tagMind ControlCamilla Ch. 054

Camilla Ch. 054


On Sunday morning, naked Candice was in her and Camilla's bathroom looking at her hair and nails. Camilla, also naked, came up behind Candice and put her hands on Candice's tits. She gave them a gentle squeeze, then rubbed her fingers around the outer areolae.

"Oh, that feels good, Camil," Candice moaned. "But to make your dad like me, if you want my hair dyed black, or for me to wear a black wig, neither may be necessary. Do you see the black hairs I have mixed in with my red?"

Camilla took a good look at Candice's hair. "Yeah, you do have a few black hairs there," she said. "A few of your pubic hairs are black, too." Camilla ran her fingers through Candice's now ginger and black pubes. "My hair seems a darker blonde, too. I bet I've got some new black mixed in there."

"D'you think it's the Nigrovum?" Candice asked in sighs.

"More than likely. Ravinder tells me in his e-mails that his finger- and toenails are getting blacker and blacker, just like ours." Looking at her fingernails and showing them to Candice, Camilla said, "See?" The black lines were now thicker, crooked stripes, the sides of which seemed to dissolve into the transparent look of the remaining normal areas in between.

"Eww, yeah, mine are the same. This is scaring me a bit."

"Well, nail polish will cover it," Camilla said, reaching for hers. "If this black is the worst of Nigrovum's side effects, I wouldn't worry about it. Remember: we heal quickly, and we have psychic powers."

"Yeah, but what if it makes us crazy, like those Satanists?" Candice asked.

"I figure if we avoid using it to hurt people, we should be OK. We'll use Nigrovum only for good. Speaking of good, I hope Daddy had a good dream last night. I made him dream of you with black hair, and I got him excited so he'd like you."

"I can't help thinking that's creepy, Camil."

"It's not like I physically touched him, Candice; I did it psychically." Camilla looked intensely in Candice's eyes, and said, "You must seduce him, Candice; make him forget about Carrie."

"OK, OK; don't get psychic on me. I'll do it. I'd do anything for you, you know that, baby."

"Good. Now let's get dressed and find out about Daddy's dream."


"Good morning, Daddy," Camilla said as she and Candice went into the kitchen to see Agape, who was cooking breakfast for them. She kissed her father on the cheek, then sat at the kitchen table beside Candice. "Did you have pleasant dreams?"

"No, not at all," he said with a shudder, giving the girls plates with scrambled eggs and toast.

"Oh?" Camilla asked with worry in her eyes. "What did you dream about?"

"I feel a little uncomfortable talking about it," he said as he brought his own plate of breakfast to the table and sat down.

"Oh, it was just a dream," Camilla said. "How bad could it be?"

"Well," he said haltingly. "First there were Carrie and I, then Carrie became Candice, who...uh; then Candice suddenly became you, who...uh, I'd rather not say."

"That's OK, Daddy," Camilla said, blushing and knowing already what he'd really dreamt.

"It was just a dream, Mr. Mennon," Candice said, brushing her leg against his and looking lewdly and intensely in his eyes. "Don't worry about it."

Agape froze, with a wide-eyed look of shock. Candice sensed strong resistance in him.

Worried about where the conversation might be heading, Camilla changed the subject. "What's on the agenda for today, Daddy?"

"Church," he said, staring down Candice. "After a dream like the one I had, only Mass will make me feel better. Girls, please wear nice dresses there, OK?"

"Anything you say, Daddy. We'll change as soon as we finish breakfast, which is delicious, by the way. Thanks."


Back in their bedroom, the girls undressed and found some appropriate dresses to wear to church.

"Oh, God: Daddy saw me blowing him in his dream," Camilla said as she pulled off her panties.

"Eww!" Candice said.

"I meant for him to see only you, Candice. I must've gotten clumsy when I manipulated his dream. I'll have to be more careful and focused next time."

"His resistance to Nigrovum is strong," Candice said. "We'll need more than that for me to seduce him, that sweet old saint. I recommend drugs." She, in her underwear, put on a conservative-looking blue and white dress.

