tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCamilla Ch. 104

Camilla Ch. 104


A painful moment in the reliving of 37-year-old Camilla's memories had come; so painful was this memory, in fact, that it might have seemed better for her wake up. Indeed, her sleeping naked body getting gang-bangs from the spirits of all her angry former lovers in the public aquarium might have seemed like a rest. Nonetheless, she had to go through all the agonizing moments in these memories; for only now was she able to see clearly what had really been going on years before.

Four years before the aquarium incident, 14-year-old Eros was psychically blocking Camilla, then 33, from sensing Cameron's slowly increasing despair over her cheating. This was a despair the boy was subtly enlarging with Nigrovum. His step-father eventually grew deathly ill, and was unable to teach for a week before his sadness had weighed down on him so heavily, like huge rocks on his back, that he finally died in bed.

When Camilla found her husband's corpse under the blankets one November afternoon after coming home from McGill University, she knelt by the bedside and sobbed softly. When she started to feel those same 'rocks' on her back, she automatically set up her emotionally numbing psychic dome, as usual, to help her carry on.

During the funeral, which came a few days after Cameron's death, she looked down teary-eyed at her husband's body in the coffin; while Eros, smiling slightly, psychically blocked Camilla from knowing how happy he was with the success of his plan. The masked men, ever monitoring Camilla's every second, were also pleased.

37-year-old unconscious Camilla, now reliving these memories with the psychic blocks removed, felt tortured by what she now knew of her son's involvement in Cameron's death. Only her fear of dying, and of being forever gang-raped by the spirits of her vengeful former lovers in hell, kept her from psychically letting go of her life in this world. Besides, she still had to know everything that had been psychically kept from her; and reliving this mournful period of her life made the come she was gushing out into the water-tank neither that of lust, nor of fear.

This lull in the lust-energy in the Nigrovum in her come didn't trouble the masked men too much, for they knew she would soon relive a lustful, fearful memory.

No longer burdened with the responsibility of being faithful to a husband, Camilla returned to fucking without inhibition or restraint; besides, enjoying a number of her cute twenty-something university students--male and female--helped her forget the pain of losing Cameron. 'Fuck the pain away,' as Candice had used to say, back in her heavy junkie days. The masked men obviously were delighted with Camilla's resurgent promiscuity, for she was once again spreading around lots of lust- and fear-infected Nigrovum, making her many new lovers slaves to the masked men. Also, her indulgence in sex, nullifying any interest in spirituality, made her more of a slave to them, too.

One afternoon the following April, she was lecturing before her students in McGill University, and had mentioned a passage from Balzac's Pere Goriot. Her hair, eyes, and skin were their original blonde, blue, and peach colours, respectively.

"'Civilization,'" she quoted in the original French, "'like the car of Juggernaut, is scarcely stayed perceptibly in its progress by a heart less easy to break than the others that lie in its course; this also is broken, and Civilization continues on her course triumphant.' 'Juggernaut' refers to 'Jagannath', a Hindu god whose idol is pulled on a chariot during a religious festival. According to The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, Hindus would throw themselves under the wheels of the chariot, allowing themselves to be crushed to death in an act of religious sacrifice. Some say the deaths were mere accidents: the crowds who enthusiastically watched the idol passing by on the streets would push and shove, and people would fall on the road. It makes no difference to me how they died, for it is the power of idolatry to make us gaze in stupefied awe at a god or goddess raised up high, and we are destroyed by it will or nill."

As she continued lecturing, she felt what seemed like a finger going up her cunt, tickling her G-spot. She started sighing heavily with a wide-open mouth; she looked in the faces of her students with embarrassment. That invisible finger kept slipping in and out, gently stroking her G-spot just the way she liked it. Though this obvious psychic intrusion by the masked men was most unwelcome, she couldn't help enjoying the masturbation she was receiving. Her hips and ass moved up and down rhythmically to the fingering. She'd paused mid-lecture for about five seconds or so.

"Ms. Fox?" asked a female student in the first row. "Are you OK?"

"Uh, yeah," she sighed, trying to make those sighs as inaudible as she could. "Sorry. The path...to salvation...doesn't have...to be...attained only...through asceticism. Siva is...an erotic ascetic, renouncing pleasure...as well as...indulging in it. The Carpocratians, who were...libertines, also indulged, because they believed...the imprisoned eternal soul...must pass through...every possible condition...of earthly life. Oh!" Moisture from her cunt was staining her panties.

Her students were looking more and more askance at her. Two of them, young men in suits, were smiling lewdly, enjoying watching The Fox getting horny right in front of their eyes.

