Camera Loves You


"Is she wet?" the man behind her asked.

The other man's finger pushed inside Emma's pussy, making her twitch and squeal. "Nope. Not yet."

"Hmm. A slut like her should be dripping by now. Let's see what she has to say about it."

A strong hand tore off the duct tape off her face, taking some of her hair with them. Emma yelled in pain, then began to cough and gasp when the man took the soft ball out of her mouth. She had been gagged for so long that she could barely move her jaw now. Meanwhile, the man stepped in front of her—slightly aside, so as not to block the cameras—and the other began filming from behind, spreading her butt cheeks and taking close-ups of her tightly closed anus.

"You were kidnapped, darling, were you not?" the man in front of her asked. It must have been the Old Man, by the sound of his voice.

"Yes," Emma whimpered.

"And you don't know where you are?"


"And you don't know who we are?"

"No... will you let me go, please?"

He laughed a little.

"No, we won't," he said. "You are a slave now, darling. You will never see your home again. You will never see your Mum and Dad again. You will be trained like a slave, and you will be sold like a slave, and you will live like a slave for the rest of your life."

"No." Emma's lips were quivering now. "Please. I'll do anything. Just please let me go!" A tear escaped her eye and slowly rolled down her cheek. The man wiped it with his finger and licked it with delight.

"Scary" he said. "I know." The man with the camera was standing in front of her now, capturing every emotion on her tear-stained face. "But isn't this what you always wanted, darling? Look at you, up there, on the TV. Those nipple clamps. That collar. That dildo up your ass. You are a bondage slut, are you not?"

"Please," Emma sobbed. "Please let me go."

The man sighed, then suddenly slapped her right breast. Emma yelped and jerked in her chains helplessly. The man slapped her other breast then, making sure the camera man captured how they bounced on Emma's body.

"You are a bondage slut, are you not?"

"Yes... I'm a bondage slut... let me go, I'm begging you... please!"

"You dreamed about this, did you not?"

"Pleeeaseeee," Emma sobbed, then yelped in pain once more when the man began smacking her breasts again. "Yes... yes, I dreamed about this," she whimpered in despair.

"Then live your dream, bondage slut." The man's voice was cold and harsh. "No one will ever let you go, darling. You are a slave now. Embrace it... or suffer."

Shaking all over, Emma watched in panic as he walked away and then returned with a Hitachi "magic wand": a foot-long vibrator with a large bulbous tip. She knew what it was, because she bought it herself a year ago. Her captors must have taken it along with the other toys from her bedroom. The man turned it on and pressed against Emma's exposed pussy, while the other man continued to film it up close.

"Enjoy it, bondage slut," he said, his voice muffled slightly by his balaclava as he continued to move the vibrator around Emma's clit. "Enjoy it while you can."

At first she just stood there spread-eagled and exposed, twitching in sobs in front of the cameras and her captors. Then she suddenly felt that the vibration started to get through. She couldn't believe it, but even now, in all her panic and distress, she could still react to it in that way. Swallowing her tears, she tried to move her hips away from the toy, but of course she didn't go anywhere.

"I think she likes it," the camera man commented, busy with filming her pussy up close.

"Does she, now?" Still holding the vibrator in place, the Old Man stepped aside a little and put his hand under Emma's butt, inspecting her pussy from behind. "Oh yes. She starts to get moist, our little bondage slut. Time for some jewelry, then."

"No... please..." Emma squealed, but they didn't listen. A minute later, a pair of steel nipple clamps adorned her agonizing nipples despite all her whimpers and struggles. They hurt like hell, but it didn't stop Emma from shuddering in unwanted pleasure when the Old Man pressed the "magic wand" back against her pussy.

"They're all yours, darling," he went on. "These clamps, this vibrator, they all belonged to you. Embrace your new life, slave, because you wanted it, and now you have it."

Emma moaned miserably, shaking in her chains. She was really wet now, and she couldn't help it. These men abducted her and put her in chains, and she was as powerless to resist them just as she was powerless to resist her own growing arousal. This horrible man was right. She did dream about this. She did want this. So why bother denying it? Why bother even trying to stop her orgasm as it was building up quickly inside her?

Suddenly the Old Man took the vibrator away. "You want to cum right now, don't you, slave?"

