tagBDSMCalista's Dungeon Ch. 02

Calista's Dungeon Ch. 02


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(Mistress Calista is twenty-five, has dark brown hair, green eyes, is five feet four inches tall, weighs one hundred twenty pounds, has barely thirty two B little titties, hard erect nipples, shaved pussy, long clit and a tight firm ass)

* * * * *

"Thank you for your gracious invitation, Mistress," Slave Joseph said, as he stood naked and looking at the floor. "Mistress, I am excited to see you, again. Thank you for allowing me to enter your Dungeon, Ma'am." Joseph tried to remind Mistress Calista that she had trained him another time, at a friend's home.

Without acknowledging his gratitude, nor his attempt to remind her of a previous session, Calista tosses the restraints she holds, onto the floor. "Put on the wrist and ankle restraints and stand under the overhead chain," she commands. He places his shaking wrists into the restraints and moves to stand beneath the sturdy chain. He attaches restraints to his ankles and turns to face his Mistress for her inspection. "Good job, slut," she fastens his wrists to the chain and pulls his arms over his head securely.

Calista orders him to spread his legs wide apart and fastens each ankle to a steel ring in the floor. Joseph feels stretched, fearful and struggles, testing the restraints. He realizes that he is totally helpless and at the whims of Mistress Calista. She looks him over from head to foot, reaches out to feel his cock, balls and asscheeks. "Ummmmm, nice," she says approvingly, knowing that his body is available for any and all of her perversions. Mistress moves to him to lick the remains of her teethmarks on his nipples that she placed there at his last session with her. "Do you like your nipples licked, slave?" she asks him, 'tormenting' his nipples with her tongue. Joseph remembers the attentions of the last session and nods yes. "Good. If you're a good slave I may lick your nipples, and other places, again."

"Thank you Mistress, I will do my best for you, Ma'am." Mistress Calista moves to her Implements and Toys table to select two long elastic cords. Each cord has a clamp on one end and a leather loop on the other. Joseph knows the table almost always means pleasure and pain in equal measures. He leans back on his heels to wait, pulling slightly at his ankle bonds as his hands tremble in their restraints.

As if reading his mind Calista says, "Yes darling, the table brings pleasure and pain, after awhile, who can tell the difference?" she says, smiling wickedly. She places a nipple clamp on each nipple and secures it tightly, leaving the nipple tip exposed so she can pull, pinch, twist or bite it when she wants. Joseph gasps and moans as the clamps bite into his nipple flesh. He feels the clamp dig into his skin and bite down just before the pain begins. Smiling at his agony, she pulls on the elastic cord to place the loop around his big toe then does the same with the other cord and toe. "Now, slut, if you move your body or your feet, your nipples will pay a delicious price," Calista tells him, reaching down to run her fingers through his pubic hair, pulling it as she plays with his bush. Slave Joseph tries to keep his body still, but his body moves slightly, as his Mistress's touch excites him, causing immediate pain to his clamped nipples.

"Such unsightly hair, slave," Mistress Calista says, watching him hang his head in shame. Calista kneels down to nuzzle his cock and balls with her face. Joseph sways and strains from the attention paid to his cock and balls. He feels the clamps yank painfully at his nipples. She licks his cock head until it glistens with her saliva. Pleasure and pain flows through his mind and body. A large, clear, thick drop of pre-cum oozes from his cockhole. She licks it off and savors its flavor. Joseph looks at his Mistress knowing she will do whatever she wants, and he resigns himself to his fate. He tries to remain calm so his nipples aren't ripped apart, knowing that his Mistress will show him no mercy. She moves to her table to select a shaving mug, brush and straight razor. Kneeling down again she draws her tongue along his cock as it grows and stiffens. His delight from his Mistress's tongue only serves to punish his nipples severely.

