tagBDSMCalm Ch. 01

Calm Ch. 01


Hi reader,

For those who have read my other story, this is the sequel to Pillar. I meant it to be a stand alone story, so if you haven't read Pillar, that's okay.

This book is different in theme and in feel from Pillar. There's a less pronounced focus on sex, and a stronger focus on emotional struggles.

Alex is not a part of this story, instead a new character is introduced. I hope you like her and I hope you get sucked into the story, giving her a chance to mean something for you.

There are BDSM-scenes where appropriate, but in some parts of the story I felt it was more important to focus on the stuff my characters are dealing with.

I think that's enough said, please read on and find out if you like my story.

[There will be 7 parts, for a total of 90+ k words, so it's shorter than Pillar.]

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'm looking for people who want to beta-read the whole thing (not looking for an editor). This means leaving some remarks and comments on each scene, so I can get input from outside my own head to point out anything that's unrealistic, confusing or dubious. Contact me via PM if you're interested.




Ellie watched her little brother Jef flip his legs while he read outside in the garden. Her light eyes shone bright above her cute nose, one grey and one blue. Seeing him lying there so peacefully in the warm rays of the sun made her smile. She leaned back into her lawn chair and closed her eyes to enjoy the soothing calm of a lazy summer day.

Her straight, platinum hair hung over her shoulder in a loose ponytail. It curled around her full breasts and guided the eye across her flat stomach on to her long legs. The sun caressed her beautiful face.

Father had told her many times she looked like her mother. Too many times. It didn't matter. For now he wasn't here and she and Jef could enjoy themselves. Summer was filled with tiny holidays within the confines of their own home.

After some time spent sunbathing Ellie went back inside and checked if Jef had noticed her leaving. She shouldn't have bothered. A cannon could have gone off nearby and he wouldn't have noticed. She smiled and put her plan in motion. Jef squeaked when a cold jet of water splashed his neck and he rolled to the side. Ellie threw him a water gun of his own. With a firm expression, she said "There you go, soldier. Let's see how you handle a weapon."

The boy soldier didn't answer her, but Ellie could see he was game.

"You will take cover in this garden. Don't let yourself be detected. This lawn chair here is your target, the enemy fortress. Sneak up and spray me before I shoot you down. Is that understood, soldier?"

Jef saluted. "Aye, Ma'am."

"Dismissed, soldier."

Ellie put her chair on its side and folded it as much as possible before she squatted down and scanned the battleground. He could be anywhere. A small boy can hide in so many places. And young boys don't care if they get dirty when they're serious about something. Jef was always serious.

They loved these games together, acting out fantasies. Catching glimpses of other lives for fleeting moments in the summer heat.

Ellie heard a noise and scanned the suspect sector of the garden. That's where he came from the last time, he wouldn't use that route again so soon. Just as expected he'd thrown a rock to distract her, and she could see his cute little butt bobbing up and down behind a row of low bushes on the opposite side of the garden. She shuffled behind her fortifications and took a water balloon from her secret stash. With a precise lob throw it landed behind the bushes, and Ellie heard the satisfying sploosh as it doused Jef with water. "Surrender or I'll keep shooting mortars!"


He jumped up and dashed towards Ellie, water gun blasting. They soaked each other, and Jef tumbled over the chair straight into her arms. The two of them scrapped it out on the grass, and Ellie tickled him until he gave in. "You're such a little cheater."

"I am not!"

"You were already dead when you stormed my fortress."

"It was only my leg."

"And you don't need that for running?"

"I have another one."

She tussled his hair. "Of course. Come on, let's get you cleaned up and back into your room before father gets back home. Don't forget your book."

She tossed his clothes in the laundry basket and he peddled along naked. "Come on, go wash up. I'm not your maid."

He stuck his tongue out and soon his little footsteps pattered over the floor. Such a sweet boy.


Jef stayed in his bedroom until dinner time, like he always did. He didn't take his eyes off his plate while he ate and didn't speak.

Father was talkative today. He'd had a big sale and was in a good mood. Jef hoped he'd go out tonight to celebrate, then sis could come to his room and tell him a story. He was old enough to read them himself, but he liked it when him and sis snuggled close together and she told him about trolls and dragons.

