getting The Deposit ***

She grabbed his hand and led him outside and locked up the office. Then they walked hand in hand over to the storage unit. While they were walking, she would look over at him occasionally and smile. Caleb noticed, but he was panic stricken that he would do something really stupid to mess this situation up. He knew she was way out of his league.

They rolled up the door of the storage unit, and she looked around.

"Normally we would look for reasons to not give the full deposit back. You did a pretty good job, but I doubt my boss would've given you five bucks back on this place."

Caleb just listened. She turned to look up to him in the eyes and said, "For you, I don't mind doing a little clean up after my shift is done."

She pulled five crisp ten dollar bills out of her pocket and handed them to Caleb.

"Thanks Melissa, that is really nice, but you really don't need to go to all that trouble for me. I don't mind doing some more cleaning here."

"Call me Mel, and I really don't mind helping you out. Um, I really like you. You should go take it easy. You have been working hard today. You need to go take care of your wound."

He could only look at the bandage on his finger in disbelief and nod his appreciation.

She pulled him into a gentle embrace, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. His cheeks and ears burned from embarrassment. As awkward as this was for Caleb, he really liked it. As much as he liked it, he really couldn't enjoy it due to the stress of the situation. He felt uncomfortably numb from his nervousness from the attentions of this pretty girl. But he was pretty sure he would enjoy reminiscing on this moment later after he wound down a bit. He was thinking that this just might be the zenith of his life.

Is this as good as it gets? Can it get any better? he thought.

For Mel, she was extremely aroused by his cute innocence. He was so adorable, and she wanted him.

She held him in a hug, and started running her hands up and down his back. Caleb did not respond. He felt awkward. He didn't know what to do. He had to force himself to look down into her face.

"Caleb, I am not sure if you heard me, but I like you. I REALLY like you."

She stared him in the eyes, longingly. Caleb couldn't read the signs. He looked back at her as if she was an alien.

She stood up on her tip toes, and made a move gently pressing her lips to his. She knew he was inexperienced and had an innocent soul, and she needed to take it slow and easy. But her blood was burning. She wanted nothing else but to rip off her clothes and rape him.

Caleb pulled back and asked, "What about your boyfriend?"

"I just broke up with him. He just doesn't know it yet," she replied with a smile.

Caleb processed this, but he still felt uneasy about the situation.

But she kissed him again. Her hands traveled down over his back to his butt. She started running her hands over his posterior and she let out a little moan.

Caleb's paralysis started to melt, and he finally responded by putting his arms around her shoulders, and started kissing back.

He had no idea what to do, so he started moving his hands around on her back, and up to her shoulders. He had heard a phrase one time "Fake it 'til you make it." Maybe now was a good time to try that advice.

Caleb was liking the way the bare skin on her shoulders felt in his hands, so soft and smooth. As he was feeling up her shoulder blades, one of her straps accidentally fell to the side of her arm.

She stopped kissing and said, "Do you want to see them?"

Caleb didn't know what she meant. "See who?" he replied.

"The girls? My breasts? Do you want to run your hands over them, and kiss them? They want you to, you know. You would be doing them a favor." She was in a playful mood, and wanted Caleb to play with her.

Caleb was shy. "What if someone sees us?"

"We can fix that. Does your phone have a light on it?"


"Good, me too."

She walked over to the unit door and pulled down on the chain to pull down the door. It was really dark with a little bit of light streaming in through a crack on one side of the door. She pulled out her phone, and shined the soft dim light of the display on herself. It was a dull lighting that displayed her in a gray scale, devoid of color. But for these purposes, it was very effective. It made the situation more illicit than it already was.

"Watch this," she said. She talked to herself under her breath, unknowingly twisting the phrase, "Let's see if we can bring Mohammed to the mountains."

She held the phone out with one hand and pulled down the other strap of her tank top slowly off her shoulder.

"What are you doing , Mel?"

"Trying to entice you over here, handsome. Is it working?"


