tagMind ControlCaleb Woke Up Ch. 04

Caleb Woke Up Ch. 04


Story of a naive and sheltered teen as he reacts to finding a necklace that turns women into willing sex slaves while fulfilling their fantasies.

These first chapters are largely about him being devoured by women because he doesn't know how, or knows he shouldn't abuse his power. Let's see how long that lasts.

This story involves sex with a pastor's wife in a church bathroom. If that offends you, save yourself! Don't read it!

And I should probably point out that this chapter does finally reference some bacon. Look for it.

Chapter 4 - Version 2 - for minor copy edits and replaced Mandarin orange Jello for the scientifically impossible pineapple Jello.

*** Potluck ***

When they got to the parish hall, people were standing around, forming into small groups. Anna was the first to notice that Caleb and Gretchen had entered, and she hurried over.

"Look what the cat dragged in," Anna teased.

Gretchen responded with a serious look, "Anna, your brother informs me that he is looking for a girlfriend. If that is the case, then I believe that he really needs to work on his kissing skills."

Anna's eyes opened wide, and she smiled. "You kissed Caleb."

Gretchen smiled and winked at Caleb.

"Hands off my brother! He is just a babe in the woods, cradle robber," she countered playfully, with a grin.

Caleb was embarrassed. He looked around to see if anyone else might have heard. Even though he was of legal age, he didn't want Gretchen getting into trouble for messing around with the youth. But no one seemed to take notice.

Anna grabbed them both by the hand and led them over to Mom and Dad.

As they walked through the crowd, there was collateral damage. He left a wake of passion emanating from the necklace as they threaded their way through the crowd. Women near his path felt a sexual heat that left them feeling warmer.

When Anna led them to their mom and dad, Caleb found his mom was talking to Ming Anderson, the pastor's wife.


Pastor Bill Anderson had met Ming when he was traveling the world after college and before seminary. She had been studying in Beijing, China. There was a cute story that explains this, but they met and fell in love. Interestingly, she didn't seem to practice the same faith as her husband, but she supported her husband and was always seen at social gatherings.

She was in her mid thirties, a petite little thing, less than five feet tall with long black hair. Her breasts weren't obvious, but they were well proportioned for her body. She had a doctorate in Anthropology, and sometimes presented seminars on comparative religions at the church. Her English was pretty good, but she still had a noticeable Chinese accent, and her word choice wasn't always quite right.


Ming and Darcy were having a discussion about Buddhism that had evolved out of one of Ming's seminars that Caleb's mom had attended. Darcy's husband Bob was trying to look interested, but clearly wasn't.

As soon as Anna pulled Gretchen and Caleb into the group, Ming and Caleb's mom were blasted with a wave of fiery lust. Ming started to see Caleb in a new light, maybe noticing him as a man for the first time, as an aura seemed to glow around him.

Anna interjected, "Mom, Dad, you really have to see what Caleb found today. It is amazing. You are going to love it."

Caleb's heart sank. This was spinning wildly out of control. The last thing he wanted to do was take out the necklace right now in this crowded room, but he felt largely powerless to stop it.

Caleb's dad was the first to respond. "Oh ho, so you found something of value? Maybe we will make your money back after all. Well come on, let's see it."

"Maybe later, Dad."

Gretchen pleaded, "Caleb, you really need to show them. Do I need to twist your arm again?" She gave him a wink, and reached for the bottom of her shirt.

Caleb looked at Gretchen in panic. Would she do something that crazy even in this crowded room? He didn't want to test her.

He hurriedly fumbled to pull out the chain to show the crowd. He wasn't thinking it through, but maybe there was a chance if the girls didn't wear the necklace, that they wouldn't get all crazy.

"OK, OK, I will show you. But if it is all right with you, I would rather not take it off right now. I would hate to drop it or anything."

His dad looked a little shocked and pleased at the find. "Wow Caleb. That could be worth something."

Gretchen and Anna said in unison, "Don't sell it!"

Ming was the first to reach out and touch the pendant. "This is absolutely stunning Caleb, dear. I remember seeing something like this before in my studies, but this must be a reproduction." As she touched the pendant, she felt a jolt of excitement. Images of having sex with Caleb in a church pew ran through her head.

