tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 005

Camilla Ch. 005


The next morning, Camilla woke up before Mr. Grisham and took a shower, thoroughly cleaning away his ejaculation from her rectum. Then she went into the kitchen and made breakfast for him, which she served him on a tray in bed: bacon, eggs, and toast, with a glass of orange juice. She gently woke him up, and holding his knife and fork for him, she even fed him.

"Why do you feel I deserve to be treated so well?" he asked. "Why do you seem to enjoy being so servile?"

"Because I worship you, sir," she said. "You're so intelligent and knowledgable. The sophistication and maturity of age is something I want for myself."

"The beauty and strength of youth is something I wish I still had," he said, taking some egg in his mouth.

"You can have it in me," she said, cutting a piece of bacon and bringing it to his mouth.

"That's the only way I can have it." He took the bacon in his mouth and chewed it as he said, "when youth is gone, it never returns. Enjoy your youthful body while you can."

"I plan to, sir," she said as she brought the glass of juice to his lips to drink. "But I want a mind of maturity as soon as I can, so I have it in you."

When he finished eating, they went to the bathroom and took a shower together, her cleaning his body thoroughly. She, squatting down, paid particular attention to cleaning his genitals and anus. His erection came quickly, and strengthened when she soaped up his chest, stimulating his nipples.

They got out of the shower and dried each other off. She used his towel to stroke his penis and testicles very gently. His phallus was fully perpendicular to his standing body.

On her knees, she adored the staff that pointed at her face. "I love you so much," she said to his phallus. "You make me feel so good. Please take good care of him, sir. I'll die of despair if anything should happen to him. He's so beautiful."

"But I'm so ugly," he insisted. "Look at this big gut of mine."

"It's not so big," she said, patting it affectionately. "I don't care about your minor imperfections. Please sit on the toilet, sir. Let me please you with my mouth. I've had some practice at fellatio. I'm pretty good at it."

He sat on the toilet, and she knelt between his legs, stroking his erection. "Do you want to splash your come on my face, or do you want me to swallow it?"

"Which would you rather do?"

"Whichever pleases you more."

"On your pretty face, sweetie?"

With a fawning, loving smile, and a servile twinkle in her eye, she said, "You're my teacher, and I must obey you." With those words, she started licking and kissing the tip of his penis, at the hole, never losing eye contact with him. He moaned as he looked down at her adoring eyes, appreciating the sweetness of this girl who looked up to him (both figuratively and literally). She also moaned as she, opening wide, wrapped her lips around his phallus and brought it back to poke the tip against her uvula. She savoured the sweetness of his lollipop lingam, and her eyes, always lovingly fixed on his, continuously asked him if her mouth was pleasing him, and if there was any way she could please him better with her sucking.

Indeed, her mouth was pleasing to him. Her soft lips and tongue caressed the hard-as-steel barrel of his gun, slowly going all the way up and down the shaft. Her tongue tickled the underside of it, and her fingers tickled his scrotum and tapped his testicles, making them flicker, the left and right alternating, in a kicking dance. Her tongue could feel the full engorgement of his erection, and she licked where the corpus spongiosum pushed out from the corpora cavernosa, shaping her tongue like a U around the convexity to embrace it. He grunted in ecstasy.

Her talents weren't limited to the above, though: she demonstrated an ability to control her gag reflex, and deep-throated him several times. She worshipped his phallus so much, she'd have it all. Finally, she sensed his excitement reaching the point of no return, and pulled her head away. After being briefly masturbated by her, he soaked her face with his come. She moaned in willing submission to each splash on her face. Her eyes looking up at him through the foam on her face, she asked, "Did I please you?"

"You...were...incredible," he gasped. "How pretty your face looks."

"I'm glad you like it," she smiled and licked the come off her lips, while some of it dripped off her chin and nose. "I guess we should go to school now."

"Yes, but you have no clothes."

"Then I'll stay here and be your naked sex slave."

"Oh, don't be silly, Camilla. I'll give you a pair of my shorts and a T-shirt, and I'll drive you home. Then you can change into your school uniform, and I'll see you in English class in the afternoon. You gave me some of your panties, remember? You can wear those."

"OK," she said, and got up. He left the bathroom to get the clothes while she washed her face. Later, she went in the bedroom and picked out a dark-blue suit for him to wear, the one she thought he looked the most handsome in. She put on the white panties she'd given him a second time the night before at Luvlee's. She then put on his T-shirt and shorts. Though unshod, she was at least decently dressed, and he took her down to the basement parking lot. He drove her to her apartment building, and they went up to the third floor, where her room was.

In the hall by the door to her room, she started undressing.

"Wait a minute, Camilla," he said. "Go in your apartment first. You can give me the clothes later."

"I don't have my key," she said, now naked except for the panties. "I have to get my roommate to open the door for me."

"All the more reason not to undress. I don't want her to know what we did."

"I won't knock on the door till after you leave, sir." She pulled the panties down from her hips and let them fall to her feet. Then she pulled her feet out of them, turned around, and with her legs wide apart, bent over to pick them up, displaying her vulva and anus one more time for her beloved teacher. She looked back at him upside-down from between her legs, and rubbed her panties against her vulva and anus. Then she stuffed them all the way in her vagina, pulled them out, and straightened up. She turned around and gave them to him with the other clothes. "Here you go, sir."

"You're one wild and crazy girl, Camilla," he said as he took the clothes. "You don't feel at all uncomfortable standing in the hall in the nude?"

"Why should I?" she asked, stretching her arms up and twirling around, hoping to give any anonymous voyeurs among her neighbours a chance to see her body from all angles. "I'm a stripper. Strangers see me naked every day. I don't mind. I like my body. Everybody says I look good nude. Men like to see naked girls, and I like to please them. Besides, this is my home. I'm safe here."

"OK, Camilla, if you insist." She walked him back to the elevator and pressed the button for him. As they waited for it, they embraced, her hugging him tightly as always. She rubbed her belly against his erection.

"I always feel so safe in your arms, sir." The elevator door opened: luckily for Mr. Grisham, no one was in it. He got in and pressed the button for the ground floor. They said good-bye to each other as the doors closed.

"You're so amazing, Mr. Grisham," she said, then turned around.

She didn't want to knock on the door to her apartment just yet: she wanted to be naked in the hall for a while first. She danced around and twirled, singing in a high falsetto, "I am naked; look at my body."

Suddenly, a smiling neighbour opened his door and saw her. Luckily for her, he was forty-something and handsome.

"Hi," she said, smiling and not covering herself at all. Then Candice, her roommate, opened the door, and Camilla went into her apartment.

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