tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCamilla Ch. 013

Camilla Ch. 013


After nude Camilla walked into their apartment and Candice--also nude--closed and locked the door, Candice immediately went up behind Camilla and started fondling her breasts.

Camilla moaned at the gentleness of Candice's touch, and asked, "What's the problem with Mr. Pierce? How's he a pervert?"

"He watches us as we shower after gym class," Candice said in moans as she lightly tickled and pinched Camilla's nipples. "He has hidden cameras in our shower room."

"How could he sneak cameras in there?" Camilla put her hands over her shoulders so she could stroke Candice's hair. Candice kissed and nibbled on Camilla's neck.

"I don't know how, but he has them hidden in the shower room," Candice said between kisses as she rubbed her pelvis against Camilla's buttocks. Camilla enjoyed the gentle brushing sensation of Candice's pubic hair against her behind, and Candice enjoyed feeling Camilla's anal cleft open slightly as her pelvis pushed each buttock away from the centre alternatively. "I think the cameras are in the black borders between tiles on the walls, where the borders intersect."

"How do you know he's filming us?" Camilla sighed.

"Yesterday Ms. Partridge told me to find him and have him come to her to talk to her about something, and I went in his office," Candice explained as her right hand moved down to touch the stubble on Camilla's mons pubis. "He wasn't anywhere in sight, and I went inside out of curiosity, because normally his office is always locked. When I saw what was in there, I understood why. I saw, by his computer, DVDs he'd burned with 'Cami. & Candi' written on them. Suspecting they were about us, I put one in his computer. Sure enough, it showed us showering together: it was Friday after gym class, when we washed each other's bodies after all the other girls left." Candice was now tickling Camilla's clitoris.

"I've no objections," Camilla squealed. "Let's do him in a threesome."

No longer touching Camilla, Candice said, "Camilla, we may be his favourites, but we're not the only girls he's filmed."

"No?" Camilla turned around to look at Candice.

"No. He has DVDs with 'Gr. 9', 'Gr. 10', 'Gr. 11', and 'Gr. 12' on them. I watched a bit of one of the 'Gr. 9' ones, and it was just what I'd suspected: naked, showering 14-year-olds."

"Oh, no," Camilla said. "That's just plain wrong."

"We have to tell the principal."

"Do you have proof?"

"Yes, I took pictures of everything in his office with my cell-phone: the DVDs with their labels clearly legible, and stills of them playing on his computer. He's soooooo busted."

"Why would he keep all the incriminating evidence in his office? I thought you said he was a smart man."

"I don't know: I guess it's just criminals' vanity--you know, like the murderer who publishes his crime as a novel describing exactly how he did it, yet still thinking he'll never get caught. Well, Pierce has been caught, and he's going to jail, as I see it."

"Well, what if he repented?"


"You're a Catholic. You believe in Christian forgiveness, don't you?"

"This is unforgivable, Camilla." When Camilla gave Candice a disapproving look, Candice continued: "If I don't forgive, Camilla, remember: neither do you. You'll never forgive your mom for messing up your life--am I wrong?"

"Candice, my mom will never repent; but if we put the fear of God into Mr. Pierce, I bet we can force him to repent." Camilla then told Candice her nascent plan, and they went to bed, resuming their lovemaking. Candice gluttonously sucked on Camilla's breasts while rubbing hers against Camilla's belly. Candice rubbed her crotch against Camilla's foot; Candice also gave Camilla a 'shocker', putting the index and long fingers of her right hand in Camilla's vagina, while putting her pinkie in Camilla's anus. The surprise of this made Camilla orgasm: Candice happily licked all of the fluid off Camilla's genitals and off the bed-sheet.


After gym class the next day, Candice had finished her shower early and left to find Mr. Pierce in his office. When she surreptitiously saw him walk in, turn on his computer, and lock the door with a slightly guilty look in his eye, she called Camilla on her cell-phone to tell her that the gym teacher was probably watching the girls shower on his computer just then. Camilla, still in the girls' change room, then hung up, put away her cell-phone, and slowly undressed in front of Akemi. Camilla rarely looked in Akemi's direction so the shy 18-year-old Japanese-Canadian could enjoy the show. Akemi took furtive glances, making sure the other girls didn't notice, as Camilla removed her blouse, her mini-skirt, her shoes and socks, and finally her bra and panties. Naked Camilla then suddenly squatted when facing Akemi to scratch her ankles, all the while turning her head to the side so Akemi could freely look at Camilla's vulva. Akemi, however, was too timid to look. Camilla grinned at Akemi, who blushed, as Camilla walked out of the changing area and into the shower room. She then began a late shower, deliberately dawdling so the other girls would leave first, and she would be alone there.

Finally alone, she noticed what looked like a small camera lens hidden in a hole in the intersecting black borders of the white tiles on the wall: Candice was right! Neither Camilla nor Candice minded Pierce watching them shower; both girls were of the age of consent, and Candice had the potential to be as exhibitionistic as Camilla was, given Camilla's influence. Watching underage girls shower, however, was going too far; also, there was the issue of invading all the girls' privacy, regardless of their age. Pierce had to be stopped, and Camilla knew exactly how.

