tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCamilla Ch. 062

Camilla Ch. 062


It was a wild Friday night party, where M. Larre took Camilla, Candice, and a few other Club Ritz strippers. On the first floor of the big house of the party's wealthy host, people were drinking, dancing, and socializing in the usual tame manner; but on the third floor, orgiastic sex and gang-bangs were in every room, where the moans and screams of pleasure were out of earshot for the first floor guests, rather strait-laced in comparison to the satyrs upstairs.

Everyone in the room Camilla and Candice were in was naked. The girls had only their high heels on, since Larre liked them that way. Camilla, lying on her back on the floor, had M. Larre's cock in her mouth, and two of his friends had their cocks in her pussy and ass. Two more of M. Larre's friends, standing, held naked Candice up and--one man facing her and the other behind her--they were giving her anal and vaginal sex simultaneously. She was kissing the man facing her, and masturbating a third man standing to her right. This third man was fondling her tits as she jerked him off.

The men were paying the girls handsomely for their sexual services, and the girls promised to receive bukkake; they would use Nigrovum not only to sense when the men were about to come, but also to regulate the men's arousal so they'd all come more or less at the same time. They ensured that the men would stay hard without achieving orgasm until the girls had orgasmed first. Camilla had already come twice: the man under her, fucking her ass, had his lap covered in her cooze. She was greedy--she wanted to come at least one more time before she'd allow her men to come; Candice hadn't come yet, either, but she was getting there.

Camilla massaged Larre's ass as his cock went in and out of her mouth; she also fingered his anus. The man in her ass was squeezing her tits, and the man fucking her pussy was stroking her legs and fetishing her gold-coloured high heels. The man in her cunt was moving his cock in and out most expertly: her G- and A-spots were tingling with delight. She squealed higher and higher as her third orgasm was quickly approaching.

Candice was also about to come: she enjoyed being picked up by her two muscular lovers. She was screaming louder and louder, and she and Camilla came one after the other in immediate succession. Now that they'd had their fun, they decided it was time to let the boys have theirs. The girls used Nigrovum to bring their men close to coming. Candice yelled out, "It's gonna rain!" (This was the signal they all agreed on to get ready for bukkake.)

Candice's lovers gently put her down on the floor, and she was kneeling and ready. The man fucking Camilla's pussy pulled out and got off her; she got the other men's cocks out of her ass and mouth, rolled off her ass-fucker, and knelt for her men. The men stood in circles around each girl, who each jerked off two men while the third in each circle jerked himself off to ejaculation.

Camilla got sprayed in her ears, her right eye, on both cheeks, and on her nose and lips. Candice also got come in her ears and on her cheeks, as well as on her nose, in her left eye, and on her chin. Come dripped off the girls' faces and onto their breasts. They took the men's cocks, still dripping with residual come, and gently rubbed the sensitive dick-holes on any skin on their faces not yet wet with come.

Everyone rested a while, then the men got dressed. The girls let the come continue to drip off their faces a while longer for the men's viewing pleasure; then they went into the bathroom to wash their faces while the men prepared some cocaine and heroin for speedball. The girls went into the shower, washed the come off each other's tits and vulvas, and cleaned out other's anuses, too. They were kissing and moaning the whole time. After coming, they cleaned each other's pussies again.

The girls came out of the bathroom, and the drug was ready to be snorted. The girls, still naked except for their high heels, sat beside each other at a table, ready to try it, though Camilla was scared.

"C'mon, Camilla, let's get high," Candice said in reaction to her hesitation.

"I dunno about this, Candice," Camilla said. "Maybe we shouldn't."

Candice leaned over to her friend and whispered, "Use Nigrovum to bring yourself back to normal if your body loses control; that's what I do. Just imagine yourself healthy, and Nigrovum will do the rest. Trust me."

"I'm still not sure," Camilla said.

"Camilla, you'll feel like you're tit-fuck--," M. Larre began to say, then realized how absurd that would sound saying it to a girl. "Uh, like an angel's licking your pussy...I guess. Don't worry: we made sure not too much heroin is in the mix."