Calista whips up the shaving lather in the mug and begins to lather his pubic hair, balls, cockshaft and asscrack. Joseph strains to keep still as the hot lather bathes his genitals. His body moves slightly, but relaxes from the gentle soothing effect of the lather. "Don't jerk or move, slut, as I'm not fully used to this straight razor. I wouldn't want to neuter you, so be still!" Calista warns him. The slave nods, closing his eyes, hoping that Mistress knows how to use the very sharp straight razor. Mistress Calista smiles sweetly at him and places his wet cockhead in her mouth, closing her teeth behind the rim of his cockhead to hold it as she shaves him. Joseph shudders at the pleasure and the thought that Mistress will shave him while holding his cock between her teeth. Calista slowly draws the straight razor through his pubic hair. Joseph watches nervously as his pubic hair falls away from his body.

Finishing with his pubic hair she moves to shave his balls, still holding his cockhead with her teeth. Deftly, she draws the blade across his balls, shaving all the hair, leaving his balls baby smooth and hanging loose. "Now I'll shave your cockshaft free of the sparse hairs that grow there, slut." The cool air on, Josephs' balls, provides a new, but pleasant, feeling. He feels more naked than ever before as his manhood is shorn of the hair that had grown for years. Calista releases his cockhead, moves behind him, spreading his asscheeks, to shave all the hair from his asscrack and around his pinkish brown asshole. Finally, she lathers and shaves his asscheeks. "Now, slut, you are as smooth as the proverbial baby's ass. Cute!" she tells him. Calista places a hot wet towel over his cock and balls to wipe him clean of lather and hair. He jerks as the hot towel touches his genitals, causing pain in his clamped nipples. She wipes his asscheeks with the hot towel while fondling his cock and balls.

Calista places a straight chair at his side and sits down on it. She lowers his body until he is laying face down across her lap, arms pinned and legs spread wide securely. "Now, slut, I'll spank that clean shaven ass for you!" Calista declares. She grabs his hard-on and places it snug between her warm thighs. "I'm placing your balls on the top of my thigh, where I can attend to them when I want to," squeezing his cock between her warm thighs she rolls her thighs to further stimulate his cock. Calista feels a huge drop of pre-cum slide onto her inner thigh. "If you cum while I spank you, slut, you will lick up all your cum from my legs and floor," she tells him. Calista fits a leather glove to her hand and lifts it high over his asscheeks. Savagely, she strikes his asscheeks, alternating her strokes equally between each asscheek. Joseph wails as the gloved hand slaps hard on his asscheeks. His ass flesh slowly turns a bright red as her gloved hand continues to pummel his smooth ass. Joseph feels his ass burning and trembling from the thunderous strikes falling on it. She rolls her thighs wickedly, massaging the sensitive spot of his cockhead until he feel his orgasm begin to build. Calista senses his impending orgasm and increases the rolling of her warm thighs on his sensitive cockhead. Joseph moans as his cock is expertly teased toward an orgasm that Calista has not given him permission to have. He begs his Mistress to cease, and turn her attention elsewhere, so he will not cum all over her legs.

Feeling his cum boiling in his balls, Joseph realizes that he is losing the battle. Calista watches his balls draw up tight as they prepare to empty his cum. Unable to avoid cumming, the urge begins to overwhelm him. Mistress Calista speeds up the spanking, and rolling her thighs as his pre-cum betrays his ability to withhold cumming. He purses his lips hard, holds his head back, his body trembling and twitching from the teasing of his cock. Suddenly, he cries out and erupts in a flood of warm cum. Calista smiles as she feels his warm thick frothy seed spurt onto her inner thighs, legs and drip onto the floor. His cock begins to empty, releasing its load onto Mistress inner thighs. His mind races with the pleasure of a satisfying release. But now, he realizes the agony of disobeying his Mistress by cumming without her permission. Again and again his cock spews wads of thick cum as his balls convulse to pump more cum out of his cock.

"Oh dear, look at the mess you've made, slut!" Mistress Calista sighs gleefully. "I distinctly told you not to do that! You did not wait for permission to cum, therefore we'll just put it back where it came from!" she declared. Mistress Calista lowers the overhead chain enough to push him on the floor on his hands and knees. She commands Joseph to lick up his cum from her thighs, legs and floor. He tries to apologize, hoping Mistress will understand that he had no control over himself. She slaps his face, when he offers his spurious apology. "Clean up your mess, you slut cunt!" she shouts at him. Joseph quickly begins to remove his fluids from the floor with his tongue. He runs his tongue slowly up and down Calista's leg, gathering cum from both legs with his tongue. Licking up and swallowing every drop. "That's a good little slave. You may lick my cunt now, cum slut."