"Let's be careful with that, OK?" Camilla said as she, naked, put on her green, flower-patterned dress. "I need to know if that sweet old saint is cool about dope first. If he is, we'll ease him into party mode slowly. He already drinks, so that means we're already half way there. Maybe I can drop a pill in his bourbon and mix it in so he doesn't know. By the way, how are you, as new to Toronto as I am, going to find a dope connection ASAP?"

"As soon as I find an apartment, I'll hunt for a stripping job. Shouldn't take too long; then I'm sure a dope connection will be found in the new strip joint where I work--surely at least a few, if not all, of the strippers will have a seller for a boyfriend or a customer. Since I just made your dad uncomfortable, he'll want me gone; so I'll get my shit together really quickly. Just promise me, Camil, that when I move out, that we'll still see each other? I mean, you living with your dad and all,..."

"Of course we'll still fuck," Camilla said, hugging Candice and kissing her on the lips. "I need you to come here for partying and seducing Daddy. While he's wasted and unconscious, we'll make love, too." And I need to look at other men, Camilla thought; I'm beginning to think weird thoughts about Daddy--I'd better watch myself.


Agape and the girls sat up at the front pew in church. The first reading was from Genesis 6:1-8, the beginning of the story of the Great Flood. The responsorial Psalm was 115:1-8, about the folly of idolatry. The second reading was from 1 Corinthians 10:14--22, again about the evil of idolatry. The Gospel reading was from John 6:35-58, in which Jesus says, "I am the bread of life."

After the Gospel reading, Father Don Josiah began his homily. "The sons of God went in unto the the daughters of men," he said. "Who were the 'sons of God'? Were they the divine council of the major gods from Levantine Bronze and Iron Age texts, from ancient pagan times? Were they pagan gods? Were they fallen angels, as some have supposed? In other words, were they devils? Our holy Church teaches that they were men, the descendants of righteous Seth; they were good, but then they rebelled against God and married the 'daughters of men', or of Cain, the first murderer. From their unholy union they had children, the Nephilim, giants--heroes, perhaps, to the pagans, but giants only in sin to Christians. From this sinfulness grew even more gigantic sin, leading to wickedness everywhere in the world; thus God repented of creating man, and caused the Flood to drown the wicked and wipe all the sin away."

Agape raptly paid attention; Candice sat bored; Camilla looked in the priest's eyes, thinking the tall, forty-something man was cute.

"However we choose to think about the 'sons of God'," Father Josiah continued, "as gods, as fallen angels turned into devils, or as men fallen in sin, we can see in this story an allegory about the evils of idolatry. As Christians, we are to be married to God: He is the groom; we are the bride. We mustn't marry the 'sons of God', as the wicked, idolatrous daughters of Cain did. We must marry the only-begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ."

Camilla looked intensely in the eyes of the priest, visualizing a rose passing in the air towards him. Seeing the pretty girl's aggressive gaze, he felt a strange but titillating sensation all around his penis: it felt as though a hand was stroking it; he was beginning to develop an erection. He paused nervously, then continued.

"The sons of God...must not be seen...as divine," he continued with his voice occasionally cracking into an edgy falsetto. "If we think of...them as divine, we make them...into idols...devils. We are Christians, not Satanists."

Candice was startled by that last word. Then she saw the way Camilla was looking at the priest. No, Camilla, she thought; is nothing sacred to you?

"Idols cannot speak...or see," he continued, his penis rising. "Neither can we...if we adore them. Idolatry is...a false love...that blinds us. As Shakespeare wrote...in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 'Love looks not...with the eyes...but with the mind.'"

"Cute, and intelligent," Camilla whispered. "Sexy in my eyes." She continued giving him his psychic hand job.

Candice looked in horror at her. Not with a priest, Camilla, she thought.

"St. Paul tells us...to flee the worship of idols," he said in halts and desperately-controlled moans. "You ask, 'Who worships idols...in today's world?' Well, we no longer pray...to carved statues, of course, but when...we idealize someone we're...in love with, we're blind to...their faults. They then can...take advantage of...our foolish doting, and hurt us. When we idealize...radical political ideology, like Communism, Naziism, or terrorism, our fanaticism can lead us...to murder. When we excessively admire movie stars...or rock stars, we make ourselves feel inferior for...not measuring up...to their perceived perfection; trying to be...equal to such unrealistic images is impossible. We can really...hurt ourselves, and others, in these ways. In these ways, we make false gods...of who or what...we so foolishly adore. We make mediators of...them between God and us, and this is...a sin that separates us...from God. There is only...one mediator between God...and man: Jesus."

