tagMind ControlCaleb Woke Up Ch. 02

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 02


Just to recap, Caleb is a naive boy raised in a sheltered, religious home. Somehow this clueless innocent found a magic necklace, but he hasn't figured out the powers of the necklace yet because he isn't that bright, and it's been a pretty busy day.

(revision 2 -- fixed some consistency issues)

*** Driving Miss Anna ***

He loved his older sister. Everybody did. She was sweet, and was good at everything she attempted. She got excellent grades, had been captain of the high school dance squad, and was a featured soloist in the high school choir. She got what she wanted through determination and sweat.

He guessed that his sister was cute, as much as any guy can judge his sister. She made the most of what she had. She usually wore contacts, but Caleb preferred her when she occasionally wore her thick black framed glasses. She didn't wear much make-up and a naturally smooth complexion.

He had once heard his mom talking to one of her friends about all of the growth hormones in the milk these days, and how it impacted young girls breasts. She must have been talking about Anna. Her breasts were much larger than her mom's, and she tried to hide them which was near impossible. She wanted to look good, but she didn't want to look like a floozy so his sister tried to hide her large boobs the best that she could, but it was very difficult to do. At a minimum, she didn't show cleavage.

If she had any flaws, maybe it was that she tended to be a little judgmental and had no patience for sleazy girls. She was a "good girl", and was quick to dismiss girls for too much make up or rumors of being too easy. She had a bit of a reputation of being a "goody two shoes", or a stuck up bitch, depending on who you talked to.

Now she was in her first year at the local college, and was thinking that she might like something in the life sciences. She wasn't ruling out nursing or even being a doctor. It would be a stretch for their family's income, but she had a decent scholarship.

And although Caleb admired her a lot, he was a little tired of living in her shadow. He thought that now he was a senior in high school, and his sister was attending the local college, that maybe he would find some area to stand out. But that wasn't the case because he was absolutely average in practically every way.


So as Caleb was driving his sister to church choir practice, she asked him if he had found anything interesting in his storage unit.

Ah, if she only knew. Caleb was thinking back to his earlier experience with the buxom pixie, Mel.

Without taking his eyes off the road, he pulled the necklace out of his pocket and held it up for her to see.

"I don't know if it is worth anything, but it does look pretty cool, don't you think?" Caleb asked.

When Caleb took the pendant out of his pocket and held it up, she was mesmerized. She felt a wave of sexual desire wash over her. She was blushing.

This is not right. I shouldn't feel this way around my brother. She tried to shake it off, but it wasn't working.

"Caleb, it's too bad you don't have a girlfriend, because she would absolutely love this."

Caleb chuckled, "Yep. A girlfriend would be good."

As she delicately took the chain from Caleb's hand, a fantasy roulette wheel of images flashed through her mind. It landed on an image of her being a teasing temptress, a seductress.

She put the necklace on over her head, and her face went slack and her mouth opened a bit. A small shiver went through her body.

She felt really good.

"Well Sis, do you think it could be worth anything?"

"Caleb, I think this is a very special necklace. I don't think you should try to sell it," she said rather flatly.

He didn't notice her affectation, but her words surprised him. He was out five hundred bucks, and he was hoping to make a little of the money back. Maybe his sister wanted the necklace for herself?

"Would she try to keep it?" he thought. He felt a little nervous about it. I mean, she has never really given me a chance to doubt her, but she really seems smitten with it.

"Anna, can I have the necklace back, please?"

"Yes Caleb," she handed it back to him.

As she handed it back, she came out of her trance to encounter some subconscious messages.


"My brother is so cute and adorable. I really should be a nicer sister for him."


"I sometimes wish I could be a bad girl. It would be nice to let loose once in a while.

"I know he likes looking at me. Brothers shouldn't look at their sisters that way. Maybe I could put on a bit of a show, just for him and teach him a lesson or two."

On a whim, Caleb hung the necklace on the rear view mirror.

"So Anna, do you think I should get a girlfriend?"

"Sure Bro. It's about time. I know several girlfriends that would be good for you. Can I set you up on some dates?"

Her response sent Caleb for a loop. They loved each other as siblings, and there was surprisingly little bickering. But she never really went out of her way for him, especially for things like this.

He looked over at her in surprise. He noticed that her face was red and she was glistening. Was she sweating?

"Are you feeling all right, Sis? You look a little warm."

I do feel warm. Maybe I can cool off and warm him up at the same time?

