tagLetters & TranscriptsCamille Ch. 01

Camille Ch. 01


Author's note

Camille is 23 and lives just across the water from me in France. She is 5'7 tall with blonde hair, blue eyes, ample 36D cup breasts and a cute smile. We met online late one evening, her opening sentence says it all. This is slightly tamer than some of my other chats, but I still do love Camille's shyness coupled with her growing horniness. You can just imagine her twinkling eyes and beautiful French accent as she gives into her erotic desires and lets herself be taken.

CAMILLE: hello

PHIL: hello

CAMILLE: I'd like to talk about sex with you

PHIL: haha ok sure. And you are French? Nice

PHIL: why do you want to talk about sex with me?

CAMILLE: I'm bored at work and I saw that you like sex talk so why not

PHIL: cool, can I ask what you look like?

CAMILLE: sure, I'm blond, blue eyes, quite tall

PHIL: not too tall I hope: P

CAMILLE: no, I'm average

PHIL: I like shorter girls so that's cool

CAMILLE: I don't like small guys

PHIL: well I'm average I'd say as well, about 173 cm

CAMILLE: ok pretty good, I'm 169cm

PHIL: I've got short brown hair, blue eyes, average build

CAMILLE: brown hair and blue eyes, good mix, I love it

PHIL: yeh? Nice

PHIL: how comes you've got time at work to be getting horny then?>

CAMILLE: I'm a secretary for night truck drivers but they don't need me all the night, so most of the time I'm bored

PHIL: ah so your mind wanders, and you think about all the horny things you could do if you had a nice man there with you?

CAMILLE: yes, you got it

PHIL: do you like having your pussy licked at all Camille?

CAMILLE: yes man

PHIL: I love doing that, so maybe if there weren't so many miles between us tonight

I could help you out with that

CAMILLE: I'd say you could help me

PHIL: what are you wearing tonight for your work?

CAMILLE: well I have a skirt and a pull over

PHIL: hmm skirt, nice, any panties on tonight babe?

CAMILLE: I always wear thong

PHIL: a thong? Nice and thin, I like it

CAMILLE: mine is pink tonight

PHIL: would you let me slide it slowly down your legs and off? To spread your legs open nice and wide on your desk

CAMILLE: of course you can, that would be great

PHIL: I would find it really sexy, I hope you would, then I'd maybe put my head down between your open thighs and slide out my warm tongue, just to lick up and down your pussy lips to start with, seeing if there is any juice to taste there

CAMILLE: I think you might find some juice 'coz I'm getting a bit excited

PHIL: really? Getting a bit wet? I like that; I want to taste something there as my tongue runs up and down your hot opening

CAMILLE: it's all yours

PHIL: ah yes, I want to run my hands over your smooth thighs, feeling them under

My touch, and move my tongue upwards to lick over your tingling clit, to really make you horny

CAMILLE: you're good at making me horny, now I'm wet

PHIL: already? I like that, god my cock is getting nice and hard just thinking of these pictures, do you have nice tits Camille?

CAMILLE: pretty big yeah

PHIL: well bigger isn't always better with breasts, just if they're firm with nice nipples

CAMILLE: 90D does it mean anything to you? ;)

PHIL: ah yeh, I think its 36d to us, that's big I would say

CAMILLE: well I've been gifted by Mother Nature

PHIL: would you lift them out from your bra for me? So I could reach up and play with your nipples as I continued to slide my tongue in and out of your hot hole

CAMILLE: let me check if I'm really alone

PHIL: ok

CAMILLE: ok I'm alone

CAMILLE: I'd take them out

PHIL: hmm so I can touch your nipples and make them hard, send a tingle from your tits to your pussy

CAMILLE: that's a hard job for you but you're doing it really well

PHIL: spread your legs nice and wide for me baby so I can really get my tongue

In deep, nice and far to get as much pussy juice in my mouth as possible

CAMILLE: I love what you're doing to me, do you like it?