The camera was level with Camilla's upper legs, and looking up at her. Pursing her lips, she looked down directly at it, as if it were Pierce's eyes, and began a slow, erotic dance. Her hips swayed and undulated like the ocean waves as if seen while lying on one's side. She moved her hands up and down her body, touching her breasts, hips, and crotch. She turned around and moved her behind left and right, fondling her buttocks and opening them wide so the camera would get a clear shot of her anus. Then she bent over and aimed her behind at the camera so her anus would be in a close-up. Perfectly clean inside and out, it looked like a pink Fruit Loop.

After that, Camilla turned around and squatted. As she thought would happen, the camera tilted down to get a shot of her vulva, which she clearly displayed with wide-open legs. Then she opened her labia wide to expose her vagina, and looked in the camera lens with widened eyes that hoped for approval. Her genitals looked like pink liquorice.

Camilla continued displaying herself in this manner, trying different poses, including going on all fours with her backside to the camera and displaying both her vulva and anus. As she did this, it occurred to her: she was of legal age, and enjoyed showing off her nakedness--why not hire a photographer and have pornographic photo galleries and films of her posted on the internet? She wanted a straight man to do the photography: though he'd control his lust and be professional about his work, when she looked in his eyes and saw his desire, that could create a sexual chemistry that would make her poses even more exciting--for him, for her, and for her viewers. Besides, they could do POV porn, and she'd let the man have sex with her as long as he filmed it, every time.

At one point during her posing, she stood up to dance before the camera, but it didn't tilt up with her. Pierce must have left his office: Camilla and Candice thought he would do that; they correctly assumed he would rush to the girls' shower area in the hope of having an encounter with Camilla.

Indeed, Pierce soon entered the girls' change room, and Phase Two of Camilla's plan began. "Camilla?" he boldly asked as he turned the corner that led to the shower room.

"Mr. Pierce?" she asked with a grin as she casually reached for her towel. When he saw her, she was just starting to wrap it around herself: he caught a split-second glimpse of her buttocks; she knew, and her body language clearly told him that she didn't mind. "How are you, sir?" she asked as she walked up to him.

"Oh, just real good," he stammered in excitement.

"Did you enjoy the show?" she asked with a sly smile.

"Yes, I did," he panted.

"I'm glad," she said, grinning wickedly as she allowed her towel to unwrap from behind her and cover only her front. Her hips were now bare.

"Since I already know what everything looks like, I don't think you'll be needing this." He grabbed her towel and quickly pulled it away from her.

She waited for him to look drown at her nakedness before putting her hands over her breasts and mons veneris, neither of which she adequately covered; indeed, both nipples were still showing, as was her pudendal cleft--this, of course, was deliberate. "Sir," she whined in affected disapproval. "You're bad."

"Let me be worse," he said, and put his arms around her. They were kissing hard, their tongues dancing with each other, as his hands moved up and down her body. He gently fondled her buttocks as she stroked the bulge in his pants: its size, roughly seven inches in length, impressed her; as she stroked it, she also sucked on his tongue as if she were performing fellatio. His fingers crept inside her anal cleft and fingered her anus. She pulled her tongue out of his mouth and gently bit his lower lip, pulling it towards her as she moved her head back. She let his lip go, and it snapped back. He moved his right hand to her front; his finger tickled her clitoris. He moved his left hand over to her breasts; he squeezed her left breast and pinched the nipple; Camilla squealed with pleasure. After several minutes of masturbating her while fondling her breasts and kissing and nuzzling her lips, cheeks, and neck, she orgasmed. He was impressed with her gushing, and enjoyed watching her squat and urinate down a shower drain. After cleaning her genitals of urine and come, she joined him in the change room.

He looked out the door to make sure no one was in the area, then he looked back at her as she reached for her light-green lace panties. With her back to him, she bent over and slowly put them on: he loved looking at the softness of her buttocks as the panties caressed and finally covered them; watching her let the elastic snap against her behind was particularly pleasurable. Then she reached for her brassiere and turned around so he could enjoy watching her put it on. She wiggled her breasts as she put her arms through the shoulder straps. Finally, he watched her put on her pretty white socks, her black shoes, and the white blouse and dark plaid miniskirt of her school uniform. "Is there somewhere private we could go so we can have more fun?" she asked. "I have a free period now."

"Let's go up to my office," he suggested, as she'd hoped he would. As they were walking out of the girls' change area and into the gym, they didn't notice Ms. Callahan watching them. "How many teachers is Camilla going to be slutting it up with?" the English and drama teacher asked herself.

When Camilla and Mr. Pierce went into his office, Candice was there waiting for him, with a DVD of showering Camilla and Candice playing on his computer monitor. "Let's talk about your filmmaking, Mr. Pierce," Candice said.

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