tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 009

Camilla Ch. 009


Camilla had her first taste of female genitals that night as she and Candice made love in the 69 position, with Camilla on top. With Candice licking Camilla's vulva and anus from below, and this being Camilla's first time to perform cunnilingus, this sex was like being taught the technique and practicing it simultaneously; for Camilla simply mimicked everything she felt Candice doing, except for the anilingus, which only Candice indulged in. When Candice licked, tickled, and sucked on Camilla's clitoris, Camilla immediately returned the favour; but when Candice put her finger or tongue in Camilla's anus, Camilla didn't do the same for Candice. Candice's anus was inaccessible to Camilla, Candice being on her back; but with Camilla on top, and her beautifully-curved behind pushed out in front of Candice's face, Camilla's pretty brown eye was seeing eye-to-eye with Candice's eager green eyes.

Though Camilla didn't show the same level of erotic interest in the anus of any of her lovers, she found their salacious fascination with her anus extremely flattering. If they considered the dirtiest part of her body to be beautiful and arousing, how much more of a sex goddess must they have found the rest of her to be! To have one's ass kissed or licked is normally called sycophancy; but in an erotic context, it means one is being worshipped, and Camilla loved to be given a religious kind of devotion in the bedroom. In her idealized self-conception, she was Aphrodite in body, and Athena in mind. To be Aphrodite, every part of her body had to be sanctified, including her cruder areas; so she wanted to use her anus more prominently as a sexual object in order to make herself all the more desirable; therefore she would have to learn how to gain more pleasure from its being stimulated and penetrated.

Camilla got some pleasure from licking Candice's vulva; for Camilla, cunnilingus would be an acquired taste. Candice's licking, however, made Camilla sigh, squeal, and scream as much as it had the first time they'd made love. Candice also enjoyed giving and receiving oral pleasure, and moaned with Camilla. When Candice simultaneously had one finger in Camilla's anus, another finger in her vagina to stimulate her G-spot, and her lips and tongue all over Camilla's clitoris, it didn't take long for Camilla to ejaculate all over Candice's most receptive face.

That Saturday morning, before leaving the apartment to go shopping, Candice shaved Camilla's pubes again. She also put Camilla's captive bead ring on her huge clitoris again for her. Promptly after that, Candice started licking Camilla's genitals: the ring in her clitoris added another dimension of pleasure for her. Camilla ran her hands through Candice's red hair as she joyfully received her friend's electric tongue, and she sprayed her orgasm all over Candice's face. Luckily, none of Camilla's fluid got on the ring, but Candice happily licked it off her face.


Camilla had been told the night before that the electrical problems at Luvlee's would be fixed by Saturday night, so when Camilla went shopping with Candice that afternoon and found a black T-shirt that said "Ass--the new vagina," Camilla immediately bought it with the intention of wearing it that night. She would wear it to excite a particularly high level of lewdness among the Luvlee's clientele, in particular, Mr. Hanson, her high school history teacher, whom she'd massaged and teased the night before.

Indeed, when he walked into the strip joint and saw her in that black T-shirt, tight cut-off denim shorts and high heels, he became very excited.

"Hi, sir!" she said with a grin when she saw him.

"Hi," he said. Pointing to the message on the T-shirt, he asked, "Do you really believe in that philosophy?"

"Sure," she said with a wicked smile. "I wouldn't have bought the shirt if I didn't believe in what it says." Turning around and bending over with her legs spread wide open, she asked, "Do you like my Daisy Dukes?"

"I sure do," he panted. "How soon will you take them off?"

"Next song. I'm onstage next. Come sit at pervert's row so you can see my body up close."