The story books were the only books of hers he understood though. She was always reading difficult books. Books with difficult words and weird stuff in them. He liked the pictures sometimes, but the books she bought him from time to time were a lot better. He stashed them in his secret box under the bed. The box father didn't know about. Sis had given it to him and told him to always put anything she gave him in there, so father wouldn't find it.

Dinner was tasty. And his pudding was the biggest. He thanked sis while they did the dishes and she winked at him. Father shouted from near the door, "Elisabeth, I'm going out tonight. Lock up behind me. I'll be home late."

"Yes, father. I'll do it first thing after I finish up the dishes."

"Have the boy do them."

"Yes, father."

Jef didn't mind doing the dishes, even though the sink was a little high for him to reach. Sis took out a little stand for him and went to lock up. While he did the dishes, he looked outside into the garden and wondered how she'd known where he was. He'd been so sure he was hidden. Sis came back into the kitchen and said, "Are you done washing up? I'll help you dry off. Do you want to hear a story when we're done?"


"What about?"

"A dragon!"

"Last time the story was about a dragon. How about something else?"


"There's one about a soldier."

"A real soldier?"

Ellie nodded with an honest expression on her face. "As real as can be. Had to fight even though he didn't really want to."

"Oh. Why didn't he want to?"

"Well, he forgot his good fighting shoes at home. They sent him to go back and get them, but then the battle started and he tripped over the laces of his bad shoes. He fell and went rolling, rolling and rolling down a hill. Smack into the middle of the enemy camp!"

"Oooooh. And what did he do then?"

"He ran away. And since he was wearing his running shoes and all the other soldiers weren't, he escaped. The brave soldier ran and ran until he came back to his own king, and he told him where the enemy king was. His side was losing at the time so the soldier's king sent all the men he had left to kill the evil king."

"Wow! Is that the end of the story?"

"Oh no, that's another story about the same soldier. He forgot his sword in the story I'll tell you later."

Ellie smiled when she saw Jef's little face light up with excitement as he wondered about what the soldier would do with no sword. "And what's his name?"

"Lazy Geoffrey. They call him that because he also lets his sister do all the drying up."

"Oh, I'm sorry sis."

She ruffled his hair and laughed. "It's nothing, Jef. You go take some candy from the cupboard and go wait in my room. I'll finish up here. You can't reach all the cupboards anyways."

Summer is a fun time for parents, but even more so for children.


"Look at you, Jef. You beat me again."

Jef smiled when Ellie tussled his hair. They were setting up a new game of Shoots and ladders when the front door slammed shut. Ellie waved Jef out of her room. "Father's here. Quick, Jef, go. I'll clean up."

Her hands shook with fear for her brother. Father shouldn't be home this early. She pushed everything under her bed and hoped Jef would make it in time.

Her father's booming voice made her cringe. "Geoffrey! What are you doing running around? Have you been bothering your sister again? How many times do I need to tell you, you stupid boy? Come here, now!"

Ellie pushed her hands against her ears, but she couldn't block out the heavy thumps. Block it out! She couldn't cry. If she did, it would be so much worse for Jef. The sounds died down and relief blasted through Ellie when she heard her father say, "You're lucky I'm in a hurry, Geoffrey. Go back to your room."

Father wouldn't go to her room and scold her, even though she was the one who invited Jef in. Jef always came when she invited him cause he knew she only called for him when it was safe. Every fiber of her body wished for her father to be gone so she could rush over to her little brother and hold him. She'd treat him with salve father knew nothing about, and she'd tell him a new story. Like always, so he could forget.

Ellie burst from her room the second the front door shut, and she found Jef still balled up on the stairs. He didn't make a sound. Ellie gently pulled his ear and his body relaxed, father was gone. "Does it hurt a lot, Jef?"

He didn't look at her. "It's okay."

"Oh Jef, come here." She took the little boy in her arms and stroked his hair. "I'm so sorry, Jef. I didn't know he was coming back."

"It's okay, sis. It didn't hurt that much."

