tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 010

Camilla Ch. 010


Hanson moaned as he felt the deep-throating mouth of Camilla's vagina tightly embrace his rock-hard erection. The slurping sound of the lips of her vulva as they sucked and slid up and down his phallus was driving him wild. She lay on top of him on the bed, her face up so close to his that only one side of it was visible to him: one brown eye, dilated, and her salivating, lip-stick red mouth.

Hanson soon became aware of some odd things about this sexual encounter: first, her hair was done up, yet her hair had been down when she came naked into his house; second, there was a lot of sunlight coming in the room, when it should have been nighttime; third, if there was a lot of light, why was there dilation of her pupil? If sexual arousal caused the dilation, why was she only softly moaning? Camilla screamed during vaginal sex: Hanson knew this. Finally, her eyes were blue, not brown...

He opened his eyes, and all was explained. His phallus was actually in her mouth; the 'brown eye' was really her pretty anus, opened and inches from his face; and it was morning. He concluded that there was no better alarm clock in the world than Camilla, in the 69 position with him, in the morning. Have dreams ever been any more pleasant than that?

"Now that's what I call a good morning,...or good mooning," he grunted. She giggled as she continued to suck. Adoring the sight of her beautiful anus up so close, he could count the wrinkles and memorize each mark on it. He stuck his tongue inside it as deep as it would go: she'd showered before getting on top of him that morning, so her rectum was immaculate. He enjoyed feeling each tiny fold in that brown tunnel against his tongue as he rolled it in and out and licked her puckered anus lips. She was receiving the greatest pleasure from anilingus yet, and they both came at about the same time; she swallowed every drop of his ejaculation, and he received every drop of hers on his neck and chest.

"You have such a perfect body, Camilla," he sighed.

"You have such a beautiful penis," she said, looking up and down at his naked body. "I have to pee." She got off the bed and started towards the door to get to the bathroom. "I always have to pee right after coming."

"Wait," he said as he got off the bed.

"But sir, I have to go pee-pee." The sight of this naked beauty fidgeting and clutching her crotch was exciting Hanson, even so soon after his orgasm. "Don't make me hold it in too long. I'll pee on the floor."

"Pee on me," he begged, liking the idea of making her hold it in.

"You want a golden shower?" she asked as she flinched and squirmed.

"Yes. In the bathtub. Please, my goddess."

"But, sir...I'll do it if you want, but it's so disrespectful to my teacher." She continued dancing and wincing in discomfort.

"Sanctify me, goddess."

"OK, if you put it that way." They went into the bathroom, he lay down on his back in the tub, and she squatted over his torso. She moaned in relief as the urine finally began to flow; he moaned in pleasure as the liquid gold splashed on his chest. She moved forward and backward so he would feel her piss sprinkling on his neck, stomach, genitals, and legs. He was fortunate in that she had a lot to evacuate from her bursting bladder. His pagan goddess gave him quite a baptism, for he felt the aspersion of yellow drops on his face and hair as well. He was thrilled at how the sight of that diluted honey pouring from her urethra added to the loveliness of her vulva, which she held wide open to the delight of his hungry eyes. Finally, he felt the last few drops she could muster on his face, and she said, "Okay, no more."

He got up, thanked her, and turned on the shower. His penis was erect again. She lathered up the soap and started spreading the lather on his back as he washed her urine off his front. She soaped up his whole body as he soaped up her genitals and anus. After rinsing the soap away, they started kissing and masturbating each other. She nibbled on his nipples and moved one hand up and down his phallus while the other played with his balls. He kissed her forehead, and his hands roved all over her curvaceous body, fondling her breasts and buttocks, and dipping his fingers in her vagina and rectum. She jerked his phallus faster as he tickled her clitoris. At last, she came on his hand, and he came on her belly.

After washing the come off themselves, they got out of the shower stall and dried each other off. Needing to urinate again, she sat on the toilet, leaving her legs wide open so he could watch the golden water pour out into the toilet bowl. Loving the way her curved, round behind caressed the seat, he smiled as he looked down at her and said, "Even when you perform the most animal bodily functions, you're still divinely beautiful. I'm going to go out and get some food for us. What do you want?"

"Anything healthy, thanks," she said, grinning as she looked up at his admiring eyes. He waited for her to finish pissing, and as she reached for the toilet paper, he walked out of the bathroom, put on some clothes in the bedroom, and left the house.

After cleaning her vagina with the shower-head and soap again, she dried herself and walked out of the bathroom. She got her purse (With her high heels, it was the only thing she brought in his house: her dress remained in his car.) from the bedroom and went back to the bathroom. She got out her makeup and started painting her face: thick black mascara, dark blue eye shadow, pink blush, and bright red lipstick. Then she took out her captive bead ring and put it in her clitoris; she sighed with pleasure at the sensation. Shortly after she finished and walked out of the bathroom with her purse, she heard her cell-phone ringing. Now back in the bedroom and with her high heels on, she took the phone out of her purse and said "Hello?" into the mouthpiece.

