Calendar Girl


As Susan waited nervously for the photographer to open the studio door, she wondered how the hell Jayne had persuaded her to model for the charity calendar that the girls at the nursing home were putting together.

"Don't be such a prude" she had said. "Just turn up in your nurses uniform and you'll be out before you know it." Then she had scowled at Susan's frown.

"Oh come on Sue. You will only be expected to show a bit of leg and maybe a little bit of cleavage at the most."

Then she threw in the killer line "And after all, it is for charity."

Susan was a sucker for helping others and was the main reason that she had become a nurse in the first place.

The calendar had seemed a fun way of raising money for the veteran's home even though she was desperately shy.

Jayne, the senior nurse had suggested the idea of selling a calendar showing pictures of the nursing staff dressed in their uniform's while posing with stocking tops showing or maybe some 'down top' cleavage shots. They would sell like hell to the male staff.

"Oh well," Susan had reasoned "At least my figure wasn't going to let me down

She turned sideways and studied herself in the reflection of the studio window. At 24 she was still young enough to have quite firm breasts that were more rounded than pointed and at size 34C, they were, as her husband had put it "just more than a handful!"

She thought it better that her husband found out later about the calendar as he was sure to say "No way!"

Her slim size 12 figure was perfect for her 5' 2" height and the uniform of royal blue looked unusually well fitting around her bottom that in turn was clad in tiny lace panties. To the delight of the young nurse, her body had responded well to the frantic gym work put in since the modelling session had been decided upon. She patted her firm bottom "Well done Sue" she said, pleased with herself.

She had wavy, shoulder length brunette hair that was gathered up into a bun and topped off with her white nurse's hat. Her deep brown eyes gave her a vaguely Latina look.

The uniform was pinched at the waist with a thick white belt and although she was apprehensive at modelling in front of a camera for the first time, she had felt bold enough to slip on some 'hold up' black stockings for the leg shots.

The winter was coming on so that a slight chill had developed and looking down at her chest she had even more reservations than before about the advice from Jayne against wearing a bra for the photos. Her nipples had hardened, forming small peaks under her uniform.

A young man of about eighteen appeared at the door as it swung open and he caught her posing in the window. Susan's cheeks glowed red with embarrassment.

"Ahhh you must be..."

"Susan." She chipped in.

"Ah yes the first of the nurses for the calendar shoot. It's a bit cold to be standing around outside in this wind, come inside.

He ushered her in with a slight pressure on her back and as she entered the studio she turned to face him and for no particular reason, placed her hands together behind her back giving him a nice view of her braless chest.

The teenage man had earlier noticed her standing outside and had been studying her through a small upstairs window so that she hadn't seen him.

Since he had come home from school on holiday, things had been pretty boring, until now that is.

His father had told him earlier that the nurse's calendar shoot had been cancelled.

"A nurse will be here this morning, tell her the shoot is off will you. I have to go out of town" he had said.

"Well Dad," he thought "I know jack shit about photography but if you can't be bothered to get sexy nurses to pose, then I will"

He looked at the pretty nurse in front of him. "De-licious," he purred to himself.

"Wow, you look great, we're going to get some fantastic pictures." He lowered his voice and lent towards her as he smiled "I hope you're not too shy?"

Susan smiled at the compliment but was horrified to learn that she was the first nurse to pose. She had been on holiday to the beach for a few days and hadn't spoken to the other girls.

She groaned inside. The young nurse had wanted to speak to the other nurses before posing so that she knew what to expect but now she wondered how far she was supposed to go and what had he meant by "hope you're not too shy?"

"Is the photographer here yet" she asked glancing around.

The man smiled back at her as he set up the camera on a tripod.

"I'm the photographer, sorry I didn't introduce myself but my name is Karl." He said offering her his hand.

Susan was dumbstruck. "This boy couldn't be the photographer" she thought. She studied him a little more closely. He was certainly very young. Ok, so he had boyish good looks that would have had her swooning over him when she was a teen. He also had an athletic build that was crammed into a sleek frame but posing in front of him would be daunting.

