tagBDSMCamilla Ch. 044

Camilla Ch. 044


Tuesday at 1 PM was when everyone arrived at the girls' high school for their graduation; before the actual ceremony began, the all-female performance of Hamlet was seen, and Camilla, in her scene as Ophelia, predictably wore no panties under her knee-length dress. Being more used to Camilla's outrageousness by now, Akemi--in their scene as Hamlet--only blushed this time when she opened Camilla's legs, after she said 'No-thing!' The shy Japanese-Canadian was no longer scandalized by Camilla's excesses--she was too much in love with her acting partner.

After the performance, there were some speeches. Mr. Langella was one of the teachers who talked.

"I would like to start by congratulating all our girls not only for their wonderful performances, but also for their success at our school," he said. "We will certainly miss them, as we will miss some of our teachers. Mr. Pierce, one of our gym teachers, will be leaving us to teach at St. Mark's Catholic High School in Victoria starting in the fall. We wish him the best of luck in his future." Everyone clapped as Pierce stood up. Then Langella continued with a frown: "This missing of teachers brings me to my next point...which I regret having to announce. One of our French teachers, Mr. Leroy, passed away this past weekend." Everybody froze at this news, particularly Camilla, who shook with agitation to hear that yet another of her lovers had died. "He was a well-loved teacher here at our school," Langella continued, "and we will never forget him."

This sad news cast a pall over the proceedings of the graduation ceremony, though everyone tried to be in as high spirits as possible. After the ceremony, Camilla searched around for Langella at the reception. When she saw him, she cut through the crowds of people as quickly as she could to get to him; when she got near him, she tapped him on the shoulder.

"Yes?" he said as he turned around. "Oh, hi Camilla." Then he began to whisper, "Do you want to...?"

"How did Mr. Leroy die, sir?" she asked Langella urgently.

With a sigh, he said, "Food poisoning. I know, it's shocking."

"Sir," she whispered, "I made love with him." She fought back her sobs as she continued whispering. "A lot of my lovers have been dying on me. I don't understand what's going on."

"What?" he said with a sneer of skepticism. "You think you're causing it? Not likely, sweetie. He died of food poisoning. What could you have done?" Then he whispered, "Lactate poisoned milk as he sucked your tits? Look: why don't we talk about this over dinner tonight at my place?" He, careful not to be seen by anyone else, stroked her arm.

"I-I'd love to, sir," she said in sobs. "But...I have this weird feeling you'll die, too."

"Honey," he whispered, "if you're lovemaking is lethal, my fate is already sealed. Remember last Friday night? And the Friday night before that? I'm prepared to live dangerously." He ogled her with these last words.

"Well, OK," she said, starting to cheer up a bit. Then in his ear she softly purred, "My pussy smiles when your cock is inside her."

"That's the spirit," he whispered. "It's settled, then. My place tonight, at 8 PM?"

"OK," she said with a lewd smile.

"I'll cook a nice gourmet dinner for two; you'll see that I'm not only an artist at the easel, but also in the kitchen. See you tonight."

"I already can't wait," she said as he walked away. Then Candice and Mr. Pierce came up to her.

"Hi Camil," Candice said. "Mr. Pierce is moving to Victoria tomorrow, so today's his last day here. That means this is his last chance for sexual penance. We should make it special this time."

"Right," Camilla said. "Any ideas?"

"How about we get him naked and tied up on those pillars by the kitchen again? Only this time, we can invite all the graduating girls to our home to see him. I'm sure most, if not all, of them think he's really hot (which he is), and would love to see him naked."

Pierce, always the sexual masochist, eagerly awaited his imminent humiliation. He looked impatiently in Camilla's eyes, waiting for her to agree with this idea.

"Well, he saw us all naked in the shower during gym class," Camilla said as she got out her cell-phone. "We all should see him. It's only fair. Tit for tat: pardon the pun." She started texting her classmates. "We'll make it a party; I'll invite Michael, too. I'm sure lots of the girls here will rush to our home to check Pierce's cock out."

"Definitely," Candice said. "I'll drive him to the apartment. See you in an hour or so?"