"Yes, Mistress, ummmmmmmmm," Joseph moves his head between Calista's thighs and covers her cunt with his mouth, greedily licking her cunt and clit. Calista's cunt is sopping wet with arousal after spanking her slave, causing him to cum. Her scent, taste and fragrance overwhelm his senses. His cock rises to another hard-on, throbbing with desire. Calista quivers as his tongue enters her cunt, lapping her juices into his mouth. She smiles and listens to him making swallowing sounds.

Grabbing his head, Calista pulls it into her crotch, grinding her cunt into his mouth. "Suck my clit, my clit!" she cries. Joseph quickly moves to lick and suck his Mistress's clit as she moans in pleasure. His tongue swirls around her throbbing and engorged clit. She bends her head back with eyes closed, pulling hard at her nipples and reveling in rapture from his tongue. Her body trembles as his tongue repeatedly touches her clit. Suddenly she screams and erupts into a massive orgasm, squirting her creamy cunt cum all over his face, cumming again and again. Calista's body shudders and writhes as her pussy cums hard. The intensity of her orgasm consumes her. She falls back into the chair, her arms falling to her sides, her breathing labored and her body still. Only her moans reveal that she's still conscious. Slowly Calista begins to recover. Bringing her head upright she looks down at Joseph's face, glistening from her cunt nectar. "I need to pee, slave, open your mouth," she commands him, releasing a warm stream of honey colored piss arching into his mouth and splashing all over his face

The warm, salty piss has a distinct flavor. Swallowing, Joseph realizes that it doesn't taste bad at all. Finishing, Calista orders him to lick her pussy clean. When Joseph completes his task she activates the chains mechanism to pull him to his feet with his arms over his head. "Well, slut, you have had your pleasure, and an orgasm, without my permission, I might add. Now it's time to pay for your pleasure and disobedience," she informed him. Moving to her table Mistress Calista selects a multi-stranded leather flogger. Some of the strands have knots tied in their ends. Joseph's eyes open wide in terror as he views the wicked looking flogger. "The strands will leave deep red marks on your flesh where they strike it. The knots will leave small rounded purple welts," she tells him rubbing the flogger all over his cock and balls as she licks his nipple tips protruding from the clamps.

"First, fifteen strokes to the soft tender flesh of each of your inner thighs," she advises him. Calista moves behind him and without warning strikes hard on his right inner thigh. Without waiting for his scream to die out, the flogger takes its toll on his other inner thigh. Again and again she pummels his inner thighs. Deep red marks standout from the strapping, joined by the half inch purple welts rising from the knots. "God, I love the sound of leather striking flesh! I love it almost as much as the screams that follow its use!" Slave Joseph screams, sobs and whimpers as the flogger finds its mark again and again. "There! It is done!" Calista tells him, moving to her table to pour herself a cool glass of Chablis, sipping it while his screams, groans and whimpers die out. Calista dips each of her titties in the wine and offers them to him to lick clean of wine. After he licks and sucks her tits clean, she puts down the wine glass and takes up the flogger again.

Calista hangs the flogger on his cock as she selects a dildo butt plug eight inches long and two inches thick. She rubs it all through her cunt to lubricate it. Moving behind him she spreads his asscheeks. She kneels behind him, and draws her tongue down the cleft of his asscrack, pausing to lick his asshole. After a few moments, she stops and places the tip of the fake cock at his asshole. Slowly she applies pressure to the dildo and the fake cockhead begins to part his asshole. Joseph's sphincter resists and she increases the pressure. Finally, his sphincter surrenders allowing the fake cockhead to enter his ass. Josephs screams as his sphincter closes behind the fake cockheads rim. Pausing a few seconds, Calista shoves the dildo deep into his bowels in a single painful thrust! His sphincter closes around the depression at the base of the butt plug to hold it fast. She turns on the vibrator embedded in the dildo to full as Joseph continues to howl in pain. Calista smiles and activates the fucking motion mechanism also built into the dildo. Slave Joseph's virgin ass is packed full, vibrated and being fucked simultaneously.

