tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 03

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 03


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty four B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

* * * * *

Mistress Calista entered the large cool entryway to look over her newest conquest, slave Stuart. He was naked, kneeling and gazing at the floor with his palms up on his wide spread thighs. Calista smiled to herself. He has been taught well, she thought, at least for now. She walked around him looking him over. His cock was hard and about seven inches long, uncut with a mass of black curly pubic hair. His balls were also hairy, generously big, hanging loosely and touching the floor. She liked slaves who had loose balls when they had a hard-on.

"Listen carefully to my rules, slave Stuart. Breaking these rules will be very bitter pill to swallow. Indeed, you will not want to suffer any infraction," she told him, watching to see how he responded. The slave flinched a bit, but remained in his submissive position. "You will not speak without permission, unless it is in response to my questions. The only sounds you may make, without permission are screams, moans, groans, wails, sobs and whimpers. You will obey every command I give you without delay, comment or question. If you have no problem with those rules, nod yes, if not, get up and leave. You will find your clothes outside." The slave nodded his concurrence with the rules. He was in his late twenties, with dark hair, blue green eyes, just over six feet tall, weighing about 175 pounds, with average muscular definition and a very firm body. Calista licked her lips with anticipation. "You may look at me, slave," he looked up and was stunned by the beauty of her face and body, "well, slave, what do you think?" She said, standing with her legs wide, her hands on her hips and naked!

"You're beautiful, Mistress. You are a Goddess, Ma'am."

"Yes, I am," declared Calista. "Crawl to me and nuzzle my warm and wet cunt, slave. Lick my cuntlips, but do not touch my clit," she paused for effect then added, "yet." Slave Stuart crawled to her and buried his face into the folds of her labia, licking and sucking as commanded. Her scent was maddening. Her juices were creamy, salty and delicious as his tongue swabbed her pussy. Calista placed a leather collar, covered with steel rings, around his neck and secured it. "Reach up and gently rub my nipples, slave." He touched and rubbed her hard little nipples as he sucked her cunt with renewed fervor. She sighed in delight, enjoying his touch for a few moments then placed restraints on his wrists locking them together. Calista permitted him to continue to lick her pussy as she fastened his wrists to a ring on his collar. She grasped his head and pulled it into her cunt as she ground her pussy in his face. Her orgasm began to build deep within her. Heavy creamy cunt juices flowed onto his face and mouth as she held his head tightly. With a tiny cry, she shuddered through a prolonged orgasm, squirting her cream all over his mouth. She held him close until her orgasm subsided. Calista stepped back and regained her composure. His face glistened from her sudsy juices.

Calista commanded him to stand. He arose clumsily, his wrists fastened to his collar. She reached down to fondle his cock and balls. "I like the way your balls hang down loosely even though your cock is rock hard," she told him. "Now slut, I shall take you to my Tower Dungeon." She put on a pair of special leather kid gloves that have tiny little pins embedded in the leather. His eyes opened wide in disbelief as he looked at the gloves. Calista reached out and grabbed him by the balls and pulled him toward the stone steps leading to the Tower Dungeon. Slave Stuart moaned from burning pain from the pins digging into his balls flesh as she pulled him up the stone steps. "The pins provide you with intense 'pleasure' while I pull you up the steps to my dungeon," she told him as they ascended the steps. Occasionally she would squeeze his balls to increase his 'pleasure'. They reached the top and walked through the open doorway into the Dungeon. Shutting the heavy oak door, she pulled him to the center of the room, and onto a platform. She fastened his wrists to an overhead chain. Calista released his wrists from his collar and pulled his arms over his head. Still holding his balls tightly, she kneeled, spread his legs as wide as they would go and secured them to shackles bolted to the floor.

