tagErotic HorrorCall of the Wolf Ch. 06

Call of the Wolf Ch. 06


'She said she wanted to talk to me face to face. It's the least I can do I am sort of screwing her over.' Alex placated Nikole who clung to his arm as they walked down the moonlit pavement.

'We shouldn't be stopping at all, we should just go.' She said softly, her voice trembling slightly.

'I know baby, I know but it's on the way.' Alex replied nodding gently at her. After they had buried the others they had quickly travelled across town to Alex's old flat where a bemused landlord had returned his security deposit and taken back the keys. While Nikole retrieved a few sentimental possessions from the flat Alex had sent Kate a text message telling her he was quitting, she had responded with a short message which contained her address and a pleading message for him to come and see her.

'Your not fucking her we have to hurry.' Nikole said angrily staring up at him.

'I'm not really in the mood for that kind of thing.' Alex responded darkly, he was feeling a tiny bit guilty about what he had done to the hunter, the man's dying screams would haunt him forever.

'You did the right thing, they didn't deserve what he did.' Nikole said as if reading his mind.

'Even so.' Alex replied curtly closing the subject. 'This is the place.' The two came to a halt at a small detached bungalow with a pristine front yard bathed in the white glow of the moonlight. 'Do you want to stay here?' He asked already knowing the answer, she didn't even speak she just shook her head. He understood, she didn't want to be left alone anywhere. Striding up the path to the doorway he knocked smartly on the front door. He didn't have to wait long for it to be answered, Kate tore the door open angrily then glared at him, she had obviously waiting near the door for him to call.

'Why?!' She exclaimed angrily then her eye's focused on Nikole who was clinging to Alex's arm pathetically. 'Who's this?' She steamed.

'Nikole, she's well. She's mine.' Alex replied simply. Kate glared at him for a full two minutes before sighing exasperatedly.

'All right then. You'd better come in and explain everything.' She said sucking air through her teeth slowly beckoning them into her house.

'You won't believe us.' Nikole said reproachfully as they entered Kate's smartly decorated home.

Kate sat down with her arms and legs folded tightly while Alex relayed the entire story starting with the night he had first met Nikole. He still couldn't believe it was only a few days ago, it felt like a lifetime and a half. When he came to the bit where he had became a werewolf he paused thoughtfully, how could he possibly make it sound sane?

'Well?' She asked tapping her foot impatiently.

'Just change.' Nikole whispered sitting on the couch and staring at the ceiling.

'Change? Change what?' Kate barked looking from Nikole to Alex angrily. 'What the hell's going on here.. OH MY GOD!' She almost screamed as Alex began to transform in front of her eyes.

'Really should have took your clothes off first though baby.' Nikole whispered smiling for the first time all night.

'What the... What the hell?!?' Kate moaned blinking furiously as if that would make the whole thing go away. Alex stood before her as his clothes hung off his muscular hairy frame in tatters. Clutching her chest in disbelief she fought to regain her breath then slowly sat back down, her eyes never left Alex for a moment as spoke again.

'So this is why you suddenly started fucking my brains out? All right, now why are you quitting?' She asked. Her eyes further widened in horror while Alex told her the rest of the story, he refrained from naming the other two for fear of setting Nikole off again but noted that she had started quietly crying again into her hands. He was sure the shock of the whole situation would wear off him soon and he would feel the full force of everything that had happened but for now he had to be strong for her sake.

'And that's why we're leaving.' He finished finally as the story came to an end. Kate stared at him, her eyes travelled up and down his lupine shape. Then her eyes shifted to Nikole who stared back her through her red rimmed sockets. Sighing heavily Kate shifted over up the couch to where Nikole was sitting and put her arm around her.

'It's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong.' She whispered offering solace to the werewolf. Who smiled back at her softly.

'Thank you.'

'We can take my car.' Kate said turning back to face Alex.

'What? We?' He growled.

'Yes we, I'm coming to. She may be yours but your ass is mine.' Kate replied fiercely glaring into his yellow eyes with such ferocity that he blinked first.

'No! No! You don't understand!' Nikole begged pathetically pushing her away clutching her wounded arm in pain.

'Yes I do, your not going to get far and if you use public transport they'll be able to track your movements. Best we take my car and go as far as we can in it.'

'There is no WE! You are not coming.' Alex growled advancing on her menacingly, surprisingly Kate held her ground and fixed him with such an evil look he actually moved backwards a tiny bit.