PHIL: I love fucking you with my warm wet tongue baby yeh

CAMILLE: great 'coz I like it

PHIL: I'm playing with my cock now with you, it's so rock hard

CAMILLE: how's your dick?

PHIL: hmm feeling great, hard and throbbing, how's your pussy feeling?


PHIL: I'm gonna enjoy taking care of your hot wetness I think honey, really tongue fucking you hot and hard, hearing you moan

PHIL: you must have the sexiest accent in the world?

CAMILLE: you think French accent is sexy?

PHIL: god yeh it is

PHIL: French, the language of love and the accent on a girl... phew very very hot

CAMILLE: I like when you say that, you're British right?

PHIL: yep

CAMILLE: I like your language, you say sexy things

PHIL: if I were with you, licking your pussy and you told me you liked me doing that I'd get so hot and hard

CAMILLE: well if my accent makes you hard I'm very happy and I get more wet

PHIL: hmm even more juice for me to lap up; do you like letting me lick you? We don't know each other but you've let me slip off your panties and let me lick your hot pussy

CAMILLE: that's because I don't know you that I leave you doing all that

PHIL: it's hot, you're hot


PHIL: this is making me so horny Camille, I love it, but now I want to do something else with you

CAMILLE: tell me

PHIL: my cock is so hard now and I think your pussy is nice and slippery, I want you to move yourself to the edge of the desk, open your legs wide and I want to put the tip of my cock up against your hole, to rub up and down your pussy lips again, do you want this hard cock inside you honey? Do you think you'd like my thickness sliding deep inside your hot wet fuckhole?

CAMILLE: I'd love that, I'm ready, go on love

PHIL: ah yes

PHIL: I'll push it slowly inside you opening your pussy wide, feel me slide every centimetre inside you nice and deep and hard, starting to move backwards and forwards, slowly at first getting used to your hot tightness

PHIL: fuck I love that, hmm your pussy feel so hot and tight around me baby

CAMILLE: I wanna keep you inside all night

PHIL: awww baby , I can stay for as long as you want just gently having sex with you here on your desk

CAMILLE: my desk is a bit cold but you're so hot

PHIL: do you want to be somewhere else?

CAMILLE: no no I'm good there

PHIL: you're brilliant there baby

CAMILLE: if you say so

PHIL: you are, these mental pictures are driving me crazy, I'd love to be on top of you right now, I'm playing with my cock dreaming of it, closing my eyes, thinking that I am really inside you, feeling you totally naked underneath me and feeling the tightness of your pussy hold my thick cock, I'd kiss your soft neck and whisper in your ear and tell you how much you've turned me on, tell you how hot you are and how much I was loving having sex with you here tonight

CAMILLE: you know what? We should go on the floor so you can be on top of me

PHIL: I think it would be much better yes, I'll come out of you and you can lay down

CAMILLE: ok I'm on the floor ready to take you again in me

PHIL: hmmm baby, I'm thinking about you saying that in your hot accent

PHIL: fuck that's good, you look amazing naked on the floor, legs open

PHIL: you really do look absolutely fantastic, delicious, I'll come and join you now, I can't resist you any longer

CAMILLE: I thought you'd never come

PHIL: sorry but you are amazing to look at, and amazing to fuck too

PHIL: I'll push myself slowly inside you again

CAMILLE: yes love

PHIL: hmm feeling that warmth around me again

CAMILLE: is that good?

PHIL: ah baby it is good, I love the feel of your soft skin. Let me kiss you long and deep as my cock buries inside your depths

CAMILLE: French kiss right?

PHIL: yes French kissing, with my French princess. Our tongues dancing together as my dick plunges further up inside you

PHIL: what are you doing with your pussy now?

CAMILLE: trying to be as good as your dick with my fingers

PHIL: god you're hot

PHIL: get your legs open nice and wide for me, I want your feet nice and far apart so I can really get my hard dick as deep as I can inside you baby

CAMILLE: I'm as open as possible, I do my best to welcome your so good dick

PHIL: ah baby

PHIL: I'm loving this, but no one will catch us here will they? No one will come in and see you being fucked nice and hard?