"Hi Camilla," Candice said. "Where are you? I've been worried."

"I'm in Mr. Hanson's house."

"You're fucking our history teacher? Eww! He's even uglier than Grisham."

"No, he's not. His cock is beautiful. Well, it's a little too big for me, actually. My pussy and asshole are a little sore from his digging last night."

"Oh, Camilla! Don't you have any taste?"

"Well, if you could fuck one of our teachers, who'd you do?"

"How about Mr. Pierce? He's hot. At least he's in shape."

"Yeah, but he's just a gym teacher. I like smart men."

"He's smart. Just 'cause he teaches gym doesn't mean he's dumb. He teaches geography, too. Talk to him sometime: I've had intelligent conversations with him. You and me in a threesome with him would be fun; I bet he'd like that. I've seen him stare at the pretty girls in gym class."

"Maybe he'd be fun to fuck. I have a couple other guys in my sights first, though. I wanna see that STD doctor, our neighbour who saw me naked a few days ago, remember? I'm wondering if my sore pussy and asshole are because of STDs. I don't think they are, but it's an excuse for me to flash for him, anyway. Also, my mom's gonna marry her boyfriend. I wanna do my cat moves on him: even if he's ugly and a jerk, I'll still fuck him just to spite my mom. I hate that bitch."

"You've got serious family issues, Camilla." After a brief pause, Candice smiled slyly and asked, "Are you naked now?"

"As always," Camilla said with a grin. "The ring's in my clit."

"Touch your pussy," Candice sighed.

"Okay. Are you touching yours?" Camilla started breathing heavily and tickling her clitoris.

"Of course I am," Candice moaned. With her phone clasped between her chin and shoulder to free both hands, she fingered her G-spot. "Feel your tits. I'm pinching my nipples."

"I'm squeezing my right tit," Camilla sighed.

"Put it in your mouth." Candice was already nearing orgasm as she heard the slurping sounds of Camilla sucking on her own breast.

Hanson returned with some food, and brought it up to the bedroom. He was thrilled to watch nude Camilla masturbating during phone sex. He rushed into the bathroom, got some paper towels, and hurried back into the bedroom to put them under her very wet vulva. The girls loved the rhythmic sound of their breathing over the phone. Candice orgasmed, but Camilla was still tickling herself. Hanson just sat in front of her and enjoyed the show. "Did you come, Candice?" she asked.

"Yeah," Candice said. "Oh, shit. I forgot--I have to do something right away. Thanks for the phone fuck, sweetie. See you tonight. Bye." She hung up.

"Bye," Camilla said. She put her phone back in her purse.

"That was lesbian phone sex?" Hanson asked with a smile.

"Yeah. Did you get some food?" she asked as she crawled toward him.

"Yeah. What do you want to eat?"

"Your cock. Unzip your pants." On her knees, she was between his legs now. The red lipstick on her lips spelled out fellatio. She pulled out his partially-erect penis and started kissing and licking the tip as she looked up at him. With a wicked twinkle in her eye, she growled, "I love sucking cock."

He looked down at her beautiful shapely nakedness as she put his now fully-erect phallus halfway in her mouth. He ran his hands through her golden hair as her mouth went up and down his erection. Her fingers gently scratched his scrotum and tapped his testes. As she looked up at him, her eyes communicated her pleasure in pleasuring him. Her tongue tickled his protruding corpus spongiosum while her lips massaged the length of his shaft--a good seven inches, and at least two or three millimetres thicker than Grisham's member. She deep-throated him several times, as she had done when she was on top of him in the 69 position before he woke up. "I'm gonna come," he grunted.

She pulled it out of her mouth and placed it between her breasts. She squeezed his penis between them as tightly as she could, and moved up and down so the skin of her smooth, large breasts caressed his erection. His orgasm spat on her face in several splotches: like a little girl being hit with a squirt gun, she giggled and screamed in a high pitch at every splash that spotted her cheeks, nose, eyes, and chin. "That was fun," she said as the foam dripped down her face.

This fun continued for the rest of the day. He didn't want to take her home until after midnight, when all his neighbours were in bed: he didn't want the gossips to see Camilla leaving his house and getting into his car. He took her back to her apartment at about 1:30 AM. In the hallway in front of her apartment, she said goodnight to him, he went down the elevator, and, always the exhibitionist, she removed her dress and shoes. That doctor neighbour watched her through the eyehole of his front door and admired her lovely naked buttocks. She unlocked the door and walked in with her purse and clothes in her hands. She crawled into bed with Candice and they wrapped their arms around each other.

Hanson assumed he was safe, not realizing that a neighbour did see naked Camilla go into his house on Saturday night, and out of his house that Sunday night. The neighbour was a relative of one of the teachers at Camilla's school. Gossip would be sure to come.

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