"Sounds good," Camilla said, and continued texting. This was the message she would send to several of her classmates: 'Come to Camilla's and Candice's apartment for an after-graduation party. Pass it on to the other girls. No teachers, though. Here's why: YOU'RE GONNA SEE MR. PIERCE NAKED. NO LIE!' She included the address, and sent the message to Tina (who saw her on the toilet at NRG two Fridays ago), Akemi (who wasn't interested), Calina, a first-generation Russian-Canadian, and a few other girls. Tina, Calina, and two of the otter girls forwarded the message, and a dozen grade twelve girls, excluding Camilla and Candice, would go to the apartment.

Bisexual Calina was especially excited about being there, and for two reasons: Camilla and Pierce. Calina was the other girl who, along with Akemi, Tina, and Candice, enjoyed watching Camilla get naked in the change room during gym class. The 18-year-old Russian, a curvaceous, buxom, and pretty brunette, went up to Camilla to ask her about the party.

"Mr. Pierce is naked in your home?" Calina whispered in her lilting Slavic accent. "Or is it pictures?"

"Him, the real him," Camilla said with a lascivious growl. "In the uncovered flesh."

"How exciting," Calina sighed. "Drive me crazy. I go there now, OK?"

"OK," Camilla said. "I'll drive you there. Let's go." The girls left.


It was about 4:30 PM when all the girls had arrived in Camilla's and Candice's apartment. Three of the girls, expecting only to see photos of Pierce naked, ran out of the apartment in tears. The shock of seeing their gym teacher actually there, frontally nude and tied to those pillars at the wrists and ankles, was too much for them, especially since his penis was partially erect from the excitement of being erotically humiliated. Michael, Camilla's gay friend, arrived soon after: he and Pierce had been having a clandestine relationship since the week before, when Michael had demonstrated his so impressive sucking skills on Pierce.

The remaining girls stared in awe at the beauty of their teacher's muscular nude body. He was even better looking nude than any of them had imagined! Calina was practically drooling at the sight of his large cock, which she was impatient to get a chance to suck like a lollipop. Candice was behind him, spanking his ass hard. His buttocks looked like two tomatoes side by side.

"Mr. Pierce is a naughty boy!" she shouted in a maternal voice as her hand swatted his buns. "Camilla and I feel you girls ought to know this, before he leaves our school. Mr. Pierce used a hidden camera to watch us in the shower room!"

"You saw us all naked, sir?" one chubby girl asked in horror. After he nodded shamefacedly, she shrieked, "Oh my God!" She was shaking with embarrassment.

"Really, sir?" another girl asked. After another blushing nod, she said, "You're a creep! You should be in jail!" The two scandalized girls started marching toward the front door to leave.

"Wait a minute, girls," Camilla said. "As you can see, he's sincerely sorry. He's being punished, and he'll never do it again. Justice is done. Let's show a little Christian charity and forgive him, OK?"

"Whatever," the fat girl said, and she and the other angry girl left.

"Does my body please you, sir?" Calina asked, delighted at the thought of him lusting after her nakedness. "You don't think I too hairy between legs? Some men don't like that." She couldn't take her eyes off his erection.

"How could he not like a beautiful girl like you, Calina?" Camilla asked, knowing the large-breasted Russian had the hots for her, too.

"You really think so, Camilla?" Calina asked, breathing heavily at the thought that Camilla might be equally interested in her.

"Oh, yeah," Camilla purred as she looked lewdly in Calina's hypnotic brown eyes. They approached each other for a kiss. They pecked each other on the lips.

"OK, this is getting weird," a girl said, and left.

"Who wants to feel Mr. Pierce's ass?" Candice asked after giving him his last spank.

"I do," said Calina. She went into the kitchen from the other entrance to get behind him. She gently stroked his red behind from bottom to top along his anal cleft. Feeling his buttock hairs softly brush against her hand, she squealed, "Ooh!" as she jerked her hand away. "So hot!" Her pussy was soaking in her panties.

"Let's untie him," Camilla said.

"Good idea," Candice said, and she, Camilla, Calina, and Michael each freed one of Pierce's limbs from its bond. He fell forward onto the floor, and crawled on all fours toward the living room, where there was much more floor space for lovers to gather together for group sex. Michael got some of Camilla's anal lube and lubed Pierce's rectum, freshly cleaned with every inch of the rest of his body when Candice bathed him before tying him up. Then Michael unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

"OK, I'm outta here," sand another scandalized girl.

