tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalle Ocho Shower Ch. 01

Calle Ocho Shower Ch. 01


(Author's Note: This is a story involving a lathery threesome in the shower with Pitbull, myself, and the lovely Sagia Castaneda (otherwise known as the Silver Bikini Girl)! I mean absolutely no harm or disrespect to either of these two celebrities, as I would gladly perform this soapy service for them if asked! That said, here is our втроём, Chapter 1!)


IT WAS GOING TO BE A LONG, HOT DAY at Pitbull's latest music video shoot. His newest song was called "Playa Brasiliana," about beautiful beaches (and equally-beautiful women) in Brazil. I was an extra on the set, although I was nowhere near lovely enough to be in the video. I was what some of his swimsuit-wearing models called "puta" and "gordita". That, of course, meant "whore" and "little fat one." A few of the bolder ones even referred to me as "Betty la Fea," or Ugly Betty, although that was nowhere near my name.

My job was to launder the models' bikinis in-between shoots, by hand, and to scrub the toilets in their dressing trailers. I got paid well by Pitbull's staff--very well, as a matter of fact--but the fact remained that I was a lowly peon in the world of celebrities and rappers.

One day I, "Betty la Fea", the models' miserable maid, was sweating as I entered and cursing the fact that some "pendejo"--er, butt hole--had forgotten to turn on the air conditioner in the trailer of Sagia Castaneda, Pitbull's lead girl. She was the only model who was ever kind to me, referring to me by name and complimenting me on the Spanish I still remembered from college. She had asked me to come early, at 6:00 AM, to clean her bathroom before she woke up. Even though I hated getting up that early with a passion, this was Sagia and not one of the other girls! I would do anything for her, and she knew it. That was why she'd left me a tall pitcher of ice water and a plate of homemade sopapillas for breakfast!

While I was nibbling on them hungrily, I heard the familiar grunts and groans of vigorous sex from the bedroom. Embarrassed, I finished the sopapillas as fast as possible, polished off the last of a cold glass of "agua", and went to work. In the early-morning heat, I was only clad in a bikini top and capri jeans. My status as a maid was only revealed by my hideous orange rubber gloves! I hated those things...

Let's see--what to do first? The sink? Nah. The mirror? Boring! Ah--the john! After I squirted a liberal dose of The Works into its yawning hole and scoured it vigorously with the toilet brush, I got the all-natural organic cleaner and a soft gray rag. Sagia would be touching this surface--taking a piss or a dump, no doubt, but her skin was very sensitive to harsh chemicals. As I saturated the rag with the cleaner, I closed my eyes and inhaled the salt sea air. Beautiful! Even though I was only a servant, "the help", working on a beach trailer did have its upsides!

I knelt down and began to scrub the porcelain outside of the toilet, humming softly as I worked. I heard muted Spanish, or rather Portuguese, from the bedroom. I'd better hurry...

Suddenly, Pitbull himself entered stark-naked, with a stark-naked Sagia behind him! I stood up, shut my eyes, and stammered, "Uh--lo siento! Lo siento, senor! Senorita! I'll leave now--pronto!"

"Quedale," replied Pitbull slyly. "Stay. Sagia and I could sure use a shower--as could you," he continued, smelling what must have been a serious deodorant breakthrough on my part! "We've been--haciendo el amor," he explained, meaning making love. "I know that some of us here on the shoot treat you like you're some piece of mierda," Pitbull said, "but you keep our banos clean, and you work very hard. You're also sweet, querida."

I blushed. He had just called me "dear"--not "whore" or "fatty" as so many of the others had!

"Would you care to join us for our 'ducha'?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! He had just asked me to join them in the shower! I nearly dropped the cleaning rag right on the floor. All I could do was stare and blink, blink and stare, until Sagia took my hand. "Ven aca," she said. "Come here. You can wash both of us."

Was this a dream?! This couldn't be happening...

The hottest two people in the Calle Ocho Redux/Playa Brasiliana shoot wanted me to--!

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