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Thanks to all who enjoy my stories. Here's another one that is a true encounter. If you're underage or a prude, read no futher and get the hell off this site. Otherwise, enjoy my latest tale.


It started innocently enough. I went to check my Yahoo mail and received an alert that someone wanted to chat with me though the Internet Messenger. I okayed the chat and found Kayla online. I asked Kayla if we knew each other and she replied that she had seen my Literotica stories and wanted to speak with me. During the preliminaries, I discovered that Kayla was in New Zealand. We chatted a bit about one of my stories, "The Thong", and she told me how much it turned her on and that the story was one of her recurring fantasies. She also told me that she was an amateur cammer and did I want to pay $1.95 to watch her. I told her that while it was tempting, I'd pass as I refuse to pay for all the good stuff I can get for free.

She asked me where I was located and I told her that I lived in Port Jefferson, New York, on the North Shore of Long Island.

"You do! Wow, I have a friend who lives there. She works as a waitress in a local restaurant named Rudy's. Her name is Sally and she's a cammer, too!"

I placed this information in my head and proceeded to have an interesting chat. After a bit, I excused myself and signed off.

Some weeks later, I found myself at Rudy's with some friends and surprisingly, our waitress was named Sally. At one point I excused myself to go to the bathroom although my real intention was to make a pass to our young and pretty waitress. As I approached the bar, I saw her and introduced myself.

"Sally, I met a friend of yours online a few weeks ago. Her name is Kayla and she's from New Zealand."

"Kayla? I'm not sure I know a Kayla."

"Well, she also goes by the name, Chloe."

"Oh, I see." She looked at me questionly and maybe with a little fear in her eyes.

"I don't want to make you uncomfortable, especially here at work. I'd just like to talk to you. Let me give you my business card and you can contact me if you like."

She smiled at me and I went off to the john. During the rest of the evening, Sally was a most hospitable waitress and several times she leaned over to let me see her cleavage. She was very pretty, I gauged in her mid-twenties, with a great body and luscious 34B tits. I was intrigued.

Later that night, around midnight, my phone rang. It was Sally and she seemed a little upset.

"How much did Chloe tell you about me?"

"I don't really know. She contacted me on IM and we had a interested chat. I didn't sign on to her chat, we just talked. When I told her where I lived, she offered the info about you. She told me that, like her, you were a cam performer."

"That's what I was afraid of. It's my secret and I really don't want anybody to know what I do, especially at work. Nobody knows I do this but I need the extra money. I'm really concerned about discretion"

"Sally, you have nothing to fear. Not only am I very discreet but I respect the fact that you can earn this extra income by doing this without being a hooker. I wish I could earn some extra cash that way myself. Believe when I tell you, I won't say a word. I wish there some way I could reassure you more."

We talked for a while about how she used the extra money to help defray the cost of nursing school and how soon she would graduate and not have to cam any longer. I asked her if I could take her out to dinner and we could talk more. I explained that I wanted her to know that she could trust me. She asked me where I lived and when I told her, she said she lived about a half a mile away.

"Do you have any pot?"

I said, "Yes, in fact I just scored a half an ounce of Jamaican earlier today."

"Well, if you're not ready to go to sleep, maybe you could come over and we'll smoke a bit. I could really use some now. I'm a little stressed."

I got directions and was at her place in a garden apartment complex in about ten minutes. She greeted me at the door in a spaghetti strap t-shirt and men's boxer shorts. Damn, she was cute. She ushered me into her living room and I began to fill the bowl with Jamaican herb.

"You want a beer or some wine?"

"Do you have any red?"

"Cab or Merlot?"

"Cab works. Thanks."

She sat across from me and I passed her the bowl. My eyes were drawn first to her nipples poking from the t-shirt and then to her long legs and thighs and finally to a hint of pussy in the boxers. We sat and passed several bowls back and forth.

"This smoke is gooooood. I have a nice buzz working already. I feel much better, thank you"

"Yeah, I'm pleased with this purchase. So tell me, you make good money from the cam?"

"Oh yeah. Guys pay big bucks to watch me with my vibrator. I get off on the fact that I'm making guys all over the world jerk off watching me."

"Hot damn. If I good do that, I'd do it in a heartbeat...but who wants to watch a guy jerk off on camera. My guess is that every guy already does that and nobody pays them."

"If you're gay and you suck cock or get butt-fucked on camera, you can make some really good bucks."

"Well, like I said, it's too bad. But you have a great bod so I'm not surprised you make good money doing it."

"I'll tell you what...fill the bowl again and I'll let you watch me cam for a little while. I can make a few hundred bucks in about a half hour and then I'll be ready for bed. Can I trust you to just watch?"

"Yes, you can but I might have to play with myself."

"Oh that's cool. It will help me with my performance and..."

The bowl was in her mouth before she could finish the sentence. She led me into her bedroom and I was immediately impressed with the set-up. She had a large HD screen facing the bed that was plugged into her laptop which was on the nightable. She had a pretty nice camera on a tripod facing her bed, a couple of bright lamps flooding the bed and a bag of sex toys on the floor. She pointed to a large stuffed chair and I sat down with a clear view of the action. She took the pipe and smoked it while she set up the camera and the laptop. The big screen showed the administration page and another screen showed her in the bed.