"Me, too," said another.

"Me, three," said a third. "You people are gross!" The three girls left the apartment in disgust.

The remaining people didn't mind the shrinking number of guests: now they could all enjoy a little orgy together. The other girls began to strip as Michael, now completely naked, pushed his lubed cock inside Pierce's asshole. Though only Camilla was interested in watching the gay sex, the other girls admired Michael's muscular nude body as much as they did Pierce's. When the other girls were stripped down to their underwear--Candice's, black; Calina's, red; and Tina's, pink--Camilla was still just unzipping her dress, for she was too distracted with the enjoyment of watching Michael slide his cock in and out of Pierce's ass to strip any faster. Normally, Camilla--a fan of gay porn--had to watch DVDs of gay sex: now, she had it right in front of her eyes, and she wanted to savour every second of it.

As Calina had been removing her white blouse and black skirt, she was moaning to herself, "Oh, Mr. Pierce, you make me crazy. That hot body, that big dick, those muscles, that beautiful ass!" Now that she was removing her red bra and lace panties, her eyes were aiming straight for his cock. As much as she wanted Camilla, she'd already seen that sultry blonde in the nude many times: now she was focused on Pierce; she would enjoy Camilla soon enough. When she was naked, she got down on all fours to the right of Pierce and Michael, and she put her head under Pierce so she could put his hard cock in her mouth.

As Tina took off her pink bra and panties, she stared at Camilla, impatient to see her get fully nude. She wasn't interested in Pierce so much: she just wanted to lick Camilla's pussy. Camilla dropped her dress to the ground to reveal her white lace bra and panties. Naked Tina went up to Camilla and pulled her panties down as Camilla unhooked her bra. When Camilla's bra fell to the ground, both girls got on the floor in a 69 position: Tina was on the bottom, with Camilla's ass in her face.

Naked Candice, on all fours, put her ass in Pierce's face so he could eat her purple pussy and pink asshole out. She curved her torso to the right so she could gain access to the hairy pussy and asshole of cocksucking Calina. Gluttonously licking Calina's vulva and anus, Candice was impressed with how perfectly clean the two holes were: no faecal or urinary odour at all. Though Calina was hairy all around the periphery of her pussy and asshole, she wasn't too hairy. The hairs were soft, scanted wisps that tickled Candice's face as she licked, sucked, and kissed. Calina's labia had a pinkish-purple colour--Candice sucked on them like liquorice; outside the wrinkled, hairy periphery of Calina's pretty anus, there were three little moles--beauty marks in the true sense of the term--that gave her asshole a distinctive charm--one at nine o'clock from the hole, one at ten o'clock, and one at about two o'clock. Candice was kissing and licking the whole area with glee, even sometimes tightly clasping those little wisps of hair in her lips and gently pulling on them.

Meanwhile, Calina was enjoying a delicacy of her own: Pierce's long, hard cock. She deep-throated it, licked and kissed the knob, and tickled his corpus spongiosum with her tongue. She gently shook his balls with her hand as she sucked. She moaned with pleasure not only from the enjoyment of that rock candy, but also from the stimulations she was getting from Candice's lips and tongue. Her clitoris was as hard as it had ever been, thanks to Candice's lips wrapping themselves tightly around it. Though men had matched Candice's enthusiasm in giving Calina anilingus, no man had ever stimulated Calina's asshole as well as Candice was! Candice's tongue bore its way inside the orifice, trying to get as deep inside that pretty depression as it could. Calina appreciated how Candice fully accepted the hairiness in front of her face. Candice's fingers flickered their way inside Calina's vagina, tickling her G-spot.

Though Tina was ravenously licking Camilla's pussy, tickling her hard clitoris with her tongue and sucking on her labia, Camilla was stimulating Tina's vagina with only her hands; for Camilla didn't want to take her eyes off Michael's sodomizing of Pierce. Camilla would often put her hand on Pierce's left buttock, opening it so she could see Michael's penetration of her teacher's asshole better. Being up so close was thrilling for her: she licked her lips as she watched Michael pushing his large cock deep inside and pulling it out of Pierce's welcoming rectum. She felt that, somehow, there was something salaciously delightful about watching a man on the receiving end of sex, being penetrated like a woman. Pierre moaned at the stimulating of his anal walls, which in turn indirectly stimulated his prostate, and Michael loved the tightness of Pierce's ass.