She took a deep breath and pulled him to his feet. He favored his right side. The corner of her mouth pulled at the sight. She should take him to a hospital, but that would never be allowed. "Come to my room and take your clothes off. I'll see what I can do to make it better."

If she hadn't known where his old bruises were, she couldn't have found the new ones. It amazed and saddened her to see how much pain this little body could bear and never show it or complain about it to anybody, not even her. She did what she could for him and when he'd put on his clothes, she asked, "Do you want me to tell you a story?"

"Maybe tonight. I want to go see the birds."

"Oh... all right. But be careful. I'd go with you, but I have to stay here."

They walked to his blue bike in silence, and she saw him wince when he slung his leg over the frame. "Are you sure you'll be okay? You're hurt."

"I'm used to it, sis. Don't worry."

And off he went, to look at birds as they landed on the shimmering surface of the pond nearby. They flew together, in circles and swirls, free as birds have always been. Unreachable for a little boy sitting by himself, watching them.


Chapter 1


Tom ran his finger along Ruth's jaw, tracing the delicate curve of her face. He continued down along her throat, teasing her collar bone with a soft, tantalizing touch. His eyes took in everything his fingers discovered. His little girl's deceptively simple outfit still amazed him whenever she wore it.

The green silk didn't hide her beautiful form in the least. So easy to follow the side of her breasts, bumping into it now and then as he made his way further down. He spread his fingers out on her exposed flat stomach and relished the warmth of her skin. A smile curled his lips when her nipples stiffened just as his fingertips touched the edge of her long, wispy skirt. His hand slipped under the fabric, into her wet panties. One finger slipped inside of her and he started a slow tease. Tom looked Ruth in the eye and said, "Are you nervous, little girl?"

She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud and clenched her fists. "Yes, Sir."

"Do you think you'll be able to dance for everybody out there?"

"Yes, Sir."

Inside of her, Tom curled up his finger and rubbed her in tiny circles. This time she did moan out loud. "They'll see how hard your nipples are, little girl."

Ruth shuddered in response to his words, clenching around his teasing digit. "Tell me, little girl, and be honest with me, when I tell you to service me later, on the stage, what will you do?"

Her knees buckled when he punctuated his question by rubbing her clit with his thumb. Breathing fast, her mind struggled to function, awash in the waves of excitement Tom threw at her. A whisper passed her lips, "Would you ask that of me, Sir?"

His hand slowed down, and he put a little more pressure on her clit. His voice was low when he answered her. "I would, little girl. This club allows it. What will you do when I ask?"

Looking for support, Ruth put her hands on his shoulders. She cast her eyes down for a second, panting and trying to come up with an answer that would say what she was feeling. She shook her head and gave up, instead going with simple honesty. "Everything I can do for you, I will do, Sir."

A moan welled up in her throat when he kissed her from her collar bone up along her throat until he reached her ear. The words he spoke to her were quiet but laden with desire, "I want you to show everyone out there why I'm so proud of my little girl. Let them see you and know that I'm in the crowd, nearby. Dance for me, just me, and you'll get your reward."

Ruth fell forward when he drew back his hand, clamping herself to him and burying her face in his neck. "Your servant won't let you down, Sir. She loves you so much."

He kissed her on the top of her head and murmured, "I know, little girl. I know you'll make me proud. You always do."

Like on overexcited puppy, she bumped his head away in her hurry to grab his face and kiss him full on the mouth. Tom chuckled and held out her silk face mask. "Put this on so you can get up on stage."

A few strands of her red blonde hair fell over the mask that framed her green eyes. They sparkled with energy and excitement. Tom made his way back to his seat and smiled inwardly as he thought about the look of amazement that was sure to spread through the crowd in the club. Leather and whips have their appeal, but nothing can top raw, feminine beauty.

The MC announced that Sir Tom would use tonight's event as his life partner and servant's debut in the local scene. The lights dimmed behind him and he stepped off the stage to make room for Ruth.

A hush came over the room as slow, melancholic sitar music filled the air. Ruth came on stage and stood still, shrouded in shadows and silk. Light shone on her and made the silk covering her translucent and shimmering. Her arms moved with the melancholic flow of the music until a lull caused her arms to freeze in place.