"To get to...the heavenly head...of the ouroboros, you can go...the Right hand Path, up the body...of the serpent...to the head, or you can go...the Left hand Path, down to the bitten tail, and through the hell...of that tail...to the head," she continued, panting. "There are...two ways to heaven: the way of...the Church, sweet and innocent...and peaceful, or the way...of Jagannath, of willing self-destruction. There's the ascetic way, or the erotic." Now she felt an invisible finger rubbing against her asshole, and gently slipping inside. An invisible tongue was then licking her hard clit. She knew she couldn't go on with her lecture. "Excuse me."

Suddenly, she ran out of the classroom and found a nearby washroom. She pulled down her pants and underwear, and sat on the toilet. Those invisible fingers kept on sliding in and out of her pussy and asshole, reaching deeper and deeper inside. The invisible tongue kept on licking and licking, and invisible lips were sucking on her hard clitoris, then tightly hugging her swollen labia. Now she was free to enjoy it in private...or so she thought.

The psychic finger in her pussy was gently jabbing at her A-spot, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. The finger deep in her rectum was stroking the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall, giving her even more pleasure. Those lips and tongue were frantically sucking on and licking her clitoris. Her sighs grew louder and higher pitched, then she squealed and sprayed the toilet bowl and water with her come.

She was so involved with her pleasure that she paid no psychic attention to whoever could have been listening on the other side of the door; in fact, she'd even forgot to lock it upon entering! Those two boys from her class, both about twenty years old, had been listening to her moans and squeals just outside the washroom almost immediately after she'd gone in. No longer able to resist the temptation, one of them suddenly opened the door, and they both barged in just as she was pulling up her pants.

"Dr. Fox," said one of the men. "You stepped out of our class to masturbate?"

Instead of saying what she wanted to, to tell the boys to leave and mind their own business, she was compelled to say, "Yeah." She did up her pants.

"You're even hotter than we thought," said the second boy. "Come with us; we'll help you get off even more."

They took her by the arms and led her out of the washroom and into an empty classroom. They locked the door. She was psychically compelled to comply the whole time. The second young man watched the door, making sure they wouldn't be disturbed; he was quite surprised their classmates didn't come out and see what their teacher was doing.

"OK," said the first boy, who got out his cell-phone and set it to camera. "Strip for us: I've gotta see what you look like naked."

Compelled to obey, and temporarily disoriented as to who was controlling her, Camilla started unbuttoning her black blouse, revealing a pink lace brassiere. She pulled off the blouse and lay it on one of the desks.

"Alright," the second boy said, also getting his cell-phone out and setting it to the camera function.

She bent down, dreading the whole idea of being naked before these young men, who, though handsome, weren't of any sexual interest to her. She unzipped her beige dress pants and pulled them down, revealing her pink panties.

"Amazing," said the first boy, already taking pictures of her, as was the second. "No flab. She's in her thirties, but looks no older than about 23."

"Yeah," said the second boy. "Please get out of that underwear fast. I gotta see those tits. I hope they don't sag."

Though with a frown of embarrassment and fear on her face, she was nonetheless psychically forced to keep undressing. After her pants and high heels came off, she straightened up and undid her bra. She wiggled her breasts most reluctantly as the bra came off.

"Woo!" shouted the first boy, who then covered his mouth, worried that he was heard. (He needn't have worried: the masked men had put a force field around the classroom, allowing no one to hear anything inside or come near it. Their classmates were psychically forced to sit in their seats in Camilla's classroom, as though nothing strange had happened.)

Finally, Camilla pulled down her panties, revealing her pubic hair and ass. She pulled her feet through the panties' leg-holes, then straightened up. The boys stared in awe at her naked body; she could only allow them to stare and take pictures.

"OK," said the first young man. "Now get on the floor and spread your legs. I gotta see that pussy."

"OK," she said, sitting on the floor and spreading. As both boys looked down at her pink pussy and took pictures of it, all she could do was frown her feelings of humiliation. I'm a university professor, she thought. I'm not a stripper anymore. I'm not just a piece of cheesecake anymore; I'm an intelligent, learned woman! I deserve better than this. I should be treated with respect. This shouldn't be happening to me. Those damned masked men! I hope they rot in hell!

"So this is what The Fox looks like in the raw," said the second boy. "You are even hotter than I'd imagined you could be."

"I thought she'd just be a MILF," said the first boy. "She has the body of a Penthouse Pet! You should be in porn, Dr. Fox. Seriously!"

"OK, now get up, turn around, and bend over so we can see your asshole," said the second boy. She got up and turned around as asked. "Yeah, spread your legs out wide, then bend over." She did. "I can't believe this is happening," he said to the first boy. "What's making her so cooperative? She must be a mega-nympho!" Then he looked at her brown, wrinkly asshole. "Whoa! Dr. Fox, that thing's way too pretty for pooping." The boys took more pictures. She just looked back at them upside-down from between her legs with a frown.