The light timed out on the phone, and she went dark. When she turned it back on, she had already reached up with her other hand to grab the bottom front of her tank top, and she was slowly pulling her tank top down over her breasts.

Caleb started shuffling towards her until he was inches away. He wanted to see this more than anything he had ever seen before in his life.

She continued to pull down. The shirt was being a little stubborn, as if hanging on for dear life onto her erect nipples. And then it snapped, and slipped down around her belly.

"I want to introduce you to the girls."

Caleb was nervous. He wondered if he should be here doing this with her. But she was very enticing, and her cajoling was effective.

She reached out and grabbed his hand, and pulled it gently up to her breast.

"They would like some attention. Can you pet them for me?" She was still holding the phone to light herself with one hand.

She was on fire. Her whole body was tingling. She was aching to please this boy.

Caleb started to feel her breast and marveled at all of their attributes. The way her nipple puckered up, the goose bumps around the circle, and the smoothness. He reached underneath and lifted it up, rubber his thumb along the rounded curve of her breast.

His caress was inexperienced, but his innocence fueled her. She felt safe with him. She wanted more. She stepped into him and resumed the kissing.

He reached around with his other hand, and slid it down to her butt. She encouraged him with some moans and more passionate kisses. She started to slide a tongue into Caleb's mouth, and encountered his teeth which she lightly brushed.

As she was licking his teeth, she tasted tuna fish.

She pulled back and looked up at him, smiling. "For future reference, I like tuna fish."

"Hey, I just had tuna fish," Caleb responded.

She giggled, "Yeah, I know. Can I taste some more?"

Her playfulness was slowly getting him to loosen up.

His kissing got more passionate. He liked playing with her tongue. He liked trying to swallow her face.

He also started exploring her more with his hands. He enjoyed running his hands all around her bare back, and down over her round rump. He liked the way she responded to his touches. He especially liked the way her pelvis thrust into him. He encouraged this by grabbing her buttocks and pulling.

For Mel, her body was quivering from his ministrations. Caleb was fumbling his way through things, but the necklace was having a strong effect on her.

Then, his cell phone rang in vibrator mode in his pocket. It sent her over the edge. She erupted into an orgasm. "Oh god, I have never cum this easily before. What is it about you?"

Caleb wasn't paying attention to what she said. He missed her little orgasmic convulsion because he knew who was probably calling. He fished his phone out of his pocket.

He answered timidly, "Hello, Mom?"

"Caleb, I was just calling to check up on you. Are you almost done?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm almost finished here." Caleb responded. Caleb was panic stricken. He was speaking in an elevated voice. He didn't want to stop because it had just started feeling really good, but he didn't want his mom to find out what he was doing.

Mel whispered into Caleb's other ear, "I don't think you are quite 'finished.' Let me see what I can do to help you finish. Let me take care of you while you talk to Mom."

She slid down and started unzipping the fly on his jeans.

He tried to bat her hands away, but she was too nimble for him, and he was trying to concentrate on what his mom was saying.

"Caleb, I need you to be home in an hour, so you can take a shower before taking your sister into church, OK?"

Mel fished out his erection and cooed, "Oooh, so beautiful," as she shined the light from her phone on it. She started kissing it. She reached and out cupped his balls with her free hand.

This was a first. Caleb had never been touched by a girl before. He was floating on the ceiling while his mother droned on. He wasn't in his body. He was watching this scene unfold. It was so erotically surreal for him.

Caleb realized his mom was waiting for a response.

"OK Mom. That sounds fine. I might be a few minutes late because I still need to make another trip to the dump."

"OK, but hurry Caleb. I don't want Anna to be late for practice. I think she has a solo tomorrow."

Caleb was wanting this conversation to be over very badly. He was about to say good bye, but his mother wasn't finished yet. She continued, "So how was this afternoon? Did you find anything interesting?"

His mom's questions were frustrating him. He was flustered.

Mel could sense that Caleb wasn't going to last very long, but things were a little challenging in the dark of the shed with one hand. She put her phone down, and she grabbed his prick by the base, inhaled it into her mouth, and started sucking while bobbing her head along the shaft.