"You are now totally helpless and at my whim, slave Stuart," Mistress Calista told him. He nodded, straining from the pain in his balls. She stood up and began to lick and suck his nipples, alternating from one to the other. He moaned at the pleasure of her tongue on his hard nipples. His cock became rock hard as he reveled in her licking his nipples. Calista removed her gloves and placed them across his hard cock, the pins pricking him uncomfortably. She began to pull, pinch and tweak his nipples with both her hands. Her fingers twisted his nipples harshly, squeezing them hard and pulling them out as far as they would go. A large drop of thick, clear pre-cum formed at Stuart's cockhole. She wiped it off with her finger, tasted it, and wiped her finger on his lips. "Lick it, slut!" Calista smiled wickedly then moved to her 'Implements and Toys' table to select an item. Returning she showed him a Y chain with clamps on each of the three ends. She hung the chain on his cock while Stuart shuddered in terror.

Calista resumed licking and sucking one nipple, while twisting, pulling, pinching and squeezing the other nipple. She bit his nipple hard, leaving her teethmarks. Holding his nipple with her teeth, she pulled it away from his body, reached for the Y chain and clamped the nipple securely. Calista bit the other nipple, pulled it with her teeth, leaving more teethmarks and clamped it securely as well. She placed a lead weight on the Y chain, where the three chains meet, and let it drop! Slave Stuart screamed in pain as the weight came to an abrupt stop, cruelly pulling at his nipples. Mistress Calista kneeled putting on the kid gloves covered with pins again. She put his cockhead in her mouth and began to lick and suck it while harshly spanking his loose hanging balls wearing the pin gloves. Stuart moaned in agony as his balls begin to burn and sear from the pricking and spanking they are receiving. Calista continued slapping his balls harshly, while sucking his cockhead. She lapped up the nearly continuous drops of thick, clear pre-cum while pummeling his balls. His balls burned painfully and turned a deep crimson shade. Calista's hand slapped harder at his balls, until his 'pleasure' was so intense that Stuart was screaming constantly.

Mistress Calista released his balls to listen, amused, at his screams, sobs and whimpers. Smiling wickedly, she picked up the third end of the Y chain that had an alligator clip on its end. Removing her gloves she stroked his cock. Licking his cockhead all about she gently squeezed his cockhead until his cockhole opened. Calista opened the alligator clips jaws, shoving one jaw into his cockhole and let the alligator clip snap shut. He screamed a blood-curdling shriek that pierced the Dungeon, resonating throughout the chamber. "Oh I love that sound, slut. You make that sound sooooooo well," she said wickedly, smiling at him as she put on the kid gloves again. Reaching out to lift the weight on his nipple chain she lets it drop again to pull painfully at his nipples and cockhead. He screamed again and fell limp in his chains, his knees and legs buckling. Still listening to him wail and scream, she grasped his cockshaft with her gloved hand and squeezed very hard. Stuart shrieked in agony as he tried to twist away from his tormentor, to elude the gloved hand, but his Mistress will not permit it.

Calista released his cock and returned to her Implements table while he hung, nearly unconscious, from his chains. She poured herself a cool glass of Chablis and sipped the wine. Moving in front of him, she waited until he realized that she is there and he looked up at his beautiful Mistress. Calista dips each of her titties into her wine glass and offers Stuart her titties to lick free of wine. Eagerly he laps at her breasts and nipples to get what little moisture they provide. Still wearing the gloves, she put the wineglass down and moved behind him. He jerked against the chains as she drew her gloved hand across his asscheeks. He moaned and whimpered as Calista whispered to him that she is going to spank his lovely ass. "Please, Mistress, I don't think I can stand any more, please," he pleaded.

"Stop that childish whimpering, slut! Think about what you just did, slut. You spoke without permission! Now, I must correct your terrible deportment to teach you to obey the rules," Calista said sweetly. "I think that ten strokes of my special kid gloves to each asscheek and ten more to each of your inner thighs, where the flesh is soft and tender, should do nicely." He moaned dejectedly and nearly pleaded again, but thought the better of it. He resigned himself to his fate. Calista patted his asscheeks, whispering in his ear that those pats didn't count. He moaned a long time and sobbed. "I think that you should help me keep track of the strokes by counting them aloud. If you lose count, I shall have to start from the beginning. Do you understand, slut?" He nodded and said a barely audible 'yes' in response. "Oh Stuart, dear slave, that simply won't do. I could hardly hear that. Would you like to try again?" she asked.