The boys got closer and squatted down to get a better look. They took some close-up shots of her pussy and asshole.

"Do you think we should fuck her?" the first boy asked. "Opportunity of a lifetime."

"We've been tempting fate a little too much already," said the second boy, always unaware that the masked men, psychically monitoring the situation from the other side of town, had made everything perfectly safe for fucking.

"Well, we've got to do something," the first boy said. "Let's eat her out."

"OK," said the second boy. "Dr. Fox, get down on the floor on all fours, keeping your pussy and asshole visible. We wanna have a taste."

She got on the floor as commanded. All she could do was wait and pray for this ordeal to be over with as soon as possible.

"OK, who goes first?" the second boy asked. "Let's do paper, scissors, stone." They did, and the first boy won. He knelt behind Camilla's ass, and put his lips up to her cunt. His nose rested against her immaculately clean asshole as he licked and sucked on her labia.

The second boy sat beside her and fondled her tits. He grabbed and squeezed very aggressively, hurting her, though there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. She just frowned and winced.

The first man slid his finger in her pussy and began licking her asshole. As his finger went in and out of her cunt, he felt what seemed to be an outside force guiding him to stroke her the right way. Indeed, his finger, after a few seconds of clumsy poking, was now gently massaging her G-spot, just as the invisible hand had been doing before. Her pussy started getting wet again.

"What the fuck?" he asked as he kept fingering her without his own will.

The second boy started feeling her breasts with more sensitivity, too, gently caressing them and lightly pinching the nipples; again, none of this was his mind controlling his hands. "What?" he asked. "Why are my hands groping in a way I don't mean them to?"

"It's weird," said the first boy. "But at least we're still enjoying her." He kept licking her asshole and fingering her wet cunt. Then he brought his head down to lick her rock-hard clitoris.

She began sighing with pleasure. At least the masked men know how to get me off, she thought. "Oh!" She was approaching orgasm.

"OK," said the first boy. "You wanna go at her? She's really wet. I've been satisfying my thirst big time here."

"OK," said the second boy. They switched positions. He slid his finger inside her asshole and picked up the pussy-licking where the first boy had left off. The first boy was now softly kissing Camilla on the lips while caressing her tits.

"Mmm, oh," she softly moaned as they kept stimulating her. Though she was getting turned on, she still felt publicly shamed, like Eve after the Fall. Indeed, she would have done anything for some strategically placed fig leaves.

The second man pulled his finger out of her agape asshole and tried to slip his tongue inside. His other hand gently pushed inside her soaking-wet pussy, giving her as painless a fisting as he could. By the time he'd got half of his hand inside, with all his fingers and thumb in there, she came. His hand and the floor under her were covered in her cooze.

"Holy shit!" said the first boy. "She's a gusher. Let's eat it up."

"Yeah, definitely," said the second boy, licking the come off his hand. Not caring at all about germs, the first boy got down on the floor and began lapping.

When the first boy's hand was as clean of come as he could get it, he stuffed his face between her buttocks and licked the remaining jizz off her pussy. She softly moaned, trying not to come a second time. She just wanted this all to end, so she could get dressed and back to class.

The first boy lapped up as much of her come off the floor as he was willing to drink, then he got up and looked out the window. Though he was relieved not to see anyone looking in at what they were doing, he nonetheless didn't want to press their luck. "Hey, maybe we should go."

"Yeah," said the second boy. "We've had our fill." They got up, took a few more pictures, and left the classroom. As they were walking back to Camilla's classroom, they could hear voices in their heads saying, 'Vote for the Green Party, always.'

Finally, Camilla was released from her psychic bond. She immediately reached for her clothes and put them back on as fast as she could, hoping no one would come in and see her still in a state of undress. As soon as she was completely dressed, she began to use her own psychic powers. She visualized the boys' phones having all their photos erased. Within a few seconds, her nudie pictures were lost forever. Then she visualized the boys forgetting all that had happened from the point she'd begun to get horny in class to the present moment. She also psychically erased her other students' memory of her getting hot in front of them.

When she was assured that the whole embarrassing episode had been forgotten, she strengthened her emotionally numbing psychic dome, so she could go back into class and face those students without shuddering. Finally, she visualized the strongest psychic barrier she could possibly muster, indeed, the strongest she'd mustered to date; she hoped it would keep the masked men out of her mind and out of her life for as long as possible, maybe even forever, if she was lucky.

After that, she took a few seconds to pull herself together, and went back to class.

There was still another half hour before her lecture was to end, and when she walked back into class and stood before her students, she was relieved to see them looking at her as though nothing had happened.

"Sorry for stepping out just now," she said. "Something came up. Now, to resume..."

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