Their grunts, moans, sighs, and squeals were like the six-part harmony of a carnal chorus of libertine singers. Pierce grunted in the bass, while Michael groaned in baritone. Candice was a contralto moaner, Calina sighed in alto, Tina squealed in mezzo-soprano, and Camilla screamed in soprano. That soprano would rise up to sopranino when she was to scream in whistle register during her imminent orgasm.

Indeed, everyone's cries of ecstasy were rising in pitch, and a shower of come was almost there. First, Camilla orgasmed, spraying Tina's whole face. Spitting some of the cooze out, Tina was totally taken off guard. Calina, also a gusher, spewed on Candice's face. Unlike Tina, though, Candice was used to being rained on, and she gleefully licked the come off her face. When Candice came, her drops of come were greedily licked off her pussy by Pierce. When Pierce ejaculated in Calina's mouth, she swallowed almost every drop, though some dripped off her lips. Camilla's fingers, dipping in Tina's come, became sweet candy for her to suck on. Finally, it was Michael's turn to come, and he pulled his cock out of Pierce's ass and brought it to the man's face. He briefly jerked himself off, and jizzed on Pierce's nose and cheeks.

"Mr. Pierce gets another baptism of come," Candice said, laughing.

"His sins are forgiven," Camilla said. "His penance is over. Sir, go in peace."

Though the men were done, the girls weren't finished yet. Calina still wanted to enjoy Camilla. The girls got in a sixty-nine position, with Calina on the bottom and Camilla's ass in her face. As Camilla was licking and fingering Calina's pussy, neither Tina nor Candice wanted to be left out. Tina hadn't yet enjoyed Camilla's delicious breasts yet, and Candice wanted to mitigate her jealousy of Camilla by enjoying her blonde roommate also. Therefore, Tina got her hands on Camilla's left breast and began sucking it, while Candice had the right one. Calina sucked on Camilla's clitoris, already hard again after so short a break, and her fingers explored the inside of Camilla's cunt. Soon Calina moved her head up and started licking Camilla's asshole, as immaculate as Calina's was, though virtually hairless.

Candice got bored with Camilla's breast, having sucked it so many times before; she was also getting tired of trying to compete for Camilla's affections. She became curious about Tina's pretty little pussy, which was jealous of all the other genitals in the room for enjoying a so much more thorough stimulation. Candice crawled over behind Tina and started licking. Now Tina, squealing with pleasure from Candice's wicked tongue, could get her hands on both of Camilla's breasts. Candice fingered herself as she licked Tina's cunt and asshole. Tina continued sucking on Camilla's left breast and fondling the right one.

Camilla and Calina continued sucking, licking and kissing each other's holes. Camilla wrapped her lips around Calina's rock-hard clit while sliding her fingers in and out of the girl's hairy cunt. Like with Candice, Calina's genital hair tickled Camilla's face. Camilla's index finger rubbed against Calina's G-spot, while her long finger reached Calina's A-spot. Calina, a mirror image of Camilla, fingered Camilla's pussy in exactly the same way, while licking and kissing Camilla's pretty bronze anus.

Tina loved the soft, rubbery texture of Camilla's nipple and areola. Candice's expert licking brought Tina to orgasm, and Candice hungrily licked away the vaginal secretion. Candice's fingering brought her to orgasm soon after, and both she and Tina rested while Camilla and Calina kept going. Candice licked her own come off her fingers as she rested. Now, all eyes were on Camilla and Calina.

Both the busty blonde and brunette were screaming higher and higher, and were licking and fingering faster and faster. Finally, to the delight and awe of their four spectators, they came simultaneously all over each other's faces. Camilla's ejaculation was like a waterfall from above, while Calina's was like a water sprinkler from below. Come dripping from their noses and chins, the two girls just lay there, slowly catching their breath.

"So hot," Calina sighed. "Drive me crazy."

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