CAMILLE: I love what you're doing to me so I don't really care

PHIL: ah Camille its good isn't it?

PHIL: I love having sex with you honey

CAMILLE: hell yeah

PHIL: have you ever had sex like it?

CAMILLE: I have to admit it, no never like this, you're a really good lover

PHIL: awww , you're French, and you are the best lovers so it's a real compliment

PHIL: can we keep on making love?

CAMILLE: for sure, go on

PHIL: I love watching your pretty face as I fuck you. I love looking into your eyes every time I am in at my deepest

CAMILLE: your blue eyes deep in mine

PHIL: I can see you're loving being filled with cock aren't you baby

CAMILLE: I love it, I love when I feel your big dick touching me so deep

PHIL: you like me to go slow and hard or faster?

CAMILLE: slow and hard that's very good for now

PHIL: good I like that, pushing nice and rhythmically, moving with your hips, trying to get deeper with every stroke

CAMILLE: soooo gooooood

PHIL: I want to lean down and take one of your nipples in my mouth as I'm slipping in and out, sucking on it slightly to keep it nice and hard

CAMILLE: do what you want with me baby, my body is all yours

PHIL: ah baby that turns me on, I like it when you say that

PHIL: that you're mine, that you're my hot little French fuck princess

CAMILLE: oh yeah

PHIL: my sexy horny little fuck princess?


PHIL: can I come in to see you every night when you're working?

CAMILLE: I don't know if I can do it every night but let's try

PHIL: are you not always alone?

CAMILLE: unfortunately no

PHIL: well when you are, can I come and make love to you all night on the floor here?

CAMILLE: sure you can, but sometimes I have to work a little bit and take care of my truck drivers, not only your gifted cock ;)

PHIL: look down between us, see my cock appearing and disappearing inside you?

CAMILLE: oh yeah, my favourite moment is when it disappears in me deep

PHIL: you must use your senses in sex with me baby, see me fucking you, close your eyes and really feel me pumping hard inside you over and over, in and out, hmm back and forth, deep and slow

CAMILLE: soo deep

PHIL: maybe I will hold my cock out of you for a second, and then push it back in nice and deep and surprise you, then hold it inside you deep again, letting you feel me pulsate deep inside your hot horny pussy

CAMILLE: oh I like that surprise

CAMILLE: you're getting deeper and deeper

PHIL: it feels like it doesn't it, pushing so hard inside you

PHIL: I love your pussy Camille, I love being with you here. It's so hot and romantic

CAMILLE: everywhere in France it's romantic, but with you even my desk becomes romantic

PHIL: and your office floor? Where you should be waiting and sitting down but instead you are naked on the floor having hot loving sex

CAMILLE: that's much better than those ugly drivers

PHIL: me coming in, with a flower for you eager to take all your clothes off and lick you all over, from your head to your toes

CAMILLE: that's romantic

PHIL: you make me do it, I really do want to do it though

PHIL: I'm shutting my eyes wishing I was really inside you right now and stroking your soft skin; u underneath me, touching you all over

CAMILLE: touch my tits, they need to be touched by you

PHIL: ah baby yes, I love it when you say that

PHIL: O I'm imagining you saying it in your hot accent and it's making me crazy, hmm can I stroke my hands all over them, my thumbs playing with your hard nipples

CAMILLE: of course you can and I can tell you I love it. Can you feel my nipples becoming harder and harder

PHIL: Hmm oh yes. Will you moan out loud? Will you open your mouth slightly and let me know you love it?