"Ok, let the games begin. My fans are waiting and I want to make a few more bucks today."

Sure enough, as soon as her web page came up, there were lots of instant messages waiting with messages like "Where are you tonight? I want to see you cum!," "Oh, Pussy, are you there?", "Where's my favorite squirter?" and like that.

"Wow. Look at that. Your fans are screaming for you!"

"Yup...and each one of them is spending about $20.00 and I get half. On a good night, I can get almost a thousand people watching. It's kind of late tonight so I'll only get a few hundred. But it's money."

"Geez, that's some good haul. I guess their attitude is like 'what the fuck, it's only a buck'. I am impressed. But let me ask you something, do you always cum?"

"Not always but they can't tell the difference...and, of course, it makes me feel good."

"Were you always an exhibitionist?"

"No. You know I'm really modest but here, in front of the camera and with the money incentive, I get a little wild. You're the first person I've ever let watch me like this."

"I feel honored," I said as I filled the bowl. Taking a long toke, I emptied it and exhaled a cloud of smoke. I refilled it and passed it to Sally. She, too, inhaled deeply and exhaled a cloud.

"Ok, it's showtime!" She put a reddish-brown wig on her head and placed a pair of black-framed glasses on.

"This is my disguise...and it also helps me to get into the role. I'm the 'Irish girl next door vixen'."

She rechecked the equipment, flipped on the lights and sat in the center of the bed. Leaning to the laptop, she started the show.

"Hiya boys. How are you all doing tonight?" She had a deep and provocative voice now.

The IM's started filling the screen.

"You guys sure are horny tonight. Do you want me to get you hot?"

She didn't even bother to read any of the multitude of posts, she just went into her online persona.

"Let's see what I have to play with tonight." She placed the bag of sex toys in front of her as she positioned herself crosslegged in front of the camera. Lookng onto the screen, I could see that she was positioned so a little of her shaved pussy was visible; not a lot but just enough. She rummaged through the bag. The screen filled with suggestions as to which toys she should use but she seemed oblivious to the posts.

"Hmmm...let's see...I used this last week...no, not this one...oooh, what about this?" She pulled a cream colored vibrator with a small piece attached to the top that allowed her to ticke her clit at the same time. "What do you think, guys?"

Again, the screen filled with IM's. I couldn't read them from where I was sitting but I assumed they were all urging her on. I noticed that Sally didn't read them either.

"Ok, I think that's an overwhelming vote!"

She turned the vibrator on ad placed the head in her mouth. She then took it and rubbed it over her nipples letting out a small moan. I refilled the bowl and sat back to enjoy the show.

Her nipples responded to the buzz and were stiffly poking against her shirt. The more she rubbedit against her nipples, the louder she groaned. Slowly she pulled the shirt up so that just the bottoms of her breasts were visible. Some sweat began to appear in her cleavage and on the shirt causing her nipples to be seen through the shirt. They were cute little nubs that looked like erasers on top of a pencils.

"I think this shirt is getting in the way," she said as she slowly pulled it over her head. I could tell that she had her act together and this was almost like performance art.

Now, staring at her beautiful young 34B breasts, I begain to feel that stirring in my crotch. As she held each breast and ran the vibrator over them, he nipples got harder and stood straight up, just as my cock was beginning to do. I quickly reloaded the pipe and took several deep tokes. I then refilled it and walked to the side of her bed just beyond camera range. She looked at the pipe and then at my shorts which were tented up.

"Ooooh, good. I'll take this and you can let that out to breathe if you like."

She toked up and handed the pipe back to me. As I went back to the chair, I dropped my shorts. As I was without underwear, my seven-inch cock stood straight out, it's helmet bright red. I sat down in the chair again as Sally looked over to me and licked her lips.

"Boys, it's time to get serious now. I'm feeling hot and ready to bust."

She got up on her knees and began to run the vibrator over her boxers. She put one hand under the waistband and played with herself as the vibrator hummed over her shorts. Slowly, she worked the shorts down until they were just above her pussy. She ran the vibrator around and dramatically moaned. The screen was flying with messages. I was curious to see what they said so I got up and stood behind the camera and began to read them.

"I wish that was my hand."

"U r so hot. I wanna fuk u."

"Do it. Put it in."

"let me smell your finger."

Real origianl stuff. Still, I could imagine all these guys jerking off because here I was behind the camera sporting a woody and rubbing myself, too.

Sally pulled her boxers down so they were around her knees. She ran the vibrator up and down her slit which was now glistening with sweat. Her clit was poking out from between her shaved pussy lips and as she ran the vibrator over it, she shivered. She sat back down and pulled the shorts off. Then she pulled her knees back and spread her legs giving the world a view looking into her damp vagina. She pulled the lips apart and at that point I looked into the camera and zoomed in, filling the screen with her wet hole.