'Listen asshole I am thirty two years old, I have worked my ass off climbing to the rank of manager and sacrificed my entire social life to do so. I've wanted what happened the other day to happen for some time between us. I'm not about to watch the closest thing I've ever had to love run off into the woods without putting up a fight.' She barked at him with her hands resting on her hips. Alex looked stunned then looked over at Nikole who was staring at Kate with something regarding admiration in her eyes.

'She comes. Bite her.' She commanded.

'Bite her? Why can't you feed her your milk?'

'Sorry but no, I appreciate you sticking up for me and all but I'm no lesbian and I'm not sucking anyone's tits. I want you not her.' Kate said pointing her thumb at Nikole.

'Besides my blood streams poisoned with silver at the moment, no telling what would happen if she drank from me.' Nikole responded with a smile at Kate's words. Growling angrily at the sudden turn of events Alex advanced on Kate slowly and cautiously.

'I want this.' She said reassuringly but Alex felt the pang of regret over the last time he had heard those words. He paused for a moment thinking the situation over, but Kate thrust her wrist into his jowls.

'Bite.' She commanded now her voice filled with an authority he had come to respect and fear over the years of working with her. He took her soft succulent flesh into his mouth and bit down breaking the skin and letting her crimson blood flow into his mouth.

'I don't feel any different.' She whined nursing her wounded wrist with her other hand.

'You will soon. Now you have to fuck her.' Nikole said patting her on the shoulder and smiling at Alex who was licking his chops hungrily. The blood coursed down his throat, stimulating his primal aggression, he knew what Nikole meant either he grounded his lust now or it would explode outwards at a less opportune moment. As Alex shrank back into the safety of his own mind the wolf reared up and took possession of his body to claim it's new prize.

'Now that you mention it, I do feel sort of strange.' Kate stated faintly as the beast propped her legs around it's muscular shoulders. Nikole stroked her hair lovingly staring down at her as the infection spread across her body.

'Just don't fight it. Let it take you.' Nikole whispered as the wolf tore a hole in Kate's trousers with it's claws.

'It's going to take her.' Alex growled through his snout, his bulbous head pushed against the folds of Kate's pussy before he slid his entire member down her tunnel and filled her completely. A low moan of lust escaped her lips as she arched her back slowly and pushed against his invading rod, he held it inside of her without moving for several minutes enjoying the feeling of his total submersion inside of her tight moist lips. More guilt took hold of his soul as he kneeled against her, his yellow eyes fixed on Nikole apologetically, he felt so horrible for her right now after all she had been through today now watching this transpire in front of her

'It's all right baby, get it out of your system.' She placated him soothingly. 'I just need you to stay around me for comfort that's all.' She said her eyes filling with fear at the thought of loosing him. Kate smiled up at Alex, the first time perhaps he'd ever seen her show him affection. Her eyes were misty and dreamlike, she was clearly drunk on the werewolf taint flowing through her veins, she let out a soft sigh as she inched herself off his erection then pushed herself back down on it hard. Alex turned his attentions back to his conquest and without a second glance at Nikole sated his lustful cravings.

Several days went past, the police were called to Nikole's former cottage after reports of gunfire and screams. Blood was recovered at the scene and signs of a struggle as well as several other bodily liquids, it was originally assumed that an intruder had forced his way into the house then raped and murdered Nikole before fleeing the scene. A mass search of the woods was undertaken to recover the body and search for evidence of the crime. Then the DNA evidence came back revealing to the horror of the officers involved that at least four other people had been present at the scene of the crime, the Police appealed to the public for any reports of missing persons in the area or any witness's of what had transpired to immediately contact them. The shop keeper came forward and admitted he had spoken with a weird stranger that had seemed particularly interested in talking to Nikole, a few of her former neighbours came forward with tales of a tall dark man staying with her the past few days. Sarah and Stuarts parents reported their children as missing a fact that was largely ignored, that is until the bodies were discovered.

'This doesn't make any bloody sense at all.' Officer Ingrams told his superior as the corpses were pulled out of the hole. 'Gunshot wound's on both of them but no sign of the homeowner or the other two strangers seen around here.'

'Aye.' Sergeant Perkins nodded glumly, he had to admit he too was baffled.