"Yes," Emma whimpered and blushed in humiliation.

He slapped her face. "Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir," she said hastily.

"Beg for it."

Emma paused, struggling with the remains of her dignity for a few moments. Then she gave up. It was pointless, anyway.

"Please let me cum, sir," she whimpered.


"Please let me cum, sir!"

The Old Man chuckled. "No, I won't," he said. "Not yet, anyway. You are a slave now, darling. No one cares about what you want anymore. No one cares about what you think or feel anymore. Get used to it."

He stepped away again, leaving Emma to digest his words, and the Boxer to continue his hand-held camera work. Then he returned, and Emma's eyes widened when she saw a thin wooden cane in his hand.

"Time for some other kind of stimulation, darling," he said, slowly walking behind Emma. "Time to show you what it really means to be a slave."

She opened her mouth to protest, but then the cane lashed across her buttocks so hard that she couldn't even scream: she only gasped and jerked in her chains, her brain unable to process such a huge jolt of pain. But when the Old Man hit her for the second time, she screamed at the top of her voice, because it hurt so much more now. The man didn't stop, though. Slowly and silently, he continued caning her bare, exposed bottom, and the Boxer made sure that every scream, every tear, every twitch and jerk of Emma's chained body was captured on camera. Twenty strokes later, the Old Man put the cane down and picked the "magic wand" again.

"This is what you wanted, darling," he said as he pressed it against Emma's pussy again. "This is your life now. Get used to it, bondage slut. Embrace it."

Her ass hurt like crazy. No one had ever whipped her before. It felt like it was skinned alive. But even despite that, Emma realized after a couple of minutes that her arousal didn't go anywhere. Even through burning pain, even through her terror and despair, she still could feel her orgasm building up steadily, and soon she didn't even know what made her moans louder: pleasure, or pain.

But pleasure ended just as abruptly as before when the man took the vibrator away. Emma opened her eyes to see the Boxer taking off his pants; his cock was quite big, and fully hard. He went behind her, and she gasped and jumped in her chains when she felt his fingers, cold and sticky with lube, against her anus.

"He likes your ass a lot, my friend here," the Old Man commented, picking up the camera. "He couldn't stop talking about how he was going to fuck your tight little shithole when we get here. Will you enjoy it as much, though? Ah, I forgot," he laughed. "No one cares what you like or don't like anymore, darling. You're just a slave now, and no one cares about them."

Suddenly the Boxer went all the way inside her ass, and Emma shrieked in agony. He was so big and thick, and he didn't even bother to prepare her. Sobbing and twitching in her chains, she tried to relax as much as she could back there, but the Boxer didn't seem to care at all. Holding her hips and grunting like an animal, he was pounding her agonizing asshole in a steady rhythm as the Old Man continued to film his friend's exploits.

"Do you like it, slave?" he asked a few minutes later, putting the camera away. With his right hand, he began rubbing Emma's pussy as the Boxer continued his anal assault. "Do you like it when your sweet little ass is being fucked for real, darling?"

"Yes, sir," Emma whimpered, because she knew she was supposed to say it. But just as she said it, she felt a tinge of pleasure from the man's fingers down there. Oh God. She did like it. How terrible. How humiliating!

"Yes, you do," he smiled. "Yes, you do, my little naughty bondage slut. You're still wet. Let's see how you like this¸ then."

A flogger appeared in his hand. He raised it, and Emma jerked in pain when its leather tails lashed across her breasts on top of the nipple clamps. She started crying again, unable to get anywhere as the Old Man continued to flog her quickly reddening breasts and the Boxer continued to fuck her in the ass. It was pure agony now, and she couldn't even think about anything except pain. But when the Old Man finally tossed the flogger away to inspect her pussy, he declared it still wet; and when he pushed two of his fingers in there, a shudder of pleasure shook Emma's entire body.

"I'm starting to think you're actually enjoying all this," the Old Man laughed. "Not only you are a bondage slut, but you're a pain slut as well. Let's raise the stakes again now, shall we?"

