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Calendar Shoot Unveiling


This story has very little sex in it. It recaps the past 12 months and sets up a future story line. If you are looking for hardcore watch for future stories "Fucking News"

Calendar Shoot Unveiling

All of the invitations went out and nearly all of the news anchors replied that they would love to meet at the Montecito Hotel in Las Vegas for the unveiling of the calendar and an all out new Year's Eve bash.

I had reserved two complete floors of the hotel with numerous rooms and a large banquet room where all of the calendar final cuts were going to be on display in large form. I gave everyone instructions to dress in formal wear, revealing as possible and told them to meet at their respective month's calendar finished product.

The men and women began arriving around seven PM and they all looked stunning. I pulled Heather Tesch and Robin Meade aside and told them about my next proposed venture and they both were very receptive to it as long as I could get a complete staff together they were onboard with it. They both said they were confident that a number of their colleagues who were not in the calendars would also be interested in my next project.

Walking into the banquet room I first came upon the two January calendars, standing next to her picture was Vivian Brown dressed in a tight white cocktail dress. Her large black tits spilled over the top and her gorgeous ass showed off wonderfully in her ankle length dress. In the picture she had her mouth plastered to Hillary Andrews pussy as she rode a large cock. Giving her a big hug I asked her where Hillary was.

"John, Hillary doesn't work at the Weather Channel any longer, but there was no way I was going to miss this evening."

I gave her a lingering kiss as I ran my hands over her large ass cheeks. She let out a gasp and I whispered in her ear; "I'll se you later."

Next to her was the other January calendar, no Amy Robach but the three porn stars were there. Peter North, Nick Manning and Joel Lawrence, all dress in tuxedos. In the photo Amy had one cock up her ass, one in her pussy and Nick spraying his cum all over her face. I got a message from Amy declining her invitation. I didn't see this as a problem seeing hardly anyone watched MSNBC anyways. All three of the guys were in heaven checking out all of the gorgeous women milling around their respective calendars. They loved seeing them in cocktail dress and checking out their slutty pics hovering above them.

February calendars were crowded, at the first one was Betty Nguyen, Bonnie Schneider and Tony Harris. They were already getting frisky as Betty dressed in a velvet black halter dress has Tony's cock out of his trousers and was slowly stroking it. Peter moved over from the January calendar and was kissing Bonnie's bare neck as she reached back and stroked his cock through his tux pants. Bonnie was dressed in a blood red shimmering dress with tiny spaghetti straps holding up her large tits. Peter slipped the straps from her shoulder and cupped her large tits and thumbed her huge nipples.

The calendar above them showed Betty lying on the couch, her legs wrapped around Tony's waist and his cock buried in her tight pussy, her cum dripping down his balls and Bonnie behind them licking the cum from his nuts.

I laughed at the party already getting out of hand as I moved over to the other February calendar. There was the picture of Carrie Lee, her body glistening in baby oil and my cock squirting cum all over her tits. Standing there with a huge grin on her face was Carrie, her hair was now longer and her lush body was molded in a dark blue velvet ankle length dress. She looked like a million bucks. As we hugged she whispered in my ear; "Care to try and duplicate the photo above us?"

I nuzzled her sleek neck; "Maybe later love, keep your engine running!"

I broke our embrace and moved over to March there stood two of the most luscious blondes in the room, Kristina Abernathy and Jamie Colby. Between them was Kevin Robinson, his bald black head contrast against their lily white shin and blonde tresses. Jamie was dressed in a simple sleek white satin gown and Kristina was dressed simmerly but in black. Hovering above them was a picture of the three of them on a bed, me buried in Jamie's cunt and Kevin stretching Kristina's pussy and the two women locked in a heated kiss. They were busy talking with the other March calendar shoot ladies, Gerri Wills and Uma Pemmaraju, as always Uma was dressed in a micro length skirt barely covering her ass and a matching satin purple blouse unbuttoned past her firm bare tits. Gerri was dressed in a classy white off the shoulder velvet dress her blonde tresses danced about her bare shoulders. Above them was a picture of Uma on her back, my cock buried in her foaming pussy and Gerri straddling Uma's head and Uma's tongue buried in Gerri's dripping pussy.

I moved over to April and there was stood one of the most beautiful women in the room. Harris Faulkner was smiling ear to ear as she drew me into her arms. I cupped her gorgeous ass as I pulled her into my arms. She was dressed in a burgundy floor length velvet gown. Her large breast held up the dress and I caressed her gorgeous bare shoulders as I couldn't decide what to caress next. She laughed out loud as she broke the embrace. The pic above her was of her riding my cock reverse cowgirl, her eyes were rolling back in her head as she was in the final act of her orgasm. Her entire body was glistening in sweat as we fucked each other to death.