'We found the shell casing's outside the house, we definitely know this Nikole wasn't the shooter. Because we found her blood inside the house and it's consistent with a gun wound splatter.' Ingrams continued wiping the sweat off his brow.

'Aye, from what forensics has been able to tell us is that Nikole and these two were engaged in sexual activities inside the house when the shooter started gunning them down.' Perkins replied shaking his head in disbelief, he had worked in this town for over thirty years and this was the worst crime he'd ever witnessed in his life.

'Look's like the gunman forced his way into the house after killing these kids, then raped Nikole, we recovered those fluids from the bed sheets but then he just vanishes, Nikole does too. It's so unreal.'

'Found seamen of another man as well in there, could be the other bloke we've been hearing about.' Several of the Officers gathered around the shallow pit shook their heads in disgust at these words.

'So she was a slut? She didn't deserve this.' Perkins barked angrily at there response.

'Is there anything strange about the bullets?' A new voice asked calmly. The Sergeant span around to face a short man in a black buttoned down suit holding up a small ID badge that identified him as James Boots, an operative of Scotland Yard.

'Yes they were solid silver.' Ingrams piped up. 'How did you know that sir?'

'We've been tracking this particular killer for some time, it's his calling card.' Boots replied without missing a beat.

'Well I hate to disappoint you but you'll be making no arrest here.' Perkins stated matter of factly before turning back to the crime scene.

'Oh why is that?' The strange little man inquired with a curious smile on his face.

'Because his trail goes cold at the crime scene, everything goes cold at the crime scene.' The Sergeant replied irritably.

'What?' Boots asked sharply.

'We've got him where he was shooting into the house, we've got his footprints entering the house, we've got him in the bedroom and then nothing.' Ingrams said reproachfully. Boots went quiet for a few moments before speaking again.

'Sergeant there is another body in these woods somewhere, but prepare your men. There will not be a lot left of it to recover.'

'Well was I right or what?' Jefferson asked his partner as Boots returned to the car.

'You were wrong, they were wolves. Not fully developed yet but still wolves, this was the work of a hunter.'

'Oh. You look more happier then I thought you would be, this is just another dead end isn't it?'

'No Jefferson it isn't, because at least two got away. The redheaded American girl that lived in the cottage is missing..'

'But that just proves there's one, how do you account for two?' Jefferson interrupted quickly.

'Two things. One she was shot, no doubt about that in anyone's mind, it is impossible for werewolves to change shape if they've got a silver bullet lodged inside of them and only a changed werewolf would have been able to take the hunter out without leaving any evidence. Two she was spotted with a different man who was staying with her for the last two days. I've been able to put together a sketch of him but I'm certain we wont have to look too far, he's our best chance at finding them.' Boots explained carefully showing Jefferson a fairly decent likeness of Alex, nodding Jefferson twisted the key into the ignition of the car and slowly pulled the vehicle out of the car park for the woods.

'Their not going to take to us easily after that hunter though are they?' Jefferson asked nervously pulling out onto the main road.

'As long as we don't do anything stupid we should be all right.' Boots replied amiably. He filed the picture of Alex into a very large leather bound ring binder as the car slipped into a comfortable thirty miles an hour.

Nikole's lips tasted like cream to Alex as they kissed slowly and softly under the cascading water of the shower. The threesome had pulled over to a hotel for the night, it had been three days and still no word of any search being conducted for them. Alex was beginning to think maybe they had panicked too quickly but realised that Nikole had needed to get away from it all anyway. They had spent the last half an hour digging the bullet of her arm with a Swiss army knife and a pair of tweezers. After the agonizing pain of that she was looking forward to a bit of pleasure with her man, saying that she needed his help to clean her wound she had dragged him into the shower and began kissing him passionately. Desperate to feel anything but the grief she had been tormented by for the past few days she wanted him to take her like never before. Resting against the far wall of the shower cubicle she felt him moving his lips away from hers, then his warm breath sent tingles of pleasure down her spine as he began to move down her neck to her shoulders kissing and sucking her softly as he did. His tongue danced across her soft body as he continued to move, with great care his manoeuvred himself downwards, caressing her warm skin with his tongue as he made his way to her crotch.

