tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCamilla Ch. 051

Camilla Ch. 051


Naked, squatting Camilla gleefully looked up into Carl's eyes as she finished swallowing all of his come in a private room in Luvlee's on Friday night; but suddenly, Mrs. Chen barged into the room.

"You're fired, Camilla! Leave my place now!" her boss yelled.

Blushing Carl put his cock away. "What the fuck?!" he shouted. He zipped up his pants, left the private room, and rushed out of the strip joint in total embarrassment.

"What? Me fired?" Camilla said in shock.

"My place is not a whorehouse!" Mrs. Chen shouted. "Get out!"

Candice, Calina, Li-ping, Dora, and Jasmine were in earshot of all the shouting, and came over to the door to the private room, as did many customers and a few other strippers.

"What's going on?" Candice asked.

"I'm fired, apparently," Camilla said, leaving the private room. She was so upset that she forgot to get her purse and her clothes.

"The mayor is here," Mrs. Chen said. "I don't want him know what you doing."

"But I do know," Mayor Wilson said as he and a few cops joined the crowd of people there. "I don't believe we've met, Camilla."

"Hi," Camilla said, shaking his hand. "Am I in trouble for what I just did with that customer?"

"No, not at all," Superintendent Lewis said. "In fact, your uh, talents are wanted elsewhere."

"Really?" she asked. "Where?"

"In a big mansion out by Grouse Mountain," said Hank. "You and your friends are all invited. You'll be well-paid, too. You'll all be swimming in money: I promise."

"If Camilla goes, I go," Candice defiantly told Mrs. Chen. "I quit."

"So do I," said Calina. "I go with cops to mansion."

"I'm go, too," said Li-ping.

"What?" Mrs. Chen shouted. "You can't. You have to work here tonight. You my daughter; do as I say!"

"No!" yelled Li-ping. "I quit, Mommy!"

"Same here," said Jasmine. "I'm going where the money is more."

"Me, too," said Dora.

"OK, girls," said the mayor, "get in our limos, and we'll take you to the place. You'll love it: paid to party."

"Limos?" said Candice. "Alright!" The girls started towards the front door with the mayor and cops.

"Wait!" shouted Mrs. Chen at her former employees. "You can't do this! I need you!"

"We just did it," said Camilla, who wanted out of the bar so quickly, she left both her purse and her clothes. A limo, with its doors open, was waiting for the nude girl right in front of the building.

"Li-ping!" shouted Mrs. Chen. "You come back here!" Her daughter ignored her and walked out the door, arm in arm with the mayor. "Mr. Mayor! I let you have my daughter and this is how you repay me?"


As the limos drove out of the city towards the mountains, Candice, correctly assuming the cops who sat with her were too corrupt to care, got out some ketamine, chopped a line, and snorted it. "You guys want some?" she asked.

"No thanks," said Hank, sitting beside her. "We're good."

"You don't mind me doing it?" she asked.

"Nah," he said. "Enjoy yourself. If you like getting high, you'll love the special drink we have for all you girls. It's made from grass, herbs, and, well, lots of things."

"Yeah?" she asked. "What is it?"

"We've been enjoying it for some time now, but it will be something relatively new to you," he said. "It's called 'Nigrovum'. "

"Nigrovum? What's that?"

"You'll see, in ways you've never seen before. And you'll feel no pain. You'll feel like you're in outer space. Really."

"Wow. So how do cops and the mayor have enough to afford limos?" she asked.

"Oh, these aren't our limos," Hank said. "We have some rich, powerful friends in the world of big business and politics. If you girls entertain them well enough, and indulge their every fantasy, you'll all benefit in a big way, as will the mayor and Vancouver police."

"Who are these powerful people?"

"They prefer to remain anonymous."

Though that last word, reminding Candice of 'Mr. Anonymous' Jim, sent a chill down her spine, she assumed that neither he nor his creepy, voyeuristic ilk would be important enough to be part of the night's adventures, so she forgot about her worries and enjoyed the rest of the ride to the mansion.


The limos arrived at the five-storey mansion a half-hour later, at around 10:30 PM. It was a beautiful old beige building, of Victorian design. It was between the foot of Grouse Mountain and a densely-wooded nearby forest.