He found a seat at the tip rail as she'd recommended, and a new song, 'Erotic City' by Prince, started to play as Camilla came onstage to the cheering of all the customers. She swayed her behind to the beat, bending over and pointing her bottom directly at Hanson's face. At the first singing of the chorus, where one isn't sure if one hears the word 'funk' or 'fuck', she unzipped and dropped her shorts, exposing her dainty light-blue panties. Again, she turned around, bent down, and pointed her soft buttocks at Hanson's face, gyrating them clockwise and counter-clockwise to the beat. At the group harmony singing of "Whoa-whoa! Whoa-whoa! Whoa-whoa-whoa!", she took of her top; bra-less, she exposed her large breasts with a wiggle and, wide-eyed and mouth agape, affected a look of shock, as if she'd only accidentally bared her bosom before so many cheering men.

Her second song was 'Nasty Girl', by Vanity 6. Halfway into the song, she removed her panties; she was now completely nude except for her high heels. Hanson was thrilled to see her shaved pubes and the ring in her clitoris when she squatted before him. After stuffing her panties inside her vagina, she stuffed them in his shirt pocket. By the end of the song, she removed her high heels.

Her third song was 'Erotica', by Madonna. On all fours, crawling slowly about the stage, she kept her legs wide apart and her behind pushed out so both her vulva and anus were always fully exposed to all the panting members of the audience (who included about half a dozen women in the packed strip club). At one point, she pointed her behind at Hanson and, looking back at him, smiled suggestively, biting her lower lip. He breathed heavily at her implied willingness to receive anal sex from him. Her anus looked like a chocolate-coated raisin, and her vulva was like a pastry with strawberry sauce sandwiched in the middle: her delicious labia. Hanson licked his lips, and a customer from back was heard shouting, "Ass--the new vagina!"

After her song was over, she got offstage, and she and Hanson went into a private room for lap-dances. Rubbing her soft, smooth buttocks against his long, hard penis, she said, "Oh, I remember him," and giggled. At one point during their many lap-dances, she 'accidentally' knocked over her purse, and her tube of anal lube fell out for him to see. Lewdly looking in his eyes, smiling, and giggling, she put the tube back in her purse. After several more songs had gone by, she asked him, "Did you remember to go to the ATM tonight?"

"Yes," he groaned in response to her grinding behind, which still massaged his erection. "I have almost a thousand dollars on me."

"Good," she said. When the next song started, she got up, bent over with her legs wide open, and opened her buttocks and labia to widen her anal and vaginal holes. "Do you want a taste?"

He stabbed his tongue in her vagina while the tip of his nose rested against her anal opening. He breathed in, but smelled not even the slightest faecal door. She had the sweetest anus and vagina he'd ever known, and he gluttonously licked and poked his tongue as deep inside both holes as he could. She giggled, squealed, and sighed with pleasure. Later, she turned around, sat on his lap facing him, and pushed her breasts in his face while stroking the hidden erection in his pants. He sucked on her raspberry nipples while sticking his finger in her anus. He heard her moans of pleasure as she put her slithering tongue in his ear.

With his hands still massaging her buttocks and anus, she said, "You touched my bum in history class yesterday afternoon, you bad boy!" Then she giggled again.

"You liked it," he insisted, opening and closing her anus. She looked in his eyes and grinned in approval of his lust.

Finally, Luvlee's closed for the night, and Camilla put on a sexy, revealing dark blue evening gown. It was elegant-looking and slutty-looking at the same time. She was nude under it, and not only did the low-cut top generously reveal her cleavage, to the point of bordering on exposing her nipples, but also the low-cut back showed off almost an inch of her anal cleft! If she bent over (which she would take every opportunity to do that night), some nipple would be exposed in the front, and about half of her buttocks would show as well. If she bent over with her legs wide apart (her most usual way of bending over), her anus would be in plain view.

"Are you sure this 24-hour restaurant we're going to--Lehar's--will accept you being dressed, or rather undressed, like that?" he asked.

