tagMind ControlCamilla Ch. 052

Camilla Ch. 052


Saturday, August 12

Camilla and Candice breathed in deeply and looked out the windows on opposite sides of the airplane as they watched it begin takeoff. They were sitting in seats in the middle, between two aisles.

"Goodbye, Vancouver," Camilla said. "Hello, Toronto, a totally new world for me."

"Hello to your dad, too," Candice said.

"Yeah, I can't wait," Camilla said. "But I can't believe we're really leaving the only city I ever really knew."

"I can't believe we survived another month and a half in that city, after that nightmare sex party."

"I know. Getting away from all those bastards, after what they did, was a real miracle. Speaking of miracles, it's so weird, that drink we had. How it's changed us, given us those powers."

"What was in that drink?" Candice asked.

"Something alien, I'm sure; it's the one good thing that came from that horrible night, though I have a feeling we've had those abilities longer."

"Really? What makes you think that?"

"Well, things Dr. Singh told me," Camilla said. "Ever since I'd had sex with him, he could heal quicker, the way we can. Only now with us it's even better than before, thanks to the drink. After that whipping, to have healed so quickly; we're women Wolverines, you know? The X-Women!"

"Yeah," Candice laughed. Then she and Camilla started whispering. "We can influence things with our minds, too. I'm sure all those masked men ran back into the burning building because we willed it. I know 'cause I wanted them to die so badly that night; they deserved to die."

"And the few survivors dying a week later--the mayor and chief of police--you don't think that was a coincidence?"

"No. If anything, we were the ones who should have died: they had the muscle to make it happen. They died because we willed it to happen, I'm sure of it. If only we could've got rid of them sooner. Poor Jasmine."

"I know," Camilla whispered. "Poor Calina, Candice, and--oh, God--sweet little Li-ping." She fought back sobs. "I assured her we were finally OK in Bob's van; and then she got killed with her mom half a week later."

"And Dora, don't forget. They found and killed her, too."

"At least they didn't get us. I prayed for our protection. I was never really religious, but with all that danger, I've never prayed so intensely in all my life."

"I'm sure all your intense praying was also you using the...what was that drink called?"

"Nigrovum," Camilla said.

"Yeah. And those bastards, trying to find you, killed your mom and Troy?"

"Yeah, I'll miss Troy. I prayed to keep Bob safe, too."

"When's he coming to Toronto?"

"I'm not sure," Camilla said. "He's gotta sort stuff out in Vancouver first, but he is coming. Our porn website is doing so well, he doesn't want to give up a successful business just to stay in B.C."

"Speaking of your porn site," Candice whispered, taking out her iPad. "I think I'll check some of it out, now that we're at a high altitude. I"m so glad our plane has Wi-Fi." She turned on her iPad.

"I'm glad too," Camilla said, taking out her lap-top. "I wanna chat with Ravinder. I hope he's online." She turned her computer on. "I wanna know if he's learned anything new about the Nigrovum in our blood."

"Here we go," Candice said, looking at the home page of www.camillacome.com. She whispered, "I only wish I had a joint to smoke while adoring your beauty."

"You sure the other passengers won't mind you watching one of my fuck films?" Camilla asked.

"You saying that as audibly as you just did is more likely to let them know what I'm watching than my screen is," Candice said, finding a POV video of Bob fucking Camilla. "I'll be careful not to let anyone else see."

Indeed, the man sitting to the right of Camilla heard her (Candice was sitting to her left). He'd already found it difficult not to stare at Camilla, since she was wearing a sexy dark blue evening gown, with her cleavage showing. Now he needed an excuse to get up and walk behind Candice's seat so he could check out the porn with her. He got up, apparently needing to use the washroom.

Candice hit play, and the video began. (You are Bob, for you see the video from Bob's point of view.)

You knock on the door to an apartment (Neither Camilla's nor Bob's, for their safety, since this video was shot three days after the incident at the mansion.) Camilla opens the door.

"Hi," she says to you with a grin. She's wearing a tight white T-shirt, tight white denim pants, and matching high heels. "How can I help you?"

"I'm your neighbour from down the hall," you say. "I was wondering if I could borrow some sugar from you, if that's OK."

"Sure," she says, still smiling. "Come in." You go into the apartment, and she leads you to her living room. "OK, what would you like to do?"

"Aren't we going to get some sugar?" You ask. "Aren't we going to get some in the kitchen?"

"We can 'get some' right here."

"You have sugar here, in your living room?"

"Well," she says with a sly smirk, "that depends."

"Depends on what?"

"What kind of 'sugar' you want."

"What 'kind of sugar'?"

"Yeah," she says. "Come on now, you don't really wanna borrow sugar from me, do you? Who borrows sugar from neighbours? It's not like you can't afford it at the store." She walks up close to you. "What do you really want?"