Camilla visualized the rose touching the priest's chest. His penis got harder from that inexplicable feeling of a hand jerking him off. Again, he paused nervously, noting the lewd look in her eyes.

"Don't be pagans," he stammered. "Don't make heroes out...of giant devils. Love Jesus, the bread of life, who came down...from heaven, like manna."

"Nigrovum," Camilla whispered. "Manna from heaven."

"If you think...of the sons...of God as...angels coming down...from heaven to...bless you," the priest continued, blushingly noting the looks of concern beginning to develop on the faces of his parishioners, "you'll be...like the wicked daughters of men--idolaters. Your children will...be monsters of sin, like the Nephilim, and society will...be destroyed, as in...the Great Flood. There's only...one Son of God: Jesus. Worship only Him." Camilla, noting his embarrassment, decided to show mercy and stop exciting him...for the time being.

Later, Agape, Candice, and Camilla went up to take Communion. Father Josiah put the Host on Agape's tongue, saying, "The body of Christ." When he put the Host on Candice's sensuous tongue, he felt that invisible hand touch his penis again. Though Candice had enough respect for the clergy not to try to get him excited, he still felt nervous around her; for her curves were an enticing prelude to those of Camilla, who'd made very clear her sexual interest in him. "Th-the body of Christ," he said to Candice. His penis was now almost as erect as it had been during his homily.

Camilla's turn came. She slightly flickered her tongue as she stuck it out to receive the Host. "Th-the b-body of Ch-Christ," he said as he looked in her lascivious eyes and, with a shaky hand, put the Host on her tongue. As he moved his hand down from her mouth, she used her psychic powers to make his hand brush against her left breast. Since she was naked under her dress, he could feel her erect nipple pointing through. "Pardon me!" he whispered with the reddest of faces. She just sucked on the Host and looked in his eyes with lewd approval. The invisible hand she was psychically controlling stroked his phallus expertly to make it point perpendicularly forward through his loose-fitting pants. He mentally thanked God for maintaining the tradition of priests wearing loose robes during Mass. Camilla visualized that 'rose' to be glowing in his heart, and sensed his now-full erection to be about six and a half inches.

During the prayer after Communion, Agape prayed for better dreams and growing love with Carrie; Candice prayed for Camilla, hoping she'd behave; Camilla prayed for her dad to prefer Candice to Carrie; it seems unnecessary to relate what the sweating priest was praying for.


"Camilla, how could you?" Candice asked as she and Camilla went into their bedroom after coming home from Mass that afternoon. "You got a priest horny? That's sacrilegious!"

"Candice, I'm as Catholic as you are," Camilla said, taking off her dress. "But I don't agree with our priests having to be celibate. They should be allowed to get married." Having kicked off her shoes, she was now naked.

"You wanna marry a priest?" Candice asked with a sneer.

"Well, I don't know about that, but I'd sure like to play house with that priest; make him speak in tongues." Camilla kissed Candice on the cheek.

"Camilla, that's awful. He's a man of God."

"He can go to confession after." Camila lay on her back on the bed with her legs wide open, and Candice started licking her pussy.

As Candice, still dressed, was licking her, Camilla used Nigrovum to get Candice hot. She felt her clitoris hardening, her labia swelling, and her vagina opening up as if a cock was going inside.

"Oh!" Candice moaned between licks. "You can...use Nigrovum on...me that way...any time...Ah!" She pulled her panties off in anticipation of soiling them with her cream. Soon it felt as if a finger was pushing inside her asshole. Candice returned the favour by sliding her finger inside Camilla's. Candice sucked and buzzed on Camilla's clitoris while that psychic cock was pressing against Candice's A-spot. Both girls were as wet in their pussies as they were in their salivating mouths. Soon, Camilla splashed her come all over Candice's face, while Candice came seconds after. After licking the remaining come off of Camilla's twat, she flipped her dress up so Camilla could get down and lick her love juice away.


That night, the girls were fast asleep, as was Agape.

Camilla was dreaming about the 'sons of God'.