"Sure," she replied. "The restaurant's manager hopes I'll let him sleep with me, so he lets me get away with wearing all kinds of bad girl outfits." Indeed, her face was brightly made up, so much so as to make a prostitute seem like a nun in comparison; and her ruby red lipstick was a welcome sign for Hanson's phallus (or that of any man she liked, for that matter) to enter her mouth. So desirable did Camilla look that if Aphrodite were to descend to earth in a modern woman's clothes, she'd look like Camilla did that night.

When they were in Lehar's and were taken to their table, her callipygian behind glided onto her seat, and sat there curved outwards, her anal cleft always exposed, for the viewing pleasure of any other interested customers. She asked him, "Which parts of my body do you think are the prettiest?"

"Every millimetre of you is flawless," he said. "Even your dirtiest parts are delectable. Forgive me if this sounds ungentlemanly, but you have the most beautiful asshole I've ever seen." For obvious reasons, this last clause was whispered.

"Why, thank you," she said with a high pitch and a sincere ear-to-ear grin. "You're gonna get some good lovin' tonight."

Neither of them knew that someone they knew saw them together there, someone who--by a bizarre twist of fate?--felt strangely drawn to that particular restaurant at that time.

After they finished their dinner at the restaurant, they went in Hanson's car towards the neighbourhood where he lived. Before they got there, they came to a park. She asked him to stop; she wanted to walk through the park with him for a while. He stopped by the entrance (the park was ringed with tall trees), and they walked in. As they approached a bench, he, behind her, ogled her exposed anal cleft.

Suddenly, not able to contain himself any longer, he pulled the shoulder straps of her dress to the sides, and her dress dropped on the pavement. Except for her high heels, she was now completely naked.

Looking back at him, she smiled and said, "You're bad!"

"Ever done it in a public place?" he asked.

"Yeah, but if you put it in my pussy, I'll scream so loud with pleasure people will hear." Then she knelt on the bench and pushed out her behind to display her pretty anus. "Got any other ideas?" she asked with widened eyes and a sexy pout.

"Yes, I do," he said, and frantically reached for her purse. He took out the anal lube, put a generous amount on his finger, and put it as deep in her rectum as he could reach. He lubricated her rectum thoroughly, and put some more on his right hand. Then he unzipped his fly with his left hand, and pulled out his half-erect penis. When he finished lubricating it, it was almost fully erect.

Camilla looked back at him, but the sight of a pair of eyes--at 2 o'clock from Camilla's point of view--watching the lovers through the leaves of the trees distracted her from seeing his phallus as he prepared to put it in. Let the voyeur look, she thought as she felt Hanson's penis push against her opening anus. He slid it in slowly and gently; they moaned together. He pushed it in halfway and asked her if it hurt: she sighed and said she loved it; indeed, she loved how his phallus massaged the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. She wondered how their peeping Tom was enjoying the show; with only the watcher's eyes visible, Camilla knew neither who it was nor what reaction--favourable or unfavourable--she and Hanson were getting.

Finally, Hanson went all the way in. She asked him in groans how he liked the feeling; he said it was the best ever. Indeed, sliding his phallus in and out of that pretty brown hole, and looking at the creamy white skin of her beautifully-curved naked body, was the greatest experience he'd ever had. Not wanting to contaminate that rectal perfection, he pulled his phallus out and ejaculated on her back. She just giggled: "It's raining!" He looked at her behind and admired the big hole in the middle of the chocolate donut that was her stretched-open anus. Not wanting to get his come on her dress, she, in all insouciance over who could have been watching, just walked back to the car naked, smiling immodestly and making not even the slightest attempt to cover herself. Hanson carried her dress and purse for her, and enjoyed watching his come flow down her back and drip off of her buttocks as she walked. He would wipe her back clean with a cloth from his car, and then they would drive to his home for more fun.

She was quivering with pleasure to think some stranger in the park saw her naked and receiving anal sex from her history teacher. She would have quivered with fear to know that her watcher, the same watcher in Lehar's, was her hated drama teacher, Ms. Callahan.

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