tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 006

Camilla Ch. 006


Candice, Camilla's roommate, had always had secret lesbian cravings for Camilla, though Camilla had secretly always known that. Indeed, it seemed as though Camilla could actually feel the psychic vibes of Candice's passion. For this reason, she knew Candice would have no objections to her nudity as she went in their apartment that morning.

"Well, you got your wish," Candice said as she closed the door. "One of our neighbours saw you naked. He seems like your type."

"Do you know who he is?" Camilla asked as she put her purse on the coffee table and stretched, pushing out her breasts to give Candice a thrill.

"He's a doctor," Candice answered, shyly turning her eyes away and controlling her heavy breathing. "His clinic is the one just down the street. He specializes in STDs."

"Really?" Camilla asked, turning around so Candice could enjoy looking, free of inhibitions, at her naked callipygian behind. "Now I know where to go if I catch something. I think I'll get a check-up with him soon. What time is it?"

"7:30," Candice said, again shyly turning her head away when Camilla quickly turned around. "Do you want some breakfast?"

"I think I'll buy a sandwich when we're driving to school," Camila answered. "You know what I wanna do? Shave my pussy. Last night, a customer--a good-looking guy, well-hung (from the bulge I felt when sitting on his lap), and forty-something--says he likes shaved pussies, and I wanna please him. Only thing is, as you know, I'm so clumsy with razors..."

Candice, knowing her cue, offered, "I've shaved mine before; d'you want me to do it for you?" (Candice always--and willingly--shaved Camilla's legs and armpits: each time was a great opportunity to touch her always-nude roommate.)

"Oh, thank you, sweetie." Camilla grinned from ear to ear, and they went into the bathroom together. They put an old, dirty towel on the toilet, and Camilla sat on it, spreading her legs wide open. Candice, with slightly trembling hands, got the razor and shaving cream. This was the boldest she'd gotten with Camilla, nearing her beautiful vulva, something she'd always wanted to lick. She wasn't sure if Camilla knew she wanted her: was Camilla just narcissistic in her exhibitionism, always walking around naked merely because she liked to, or was she deliberately teasing Candice? Was Camilla waiting for her to make the first move, or, if Candice revealed her feelings, would Camilla react like a scandalized homophobe?

Actually, though she never told Candice this, Camilla was bi-curious. She was deeply flattered by Candice's lust, and enjoyed titillating her. Camilla figured the two of them would make love one day, but she wasn't sure if she'd like performing cunnilingus on Candice. Just two weeks older than Camilla, Candice was as beautiful a redhead as Camilla was a sultry blonde: Candice had lovely, ginger-coloured pubic hair, a curvaceous figure, and--in Camilla's opinion--breasts even more beautiful than Camilla's (with date-like protruding nipples); but Camilla wasn't sure if she'd enjoy making love with a girl. She decided simply to make love with Candice when Candice finally gathered the courage to make a pass.

After trimming the excess pubic hair with scissors, Camilla got ready for Candice's razor. Candice tried to control her heavy breathing as she spread the shaving foam on Camilla's pubes. She put her left hand on Camilla's right thigh as she gently started shaving, from the top down. It was hard for her to focus on the hair with Camilla's lovely vulva in plain view, the closest it had ever been to Candice's face. Since Camilla had just showered in Mr. Grisham's bathroom earlier that morning, her genitals smelled fresh and pretty. Camilla kept grinning the whole time, happy to know she was pleasing her best friend. As Candice's razor came down to shave the pubes closer to Camilla's vulva, Candice was more justified in putting her fingers on Camilla's mons veneris: Candice, on her knees the whole time, started rubbing her legs together and rocking her hips from side to side to stimulate her own very wet vagina. Finally, Candice very slowly and carefully shaved the pubes closest to Camilla's vulva, and to keep her hands stable, Candice had to put her thumb right on Camilla's genitals--she touched Camilla's clitoris for the first time! Camilla moaned audibly as Candice's thumb fidgeted to the rhythm of her other shaving hand, and Candice appreciated the sound of Camilla's voice.

Finally, the shaving was done, and Camilla's pubic region was so closely and thoroughly depilated, that it seemed as hairless as a full Brazilian wax. She thanked Candice with a grin. "Where's the ring for my clit?" Camilla asked.

"The captive bead one?" Candice asked. "On your bedside table, where you left it two nights ago. Do you want me to get it for you?"

"Please," Camilla answered. "It takes so long for me to find the piercing and fit the ring in, and we're running out of time, but I really wanna wear it today. Can you put it on for me?"