He saw her confused look "I know what you're thinking, don't tell me, you think I'm too young to be a professional photographer. Well I can assure you that I am older than I look and as for my work..."He stretched out his arm and moved it in a sweeping movement taking in his fathers perfect photographs that covering the walls. "See for your self"

Susan had to agree that she was maybe being a little foolish and put any doubts to the back of her mind "Anyway" she thought, "I'm only showing a little bit of cleavage for god's sake."

She looked towards the set.

Positioned in the middle of the room and surrounded by a bank of lamps and various studio shades was a long leather bed that was about knee height. It was much the same as you would expect to find in a psychiatrist's office.

"Ok Susan, I assume that you're ready so shall we get started, I have a very busy schedule and I need to be in the city this afternoon. I think we will start with you sitting on the side of the bed."

Susan's stomach muscles tightened as the butterflies began to buzz around inside her tummy. She seated herself halfway along one side of the bed, facing the photographer who was about three feet in front of her.

Karl had earlier familiarised himself with the camera. He was more at home with a disposable pocket camera than this kit but he hoped to convince the nurse that he knew what he was doing. He hoped she knew as much about photography as he did.

He immediately took two quick pictures of her, firstly of her face and upper body and then he snapped quickly down at the nurse's legs.

Glancing down She noticed that as she had sat down on the soft bed, her uniform had ridden up six inches, showing off her stocking clad thighs.

She tried to shift herself so as to move the uniform back down but she was stopped from doing this by his urgent voice "No, no Susan, that's an excellent start, remember why you are here"

"Oh yes of course err sorry" She said sheepishly.

He stopped and looked over the camera at her for a few seconds before mumbling "You really are a stunning woman Nurse. Do you mind me calling you 'Nurse'? I really am terrible with names"

She nodded dumbly and smiled while he moved in front of his camera.

He held his chin while studying her and seemed to come to a conclusion.

"Umm I know Nurse, could you just pull the hem of your uniform up a few more inches?"

Susan shifted her weight from side to side and tugged on the uniform at her hips until the hem was just above her stocking tops.

"Well well, I didn't realise nurse's wore stockings these days although your fantastic legs were made for them."

She found herself blushing as he snapped off a couple more photos of her legs with a remote button on the end of a cable.

All of a sudden he stopped and slowly shook his head. "Damb, problem"

She stared back questionably. "What's the matter?"

"Your stockings Nurse, their wrinkled"

Susan looked down "Where?"

"Cant you see? Here let me help" He moved towards her and placed his hand on to the tops of her stockings and rubbed the startled nurse's leg, as though smoothing the nylon fabric.

He then slowly moved his hand up and over her stocking top so that his finger rubbed against the soft skin of her thigh.

"There, there nearly done" His hand was now completely under her uniform and was stroking the inside of her thigh.

In spite of his youth she had become a little aroused by his gentle touch and had to make a conscious effort to stop his hand from going along its path towards her panties.

She put her hand to her mouth and coughed.

"Excuse me; I think that has fixed the problem... don't you?"

"Oh yes of course, I was just getting a feel for the texture of your skin. I need to adjust the lighting conditions you see" He said moving to adjust a lamp.

Susan thought that the bulge in his pants told another story.

To show him that she wanted to shrug off the incident, she smiled as if nothing had happened. Anyway she was more than a little flattered that a professional photographer no matter how young, had got a hard on over her and one that was so good looking at that.

"Is that it?" she queried.

"No, no," he said a little too quickly. He gave her his best disarming smile. "I'll get a portfolio of poses from you and then you can pick a photo for the calendar"

She noticed that he was trying not to look at her chest as her nipples were clearly outlined under the thin uniform. Obviously she had been more aroused than she had thought.

"Now err Nurse, could you unbutton your top so that we can look at some different shots?"

Susan undid two buttons so that the top of her cleavage was showing before sitting up straight and waiting for his instructions "Is that ok?" she said cheerily.

Karl smiled at her "I think we need to be a little more adventurous than that. Look, unbutton your uniform to your waist and take off your belt."