Her head rolled back and suddenly she came back to life. Music erupted around her and she flowed along with it, using every note to present herself in the most inviting way she could manage. As the song progressed, Ruth became more fluent. A vision of wonder and beauty. Tom forgot there were other people in the room. His eyes glued to Ruth. His chest bursting with pride and amazement. When Ruth tore off her mask and looked straight at him, Tom's breath stopped.

The look on her face expressed the same turmoil he was feeling. It told him how much she wanted him to touch her. There was no going back the moment she showed her face. She had freely given up her anonymity. A silent shout at him making it clear she wanted to be his.

Her dance changed. First it had been a display of the results of her practice, accentuating her natural beauty. Now it was an invitation. Her hands ran across her skin, dove under her silks and into her hair. Individual layers fell off. Her locks cascaded onto her back and still she kept undulating her body, calling out, begging.

Tom stood up from his seat and made his way to the stage. Ruth knelt down like he'd taught her before he even made it past the second table in front of him. With her eyes cast down, she waited for him with her chest flushed in raw excitement. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body and made her glow in the light when Tom reached her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to his, kissing her with a hunger he'd rarely felt.

When he released her she looked up at him and mouthed the word 'please'. Tom knew what she wanted and stood up. Ruth quickly unbuckled his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. A pleading glance was all it took for him to nod and give his permission. Her hand slipped inside her panties and she rubbed her clit with fast, little strokes. At the same time she poured all her energy into working his cock deep into her mouth and lathering it with her tongue every time she pulled back.

They both wanted more and Ruth pushed another two fingers in her pussy. She moaned on Tom's shaft as the sheer excitement and joy of the situation rushed through her. To anybody looking it seemed like she was going wild, devouring his cock as she played with herself. In reality a control hard as steel hid underneath the storm churning inside of her, waiting to explode. She had mastered this performance long ago.

When Ruth felt Tom swell up inside of her mouth she allowed herself to topple over the edge, and she screamed her orgasm on his cock as he gave her his come. Her body shook and a stream of juices ran down her fingers as her pussy fluttered around them. She leaned back on her heels and caught her breath, basking in the glow of her orgasm.

Tom kneeled in front of his little girl, also reeling from how intense his release had been. He took out her collar, put it around her neck and didn't even take the time to say anything before he pulled her in for a ferocious kiss that robbed her of the last of her energy. Ruth had to be carried off the stage in his arms. Crying, curled up against his chest with her fists balled into his shirt. Tom soothed her and pet her hair as several people he knew came to congratulate him on finding such a wonderful sub.

Ruth didn't pay attention to them. All that mattered to her was that he'd put on her collar in front of all these people. He'd shown the world she was his.


The next morning Ruth woke up alone. She smiled when she remembered the night before. After a while they'd moved to a corner of the room and spent some quiet time together, basking in the acceptance they had both luxuriated in. When they came home, they made love before falling asleep. She ran her hand over his place on the bed and said, "I'm yours, Sir."

The time she got up in the morning was the one thing Tom was lax on. He was an early riser and a late sleeper, but he wouldn't force her to give up sleep because of that. She wanted to see his face, so she got up from the bed and stopped short of opening the door when she saw a note stuck to the door.

'little girl,

You were amazing yesterday. You went beyond my expectations, and I'm very pleased with you, so I'm rewarding you today.

After you read this, you'll go to the bathroom and have a bath. I prepared something a little different for you. It's supposed to make your skin nice and soft. Not that you need any help there, but there it is. Take your time and relax.

When you finish your bath, we'll have brunch together. After brunch you can decide how you want to spend your day or you can let me decide for you, either way works for me.

However, don't go back into the bedroom after you've dried off. I won't let you leave if you do. I'll tease and pleasure you in whatever way I can think of until you find the strength to drag yourself out the door. If you can't make it out, then we'll see what's left of you tomorrow.


Ruth smiled when she read the note. The words he used to tell her she'd pleased him made her glow with pride. It was still beyond her to what came over her the day before. Never once had she danced like that in class. But right then, the overwhelming feeling of joy at the meaning behind what she did had pushed her beyond what she'd dared to do before.

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