tagGroup SexCamp Chronicles Ch. 01

Camp Chronicles Ch. 01


A few years ago I took a summer off from my graduate studies and worked as a head life guard for a summer camp. One of my friends had set me up with the job knowing a few months away in the mountains would do me good. While there I had a number of sexual escapades I would like to share with you all. This will be the first in a series of stories.

For background, my name is Tom. I'm about 6' and 220 lbs. Most of my weight is in my upper body. I had been a swimmer all through high school and college and did a lot of weight training. While not as bulky as a football player, I did have a fairly nice set of arm and chest muscles. However, in recent years I had begun lifting more beer bottles than dumbbells. In the looks department I was pretty much the guy next door. You wouldn't find me on the pages of an A&F catalogue, but the looks wagon certainly didn't pass me by.

Week 1: Staff Training

As the head lifeguard I was responsible for training my staff and making sure they were capable of doing the jobs as well as working together. I only had six slots but eight people that wanted to be lifeguards. The two that didn't make it would be sent to either the kitchen or the maintenance shed for the rest of the summer unless something else opened up. Since it was going to be a tough call, I decided the only fair way to do it was to set up some sort of challenge and let the best people fit for the job.

Trying out for the positions were five guys and three girls. Dave and Joe were your typical college guys. Both were tall, well cut, blond, and always had the girls on staff hanging around them. Steve and Mike were just out of high school but both top notch swimmers and had been coming to the camp for years. Larry, well, there wasn't much to Larry. He was a scrawny bookworm type that I knew didn't have the strength to make it as a lifeguard, but I had to let him try for the position. For the girls there was a pair of total knockouts Lacy and Amanda. They were college sophomores and roommates who, like Steve and Mike, had been coming to the camp for years. They had been on the lifeguard staff last year, but like everyone else they still had to make it through me. If for no other reason than seeing these two in bathing suits all summer, I was sure to have them on my staff. Last was Stacy. She had been the head lifeguard last year, but because of a change in the insurance policy the camp had they needed someone over 25 and she was a year short. She was pretty much just trying out for show and demonstrating to me that she could still cut it as a lifeguard and hadn't gone soft from pushing papers all last summer. I too had planned to be doing the challenge right along side of them showing that I wasn't going to ask them to do anything I wasn't going to do myself.

First up in my series of challenges was a swim across the lake and back. With rescue tubes in tow, the nine of us set off across the lake. As I had predicted, Larry was the first to go. He claimed some sort of leg cramp and was taken in by the rescue boat. One down, one more left to cut.

As we finished our swim I tried my hardest not to stare at Lacy and Amanda. At first glance they could pass for sisters. Both were about 5'5" and lean cut. Lacy was a little thinner with only about b-cup breasts and a very tight ass. Her pouty lips and deep blue eyes were framed with shoulder length strawberry blond hair. From her application she listed that she swam in the winter and played lacrosse in the fall. Amanda was a little thicker than Lacy, but it was so evenly spread out that it only made her look a tiny bit older than Lacy. From my guess she had about c-size breasts. While not as toned as Lacy, her matching shoulder length strawberry blond hair and blue eyes sealed the potential sisterhood.

The moment we got to shore I had to adjust my shorts to hide my raging hard on. The water was still a bit cold, so their nipples looked like they could cut their way out of their two-piece racing suits. I hadn't gotten laid in about a year because I was so consumed with my graduate work. My last girlfriend dumped me because I wasn't spending enough time with her. Oh well.

The lake swim had taken so much energy, we spent the last part of the day going over rescue policies and getting everyone's paperwork up to date. As soon as we were done I gave everyone the evening off to get there stuff sorted out in their cabins. Since I was older I got to stay in a cabin on the other side of camp away from the campers and younger staff. At least this way I could still enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer night and not have to worry about some young camper bothering me.

After I got in I shed my wind pants and jacket and decided to take a much needed cold shower. No sooner did I climb in did I start thinking about Lacy and Amanda. My dick instantly sprang to life and start aching for release. Being that I was in for a long summer, I figured I might as well take care of this problem now and realize that these girls would be the source of my fantasies for the weeks to come. No sooner did I get my cock in hand and start stroking did I head a loud banging at my door.

Shutting off the shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the door. I muttered under my breath the whole time that this better be good.