"Alright, I'll try it," Camilla said, more interested in giving Nigrovum a hard test than in actually getting high. Nigrovum licking my pussy? she thought; sounds kinda hot. Would those things swimming around in her blood, those tiny ovoid aliens--as Dr. Singh thought they were--save her life if she was in trouble?

Candice had already snorted hers, and reacted with relish at the rush she was feeling. Curious, Camilla now snorted: like Candice, she felt an incredible 30-second rush, an amazingly intense high. Candice was loving it, and knew she'd want more, as soon as possible. The girls' hearts didn't seem to know whether to speed up or slow down. Then, after the cocaine aspect of the high wore off, the girls' heart-rates and breathing made a definite decision to slow down...right down, almost, it seemed, to a halt.

Candice, who was used to such intense highs and more adept at using Nigrovum to guide her way safely through the high, just sat in her chair and relaxed--she even seemed to be at peace. Camilla, on the other hand, was starting to feel confused: she couldn't see clearly, and she was getting a little too drowsy. In her confusion, she forgot to use Nigrovum to get her out of it. M. Larre, watching Camilla's reaction to the drug, could see the growing paranoia in her eyes. Also, she seemed almost to have completely stopped breathing. Knowing there was at least one doctor on the first floor, he rushed downstairs to get him.

Meanwhile, Camilla started seeing things: to call them drug-induced hallucinations would seem too simplistic; they seemed more like Nigrovum-induced visions. She saw Mr. Baker in front of her. He taunted her with the typed sentence from her Shining dream the night before. She heard him repeatedly say, "All sex and no love makes Camilla a bad girl."

Then she saw Wayne, who said, "Why'd you have to finger yourself out on the grass in parks? You gave me the Nigrovum when I popped your cherry, and it drove me mad and killed me. Not even condoms could protect me."

Then she saw Mr. Hanson, lying naked under her in the bathtub in his house, as when they'd had sex that weekend a month and a half ago. He said, "Piss on my ghost, O goddess."

In her growing agitation, she wondered, Did Mr. Hanson die, too?

Larre and the doctor he knew came into the room. "Here she is, Dr. Davis," Larre said. "Oh, shit: I forgot to cover the girls up." Well, he thought, maybe the doctor will enjoy seeing his naked patient.

Indeed, Dr. Davis was aroused by the nudity he saw, but he tried to ignore it and be professional in his attitude. "You said one girl was in trouble: both of them seemed pretty knocker-uh, knocked out," Davis said, trying not to look at the girls' magnificent tits.

"Yeah," Larre replied. "Well, Candice seems to be responding better to the speedball than Camilla here. I'd better get some blankets to cover them u-"

"Just a minute," Davis said, not even consciously aware that he wanted the girls to stay naked. "I need to know a few things first. Did you or your friends over there give the girls the speedball?"

"No," Larre said. "The girls brought it here themselves."

Lyin' bastard, Candice thought, being too wiped out to speak up. Hope the doc's getting a good eyeful.

Dr. Davis crouched before Camilla and looked up close at her face. Her eyes were closed. Always remembering his wife and family, he never allowed himself to look below her shoulders, though he certainly wanted to. "Camilla," he said, "can you open your eyes for me?"

She slowly opened them, trying with difficulty to focus on the face in front of her. Please be handsome, she thought, I want a handsome doctor to see me naked. Using Nigrovum to help her focus, she soon got a clear look at him, and knew that her hopes had been realized. He was a good-looking man in his forties, with brown hair and brown eyes. He opened her mouth and looked inside. I have another hole you can look inside, she thought.

"She didn't have any other drugs, did she?" Davis asked Larre.

"No, she was clean and sober when she and her friend came here," Larre said. "We each had a glass of wine, that's all. Though Candice may have smoked some grass before she came; I could smell it on her breath."

"And Candice is the one doing OK," the doctor said as he looked at her with surprise. "I guess she's the stronger one, or the one more used to drugs. Anyway, where was I?" He looked back at Camilla. "Can you hear me, Camilla? Move your head if you can."

Looking at him, Camilla moved her head slightly. It took all her strength to do so.

It took all of Dr. Davis' strength, due to the strength of the erection in his pants, to control himself and remain focused on just doing his job. All that lovely nakedness, and he couldn't even glance at it!