Dressed in the clothes of women from Biblical times, Camilla and Candice, standing on a grassy heath, looked up at the starless night sky. Only an ominous moon shone. They saw the sons of God looking down on them from heaven. There were three of them, with devils' wings and faces like the grotesque, grinning masks those Satanists wore. They flew down to the earth and stood before Camilla and Candice, looking at the girls and salaciously licking their lips.

"What would you have with us?" Candice asked them.

"We would go in unto you," said one of the sons of God. "To uncover your nakedness."

Candice was no longer seen in the dream, and Camilla immediately became naked, as if her clothes had magically disappeared. She got on the ground on all fours, with her legs spread wide open so her asshole and pussy would invite the sons of God in. Indeed, both those holes were filled with huge cock right away, as was her mouth with the cock of the third son of God. As they pushed in and pulled out, the sons of God laughed at her in their eerie, distorted voices, and she squealed and screamed loudly.

Agape was woken up from hearing Camilla's screaming, and he went into the hall, turning on the light. He went down the hall to the girls' bedroom and knocked on the door. "Is everything alright in there?" he asked. I hope those are just more screams of pleasure, he thought; for some terror seems to be mixed in there, too.

Naked Candice woke up, got out of bed and went over to the door, not bothering to put anything on. She opened the door slightly, allowing him to see her right thigh and leg. Looking deeply in his eyes, she said, "Sorry about the noise, Mr. Mennon, but we're OK in here." She opened the door a little wider, allowing him to see her left breast and some of her tigress-coloured pubic hair.

"Oh, OK, no problem. Good night," he said with a red face, and hurried back to his room. I don't know about that Candice, he thought.

She closed the door and watched her lover as she was dreaming. Camilla was on all fours with her legs wide open and her ass sticking out, just as in her dream. Her vagina and anus were stretched open, as though they were being stuffed with big cocks, just as when she was on the airplane. He mouth was wide open, as if she were sucking dick: indeed, her right cheek puffed out, as though a cock was pushing inside and against it. Candice sat on a chair next to the foot of the bed, stared in awe at Camilla's ass, and fingered her clitoris.

In Camilla's dream, she came a literal deluge of come, which kept pouring out of her pussy and on the grass, and rose around her like water filling a bathtub. The sons of God were nowhere to be seen, though their laughing could still be heard. After the come had risen up to Camilla's neck, she, squatting, started to urinate. Now the mixture of urine and come rose up, and she was submerged in it. She could see drowned Candice floating in it, and a huge ark was floating on the surface, with Agape, Dr. Singh, and Father Josiah all in it with all the pairs of animals.

Looking up at the sky, the three men saw the sons of God as flying giants pissing a deluge all over the earth, laughing and shouting, 'Man will die in the filth we leave him in!"

"I've heard of it 'pissing down rain', but this is ridiculous," Singh said.

"We will spray piss all over mankind: Hail, Satan!" the sons of God shouted, still laughing.

Candice had her mouth opened millimetres in front of Camilla's vagina. Soon after, Camilla's come shot into Candice's mouth and up her nostrils. Sneezing out come and swallowing the rest, Candice for a time couldn't breathe. She coughed a while after swallowing; she remained just an inch or two from Camilla's cunt, hoping for more ejaculations.

She got an ejaculation of sorts, but not what she was expecting; for Camilla, still dreaming, sprayed piss all over Candice's face and on the bed.

Jumping away, Candice said, "Oh, damn, girl." She shoved Camilla gently, trying to wake her up.

Camilla suddenly woke up with a start and a scream of genuine terror. "Oh, shit," she said as soon as she realized what her urethra had been doing. "Sorry about the mess; this is the first time in my whole life that I ever wet the bed."

She helped Candice clean up the mess and replace the bedsheets. "You were having some dream there, girl" Candice said. "That was a hot one."

"I wouldn't say 'hot', exactly," Camilla said. "It was kinda scary, actually. If dreams are all wish-fulfillments, that was no dream. Why would I ever want to dream about fucking those awful masked men?"

"You dreamed about them?"

"Yeah. They may have gotten me excited and made me come, but I've never felt so out of control in my life; even for a dream."

If you didn't want that sex, Candice thought, then why were your holes stretched open?

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