You pause for a second, then say, "I want you to take off all your clothes, right now."

She laughs briefly in surprise. "Wow, you don't beat around the bush, do you?" She starts pulling off her shirt, revealing her bra-less breasts.

"No, I do other things with the bush," you say, looking down at her endowed chest.

"I hope they're good things," she says, undoing and pulling down her pants. She takes them and her high heels off. Without underwear, she stands completely frontally nude before you. "As you can see, my bush deserves no less."

"Absolutely," you say, looking down at her pubic hair. Looking back up to see all of her, you say, "You have such a beautiful body."

"Why, thank you," she says, giggling. "What do you want me to do now?"

"Could you pose for me, please? I wanna see all of you."

"OK," she says, getting on a coffee table and spreading her legs. You bend down to get a closer look at her delicious pink pussy. "What do you think?" she asks.

"Perfection," you say. "Can I finger you?"

"We'll find out just how well." She spreads her labia wide open for you.

You put your left index finger on her clitoris and tickle it; she starts moaning. You put your right index and long fingers deep inside her vagina. She moans louder.

Candice could sense, with the aid of the Nigrovum in her blood, the presence of that man, standing behind her in the aisle to her left, and watching the porn with her, after having left the washroom. Nothing was more annoying to her than having someone looking over her shoulder, watching what she was watching. Already being well-practiced at using the Nigrovum to influence things and people around her, she decided to use it on him. Closing her eyes so as not to be distracted by the video on her iPad, she concentrated all her thoughts on the man's dick, which she sensed to be about five inches long.

His penis, already partially erect from watching what was now Bob fondling Camilla's left breast while still fingering her clit, started feeling a surprising acceleration of blood flowing inside, engorging him faster than he'd ever felt before. His erection started pointing forward, becoming an embarrassingly visible bulge in the front of his exercise pants. Within seconds, his phallus was perpendicular with his body. Neither able to understand nor able to stop what was happening, he covered his groin area with his hands.

Candice wasn't finished with him yet, though: she caused him to feel so much sexual excitement that he knew he was about to ejaculate in the next few seconds--he was at the point of no return. He rushed for the washroom, but by the time he opened the door, his cream had already soaked his grey pants with two squirts. It was all over his groin and much of his legs; looking back at him as he went in the washroom, Candice laughed out loud.

"That'll learn ya," she said, still laughing. "I'm a Jedi knight of jizz: may the fuck-Force be with me." Pausing her porno, she looked over at Camilla's lap-top and noticed the long conversation she'd been typing with Ravinder. "What does Dr. Singh say, Camil?"

"He says that a book was found in the burned-down remains of the mansion," Camilla whispered in Candice's ear. "The book was all their writings about their Satanic cult, and why they were doing what they did. Originally, they worshipped Set, an ancient Egyptian god. Then, a few years ago, one of them saw me in a park masturbating."

"Were you ever not a bad girl, Camil?"

"When I had my daddy with me, I wasn't. My mom never let me do anything sexual, and I was jealous of other girls who were having sex with their boyfriends, so I used to go into parks and finger myself until I came. I like doing that; I still do it sometimes--I like the way the grass tickles my pussy. And when watch me, I get turned on all the more. Anyway, that perv who saw me playing with myself in the park got so turned on when I came all over the grass, that when I left, he ate my come, along with some of the blades of grass. He felt a change come over him. He learned that I often go to parks to masturbate, and he'd eat the grass with my come on it every time. It wasn't long before he was gaining all the abilities we have: healing quickly, influencing things with your mind, that kind of thing, and other powers. Anyway, with some scientist friends of his, he learned there was something already on the grass, something--well, not of this world. Just as Ravinder suspects. Singh and his doctors are now examining grass all over the Vancouver area to see if the Nigrovum is on it."

"Wow," Candice said. "This is getting so weird."

"Exactly," Camilla whispered. "There must be bad sides to the Nigrovum, 'cause that guy who ate it must've gone crazy, for after sharing the Nigrovum grass with my come on it with the others in his cult, they apparently went crazy, too. It seems they got power hungry, thinking the Nigrovum could give them unlimited powers. In their craziness, they changed from worshipping Set to Satan."

"Weirder and weirder," Candice said.

Camilla kept her voice especially low: "They at the party wanted us to have the Nigrovum in our blood, piss, and shit, and to share it with each other, hence all the fucking, us pissing on the naked guys, and them eating our shit."

"They ate our shit?" Candice whispered.

"Yeah, don't you remember? Oh, yeah, I guess you were too high to notice. Anyway, if we fucked all the time, the Nigrovum would spread between us whenever we came on each other. Getting us all horny would make the Nigrovum focus its power on our passions, intensifying them. In our state of extreme passion, the Satanists would then kill us and eat us, so their own power would grow, as well as their addiction to Nigrovum."