Susan let out a little laugh "I can' way; sorry... you see I'm... I'm not wearing a bra."

He gulped and tried to control his pulse "No shit" he thought as he looked at the small lumps under her uniform.

"That's fine, don't worry Nurse, I've photographed dozens of models. I know the type of shot that you want and I wouldn't ask you to do something that would be too revealing."

Susan bit her lip in thought and muttered slowly "Ok you're the professional."

She loosened and then removed the white belt and unbuttoned the front of her uniform all the way down to her waist.

Karl watched in awe as more and more of her cleavage was revealed.

The uniform was borrowed as hers were being laundered and was far too small in the bust and her firm round breasts tried to push the two halves of her top apart so that she has to hold the uniform together tightly. Even then a gap of a hands width was revealing almost half of her breasts and although her nipples were just covered, she decided that she would have to be careful to keep them from sight.

Karl began clicking away like mad at the spot where the nurse's tits met in a deep, long cleavage and her desperate struggle to keep her nipples hidden was causing his hard cock to push against the top of his pants.

He finally stopped snapping long enough to take a good long look at this gorgeous young nurse. He wanted to push this as far as she would go, and then some.

"You look uncomfortable with that pose nurse, what's the problem."

"If you must know I'm having a bit of trouble keeping my boobs in this uniform. Its not really designed for this sort of thing."

She was enjoying the liberating feeling of being photographed in such a revealing pose. She had even started to become a little wet and she didn't want it to end just yet but there was no way on earth that she was prepared to reveal any more to this young guy, she was a married woman after all!

Sensing that she was looking to him for answers to her un-asked question, he decided to ramp up the stakes.

"Listen Nurse, this calendar. It's for the veteran's right?

She nodded slowly

"And you want to raise plenty of cash for them, yes?

"Yes but...well yes I suppose so"

"Now it seems to me that the sexier the pose you can produce then the more it will sell... right?

Again she slowly nodded as she felt the heat once again on her cheeks.

"Well I have an idea for a great pose that will make your picture sell like hot cakes and yet you won't have to reveal any more that you are revealing now.

The look on the young nurse's face challenged him to continue.

"I'll take some pictures of you from behind with you half turning to look at the camera with your hands covering yourself.

Ok so you will need to slip out of the uniform but it would be a great shot."

Her mouth dropped open "You mean take my uniform off... completely....Id...Id be topless!"

"No you don't understand, you'd cover yourself with your hands. It's a shot that's used a lot in modelling and it will be very flattering"

She had to think about this one. She wanted to carry on but was she going too far?

"Oh well, he did say that she could pick the calendar photo so what the hell"

After a few moments she slowly raised herself off the bed and turned her back to him.

Then without another word she shrugged her shoulders out of her top and pulled her uniform down around her hips before allowing it to slip to the floor and with her stocking clad feet she moved it to one side.

Karl was starting to shake. Here was he, a teenager who didn't have a clue about photography and standing in front of him was a fucking gorgeous nurse in her early 20's, dressed only in black stockings, panties and a little nurse's hat. "Heaven"

He could make out the thin pale line where her bikini had been across her slightly tanned bare back. It brought it home to him that she was posing half naked.

"On you fucking teasing little bitch" he said under his breath as he reached down to stroke his throbbing hard on, while he took some more snaps.

She could already hear the clicking of the camera even as she had undressed and then his voice cut in, asking her to turn slightly towards him so the he could capture the side of her breast in the picture.

Christ she felt sooo horny, especially when she thought of how tiny her panties were.

She made sure that three fingers were covering her nipples before turned one shoulder slightly towards him and looked back at him so that the firm rounder side of her breast was exposed.

The photographer was even hotter than the nurse.

For ten minutes he asked her to try different poses, each one more daring then the last.

He got her to show various emotions from being shocked, teasing with a cheeky grin or pouting and each time he could see that she was becoming more used to the idea of being a model although she still had her back to him, so he decided to up the stakes to the next level.