'Mmmm oohh baby.' Nikole groaned happily as he pushed his lips against her moist folds. He gently nibbled on her pink clit, massaging it softly. She writhed against him, his warm breath on her nether regions sent tingles of pleasure across her spine. One of her hands rested against his head as she gently stroked his dark brown hair while the other cupped her own breast. She bought a leg up then positioned it over his shoulder, her body relaxed against the cool wall of the cubicle as her eyes closed in bliss. His hands caressed her thighs as he drank from her savouring the taste of her sweet juices as they slid down his throat. Slowly rubbing her own nipple more low moans of joy escaped her lips as she gently pushed his face into her crotch. He lapped her up, his tongue danced across her moist pink lips as she rocked against him bringing her closer and closer to her climax. Every time he breathed against her, every time he even moved into her it sent a small crescendo of explosions which erupted throughout her soul. Her hands left their places and thrust against the wall quickly, their muscles bulging out against her skin as her mouth opened soundlessly. Her breathing became laboured and ragged as she let out a long soft groan of ecstasy, her pussy contracted then released her nectar into his willing mouth as she gently slid down the side of the cubicle as her body slowly relaxed. He put his arms around her waist then slowly helped her back up to her feet, their lips locking again passionately in a loving kiss.

Kate was laying on the large double bed idly flipping between T.V channels on the remote control. Nothing had been reported about Alex or Nikole yet, she was beginning to think it had been a waste of time to run away like this, but had they not ran away she would never have known the truth about Alex and she would not have become one herself. It was fantastic! She could hear and smell better then she ever could in her entire life, she could move faster, she was stronger and as for what she could now do in the bedroom. A broad grin spread across her face slowly as she thought about that, if only she could get rid of that bitch Nikole she could have him all to herself, she thought angrily jamming her thumb against the remote. A sound from the bathroom caught her ears and she jerked her head around and scowled angrily. Cleaning a the wound huh? Bitch! A low warning growl escaped her lips as her eyes flashed yellow with rage. Grabbing the hotel door key from the table she stepped out and stalked down the hall to get some fresh air, her mind burned with rage as she slammed her finger against the ground floor button on the elevator control.

'Whoa, what's the problem baby?' A slurry voice behind her asked. Kate span around on the spot to face the speaker, her long blonde hair whipped around her head in a fury and she glared. A heavy set man with small piggy eyes stared back at her, his head was bald and he was trying to cover it up with a horribly ridiculous comb over. The strong scent of Alcohol filled her nostrils as the man struggled to keep his balance in the moving lift.

'Baby?' She growled menacingly.

'Yeah baby, your hot.' The man replied blinking his eyes lazily and quite blatantly staring at her tits, which were almost bulging completely out of her tight tank top. Her eyes narrowed, she stalked over to the man and grabbed him by his shirt collar. Her wolf bayed at her to tear his throat out and feast on his blood but she knew it would draw too much attention to herself when she stepped out of the lift smeared in his blood. Instead she did the only thing she could to ground her aggression and frustration, despite the fact that she was clearly cringing on the inside she leaned down and kissed him smartly on the lips.

'I knew I still had it!' The man slurred as she reached down then began to massage his groin through his trousers.

'Oh yeah you've still got it hot stuff. I'm going to ride you all night.' Kate replied her eyes flashing as she pushed his face into her ample cleavage.

Alex's lips moved away from Nikole's mouth he rested them onto her shoulder where he kissed her softly, his hands slid around her waist and drew her closer to him. Nikole languished in his arms gently stroking his back as he lovingly caressed and kissed her milky white skin. Letting out a soft sigh of contentment she rested her head on his chest, brushing his rough mid section with her pert lips enjoying the feel of his warm body close to hers. The wolf howled in her mind, demanding that she get on her knees in front of him and let the male mount her but she ignored it. She wanted this to last, she wanted him to love her, slowly she turned her back up to face him then kissed him again softly on the lips. Turning the shower off behind him she took him by the hands and led him out of the small cubicle into the bedroom, there was no sign of Kate, perhaps she had sensed Nikole's angst and decided to let them have their time together. Nikole didn't know or care all she wanted was Alex right now. Water still clung to their bodies as he gently laid her down onto the bed, their lips still locked together in passionate love. Their tongues danced around each other slowly as they barely moved, their eyes were closed softly and he was laying on top of her, the tip of his bulging erection pushed against the moist pink folds of her pussy. Nikole let out a soft sigh and pulled away from his lips to stare into his eyes, there was no yellow at all in his deep brown pools as he stared back.

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