"John, Heather spoke to me about your next project, count me in!"

I kissed her cheek and smiled; Can't wait to see you in action, talk more later."

I moved over to the crowded other April calendar. It was jammed with a number of ladies from Fox news, there was Paige Hopkins, Molly Henneberg, Martha McCallum, Patti Ann Brown, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly (formally known as Megyn Kendall), and the cast off to CNN was Kiren Chetry. The men were also there, Julian Phillips, and Chris Knowles. The men were in tuxedos and all of the women were dressed in assorted cocktail dresses each trying to outdo the next. The photo above them had all of the women naked, either eating pussy or being fucked by one of the two men. It was a very confusing photo, but once you focused on a certain person it became very clear and very erotic.

I moved over to May and there was Heather Tesch and her collogues from the Weather Channel, Jim Cantore, Bill Kennelly, Paul Goodloe, Dao Vu, Kelly Cass, and Cheryl Lemke. I gave Heather a long kiss, my hands slipping into the opening cupping her large tits sliding the halter top back and bending down I sucked one large nipple between my lips. She drew in her breath and ran her fingers through my hair. When I rose up her eyes were glassed over and she whispered; "Why did you stop?"

Kelly came up behind me in a shimmering gold wrap around dress and sandwiched me between her and Heather. "Come on Heather, let's rape him!"

She laughed as I broke free and scurried off to the other May calendar, it was empty. Julie Chen didn't show as none of the Big Brother 7 participants. Looking up I looked at the picture of Julie Chen riding the cock of Marcellus'. Checking the other photo from May, it was a full blown orgy outside the pool at Heather's home. There were three of the women riding cocks on the pool's edge or on lounge chairs.

Hell, I wasn't halfway through the exhibit yet and I could feel my cock leaking and needing a release soon.

June like May was half empty, Juliet Huddy wasn't here and the other one, half the people were at other calendars. The only ones here were Julie Banderas and Janice Dean. Julie looked gorgeous in a flowing wrap-around dress and Janice in a tight clinging white gossamer dress. I spoke briefly with them and moved over to July.

July MILF calendar was primarily of Christi Paul and Bob Van Dillon. Christi stood under her photo, the pic showing her long blonde hair flowing down her well muscled tapered back. She was riding Bob's huge cock, her thick creamy cum seeping out and coating his balls. She smiled at me, her hair piled high on her head, dressed in a floor length white gown that clung to her every curve. Her full round ass looking fantastic in that dress. She leaned forward and placed her bright red glossy lips to mine. Breaking the kiss she whispered; "I still want to make up for being such a bitch during our shoot.."

I motioned to Julie Banderas who was also in the shoot standing by the June shoot and replied to her; "No thanks Christi, Julie took care of me and she was fantastic!"

I quickly moved to the other July pic with Erica Hill and Mike Galonis. Carol Costello didn't make it, but Erica's lush figure brightened up the entire area. She was dressed in a deep purple satin gown. You could tell she was naked under it, her large nipples poked out through the material. Her dark auburn, chestnut hair hung down about her bare shoulders and her dark brown eyes sparkled as I gazed up at her photo. It showed her on her knees eating out Carol's pussy as Mike plunged in and out of her frothing pussy.

August was half empty also, with Carol Lin let go at CNN all that was there was her pic, naked and dripping wet from the shower, damn I was going to miss that tiny fireball. The other half was lit up by the smiling face of Linda Stouffer. Her tiny figure was dwarfed by the figure of Sarah Libby. Both blondes hugged me and gave me a kiss. Sarah was dressed in a slinky black dress as Linda wore a tiny red dress that flowed about her gorgeous figure. The pic showed me lying on the bed as my cock spurted it's cum, the two ladies faces were covered with my cum as they licked it from each other's face.

September had Alexandra Steele there. The cast of How I Met Your Mother wasn't there. As always Alex looked radiant, her long blonde hair danced around her shoulders and wearing a flowing white pantsuit and her smile was from ear to ear. Her pic showed Marshall's cock buried in her ass as she sucked on Barney's cock,

The other half of September had Catherine Calloway dressed in her school marm outfit looking hotter then hell. When she spoke that deep husky voice stiffened my cock even more. She was talking to Nicole Mitchell her costar, Paul Goodloe was down at one of the other calendars seeing he starred in more then one. The pic showed Catherine reverse cowgirl riding Paul's huge black cock as Nicole sucked on one of Catherine's large tits.

October was nearly empty, Susan Hendricks was there for the one pic. Dressed in Kelly green, her blonde hair was a nice contrast to her dress. The pic above her had her riding Bob Van Dillon's face as Soledad O'Brian rode his cock.