CAMILLE: of course, and I'm waiting for you to kiss me, your tongue playing with mine your dick still deep in me

PHIL: ah yes I'll kiss you long and deep, open mouths, tongues sliding against each other tasting your salty mouth. I love it

CAMILLE: your hands on my tits

PHIL: hmmmmm fuck that's hot

CAMILLE: You're hot

PHIL: hmm yes my hands on your nice tits baby. When I'm not typing I'm wanking my hard cock over you darling

CAMILLE: I love that idea, I love imagining you wank yourself for me

PHIL: hmm yeh nice and hard and slow

CAMILLE: that's your fault, you're too good

PHIL: dreaming of your silky wet pussy

CAMILLE: you can go quicker in me now

PHIL: just a little bit, feeling more friction inside you. I'm liking it, and you're definitely staying nice and wet for me

CAMILLE: You should see how wet I am

PHIL: your pussy is dripping

CAMILLE: all that just for you English lover

PHIL: is it making your chair wet?


PHIL: ah baby call me such things French princess. I'll whisper it to you as we fuck a little faster, in your ear turning you on. I love being inside you French fuck Princess Camille

CAMILLE: I'm going crazy. I love your British cock so much

PHIL: god I hope that clit of yours is nice and wet and you're rubbing it nice and hard for me, thinking of that thick British cock

CAMILLE: oh yeah trust me

PHIL: I want to lift up your legs, put them over my shoulders, hold your hips and really start to move in and out of you fast now, really taking control and fucking my princess

CAMILLE: take control, I'm yours. Do what you want

PHIL: can you imagine it? Us on the floor, your legs over my shoulders? Easily being able to see my cock going inside you?

CAMILLE: I can imagine yeah and I'm so wet

PHIL: fuck this is good. Look into my eyes and tell me you're loving how that feels

CAMILLE: I'm adoring what you are doing to me

PHIL: is this a much better night than being alone?

CAMILLE: hell yeah that's less boring than yesterday and the 6 months before

PHIL: you should've looked for me and I would've come and made love to you every night for 6 months

CAMILLE: oooh yeah

PHIL: your body is just amazing baby and it feels soo good to be inside it

CAMILLE: so stay there forever going in and out of me

PHIL: I'd love to but I need to cum soon you're so hot

PHIL: can I wank for you? Will you watch me wanking over you? Can I cum over your hot tits Camille?

CAMILLE: sure my love. Do it, cum on me

PHIL: are you sure?

CAMILLE: yes yes

PHIL: can I spray my hot cum over your juicy tits?

CAMILLE: you can squirt everything on me

PHIL: will you cum with me? Will you reach down and play with your pussy till you make yourself cum hard?


PHIL: let's cum together now

CAMILLE: for sure

PHIL: hmmm yes, ready? Play with it so fast that you cum nice and hard. I want to watch your face as I cum over you. Hmm feel that orgasm rip through you, right from your head to your curling toes

CAMILLE: cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

PHIL: ah fuck...


CAMILLE: I need you next to me

PHIL: aww baby

CAMILLE: kiss me

PHIL: that was good

PHIL: come here, let me hold you and kiss you

CAMILLE: I'm so well in your arms

PHIL: I feel so peaceful now. I came good, did you?

CAMILLE: I came good too... well, the best I could at work ;)

PHIL: awww honey, that really was amazing, thank you for writing to me baby

CAMILLE: you're very welcome it was my pleasure

PHIL: I could tell

PHIL: I need to go to bed soon baby

CAMILLE: well it's late for you I understand

PHIL: but honestly it was worthwhile being with you

CAMILLE: thank you

PHIL: I am normally online on here, when will you be free to talk again, do you know?

CAMILLE: not exactly

PHIL: that's ok

CAMILLE: I don't know in advance if I'll be alone or not

PHIL: we'll just have to hope. What time do you get to work?

CAMILLE: I start at 9 in the evening and finish at 6

PHIL: ah wow, and that's 8 for me isn't it

CAMILLE: yes 8 for you

CAMILLE: And then 5 for you

PHIL: yeh ok well I'm normally on at 8 in the evening so just keep a look out

PHIL: bonnuit baby

PHIL: goodnight and take care xx

CAMILLE: good night to you too sleep tight

PHIL: you too xxx

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