Stuart mustered all the strength he could manage and said aloud, "Yes, Mistress, I will count the strokes." Smiling sweetly and looking him in the eyes as he turned his head, she raised her hand and delivered the first blow savagely. He screamed and flailed in his chains, but called out, "One!" She grinned and brutally applied another stroke to his other asscheek. He managed to count that one as well. Calista continued, brutally spanking his asscheeks. Somehow, he managed to count the full complement of twenty brutal strokes to his asscheeks.

"Now for those lovely soft, tender inner thighs, slut." Calista declared. He groaned and tears ran down his cheeks from the burning pain in his now crimson asscheeks. He nodded and Calista struck immediately. He shrieked as the pins dug into his thigh flesh, but drew a deep breath and counted out the stroke. "Good, little slut whore," Calista told him while savagely spanking his tender inner thigh flesh. He screamed, wailed, moaned, but forced himself to count all of the strokes. Mistress patted his head as it hung down, breathing hard, whimpering and covered with sweat. Calista poured herself more wine and sipped the cool 'nectar of the grape' while watching Stuart trying to recover. She poured another glassful and drank deeply. Moving to the corner of the Dungeon, she brought back a gymnasts horse. She placed it in front of him and slowly lowered his upper body so that it was bent over the horse at his waist. Walking behind him she spread his asscheeks with her gloved hands. Stuart screamed in agony as her gloved hands pried his sore asscheeks apart.

She ran her gloved forefinger down the length of his asscrack scraping both sides and his asshole with the pins. His moans were hoarse now, and he could barely scream. Calista placed her finger at his asshole and pushed. He jerked and convulsed as another shriek pierced the Dungeon. She worked the tip of her finger into his asshole. His sphincter resisted as he squeezed his ass tightly, causing even more 'pleasure' than she had intended. She twisted her fingertip as he begged for mercy, pulling and jerking at his chains. Finally, she pulled her fingertip out of his asshole and removed the gloves, casting them aside. Stuart cried openly, wailing from his torments. Mistress Calista activated the motor controlling the chain. She pulled him up and back until she slowly laid him on his back, on a padded mat. Carefully she removed the alligator clip from his cockhole. His relief was instantaneous. The nipple clamps came off next. He writhed in pain as blood painfully returned to nipples, restoring circulation. She bent down and licked his nipples to soothe them with her tongue. He sighed deeply as the hurt abated somewhat, from the touch of her tongue.

Amazingly, his cock was still rock hard throughout his ordeal. Calista marveled at how well he managed to stay hard through the torments she had just visited upon him. "My, look at that hard, hard cock," Calista declared, "there's just no sense to letting a perfectly good hard-on waste away pointing at the ceiling, is there dear?" For the first time since he had arrived at Mistress Calista's home, he managed a weak smile. Calista bent down and took his hard-on into her mouth, sliding her lips to the base of his cock. He moaned in pleasure as she deep throated him while swirling her tongue around his cockhead. Releasing his cock, she moved to his sore and aching balls and began to soothe them with her tongue. "Poor little balls. You let me hurt them for my amusement and Mistress appreciates it," she said about his balls. Her saliva coated his balls and her velvet tongue eased the ache in them.