Joseph pleads with Mistress Calista to remove the dildo from his ass to ease the pain. She laughs at the notion as she takes up the flogger again, letting the strands ripple against his cock and balls. Calista lets him watch her raise the flogger high and brutally bring it down hard onto his cock! The flogger leaves ugly red marks and raises purple welts on slave Josephs' cock. His screams, shrieks and wails resonate throughout the Dungeon. Waiting for him to recover, she lets the flogger hang at her side, nearly touching the floor. Smiling wickedly, she brings the flogger up savagely into his balls! Calista smiles as she listens to his horrid screams. Relentlessly, she begins to flog his cock and balls with a down stroke on his cock, followed by an up stroke into his balls. Joseph screams and sobs until the 'pleasure' from his flogging drives him into a state of semi-consciousness. He hangs limply from his chains, whimpering.

Slowly, Joseph stirs and awakens. With his head hanging down, he opens his eyes to see his Mistress licking and sucking his cock, soothing the red marks and purple welts. Josephs' cock is rock hard, sore and aching, but aroused. Calista continues to lick and suck it, paying increasing attention to the sensitive spot in front of his cockhead. Her lips close tightly around his cockshaft as she moves her head down to deep throat him, licking his cockhead incessantly. Calista senses that Joseph is nearing orgasm as his balls begin to draw up tight. She releases his cock from her mouth and tells him that he has permission to cum. Her mouth resumes sucking his cock, redoubling her tonguing of his sensitive spot. She feels his cum rising up his cockshaft and she quickly moves aside to catch his thick, white gooey cum in the palm of her hand. Calista watches him spurt huge quantities of cum into her cupped hand.

With her other hand she massages his balls, while he spurts long ropes of cum, encouraging him to expel more cum from his balls. Joseph's cumming subsides and Calista milks his cock, extracting the last drops of cum from it. She brings her cum filled hand to Josephs' mouth and commands him to lick his cum into his mouth and swallow it. He slowly opens his lips, to reluctantly lick his Mistress' cum filled hand. He parts his lips to drink up the warm, gooey fluid that just a few seconds ago resided in his balls. When Joseph swallows all his cum, Calista drops to her knees to lick and suck the residual cum from his sore and aching cock.

Calista unhooks the elastic loops from his big toes and removes the clamps from his nipples. She licks and sucks his nipples as his circulation painfully returns to his burning, aching nipples. "Do you like the way I soothe your sore nipples with my tongue?" Mistress Calista asks her slave. Joseph nods his head yes, as he endures the pain in his nipples. Calista moves behind him and removes the dildo in a single brutal pull, making a plopping sound as it pops out. She brings the dildo to his mouth and orders him to lick it clean. "I see that you liked having the dildo in your ass, didn't you, slut?" Joseph nods slightly as his tongue licks the dildo clean. "That's a good slut. Clean it well because I may use it on you again some time soon," Mistress Calista says. "So you liked the dildo. Perhaps Mistress will invite a male slave to join us and have him fuck your ass with his cock. Would you like that?" Calista asks.

"I don't think so, Mistress." Joseph replies weakly.

"Well, we shall see. You may feel differently next time, slut," she releases his ankle restraints and allows him to stand. Lowering his arms, she releases his wrists from their restraints, and supports him as he stumbles a bit. His arms feel heavy and his body wobbles as he recovers enough strength to stand. Calista leads him to the chair and helps him sit down. She pulls his head up and kisses him tenderly on the lips. "You did well, little slut cunt. You may keep the collar you're wearing. You may leave now and dress outside, slave," Calista tells him. Joseph nods and hurries to gather his clothes. "Good night," Mistress says. Joseph sighs deeply and wanders toward the door. He tries to hold his head up high and waves a gentle 'Good Night' to his Mistress, Calista. Opening the door he pauses.

"I love you, Mistress," he declares.

"Of course you do, slave," Calista replies, shutting the door, dismissing him.

The end: Part 2

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