"Oh, I like that...a little cinematography!," she squealed. "Keep it there and when I tell you to, zoom out, okay."

She ran her fingers around her pussy and her clit was now hard and standing firm. She flicked it several times.

"Ok, now zoom out slowly...slowly...slowly...good."

She took the vibrator and slowly slid it into her wet hole. With short strokes, she drove it in until the top part touched her clit. She lay down so that only her pussy, her hand and the vibrator was onscreen. She lay her head off the side of the bed and motioned me over. I stood over her head with my cock dangling above her face. I began to slowly rub the head aound her eyes, then her nose and finally to her lips. She began to lick the circumsized helmet as her hands were now pumping the vibrator in and out.

Suddenly she stopped licking and moved to the center of the bed. Looking over at me, she said, "It's time to wrap this up and satisfy my audience. Zoom in on my pussy."

I did as she said and watched as she began to pump herself in a frenzy. With load groans and a lot of hip-bucking, she came. Slowly, she withdrew the vibrator and showed her audience how wet both the vibrator and her pussy was. She placed the vibrator into her mouth and licked her juices from it.

Then, almst nonchalantly, she turned to the laptop and loaded a screen that read "Time to sleep. Cum back again!" and ended the video program. The screen went blank and the IMs began to disappear. She had her show timed to about a half hour and now it was over,

"Wow. That was hot, Sally. What a show."

"Uh-huh," she said in a preoccupied way. "465 views...not bad...a night's work." Looking up at me, she said, "I faked it. I wanted to end it."

"Why?", I asked almost sounding disappointed.

"Because I want to play with you, that's why. Now reload that pipe and get up here next to me."

"Ok, but first I have to pee."

I walked into the bathroom while she shut down the equipment and the lights. When I returned, she had a couple of candles burning. I grabbed the pipe and the bag of smoke and sat facing her on the bed. As we passed the pipe back and forth, her hand fondled my balls and my hand tweaked a nipple. While she was toking up, I leaned in and took the nipple between my lips. She arched her back and fed me her breast. I ran my finger along her slit and made circles around her clit. She groaned but this time I recognized it as a real groan, deep and earthy, not like her performance groan.

For the next hour, we did just that - played with each other. Sitting opposite each other, she draped her legs over mine, held my dick and let it run up and down her slit, sometimes drawing circles around her clit. Sometimes we were silly and sometimes we were serious. She lay down on her stomach and began to blow me. Her sucking and nibbling and licking went from "like a lollipop" to "deep throat". Just before I was ready to cum, I let her know and she pulled off me so I could paint her face. Then she took me back in her mouth and gently sucked me until there was no juice left. I returned the favor by pulling her pussy onto my face and letting her ride me. My tongue reamed her asshole and she squirmed gleefully. When I returned to her pussy and began to suck her clit, I ran two fingers up her sugar walls and pressed down on her g-spot. This made her ride me even harder until her panting peaked in streams of juice down my face. She got off me and held my face as she licked me dry. We swapped spit and cum, humped each other and giggled.

This woman was insatiable as well as playful. Several times we stopped to toke up and converse. She told me that she had never had real sex after her performances and tonight, it was incredibly good for her. I felt happy and proud that I could keep her satisfied but I doubted that I could keep it up much longer. My cock started to feel a bit sore.

"I'm getting pretty tired, Sally. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah, I think I'm about ready to fall out, too. Maybe you could give me a little massage and then let yourself out, okay?"

"Sure, I can.

She handed me some oil and rolled over onto her stomach. I rubbed her back, her shoulders, up her legs and laying lightly on top of her, I slid my cock up and down the cheeks of her ass. I patted her and got off to get dressed.

"Hey, you're not done!" she said as she rolled over. Not one to let an opportunity pass, I began to massage her front taking special care to work her breasts. Kneeling by her head, I rolled my hands around her nipples, down along her stomach and then down around her pubes. She leaned back and took me in her mouth as I leaned over and buried my face into her crouch. We had a lanquid sixty-nine until she began to arch and buck in response to my slow tonguing. Her juices ran down her legs and my nose filled with her excellent musky scent. My cock was now pulsing as she pulled my buttocks down and began some serious tongue sucking. I was cumming and she would not let me up, she wanted my cum badly and I rewarded her with a mouthful. After resting a few minutes, I began to get up to get dressed and leave.

"What, no kiss?" she said, looking a bit scorned.

I lay down next to her and spent the next fifteen minutes swapping our juices until finally her eyes closed and her breathing became relaxed.

I quietly got dressed and placed a few buds on her dresser. I slowly let myself out of the house and within a few minutes, I was in my bed dreaming of the amazing experience I'd just had.

I figured that was that - a one time thing, you know. However, later in the day, I received an email from her that read: "That was just great last night. I haven't slept that well in weeks. You are a wonderful lover and I thank you so much. Will you come to Rudy's tomight and let me treat you to a steak dinner? And maybe after I get off, we'll get each other off again? Say yes, please?"

What could I say? After all, I still had a bag of weed and a healthy case of the munchies.

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