When Camilla got out of her limo to look at the mansion, she got a vaguely eerie feeling about the place. She looked at the address. "1111 Morse Road," she read on a sign by the front door as she went in. A recording of Nocturnal, a composition for soprano, male chorus and orchestra by avant-garde classical composer Edgard Varese, could be heard playing. It was a dark, dissonant piece of music: one could hear men's voices repeatedly chanting, "You belong to the night."

The mayor and cops brought the six girls into the mansion, then started walking away. "Mister Mayor," said Li-ping. "Where you going?"

"We're going to slip into something more comfortable," he told her, then he went into another room with the policemen. Li-ping started to feel scared without her new lover near her. Jasmine and Dora also started feeling anxious without Hank and Superintendent Lewis with them.

Some men in virtually identical-looking black suits and masks approached the girls. Their masks all looked different, but had one thing in common: grotesque and grinning, they were like those masks worn in ancient Greek comedies.

The masked men led the girls up five flights of stairs to the top floor; by the time they all got there, the girls were eagerly hoping to find chairs to rest on. As they went single file into a fairly large waiting room, they noticed, above the doorway, a sign: 'Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate'; none of the girls understood Italian, so they quickly forgot about it.

In the room there were eight naked, muscular young men and two naked young women. Only ever-horny Calina showed any sexual interest in them, the three black men in particular, Clarence being one of them. The other five men were three whites, an Asian, and an aboriginal. Their cocks, long and semi-erect from the sight of the two naked women and from the expectation of enjoying these six new women, made it safe to assume that the sexy studs were all well-hung. The girls would soon learn just how correct that assumption was.

Camilla, having interest only in older men, couldn't care less about the youths; but instead hoped for some handsome mature lovers, since she too had been told about the wealthy, powerful men who'd be attending the party; what's more, she hoped to enjoy making love to little Li-ping. Li-ping, only wanting to be with the mayor, was scared: she didn't want any of those naked young men touching her, and feared being forced to let them have her. Candice, feeling the ketamine start to take effect, didn't want those men touching her, either, but feeling the effect of the ketamine would help her not care. Dora and Jasmine, wondering where Lewis and Hank were, hoped they wouldn't have to have sex with those youths, either.

The two naked women, one white and the other aboriginal, were even more scared. They tried to ignore the ogling of the eight naked youths; the only reason the men hadn't gang-banged them was because they'd been ordered by the masked men not to touch them until after all sixteen people had been 'examined'. There were four masked men in the room, too: one standing at each wall in the middle. The naked women could feel their staring eyes, and were even more nervous about the fact that they couldn't see the men's faces: who were they? What were they thinking about? What did they want? The naked women, not even wearing make-up, also felt uneasy about how their facial imperfections were clearly on display in the well-lit room. Did the men think they were ugly? The eerie grins on those grotesque masks caused even more anxiety: did the masks' expressions reflect the real men within?

The aboriginal, a 20-year-old prostitute, was pretty and petite, like Li-ping and Dora. She looked a lot like porn star Hyapatia Lee. A drug addict with an abusive pimp for a boyfriend, she would have killed herself if it hadn't been for the mayor and chief of police telling her about this great money-making opportunity.

The white woman, a 22-year-old single mother and stripper from a strip-joint several blocks away from Luvlee's, had wavy blonde hair almost down to her shoulders, and vulnerable brown eyes. She was full-figured, with fairly large breasts and blonde pubic hair, but she was also somewhat pot-bellied. It was obvious from the edgy look on her face that she was insecure about her looks, since her lack of makeup meant her face's slight blemishes and pimples, however small and few, were clearly visible to everyone. Being naked before strangers was a lot easier in a dark strip joint than it was in these bright rooms. What made her even more uncomfortable, both psychologically and physically, was her need to take a shit; so she frequently squirmed and pushed her pretty round buttocks together to prevent farts.

As soon as all six of the new arrivals came in the room, one of the masked men said, "OK, girls, take off all your clothes and wait here to be examined. Remove your makeup and nail polish, too: we want you to be all natural."

Calina, wearing only a red slip and high heels, happily got naked, eagerly waiting to fuck the naked men. She grinned a slutty grin as all the men--nude and masked--stared at her large breasts, hairy pussy, and round ass.