Camilla now tried to use Nigrovum to make herself feel better. She visualized herself perfectly clean and sober, with a regular heartbeat and normal breathing. As she continued with this visualization, the doctor got up and faced M. Larre.

"Do you think she should be taken to a hospital?" Larre asked. "Is the hospital you work in near here?"

"Oh, I don't work at a hospital," the doctor said. "I work in a clinic, which is quite close to here; but I think she'll be OK. She should rest for a while, at least an hour or two, then send both girls home." He went over to Candice to see if she was any worse than she looked. Indeed, she seemed to be OK, in spite of the lethality of speedball. "Wow, Candice is strong."

"Can you...," Candice began, "C-cover me...up? I'm...shy."

"Of course. I'm sorry," Davis said. Larre left the room and got some blankets from the next-door bedroom. He returned and put them over the naked girls' bodies. Though Davis was relieved no longer to have the temptation of those two beautiful nude girls to look at, he was also disappointed to have it gone, for obvious reasons. Then he saw something surprising: Camilla was slowly waking up. "Wow, talk about a miracle recovery. Are you feeling better, Camilla?"

"Yeah, a bit," she said, almost in a whisper.

"You're lucky, Camilla," the doctor said. "This time. But you can't ever do that again."

"I...won't," she said weakly. Then she used Nigrovum on him. Take me to your clinic, she psychically urged him. Examine me more, just to make sure.

"I guess I should get their clothes on and send them home, right?" Larre asked the doctor.

"Well," the doctor said. "Candice seems OK; b-but I should see Camilla i-in my clinic. I wanna look at her s-some more." He sure did.

"At this time of night?" Larre asked. "It's past twelve."

"Yeah," the doctor said. "I'll c-call my nurse and tell her it's an em-emergency. I'm worried: she came out of it too quickly. That's odd. I'd l-like to do s-some tests on her."

"OK," Larre said. "Anything you say, doc, and thanks. And please: nobody knows what happened in here, OK?"

"Of course," Davis said. "I'll be perfectly discreet; don't you worry about that. I'm glad to have been of help." He sure was, more than he knew.

"I'll put her dress on for her," Larre said. Then Camilla used Nigrovum to distract him. "Wait: I forgot to do something. I'll be right back." He suddenly left the room and went to the washroom on the second floor. When he got there, the Nigrovum wore off, and he didn't understand why he was even there.

She'd also used Nigrovum to make the doctor not think to put her dress on. He gently picked her up off the chair and carried her towards the door. She still had the blanket on her, but it was falling off. Larre came in, conveniently to open the door for Davis, and Larre caught the blanket as it came off her body. He put it on her again, worried that the guests would see a naked girl in the hall. Again, she used Nigrovum to make him not think to get her dress. Dr. Davis took her downstairs and to the front door. His wife saw him.

"What are you doing with that girl, Ethan?" she asked him.

"Emergency, Lila," he told her. "Drug overdose. I'm taking her to a hospital."

"No ambulance?" she asked.

"No time," he said. "I'll just drive her there. I'll come back later and get you."

"Don't bother, honey," she said. "I'll get Jeff to drive me home. I'll see you at home tonight."

He put Camilla in the passenger seat beside him in his car and drove off. As he was heading for his clinic, he was about to call his nurse on his cell-phone, but Camilla used Nigrovum to stop him. She wanted them to be alone.


At the front door to the building where his clinic was, he gently put her down so he could get out his keys. The blanket fell off her as she was leaning on the wall.

"Oh, shit," he said, rushing to pick up the blanket and wrap it around her. He unlocked the door and got her inside. He carried her to the elevator, wondering what this craziness was that was making him take this naked girl into his office, when he knew she'd only needed to rest for a while in that room with Larre, then Larre could take her home. Still, the Nigrovum was making him do everything. He got her into the elevator, and they went up to the third floor. There he carried her to the front door of his office. He put her down again and unlocked the door; again, the blanket fell off her body. "Well, nobody's here, so I guess I don't need to worry about that." He picked her up and carried the naked girl into his office.

He took her into his examination area, and put her on a table. "Thank you...for taking care...of me," she said. Now the naked girl was more acting like someone who'd ODed than like someone who really had. Indeed, thanks to Nigrovum, she was much better now: a truly miraculous recovery.