"Now that you mention it, I am feeling a little HOT. I should've worn a shorter skirt," she replied with emphasis on the "hot." She tried to make it sound sexy, but it came out a little awkward. She was overacting. This was all pretty new to her, but like everything else she did, she was determined to get it right.

"You don't mind if I get a little more comfortable, do you, Caleb?"

Caleb noticed out of the corner of his eye that his sister's legs were starting to rub themselves together. She reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it above her knee up to mid thigh.

Caleb let out a guilty groan of desire. She heard it, and was quite pleased with herself.

Caleb felt guilt. Be a good brother, he thought. He pulled his eyeballs back into his sockets, and returned them to the road.

"So where is Brad tonight, Anna?"

"He's up at his Grandma's with the family. They won't be back until late Sunday night, not that I am looking forward to seeing him."

"Why, what happened?" Caleb asked. He thought it was odd that she was being open with him. They never talked about this stuff.

"Well, last time we went out, Brad was all hands as usual, and I cut him off after he felt me up a bit."

Caleb did a double take.

"What? Did you say he 'felt you up'?"

"Yes, he did. He felt my boobs under the shirt, over the bra. I wasn't sure I would be able to stop if we went much further. I get so randy sometimes. Do you ever get randy little brother?" she asked, smiling. She placed a hand on his leg, and gave it an affectionate little squeeze.

This was making Caleb blush. He felt extremely uncomfortable, but at the same time this was exhilarating. He closed one eye, like he was in pain, and groaned some more.

She was looking at him with a Cheshire grin. She knew this was embarrassing for him, and she was relishing it. But she wasn't done.

"Brad got upset and yelled at me. Isn't he just the meanest?"

"Yeah, the meanest," Caleb parroted.

"Brad's really mad now. He had a choice to stay home this weekend by himself and we could have spent more time together, but he chose to go out of spite. He said he had the biggest case of blue balls in the tri-state area. Do you ever get blue balls, Caleb?"

As she said this, she moved the hand on his leg up closer to his crotch, as if to emphasize "blue balls".

He didn't know what she was up to, and he didn't know what blue balls were. He didn't want to sound dumb so he deflected the question. "Anna, you should drop that jerk and find someone nicer who appreciates you more."

"I know Caleb, but it's hard."

She gave his leg a squeeze as she said hard.

"I wish I could find someone as nice as you Caleb. You are so understanding."

"Sorry to disappoint you Anna, but I think there is only one loser like me."

Anna had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt with her right hand.

"Caleb, you aren't a loser. I think that you are just the sweetest guy I ever met."

Caleb blushed. "Uh, thanks Sis." He had always had crush on his sister. He wanted to marry her when he was 4. A part of him still wanted that.

Under his breath he said "Anna thinks I am nice. It is too bad that nice doesn't get the girls."

He heard Anna attempt a sultry response, "You'd be surprised what nice can get you, Caleb."

His eyebrows shot up. He was shocked that she heard him, but also at the tone and the sentiment of her response.

"Is she flirting? I need to get my ears checked," he thought. He shook his head in disbelief.

All of his sister's attention was making Caleb's blood pressure rise, and so did the zipper of his pants as his manhood ballooned.

She let go of his leg, and continued to flap her shirt.

"Do you have a bottle of water in here? I am still hot."

"Yeah, there should be a couple of bottles behind the seat."

Anna unbuckled herself, turned around, and leaned over back behind the bench seat around the jump seat area, giving Caleb an opportunity to look at her fine teen-aged ass and legs. Her skirt was still bunched up around her thighs. She spread her legs to make sure the skirt didn't drop down, and it caused it to inch up just a smidgen.

"Don't see any cops, OK?" she quipped.

"Sure, Anna," he smiled. It was their little joke when she unfastened her seat belt in the car.

Hoping that he was looking, she sort of exaggerated her wiggle while she reached for the bottle, even though the bottle was easily within reach. When she came back up, another button had come undone on her shirt.

I feel so naughty! she thought.

Anna resumed flapping the top of her shirt back and forth in a flirty way on the pretense that she was trying to cool off.

Caleb was focused on driving, and still didn't notice. He was missing out on a great show.

Just then they made it to church and pulled in the lower level church parking lot, and parked. There probably wouldn't be any cars here for another half hour.

"Caleb, do you think it would be OK if we sat out here for a couple minutes? For some reason I don't feel like going in yet."