Under the other pic had Stephanie Abrams and Fredricka Whitfield kissing as their hands were under each other's dressed. They broke their kiss to speak with me.

"Where the hell is Jim Cantore?"

He's at the other calendar shoot he did with Heather and others." Above them was a pic of Stephanie dripping wet from the hurricane as she rode Fredricka's mouth and Jim was buried in Fredricka's asshole.

Nearing the end I came to November tiny Veronica De La Cruz was there in a floor length black dress. Next to her was Shanon Cook, now a blonde, dressed in a see through black blouse and micro mini black leather skirt. Adrianna wasn't here. The pic showed Mike Bettis on his back, Shanon riding his cock with Will Silva behind her fucking her ass. Shanon had her face buried in Veronica's pussy. This had to be one of the hottest pics of all the calendar months so far.

The other November calendar had a crowd of women, but no men. All of the men were sports figures and didn't show up but there stood two opposites, the large boned Dana Jacobson in a ultra short flowing red dress, it barely covered her ass. Next to her was the tiny Michelle Malkin dressed in a conservative black pantsuit. Also there was Rudi Bakhtiar and Courtney Friel, again two opposites, one being dark skinned with raven hair and the other. peaches and cream and a golden blonde. The pic above them was unbelievable showing a number of the sports celebrities in a full blown orgy fucking the four women who were here plus a number more who were in the November shoot.

Coming up to the end was December, Sharon Resultan and Jen Carfagno were the only ones at their pic. The rest of the weather people were at other months. Both women were dressed alike, both in baby doll nighties showing off everything and both looked great. As I kissed them both I cupped each of their asses in my hands and I was now stiff as a board. Their pic showed Kevin Robinson shooting his cum all over Jen's face and Sharon licking it off.

Next to them was Robin Meade and her clan. There was Laurie Dhue, Katie Couric, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, Greg Kelly, Mike Jerrick and Heidi Collins. It looked like a convention rather then a group from the finale of the calendar videos. Half were already drunk and making out. I gave Robin a long open mouthed kiss and whispered; "Robin, this is my favorite calendar pic!"

It showed her on her back in front of the roaring fire as I drove into her dripping pussy, her legs wrapped around my waist.

I made my way to the head table and picked up the mike; "Will everyone please take their seats so we can have dinner and once we are finished I will making a special announcement."

Looking towards Harris I caught her eye; "Harris, would you please be my guest for dinner?"

A huge smile crossed her gorgeous face and she hurried to my table. Before sitting she kissed me and I ran my fingers through her soft black hair. All though dinner we played footy and finally not being able to take any more she unzipped me and stroked my cock. I tugged at the top of her dress and her perfect tits popped into view. Her Hershey Kiss nipples and aureoles came into view as I lowered my mouth to one, the crowd caught on and soon a number of these horny newscasters were in all stages of undress. I tucked my cock back into my pants and stood before the gathering and taking a deep breath prepared to make my announcement.

"Can I have your attention! Please put all the cock and tits back where they belong for the time being and please listen. I have decided to begin a new venture where all of you will be invited to join along with any other anchors you work with will be invited to join."

Laurie Dhue stood up; "Come on John, don't keep us hanging. The past venture was so fulfilling I'm in no matter what you have in mind, out with it!"

"Okay, okay here it is. If any of you have checked out the internet you may have seen the site called Naked News. Well I want to go one step further and call it "Fucking News". I've secured a couple of floors in New York and Atlanta, both near where you are now. We would create in New York, Wolf News Channel and a site for FNN (Fuck News Network). In Atlanta we would have the Weather Station, Headlight News and FNN. As on the Naked News where they do the news naked we would do the News, but taking it one step further, fucking and sucking. To make it more interesting after a few weeks, if the web takes off we'll add bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen scenes, maybe a study and hot tub also."

The room was silent, but a buzz started as they talked about it, one by one people started voicing their approval and soon the entire room seemed to be onboard.

"Okay, here is what we'll do. Tonight is for fun and partying. After a week or so each and everyone of you will be contacted to see if you are onboard or not. No pressure, at the same time we'll see if you have anyone else at your place who would like to join our organization. Have fun and Happy New Year!"

I turned towards Harris who was unzipping her gown and now tugging at my zipper. I picked her up and placed her on the table and dove down to eat her out.

This kicked off an all out orgy. Within minutes most everyone was naked sucking or eating each other. People paired off and headed to the numerous bedrooms I had reserved. As I rose up from between Harris' pussy I stepped forward and buried my cock between her luscious pink lips. She wrapped her legs around my back and I leaned down and whispered; "Happy New Year."

Please let me know if you like this concept and should pursue it. If not I have other ideas such as X-rated television for shows from the 60's, 70's, recently cancelled and present programs.

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