"Sure," Candice said, trying to hide her enthusiasm as she hurried back into the bathroom with the ring. Now she could get really close to Camilla's vulva, and touch her clitoris again. Camilla grinned at Candice's eager eyes as the ring was slowly, carefully put into place. Camilla squealed with pleasure at the sensation: Candice, breathing heavily (unwittingly allowing her breath to caress Camilla's genitals), looked at and admired Camilla's large clitoris. She also saw a moist hole.

"Thank you," Camilla sighed.

She grinned at Candice's slip of the tongue, "My pleasure."


Being classmates, the girls drove to school together. Later, during lunchtime, Camilla went into Mr. Grisham's classroom, where he was marking homework at his desk. Again, the two lovers were safely alone. She closed the door.

"Hi sir," she said. "I have something to show you."

"Camilla, not here," he insisted. "I've been thinking, and we have to end this. My reputation as a teacher..."

He was interrupted neither by her words, nor by her fingers on his mouth, but by the sight of her raised miniskirt. Not wearing panties, she exposed her freshly shaven genitals, with the ring through her clitoris. She put her left foot on the desk so she could spread her legs better to give him a good look. "Do you like it?"

"Oh, baby," he sighed as his temptation rose with his erection. "We can't do this anymore."

"You're tense, sir," she said as she got down between his legs. Stroking his penis, she asked, "Do you wanna put it in my mouth?"

"As much as I'd love to, no." He kept fighting the temptation. "We'll get caught."

She slowly unzipped his pants and hid under the desk. She suddenly remembered: she hadn't locked the door! Putting her hands inside his pants, pulling his penis out from his boxer shorts and through the zipper-hole of his pants, she chose to risk being caught rather than interrupt the passion just to lock a door. Besides, the possibility of being caught was thrilling. Licking her lips, she put his phallus in her mouth.

Though there was the unpleasant taste of a recent urination on his penis, she didn't care: the very thought of blowing him in their classroom was deeply arousing. One hand held his phallus while the fingers of the other tickled her clitoris and gently played with the ring: getting the piercing three months ago was well worth it. The woman who pierced her clitoris was a thorough professional, though oddly asexual in the extreme, and she did a masterly job. The increase in clitoral sensation doubled Camilla's pleasure with Grisham. His phallus was rock-hard and almost perpendicular with his bent-over torso. He buried his face in his hands with his twitching elbows on the desk as Camilla slid her lips up and down his phallus. They moaned in unison, as if it was the moaning of only one voice.

This was fortunate, because at just that moment, Ms. Callahan, another English teacher, walked into the classroom.

She didn't see Camilla, who was still hidden under the desk, but Grisham's moaning and jerking movements made her curious. "Is anything wrong, Mark?"

"No," he gasped. "I just have some bad hay fever." He grabbed a tissue and pretended to sneeze. He got more tissue to keep up the pretence.

"Do you have any more copies of that handout of Wordsworth poems? I need some for tomorrow."

"Yes, they're over there." He, still 'sneezing', pointed to the other side of the classroom. Ms. Callahan went over to find them.

Camilla decided to work quickly. Normally she used orgasm-delaying techniques to increase a man's pleasure (as well as to prolong her enjoyment of having a hard phallus in her mouth). Now, excited by the danger of being caught and wanting him to ejaculate while Ms. Callahan was still in the room, she chose to hasten his climax. She kissed, licked, and manually stimulated his phallus frantically while he hid his face in the tissues, with more fake sneezes so his forty-something female colleague wouldn't suspect anything. Having found the Wordsworth handouts, Ms. Callahan turned around and walked back toward the about-to-ejaculate Grisham.

"Are you sure you're okay?" she asked.

"Yes!" he shouted as he ejaculated in Camilla's mouth, her joyfully swallowing every drop. Still 'sneezing', he was thrilled and terrified at the same time.

"Well, you don't have to snap at me, Mark," Ms. Callahan said in annoyance, and walked out of the classroom.

He looked down at Camilla, his flaccid penis still in her gluttonous mouth. "You are a...very naughty girl." She put his penis back in his pants and zipped them up. "This is...too dangerous, Camilla. It's over...between us. I'm sorry."

Affecting a broken heart, she said, "I understand," and left the room. She would be okay. She still had her neighbour (the doctor), her Luvlee's customer, and her roommate for potential lovers. She wouldn't, however, have felt so okay to know that Ms. Callahan watched her sexy young body stroll out of Grisham's classroom.

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