As she let go, some thoughts formed: HELP HIM If this necklace is what I think it is, this boy will need a lot of help.

PROTECT HIM It is likely that if others less scrupulous found out about the power of the pendant, they will want it too. We must figure out how to diffuse the situation.

PLEASE HIM We will need to find ways to diffuse the power of the necklace. Maybe it will help if we can siphon off his sexual urges.

Then his mother reached out to cradle the pendant in her hand while Caleb was still wearing it. She gasped as she saw vivid images of being dominated by Caleb.


His mom almost fainted from the vivid imagery of her serving and servicing her son. She sort of wobbled, and folded into Caleb's arms.

"Are you OK, Mom?"

"My hero." She looked up into his eyes with a look of a young school girl. They were puppy dog eyes. Caleb understood little of the nuances of the looks women could provide, but Ming noticed and it seemed to confirm one of her suspicions.

"I just need to sit down for a minute. Can you escort me to my seat, Caleb?" his mom asked.

Luckily, it was about time for dinner to begin. The people made their way to open seating. It was clear Gretchen planned to eat with Caleb's family, and Ming asked if it would be all right to join them as well.

It wasn't that odd. This was a social event. Ming would often sit with different families while her husband held court up at his table. Caleb was flanked at the table by his sister Anna and the youth director Gretchen. Ming, his mom, and his dad were seated across the table.

Ming's husband, Pastor Bill Anderson, stood up and welcomed everyone and said a prayer. During the prayer, most people bowed their heads and folded their hands. Gretchen and Anna were bowing their heads with their hands under the table, but they each claimed one of Caleb's legs, and were gently rubbing up and down his thigh over his pants, dangerously near his erection. Caleb was going to erupt soon if this kept up much longer.

After the prayer, people stood up and made their way up to the food tables and grabbed plates. Caleb's party all started to get up.

Caleb's mom grabbed him by the arm and said, "You wait here, honey. I will get you a plate. I know you don't like the Mandarin orange Jello, but I am going to get you a smidgen to appease your sister, OK?"

Caleb looked at her with surprise. She served him dinner, but at things like this he didn't get much special treatment. He wondered if the necklace was affecting her too.

Could this get any weirder? he grimaced.

Ming, the pastor's wife, came over to sit next to Caleb. She talked to him in a low voice. "Caleb, I think you have stumbled onto something of great power that you cannot possibly comprehend. Come meet me near the nursery in two minutes. I think I can help you, OK?"

Caleb, at that point, was defeated, and he would have pretty much said yes to anything. But maybe she has some answers? Maybe there is a way out of this mess.

Caleb nodded his head. Ming got up and left.

He looked around. The line had gotten long. It would probably be ten or fifteen minutes until his family returned with the food.

He looked at his phone to check the time. He realized he hadn't responded to Storage Unit Mel's text yet.

He tapped in, "Having supper. Will catch up with you later," and sent the text.

Then he got up and inconspicuously as he could, given the obvious bulge in his pants, made his way over to the nursery.

When he got there, Ming pulled him into the adjacent family bathroom. She closed and locked the door.

"Mrs. Anderson, what are you doing?" Caleb asked.

"Caleb, there isn't much time to explain. I think the orb you are carrying around your neck is a powerful amulet. I have seen drawings of it before, and I felt and saw its effects on your mother and I. If it is not used correctly and responsibly, it can cause a lot of trouble. I have known you and your family for quite some time now, so I think that in many ways it fell into good hands. But there is much you need to learn, and you will require much help."

Wow. She sure can talk a lot, he thought. Not to be disrespectful, but he was having a hard time digesting it all.

"What do you know about the necklace?" he asked.

"I don't have enough time to explain it all right now, but I think this is the Orb of Virility. It was a legend that I had only heard about when I was studying in Beijing. I think it gives you some power over women, but I don't know much about how it works."

"That's unbelievable!" Caleb said. But the pieces started to fall into place for him. It at least confirmed some of his suspicions.

"I have an awkward question, Caleb. Do you masturbate?"

That was out of left field. How do I respond to that?