Emma squealed thinly, clenching her fists above her, when he hung a couple of heavy leaden balls to her nipple clamps. Now they were pulling her breasts down with force, and every stroke of the Boxer's cock in her ass made them bounce, shooting bursts of pain through her agonizing breasts. But that wasn't the end of it, and she screamed even louder when the Old Man pinched her clit between his fingers and put another clamp right onto it. Sobbing in agony, Emma thought that her predicament couldn't possibly be any worse; but she was wrong. Another heavy ball was attached to her clit clamp, and Emma shrieked so loud that even the Old Man startled in surprise.

"Please... take... them... off... sir... please!!!" she begged in tears, red mist of unbelievable pain in her eyes, while the man behind her continued to assault her anal passage. "Please!!!" This was worse than anything she ever felt before. The pain was so intense that she thought she would die from it alone. Yet she couldn't stop it. She begged and whimpered, crying her eyes out, but the Old Man just smiled quietly, filming her with his hand-held camera; and the Boxer, oblivious to her suffering, fucked her ass with ever increasing vigor—until suddenly he stopped and squeezed her hips stronger than ever, erupting deep inside her rectum with a growl that had nothing human in it at all.

"I can take these weights off you, darling," said the Old Man as he filmed the last throes of his friend's orgasm. "But you'll have to do me a favour for that. Will you?"

"Yes, sir," Emma sobbed, her nipples and clit on fire. "Please take them off."

True to his word, he took the weights off her nipples and removed the clit clamp. The two of them unchained Emma's wrists and handcuffed them behind her back, then forced her to kneel on the floor, with her feet still chained wide apart. The Old Man took his pants off and stepped in front of Emma, his cock almost touching her nose. Still sniffling and swallowing her tears, Emma opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around his cock, then started to suck.

Knowing now what these men were capable of, she was putting her best effort into it. She had little experience in sucking cock, but she tried to make up for it with enthusiasm. She licked its underside vigorously while trying to move her head back and forth as fast as possible, stimulating him as much as possible with her lips and tongue, so eager to pleasure him like this and to ease her suffering. The man seemed to be quite pleased with her efforts: his cock swelled rapidly in Emma's mouth, and he thrust it gently with moans, while the Boxer filmed this all up close.

Suddenly the Old Man grabbed Emma's head and pushed his cock deeper than ever, making her gag. Muffled by it, she squealed in panic and tried to move away, but he held her firmly, as did the chains and the handcuffs. Emma had no choice but to keep gagging on his cock in tears, trying desperately not to puke as the man continued to fuck her in the mouth, almost pushing it down her throat. She wasn't pleasuring him anymore; he was just using her mouth as a hole for his cock, and all she could do was to endure this merciless assault. Finally, he pulled out and looked down at her face: all red and wet with tears and drool. "Beg me to fuck you, slave," he said.

"Please fuck me, sir," Emma stammered, drool hanging from her lips.

"Where do you want me to fuck you, slave?"

Emma paused in confusion. "Wherever you want, sir," she whimpered at last.

"Good girl." He smiled and patted her cheek; she flinched, expecting another slap. "You're learning fast. We can use all your holes, any time we want, any way we like. Now get up."

Shaking all over, cum still leaking out of her anus, Emma got up on her feet awkwardly. The Old Man clasped another chain to her handcuffs, then pulled it up, forcing Emma to bend over with her arms high up behind her. Then he sat in front of her and stroke her breasts, which hung freely beneath her now as she winced and squirmed from the pain in her shoulders.

"What a lovely pair of tit-meat," he murmured. "I think they'd look even better with weights of them.What do you say, darling?"

Emma remembered the horrible pain in her distended nipples and shuddered. However, she knew better now than to argue. "As you wish, sir," she whispered.

"What a good girl." He slowly reattached the heavy balls to Emma's nipple clamps as the Boxer filmed her face, distorted with pain and despair. "Such a quick study. I wanted to fuck your ass too, but I think I'm gonna use your cunt instead. Cum all you like, if you want. You deserve a reward for your good behavior."