The other clothed women, however, were extremely reluctant to get naked in front of all these strangers. Camilla, already nude, didn't care about that, and could accept removing her makeup; but she didn't want to remove her nail polish, for fear of those black lines on her finger- and toenails being seen.

"Quickly, ladies," another masked man said impatiently. "Strip--down to your bare asses."

"W-where's the mayor?" Li-ping asked, fighting back sobs.

"Strip!" another masked man shouted. "Now!"

"Come on, you girls!" the naked white woman shouted. "We don't wanna be the only ones!"

So Jasmine, Dora, and Li-ping slowly and nervously unzipped their dresses, and let them drop on the floor, exposing their pretty lace bras and panties.

"Alright," one of the masked men grunted. Li-ping sobbed softly as she pulled her panties down. Whistling ensued as the other girls removed their underwear. Jasmine, whose breasts were slightly larger than Dora's and Li-ping's, was the least uneasy about showing them to everyone; so her brassiere came off fairly quickly. But Dora and Li-ping reluctantly unclipped their bras and took them off, afraid of whoever wouldn't like their tiny tits. The whistles and moans of pleasure from the men--nude and clothed--didn't ease the girls' minds. After kicking off their high heels, the six girls went over to a sink in the room and washed off their makeup and nail polish. After a few minutes, they were finished, and they dried themselves off.

Camilla at first wanted to hide her hands and feet to prevent those black lines from being seen; then she looked at the hands of one of the masked men, and saw that he had the same marks on his fingernails, too. She then looked at Candice's hands and feet, and noticed that even she had the black marks! Though she now didn't feel so alone with this physical imperfection, she feared for her friend, wondering if both of them were sick with the microscopic black 'eggs' in their blood.

Now that everyone in the room was naked (except the four masked men), some other masked men came in with trays of wine glasses; but the drink inside them wasn't wine--it had a dark green colour. Each of the sixteen naked people was given a glass.

"What is this?" asked one of the naked white men.

"It's called 'Nigrovum'," said one of the masked men. "Drink up: it'll make you feel fantastic."

All the naked people finished the drink quickly; Candice drank up with particular enthusiasm, since her ketamine high was already very powerful, and she hoped this drink would augment her buzz greatly. The masked men took the empty glasses out of the room.

A voice on an intercom suddenly said, "Vicky: go into the next room to be examined." The aboriginal woman went into the room.

The other girls were getting nervous, wondering what was going to happen. Were they just going to dance erotically for their guests? Were they going to give them lap-dances? Or were they going to have to prostitute themselves? Would they have to do degrading things? Did the drink have the date-rape drug in it? Would they be raped? Would they be beaten and abused? Being naked in front of men whose faces they couldn't see only worsened their fears. Who were these men?

"I'm scared," said sobbing Li-ping. "Where's Mayor Wilson? I feel much safer with him."

"Don't worry, sweetie," Camilla said, putting her arm around the pretty Taiwanese girl. "We'll protect you; I promise."

"What if you can't?" Li-ping asked.

"Where's Hank?" Jasmine asked, looking around the room anxiously. "I don't like this."

"Neither do I," Dora said. "Where's Superintendent Lewis? What about our money?" She sensed something menacing about those grinning masks.

Camilla felt Li-ping's body trembling with fear as she had her arm around her. Though she hated to see the pretty girl so frightened, she was getting excited from touching her soft skin; she was also getting impatient about when the fucking would start. "When is this being in limbo going to end?" she asked.

"Not too much longer," said a masked man. "When the party proper starts, you'll be feeling so good, you'll see just how much it was worth the wait."

Though Candice didn't like the affection Camilla was giving Li-ping, the ketamine, on which she was now peaking, made her feel impervious to the pain of jealousy. Also, she was biding her time looking at Jasmine's pretty face.

Li-ping, dying from all the suspense, put her head on Camilla's shoulder, and Camilla gently kissed her on the forehead. She also gently stroked Li-ping's left buttock. Camilla was breathing heavily and getting wet. Li-ping just continued softly sobbing. "Oh, don't cry, sweetie," Camilla said. "It'll all be over with soon enough."

"Why my mommy have to be so mean," Li-ping said between sobs. "If she nice to me, I wouldn't be a stripper, and not here, this scary place. If she nice to you, you not fired. I'm sorry for what she do to you."