Caleb looked at her kind of blankly. He had heard the word, and he was curious about it. But he didn't really know how it worked, and it seemed like something he wasn't supposed to be doing anyways. After this afternoon's experience with Mel, he had a better idea than he had yesterday.

"I see, a true innocent. It is just as well. I apologize for this next part, but this can't be helped. I think it would be best if we diffused your urges."

She crouched down and reached for his slacks, unfastened them, and pulled down the zipper.

Embarrassed, Caleb reached to stop her, but her reflexes were faster than his and she just batted his hands away. "Don't fight me on this Caleb. This is very necessary."

She pulled down his pants and underwear. His penis sprang out like a flag pole and bounced off of her nose and rested against her cheek.

Caleb was mortified, but she was all business.

"First, we must release the pent up sexual fluids so that you can think more clearly. The hormones fog your reasoning. Also, it is quite possible that your level of arousal is reflected out of the pendant."

She grabbed his penis by the base and started slowly stroking it. She gave the head a few kisses, and started to lick around it.

Caleb moaned. It was feeling so good to him.

Caleb was embarrassed. This was similar to what he had experienced with Mel, but this was the Pastor's wife! This was Mrs. Anderson! This was at church, and her husband was right down the hall!

He was a little bit horrified.

Ming started stroking up and down on his penis with her delicate hands. Caleb was already on the verge of spilling his seed. He wasn't going to last long.

Just then, he got a text. Without thinking, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone. It took his mind off of the impending orgasm for a second.

He looked at the text. It was picture from Mel entitled "Sam". It was a picture of a buxom teenage girl in a bra and panties, with pig tails and a lollipop in her mouth.

Caleb was having trouble thinking with Ming's handiwork, but he was able to eke out this thought, Mel pleasured me today, and she seems to be out there wrangling up beautiful girls for me to date. So is my sister. And the pastor's wife is playing with my penis in the bathroom at church while her husband is outside. It feels wrong, but why does it feel so good.

Sometimes, it is good to be the king.

Just then, Ming sucked his dick into her mouth and proceeded to give him a blow job while moving her hand at the base. She was experienced, and her lips, tongue, and cheeks worked their magic.

Caleb started to let loose. Ming, anticipating this, started to collect and swallow his jism as fast as she could.

But Ming didn't expect the seismic activity that was about to occur in her vagina. Caleb's orgasm amplified through the necklace spread out like a shock wave. When the orgasmic wave hit, her eyes went wide, and she let out a muffled moan of surprised ecstasy.

She looked at Caleb, and she stopped swallowing. His sperm started overflowing her mouth and running down her chin onto her knees. She could care less about the mess they were making on her clothes. She had reached Nirvana.


Unbeknownst to those two, all women at the potluck received a weakened version of the orgasmic wave. Conversations stopped. All of the adult women started melting into their seats. The conversations suddenly started getting more interesting as the women got a little more flirty.

Author's note: If this were a scene in a movie or TV show, Steely Dan would be playing in the background. The girls don't seem to care, tonight, as long as the music's right. No static at all, no static at all. No static at all.


When her orgasm subsided, Ming looked up at Caleb with her cute face. She had a wide smile.

"Wow, that was certainly an unexpected benefit. You sure know how to make a girl feel special," she said.

She stood up, and grabbed his hands.

"So that was intended to take the edge off so you might be able to think a little more clearly. How do you feel now? Better?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so." He was still embarrassed, and a little uncomfortable about the surroundings.

She looked down, and noticed his erection wasn't going down.

"Hmm. Maybe you need a little more help."

She wasn't sure if it was necessary, but she couldn't help herself. She was craving more.

"One thing I am curious about Caleb. I am trying to figure out this necklace. When I touched it, I had a fantasy of you and I having sex in the church. I have had a fantasy about sex in the church, but it wasn't about you. Have you ever had a fantasy about me? It's OK. It would be a compliment to me if you did."

Caleb just looked away from her. What am I supposed to say? He couldn't look her in the eye.

"I see. Well, have you ever fantasized about me taking off my shirt, and see what kind of bra I might be wearing? Did you ever want to see my breasts?"

Caleb of course had, and he didn't like lying, but he couldn't be honest about this.

"Uh, well, you see ... " still staring at the floor.