Only when he went behind her and slowly pushed his cock all the way in, Emma realized she was still wet. And as he made a few tentative strokes, she found out that she was horny, too. The pain in her overstretched nipples was enormous—especially now that he was fucking her and made the weights sway back and forth—but even that didn't stop her arousal from growing again. These people kidnapped her, to rape and torture until God knows when... but she forgot about it all, driven to ever-increasing ecstasy as her captor was taking her from behind. She was his slave, his plaything, his fucktoy. She was all chained up and helpless for him. He could do anything he wanted with her. He could even kill her, and no one would ever know. These thoughts terrified Emma so much, but they also made her moan louder and louder, until she finally squealed and shuddered in a mind-blowing orgasm. The man behind her didn't stop, though: he went on and on, fucking her from behind, enjoying his captive's sopping hole, and she climaxed two more times before he was done with her and came inside her as well.

Breathing heavily, covered in sweat, Emma just stood there helplessly as the Old Man slowly pulled out of her. Surely, this would be the end of her torture. Both of them used her in all her holes now, and her whole body ached and begged for release. But instead she heard the Boxer approaching her again, and she lifted up her eyes to see his hard cock. Stroking it slowly, he caught her eye and winked through the eyehole of his balaclava.

"I think my friend wants to use your ass again, darling," the Old Man commented. "After you suck him just as good as you sucked me, that is. And I..." he picked up the cane from the floor, "am going to warm you up for him a little bit. Any objections, slave?"

Emma opened her mouth, but it instantly became blocked with the Boxer's cock, and she had no choice but to start sucking him, shaking in exhaustion and fear. How long were they going to do this to her? Were they going to torture her to death tonight? But all these thoughts disappeared at once in a blinding flash of pain as the Old Man's cane slashed across her bruised buttocks. Sobbing and squealing through the Boxer's cock, Emma continued to lick and suck miserably as her other captor continued to cane her ass. Time stopped, all hope was gone, and she had no choice but to live through every moment of this excruciating nightmare, which was just too horrible to be true, and which she just couldn't wake up from, no matter how she tried.

* * *

The cell was about two steps wide and five steps long; thick concrete walls with no windows disappeared high above somewhere in the dark. The only light there was came from under the heavy steel door, and it was barely enough to see the bucket in a corner and Emma's mattress against the wall. She was now lying on it, motionless. Thick steel collar was locked around her neck, and a six-foot long chain connected it to the ring on the wall.

They brought her here a few hours ago: half-conscious and beaten all over, covered in welts, cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. Cum was on her face, too, and her nipples and clit were three blobs of dull, throbbing pain. She had no idea how long they were fucking and torturing her in front of those lights and cameras. She had no idea what time of day it was, how far away from home they were, and how long she was going to stay in this cold, quiet cell. She would have cried at the thought, but she simply had no tears left anymore. She fell asleep a few times, but each time she woke up she grasped at her steel collar in despair, praying God to make this just a long, horrible dream. But it wasn't. She was still there, still kidnapped and enslaved. She was still living every minute of this brutal nightmare.

Suddenly the lock rattled, and the door opened wide. The electric bulb on the ceiling went on, and Emma blinked in its light, crouching on her mattress and looking in fear at the man who entered. It was the Old Man, still in his black clothes. He sat on the floor beside the opposite wall and looked at her for a while, not saying anything. She didn't say anything either.

"I hope you like your new home, Emma," he said at last. "I'm DarkRichard69, by the way. Nice to finally meet you."

Emma only looked back at him, slightly surprised at her own lack of surprise. Did she knew it all along? Did she suspect it from the moment she saw that video of herself on that TV on the wall? Probably. It didn't matter much now, did it?

"Doesn't matter, though," he went on, as if reading her thoughts. "It's not my real name anyway. Do you know why I came here now?"

"No," Emma whispered. "Why?"

"Because I like you," he said with a smile and shrugged, as if apologizing for such a foolish behaviour. "I like you, and I liked your performance back there. You're a natural, and I knew it the moment I saw you on that webcam. You have no idea how much money we've made on tonight's session alone, and how much more we're going to make until we finally sell you. Camera loves you, darling. No argue about that."

"How— how did you find me?" Emma winced as she sat upright on her mattress. The chain rattled, and its cold links touched her bruised breasts. Exhausted as she was, she knew somehow that this time she might finally have a chance to get answers to her questions.

"Easy." The man grinned. "I own the website. This is, by the way, also the reason why no one will ever find you. All logs and all your activity there have been erased, and your laptop is now destroyed, too. Your beloved parents won't even know that their beloved daughter was a webcam model for dirty old perverts like me."

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