"I'll be there in a second." Once I got to the door I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Lacy and Amanda.

Lacy was the first to talk. "Tom, we need a favor." The both looked at me like lost puppy's begging for food.

"Sure anything. What can I do for you?"

"Well, one of the water pipes burst this winter and the showers on our side of camp don't work. The maintenance man said he'd have it fixed later this week, but we really need a shower tonight after being in the lake. I promise we won't take long, just enough to get our hair clean."

"Sure, I was just in the middle of my shower so you two are more than welcome to make yourselves at home while I finish up. There's beer in the fridge and a box of movies next to the TV."

"Thanks Tom. You're the best!" Each girl gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as they walked him. At which point I realized I was still in nothing more than a bath towel sporting a hard on that you could chop wood with.

"I should only be another five minutes or so. Then whoever wants to go first can have the shower." I was going to need every one of those five minutes to crank one off and get the thought of these two vixens being naked in my bathroom out of my head to I could walk around with out having to hide my ever pulsating erection.

A few minutes into my shower I started stroking my cock again. Thinking back to the lake, when both girls were climbing out with their nipples hard as small diamonds, was enough to put me over the edge. I must have been so caught up in shooting my load into a washcloth that I didn't hear the bathroom door open. It wasn't till I heard the shower curtain slide back and felt a hand on my shoulder that I realized I wasn't alone. Lacy was now standing right in front of me stark naked.

"If you would have asked, I could have helped you with that." Her breasts looked magnificent as she breathed. They were absolute perky perfection. They sat high on her chest and looked as if she could walk around all day without a bra and not have to worry about a thing.

Then in one motion she took a step into the shower and locked lips with mine. She placed one hand behind my neck and pulled my head down to hers and put her other hand on my cock and began giving me a nice and wet hand job. Needless to say, my cock instantly sprang back to life. In a clear state of mind I'm sure I would have immediately told her to stop and that it wasn't right for me her supervisor to be doing such a thing, but as every guy knows that once the blood flows south, rational thought goes out the window.

I guess I should mention one other detail. The building I was living in was the camp's old medical building. It had to be relocated to another building when the camp expanded and this building had been converted to older staff housing. The shower had to be the best part since it was an over-sized handicap accessible shower that could easily fit five people. It had three shower heads (one on each wall) and two of those shower rails (one in each corner).

As soon as she broke her kiss, I realized that if she was here, Amanda had to be back in the living room and aware of what was going on. So I asked her in a half-pant half-panicked voice, "What's Amanda doing?"

"Oh, she's probably frigging herself off trying to imagine what I'm doing to you." With that she dropped to her knees and took my now massively swollen cock into her mouth. No sooner did she take my cock deep into her throat my knees went weak and I fell back against the shower wall.

After what seemed to be an eon of bliss I felt the familiar tingle of an orgasm brewing and I warned her that I was about to cum. Once I started I pumped glob after glob of my sperm into her belly. She didn't even stop to breath. She just took each and every pump I gave her and swallowed it like a champ. After licking the last few drops off my cock she slowly stood up letting her nipples drag up to my chest and thanked me.

"Thank you? Are you kidding? I should be the one thanking YOU! That was the best blowjob I've ever gotten. I've never been with a girl that could deep-throat like that or swallow as much as I just put out."

"Oh don't worry. It's been a while since I've had a cock in my mouth." She then stood up on her toes and kissed me deeply letting the aftertaste of my juices still in her mouth linger in mine.

We kissed for a while longer and then I broke it off saying if I didn't leave soon I was going to shrivel up into a prune.

"Awww," She pouted. "Well, I still need to wash my hair. If you want, you can send Amanda in." With that she bounced around and began scrubbing herself clean.

I toweled myself off as Lacy continued to shower behind me then wrapped the towel around my waste and walked into the living room to find Amanda on the couch watching a movie.

"Lacy said you can go in if you want."

"Wow, she did you good." She laughed, "You look like you're about to pass out." She chuckled again as she grabbed her backpack and headed off to the bathroom.

I just smiled and slowly walked to my bedroom. My legs were weak in the knees still and my cock pulsed with please with every thought of Lacy's lips and the job she did.

As soon as I hit my bed I must have passed out. It wasn't until I felt...

This is just the first of many stories that happened to me that summer. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is more than welcome.

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