Caleb looked over at her, and was shocked to see her flapping the top of her mostly unbuttoned shirt under the guise of fanning some air onto her hot chest.

"Uh sure sis. If you are still hot, maybe you should drink some more water?"

Be a good brother. Be a good brother, he kept reminding himself as he tried in vain to avert his eyes.

Anna noticed that she was having the desired effect on his brother as the front of his pants was stretched to capacity.

This is so much fun! Look what I can do! she thought.

"Good idea, little brother. I really need to cool off. I am just so hot."

She formed in her mind a routine that she wanted to perform.

She pulled her shirt open from both sides exposing most of her bra encased breasts and left it that way. She took the cap off the water bottle, tipped her head up towards the ceiling, and poured some water in from an inch above her lips. Her mouth that was formed in the shape of an 'O'.

Caleb was thinking, What the heck?

She raised the bottle further up, and some of the water splashed and spilled down the side of her face.

Caleb watched the spill in awe as it formed a small rivulet down her chin, splashing onto her shelf, sliding into her cleavage, and soaking into her bra.

His brain melted. His thoughts roughly translated to, homina, homina, homina...

"Oooh, that feels good, but now I am all wet. Caleb dear, could you get me a napkin or something?"

Caleb snapped out of his reverie and looked around, but couldn't immediately find anything absorbent.

"Maybe in the glove compartment?" she suggested.

Caleb wasn't sure why she wasn't getting it herself, but he leaned over her lap and reached between her legs to open the glove compartment. He tried to avoid touching her legs which were spread open wide. He noticed that the skirt had inched further up her thighs so her panties were almost exposed.

She moved a leg so it brushed against his arm, and playfully nudged it to make it more difficult for him to grab the napkins.

What has gotten into her?

He grabbed the napkins out and threw them on her sister's lap.

"Caleb, you do it."


"Caleb. be a good brother and pat my bosom dry. Won't you, now? Please?" she purred. She was loving this. She felt so powerful.

What his sister was saying didn't make any sense to Caleb. It was definitely wrong. But his brain was on sexual overload, and he really, really wanted to believe he had an excuse to "pat her dry."

His heart was racing as he picked up a napkin from her lap, and gingerly started patting the wet spots leading down her neck. He followed the wet trail to her bra covered breast. The water had funneled down her cleavage, and Caleb cautiously kept dabbing down deeper into the crevice. He was continuously glancing up at her and waiting for her to stop him.

He was having trouble breathing. This was way too exciting. His heart was going to pound a hole in his chest, but he wasn't complaining.

She looked at him and smiled with a smoldering look, reached out and grasped his hand.

"Mmmm, you have a gentle touch. Sometimes I wish you weren't my brother."

She started to pull his hand into her breast.

Caleb gasped in surprise and pulled back his arm as if her touch had burnt him. He felt flushed. It was too much. His world began to spin. His eyes rolled back in his head, and Caleb passed out.


Caleb woke up a few minutes later to his sister splashing some water on his face. His eyes fluttered open, and he started to look around as he tried to remember where he was and what had happened.

"Are you all right? You really scared me?"

"Anna, what happened?"

His sister responded innocently, "Well we pulled into the parking lot, and you just passed out? Do you think spending the afternoon in the storage unit breathing in moldy dust could have affected you? Were there any chemicals there?"

Caleb bolted up in his seat and looked around where he was. It all came back to him what had happened with his sister. He was still in the car, but Anna was all buttoned up and her skirt was pulled down.

Was it all a dream? he thought.

Her shirt looked a little wet between her breasts.

Maybe she spilled a little water when she was trying to revive him? he wondered.

But it was a little too vivid for a dream. Caleb was confused.

"Caleb, you shouldn't drive anywhere yet. Why don't you come in and hang out with us at choir practice until the dinner starts?"

"OK, sure, but I want to sit out here for a few minutes and collect myself, OK Sis?"

"Fine, but Caleb, you really scared me. You are my only brother. No more fainting, OK?"

She leaned over and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Anna got out of the car and walked in. As her brother watched, her hips seemed to sway in an exaggerated fashion. Caleb was pretty sure he was just imagining it.

He sat back, heaved a deep sigh through pursed lips and ballooned cheeks. Our protagonist was beginning to think himself crazy. That was the only possible explanation. His sister just wouldn't do something like that.

He grabbed the necklace from the rear view mirror, put it on, and tucked it under his shirt. He took a couple of big gulps of water from the bottle, and made his way into church.

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