Caleb looked down but really couldn't see what she was doing in the dark down there, but he had never felt anything like this before in his life. Caleb grunted his pleasure.

Mel coached him, "Don't hold it in baby. I want you to cum now."

"What was that Caleb? Are you OK? Did someone call you 'baby'?" his mom asked.

"YEESSS!" Caleb yelled out into his mom's ear as he shot his load into this vixen pixie's cute little mouth.

Caleb's orgasm was magnified through the necklace. Mel felt a hot sensual wave of pleasure roll over her, and it knocked her on her ass, and caused her to orgasm again.

She swallowed what cum was in her mouth, but Caleb's pole came loose when she fell back, and his seed started flying all over her. Mel felt it flap onto her breasts, and shorts, and legs. She didn't care. It was like she was stoned from this mystical orgasm.

His mom was alarmed. "What Caleb? What is going on there? Are you all right?" Caleb's mom shouted.

Mel could hear the alarmed mama hen shouting, and she thought it was funny. In her state of orgasmic bliss, she started giggling.

"Caleb, do I hear a girl giggling there?"

Caleb managed to gasp out, "Uh, yes mom. Mel is taking care of me. She is checking out my unit so I can get my deposit back."

Mel burst out laughing at the double meaning, but Caleb was clueless. She had a high pitched cackle. She was laughing so hard, she could barely get out, "Deposit, I think you just gave me a deposit, but I am glad to be of service." She giggled at her word play and the situation.

"What's that? I don't think I got that. What did she say?" Caleb's mom asked. She was beginning to have some suspicions that there was some malarkey in progress.

"She was just telling me the unit looks fine, and I should get all of my deposit back," Caleb still didn't understand Mel's punning.

"Well, all right then Caleb. You will have to explain it to me later, but please hurry home," Darcy said.

"OK Mom, I will try. Bye." And he hung up the phone without waiting for a reply.

"I have finished checking out your 'unit,' and it is in fine condition. Have a nice day. Please cum again."

Caleb was relieved to be off of the phone, but still turned on by the events of the last ten minutes. He wanted some freedom from his mom's smothering. As far as acts of defiance go, this one felt pretty good to him.

"Mel, you were so wicked," Caleb said, breaking out into a wide smile. He couldn't be mad. It felt so fantastic.

"God, Caleb, that was a completely unbelievable experience. I've never blown a guy while he was on the phone with his mom. It was so kinky!" Mel exclaimed. "Did it turn you on to be on the phone with your mom?"

"I don't know, maybe a little. It felt a little rebellious, I guess. But it was so wrong," he couldn't help but smile. That goofy smile looked like it was promising to be pasted there all day.

"Don't worry Caleb. Everybody has their kinks. I bet even your mom has some kinks."

"You don't know my mom. She's very religious."

"You might be surprised. Sometimes it's the religious ones that are the kinkiest."

Caleb couldn't fathom that. He just shook his head. His mom didn't have a sexual bone in her body.

"Well this was fantastic, but I really need to get going. Is that OK Mel?"

"Yeah, I need to get back to the office."

She was thinking, My boss is probably going to be pissed, but it was sooo worth it.

But Mel realized she probably wasn't in a state to be seen in public, so she asked, "Could you help me get cleaned up first? It is hard to tell in the dark here, but I think you just painted me with your cum."

"Oh, geez, sorry about that."

"Trust me, I am not complaining. But can I get a little light, please?"

Caleb took out his phone and put the flashlight setting on, and shined the light on Mel. She was a sight. His sperm was running down her chin, and there were wads of his seed all over her.

She started wiping it with her hands and licking it off. She pulled her tits up to her mouth and licked off what she could reach.

I never really liked the taste before, but this tastes nice. I could get addicted to this, she thought.

This sight started getting Caleb excited again. She was so exotic to him, and this was so dirty.

Caleb took off his shirt and handed it to her. "You can wear that if you want. I guess I sort of messed up your clothes there."

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