"Ah, yes, I certainly do see. You really shouldn't feel bashful about telling me the truth. It is really nice for me to feel desired."

Caleb blushed.

She let go of his hands and took a step back. She said this as she started unbuttoning her shirt.

"You shouldn't be embarrassed. My husband and I share a very rich sex life, and he is a pastor. We explore many otherwise forbidden and taboo fantasies. Sometimes I pretend to be a schoolgirl, or a young woman confessing who needs to be punished. So you see, there isn't anything about religion or God that should prevent you from enjoying yourself with a woman."

Her words were pushing all of the right buttons, fueling his desire while assuaging his guilt. Her shirt unbuttoned, she peeled it off revealing a black lacy bra.

This is just like how I pictured it, only better, Caleb thought.

She reached up to behind her back, and unfastened her bra, and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor.

"So what do you think? Are my breasts as nice as you had imagined them to be?"

Caleb was watching his fantasy play out in front of his eyes, except that this was so much better. This was further than he had dared contemplate. They were so soft looking, and her nipples stood on end. They were wider and not as long Gretchen's nipples. He was really curious about the variations. He had no idea.

"Maybe you would like to feel them."

She reached out to Caleb's hands and gently pulled them to her breasts. He resisted, but not much.

"Yes, this is nice, isn't it, Caleb?"

He started feeling her breasts and thinking. This was the third pair he had touched, and all on the same day.

Maybe I should hang onto this necklace a little longer before selling it, he thought with a grin.

"We have a lot to learn about the powers of your necklace, and I think that I can help you. We will need to work very closely together to share notes and experiment. I hope that won't be a problem?"

She reached in and kissed him gently on the lips, while looking into his eyes.

She reached down and felt his member that was still exposed and still erect. She caressed it, squeezed it, and kissed him more passionately.

Ming was thinking, I know this is wrong, but I can't help myself. I want to have sex with this boy. What would Bill think? Would he ever forgive me?

She reached down with her other hand and felt herself under her skirt over her panties. It drove her to kiss him harder and force her tongue into his mouth.

Caleb wasn't expecting her tongue, but it was the second time today he had experienced this, so he at least knew a little bit about how to respond.

Their tongues lashed out at each other in sort of a fight, pushing against each other. It was intoxicating for both of them.

Her need was growing stronger.

She started inching back towards the sink, pulling Caleb along by his member. When she bumped her butt into the sink, she broke the kiss to look behind her, and hopped up on the counter. There was just enough room for her petite Asian ass.

Caleb wasn't a leader. He tended to go along with whatever, so he wasn't putting up any resistance to her aggressiveness. But alarm bells were going off in his head. Part of him was horrified about where this was going, but he couldn't stop himself.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in while pulling her panties to the side with one finger. She reached out and guided his penis into her juicy cunt.

She gasped. The size was a little uncomfortable at first, but her pussy accommodated.

Caleb thought, So this is what adultery feels like. Maybe this is worth going to hell for.

"Oh Caleb, you feel so good in me. We shouldn't feel guilty. This is just part of the treatment, all right?"

She didn't really believe that it was just the treatment. She was telling him bald faced lies, but she would say or do anything at this point to encourage him to keep going.

Caleb's long dormant sexual instincts started to kick in, and began to piston into Pastor Bill's wife. He started slowly, but picked up the pace quickly. It felt so good to him. The heat and the tightness felt incredible to him.

Ming was thinking, Forgive me Bill. Forgive me Bill. Oh mother fucking God this is so fucking gooood.

Ming was floating. This was Nirvana. She realized that she would sacrifice anything for this boy.

"Ooooh. You feel so good Caleb. I need you. Make love to me. Make love to my hot pussy."

Despite having two orgasms today, Caleb was ready to cum again. This was his first time he had sex, and it was with one of the women from his fantasies.

Ming was usually quiet during sex, and she hardly ever swore, but she couldn't help herself. "Oh Caleb. Oh Fuck. Oh Caleb. Oooooooh fuuucckk."

He started to grunt each time he pushed into her. His face turned red, the hair in his arms stood on end like goose bumps as he unloaded into her with a loud groan.

This kicked off a chain reaction as his orgasm reverberated through the pendant on the necklace once again.

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