He made a show of winding the film on the camera and said "I think that's just about as far as we can go for a calendar like this"

She reached down for her uniform and held it over her front before turning to him and smiling "That was fun"

"You enjoyed it?" he asked

"Oh yeah, I think it's every woman's fantasy to model topless, well I wasn't strictly topless of course but my husband is going to hit he roof as it is when he get to see the calendar no matter what pose I decide on."

He was thinking fast, "Why don't you give your husband a present to calm him down. Why not do some special poses just for him and then I'm sure he won't be so upset by the calendar."

"Special poses?"

"Yes, special, topless...naked that sort of thing." He tried to say it as casually as possible which was difficult as the pre cum was wetting his waist band.

"Do you really think that he would be ok about me going all the way?"

"Sure, believe me Nurse, he would suggest it if he were here now."

Susan couldn't quite believe what she was thinking of doing. Something had changed in her in such a short space of time.

The fact that she fancied him was one thing. Posing nude in front of him was another thing; she still hadn't got over how young he looked.

She had really enjoyed the shoot so far and anyhow, when would she get a chance again to pose like a glamour model and to do something outrageous for once.

She looked at him and nodded shyly "Ok but if I want to stop, I can ok?

"Sure thing Nurse"

Karl couldn't believe his luck.

He move towards to her and reached for a handful of her nurse's uniform "here let me take this for you"

Before she could say a word, he had slipped it from her grasp and dropped it on the floor. She let out a little scream as her breasts were uncovered and by instinct she quickly crossed her arms over her chest covering herself, "God, why do I have to be so bloody shy" she thought, but then she took a deep breath "here goes." She dropped her hands down and clasped them tightly together behind her in the small of her back, so that she was fully exposing her breasts to the teenager.

He knew that he had to turn away and get behind the camera but he couldn't.

He just stood rooted to the spot, transfixed by her perfectly rounded tits. The bikini top that she had refused to remove on holiday had kept her tits virgin pale against the rest of her lightly tanned body.

Her two inch wide, light brown areolas circled her thick, long nipples that seemed to beg to be sucked.

He had more chance of stopping the earth spinning than to stop him self from blurting it out. "OH FUCK, OH FUCKING HELL. WHAT JUICY GEORGOUS TITS, OH FUCK OH FUCK YES."

She stared at him blinking, half in shock and half in pleasure. His youthful, wide eyed face made him look like a kid in a candy shop.

Looking up he saw the grin on her face and stammered an apology "Hey look, I'm really sorry I don't know what come over me, I'm so sorry.

"That's ok, really it is. I'll take it as a compliment, and boy, that was some compliment."

As a matter of fact, Susan could not have been more pleased by his reaction.

She always liked to be complimented on her body but more than that, it confirmed that she had been right to think that there was something wrong here and now she knew that he was no photographer.

She thought that maybe he was the photographer's son or something.

"So," she thought "You like to play tricks on a nurse and get her to strip for you and think that you can get away with it." She thought "I think this boy needs be taught a lesson and humiliated like he has tried to humiliate me."

She was sure that he would run a mile if she suggested sex! On the other hand if was up to it then she would stop him and leave him frustrated. Either way, she would have the last laugh.

So that was it, she would lead him into thinking that they were going to have sex.

"Well mister, I'm up for some fun, how about you" she thought with a wicked grin.

She summoned up her best shy school girl look by keeping her hands together behind her and twisting shyly from side to side. "Karl, I was wondering. I don't think that we can continue the shoot until you get this out of your system. You obviously liked what you saw and well... Karl... do you feel that it will help at all if...if you fondled my firm breasts and...Maybe...sucked my hard nipples?"

It was Karl's turn to be dumbstruck but he quickly recovered.

"Oh err I err yeah umm, right sure"

Susan's smile slipped a couple of notches! She had expected an embarrassed "no."

He reached her in two strides and spread his hands across her breasts, squeezing the nurse's pale firm tits. The raised hardened breast between his thumbs and forefingers offered up her nipples for sucking.

He glanced up at her and she seemed bit shocked and was about to say something but he was one step ahead and before she could change her mind, he plunged his mouth over an erect nipple.

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