He got a stethoscope and brought it to her heart. Her heart-rate was normal! He was amazed. He could see she was also breathing normally, too. "I don't believe it," he said.

Though she was still drowsy and needed Nigrovum to see clearly, it was obvious to her that handsome Dr. Davis was her type. "You gonna continue examining me, doctor?" she asked.

"Do I even need to?" he asked. "You're almost one hundred percent: how can that be?"

"I have friends in high places," she said.

He went to a shelf and got a tongue depressor. When he came back to her, she stuck out her tongue, flickering it just before he put the tongue depressor on it. She put her leg between his legs and lifted it up to touch his groin. She was delighted at the impressive size of his erection. "Please, Camilla," he said. "I need to focus on my examination here."

"You can examine other parts of me, doctor," she purred, putting her hands on his shoulders. "Does my body please you?" With Nigrovum, she visualized a small light touching his heart.

"As beautiful as you are..."

"Thank you," she said with a giggle. That psychic light was slowly growing; now it was like the flickering fire of a matchstick.

"I'm married."

"So? Is the Mrs. coming here later?" The fire grew bigger and bigger.

"No, but--"

"Then there's no problem. Why don't you look down at my body? You can stare at my tits if you want." Now his whole heart was on fire with lust.

"Camilla, let's not be naughty, OK?" So hard it was to resist that flame.

"Why not? Nobody needs to know."

"I'll know," he insisted, putting down the tongue depressor. Putting his hands on her cheeks, he then said, "Look, you're very lovely, but I have a wonderful wife and family. I don't want to mess that up."

"But you saved my life, doctor. I owe everything to you: my life, my body. As far as I'm concerned, my body is your property. Do whatever you like with it."

"Camilla, don't be silly. I never saved you. If anything, you saved yourself. I don't understand how someone can rebound like that, but you did."

"You did save me, doctor. Psychologically. Just knowing I had a doctor there to help me helped me to stop being scared, then I was able to focus on the Nigrovum and get better. Really, you saved my life. I owe you big time; and I really wanna pay." She giggled and rubbed her foot against his erection.

"Camilla, we mustn't. I--"

"Wanna see my pussy, doctor? I'll spread my legs for you." She did. She then stretched her cunt wide open with her fingers, and looked at him with agape eyes and pursed lips, eager to see his reaction.

No longer able to resist the temptation, he looked down: what a delicious pair of purple liquorice labia! "My God," he moaned. She was visualizing his whole chest as an inferno of desire.

"A lot of men think my asshole is pretty; wanna see?" she asked, rolling over on all fours and sticking out her ass for him.

"Oh, OK," he panted.

She opened her buttocks wide so he could see her anus. Looking back at him, she asked, "Do you like it?"

"Beautiful; and to think, you poop out of that."

She giggled. Suddenly, they could hear footsteps coming toward the clinic. "Oh, shit," he said. "That might be my wife." He rushed over to the door. Why didn't I lock up outside? he thought; stupid!

The door opened. He saw M. Larre there with Candice, who was in a sexy black evening gown. "How's Camilla?" Candice asked.

"Sh-she's fine," the doctor said. "How'd you get better so fast?"

"Friends in high places," she said. "Where's Camilla?"

"In the other room," Davis said. "How'd you find my clinic?"

"Your wife told us," M. Larre said.

"Is she here?" the doctor asked nervously.

"No, no," Candice said. "She's still at the party. She gave us the address, and we came here. We have Camilla's dress and her purse. If she's all better, we'd like to take her home now."

"OK," the doctor said.

Camilla came out to where they were. "Thanks for bringing my stuff, guys," she said. She took out her new name card from her purse and gave it to Dr. Davis. "This is where I work, doctor: Club Ritz. Come over and see me sometime...I'll let you do much more than just see, too, if you know what I mean." Smiling lewdly at the doctor, she then sighed, "Good night, doctor: thank you for saving my life." Still naked, she left the office with Larre and Candice, who was carrying her dress for her.

The fire in his heart was now finally cooling. "Thank God," he said to himself. He'd successfully resisted temptation. Still, he had her Club Ritz card. The strip-joint was conveniently easy to find, too.

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