Calista again moved her mouth to his throbbing hard-on. She licked and sucked him ravenously, swallowing his generous pre-cum and dwelling on the sensitive spot underneath his cockhead. Stuart moaned and gasped delightfully as Calista's mouth and tongue rejuvenated him. She sensed he was near orgasm and she released his cock from her mouth. Calista gently squeezed his cockhead with her thumb and forefinger. This forced the blood out of his cockhead, momentarily, reducing his urge to cum. Calista straddled his hips and dropped to her knees, bending over to kiss him deeply on his mouth. "I loved the way you endured, Stuart. Mistress may keep you if you continue to be a good little slave boy," she whispered to him. He returned her kiss passionately and uttered a cry of joy as he felt his cockhead slide between her wet, creamy cuntlips. Calista rose up, guiding his cock with her hand, impaled herself on his huge cock. A sigh of pure joy escaped her lips as his cock filled her completely.

Slowly, she began to rise and descend on his marvelous cock. Calista took her time, enjoying every inch of the fucking she was giving herself. Stuart, lay still at first, allowing Calista to move up and down. Suddenly, he found the strength to thrust upwards at each of her down strokes, burying his cock deeper with each stroke. Calista smiled and closed her eyes to fully enjoy her fuck. Her cunt began to clench his cock with each stroke, holding it fast and rubbing his sensitive cockhead with the inner folds of her sweet cunt. They fucked for the longest time. Mistress Calista was pleased at his discipline in waiting for her to cum first. How sweet, she thought, after all she had put him through he thinks of his Mistress first. Calista was riding him hard, her head was back, eyes closed and coursing toward her inevitable orgasm. She added to her pleasure by pulling at her nipples. Suddenly, she stiffened and cried out, exploding in a massive orgasm. Her cunt tried to strangle his cock as she clenched it in the throes of her orgasm.

"Yes, Fuck me, fuck me hard!" she screamed as she came hard again and again. Her cunt spewed creamy, sudsy cunt nectar all over his belly and balls. Calista's orgasms consumed her as she convulsed from one orgasm to another. Her cunt clasped and released his cock each time she would cum. "Oh, God, that's so good!" she screamed continuing to fuck his hard cock. Calista pulled at her little titties and nipples and would cum each time she spasmed.

Stuart could no longer resist. He shouted, "I'm cumming!" and blasted his cum deep inside Calista's hot cunt. He drenched her pussy with thick, white, gooey cum. His cock shot volley after volley of warm cum deep inside her. It filled her completely, their joint cum blending together and leaking out of her pussy. She loved the feeling of a cock erupting cum inside her. Torrents of semen pumped out of his cock. He strained to withstand the clenching of his sensitive cockhead by Calista's cunt. Their orgasms overwhelmed them and Calista fell forward onto Stuart's bound body, breathing hard and unable to recover her senses. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she sat up, his cock still buried within her. Her slave moved his head to suckle at her sweet nipples. She closed her eyes and reveled in the pleasurable feeling in her hard little nipples. "Ummmmmmmm," she murmered, "that's so good." Calista felt his cock stop pumping cum into her and could feel cum oozing out of her cunt, past his cockshaft. She rose up, closed her cuntlips around his cockshaft with her fingers and withdrew the cock from her pussy.

She moved up to straddle his head and lowered her cum filled cunt over his mouth. He opened his mouth as the first huge drop of semen gathered on her cuntlips. He watched it start to slowly descend toward his mouth. His mouth welcomed his cum as it splashed over his tongue. He raised his head to cover her cunt completely with his mouth and sucked his seed out of her quivering pussy. Calista experienced several mini after-cums as Stuart's tongue licked and sucked the thick semen from her cunt. She waited until her pussy was cleansed of cum then turned around to cleanse the residual cum from his marvelous cock. Reluctantly, Calista arose and put on a cloak that fully covered her. She clapped her hands together and two large male slaves entered the dungeon. "Stuart, I am finished with you tonight. My live in slaves will release you from your restraints and take you back to the main floor. Your clothes are there, outside on the doorstep," Calista looked down at him and smiled sweetly. "You did well tonight, slut slave. If you wish to return, book an appointment through the person that sent you here tonight," she told him. "Of course, your card will be charged my usual fee," she turned smartly and exited the Dungeon.

The end: Part 3.

Comments and feedback welcome to the email address in my profile.

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