"Sick bastards!" Candice whispered.

"They treated us like animals, degrading us the way they did, so that when we were killed, the Nigrovum would be in the most beast-like form; then it would spread around the world through our wandering, lost souls, spiritually infecting everyone and making them all slaves to their passions. Then the Satanists could easily take over the world, and everyone else would be too mentally weak to stop them."

"Sounds like a B horror movie."

"Sounds like one of those weird conspiracy theories," Camilla said. "Well, remember that they were all nuts; that's why they did what they did. Ravinder warned us not to get crazy feelings with this Nigrovum in us; we might become just as bad as those Satanists. The craziness could have been what killed Mr. Leroy and Mr. Baker. I wonder if Wayne and Mr. Chen died crazy because they had sexual contact with me?"

"Could be," Candice said.

"Ravinder says he and the other doctors are still studying the Nigrovum in Leroy, as well as that in the bodies of the burned masked men they found in the mansion. He'll tell us more when he learns more. Anyway, I'm tired, and I wanna sleep for a while."

"OK," Candice said, looking back at her POV porn, and pressing play. Then she whispered, "When you wake up, let me know if you get horny again during your sleep; I'm getting jealous about those hot dreams you've been having over the past few months."

"We'll know soon enough," Camilla whispered, then nodded off.

The man came out of the washroom with an embarrassed look on his face and his hands covering up the large wet spot on his pants as best he could. He sat back down beside sleeping Camilla. Candice tried to keep from laughing at him, then she focused on her porn, adoring the body of the girl she still loved and hoped to have all to herself once she was reunited with her father. The video continued:

Camilla comes from your fingering; there's a mess all over the wooden living room floor.

Panting, she asks you, "What shall we do now?"

"Can I put my cock in your pretty pussy?" you ask.

"I thought you'd never ask," she says with a grin.

You look down, unzip your pants and pull out your cock, which is three-quarters erect. She lies on her back on the floor with her legs spread wide open. You get on top of her and slowly slide your cock in her pussy. You look up at her sighing face and down at the penetration; you continue looking up and down several times to see yourself going further and further inside, and to see her excited reaction, until you're all the way in, at which time she screams. Her screams are short staccato soprano notes as you keep poking your way inside her. You continue alternately looking up at her face and down at the fucking to see clearly how much pleasure you're giving her.

After watching the fucking on her iPad for the next few minutes, Candice noticed Camilla fidgeting in her seat and moaning. "She doesn't have to tell me about her horniness now," she said.

The man on Camilla's right side also noticed, and while he was getting turned on, Candice was worrying; for Camilla looked like she was doing more than just dreaming. She was acting as though she was having sex with an invisible man!

If that's a dream, Candice thought, I wanna dream like that too.

Camilla was dreaming that her deceased first two lovers, Mr. Chen and Wayne, were fucking her ass and pussy, respectively.

Mr. Chen was on the floor on his back; she lay on her back on top of him; Wayne was on top of her in the missionary position. The naked lovers were in the mansion, on the fourth floor, where LUST was written, but the house was on fire: flames closely surrounded them. Wayne was squeezing her tits and French-kissing her.

Camilla's dress was pulled up, and her legs were up and spread wide open, just as they were in her dream. She was wearing no panties, and her pussy and asshole were showing. Her hips were gyrating faster and faster. Candice saw, to her horror, that Camilla's pussy and asshole were stretched open, as though cocks were probing her! Her pussy was wide open enough to have accommodated Wayne's large phallus, and her asshole was opened less wide, to have accommodated Chen's smaller penis. Her breasts looked as though they were being squeezed, and her mouth was open, with her tongue flickering, as though she were French-kissing someone.

"Holy fuck," she whispered. She tried pulling down Camilla's legs and dress, but felt as if something invisible were in the way.

"That is so hot," the man moaned as he ogled Camilla.

Angered by his lack of respect for her friend and lover, Candice decided it was time to use more psychic manipulation on him. She focused all her concentration on his dick, trying her best to block out her worries about Camilla.

After a few seconds, his partially-erect penis became quickly engorged again. He was shocked and frightened to find himself with another full erection pushing his wet pants forward in an embarrassing point. He could feel an imminent climax.

"Not again," he said, rushing back to the washroom and coming as he opened the door.

Camilla came, too, splashing all over the seat in front of her. Some passengers looked at her in shock. Sheepishly grinning, she said, "Sorry," to them, then pulled her dress down to cover her legs. She got out some wet napkins to clean herself off. "Well, at least I didn't mess up my dress," she whispered to Candice, whose mouth was still wide-open in shock. "I don't believe it: that was my first wet dream in years."

"Camilla," Candice said. "I don't think that was just a wet dream."

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