"I'll be OK," Camilla said, hugging Li-ping closer to her. "I don't like my mommy either. I got away from her, and I'm glad. You're right to get away from your mom, too."

"My mommy make me be a stripper," Li-ping said. "I never want to; I just want go to university, study engineering, and do respectable work."

"After we finish this job, you'll have so much money you'll be able to pay for your university and living expenses ten times over, I'm sure of it," Camilla said, kissing Li-ping on the cheek. "You'll be able to get far away from your mom. Have faith, and hang on until the end of the night."

Apparently, Vicky was finished in the other room, for the voice on the intercom said, "Sandy: it's your turn. Go in the examination room." The blonde woman nervously went in.

Sandy saw Vicky, frowning, walk out another door opposite the one she used to enter. In the small, well-lit room, Sandy saw a dozen masked men, also in expensive, almost identical black suits. They were sitting on chairs arranged in a circle. Again, the masks were of the same grotesque design, with unnerving grins. It frightened her to be the only naked woman in the room, especially with her pot belly, flawed skin, and gas. All this among men she didn't know, whose facial expressions were hidden, so she had no clue as to what they were thinking.

"Come in the centre," a masked man said in an Italian accent. "So we can all get a good look at you."

"What d'you wanna do?" she asked with a tremulous voice.

"Examine every inch of your body," another masked man said, in a French accent.

"Why?" Her whole body was now shaking.

"Because it pleases us to know everything about your body," a third masked man said, in a German accent.

"Well, OK, but...can I use the bathroom first?" asked, quietly farting. There was a powerful faecal odour that embarrassed her.

"No," said the first masked man. "You must piss and shit later."

"But...I'll stink up the room," she said, on the verge of tears.

"We're enjoying the smell," said a fourth man in a Russian accent. "It's a fetish of ours."

"Sit on the floor and spread your legs," the second man said.

She squatted down on the floor, and when she began spreading her legs, she farted audibly. The men chuckled, sniffing away gleefully. "You have a trumpet bum, my dear," a fifth man said in a Spanish accent. She started to cry.

"Don't be embarrassed," the third man said as he bent forward and looked up close at her pussy. "We like nature's smells." He fingered her cunt, opening the labia wide.

"Your asshole fascinates me," said the third man. "Get on all fours, and point your ass at me. I want to see your asshole up close."

Still sobbing, she did as she was told. Who are these men? she thought; What are they thinking? What do they want? Are they going to fuck me, or just look at me and humiliate me?

The German spread her buttocks open wide, and brought his face near; she broke wind again, but silently. He felt the breeze against his face, and breathed it all in.

The men continued fondling her all over, having her turn around so every man could see every inch of her body; she continued farting and crying. They made comments in their own languages. It was driving her mad not to know who they were, or what they were saying about her body. She tried to remind herself of why she was here: to get the money so she could provide a better life for her baby daughter. She had many hands feeling her up simultaneously, grabbing her tits, squeezing her ass, patting her on her pot belly, tickling her pubic hair, groping her vulva, and touching her legs. They made her feel like a piece of meat, not a human being. All those eyes looking up close at every goose-bump on her skin, knowing her anatomy better than she did, and she had no idea who the men were. After every man thoroughly examined her breasts, buttocks, pubic hair, pussy, asshole, legs, and feet, feeling around inside and out, she was asked to leave. She gladly left, though not without an end to her crying.

Vicky, in the next room, put her arms around her. "Don't cry, Sandy," she said. "Remember what's at the end of this ordeal: all that money."

"That money had better be there!" she shouted in sobs. "That was so degrading; they made me feel like an animal. But I gotta do it, for my beautiful baby. I don't want her to grow up working class, like me."

Candice went into the examination room next. The ketamine made her feel protected from the masked men's ogling and groping: she simply didn't care about all those probing hands and judging, faceless eyes.

Then Calina went in. Her horny exhibitionism was tempered only by insecurities about how the men would react to her hairiness; not being able to see their faces, and not understanding the languages she heard made her even more nervous. Only the Russian's remarks eased her mind: in Russian, he said, "I want to feel that pretty hairy pussy tickling my face." She hoped to get a fuck from him later; she'd have to try to remember his mask, purple, with a long beak nose. Those 24 hands feeling up her breasts, buttocks, pussy, and asshole got her soaking wet between the legs.

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