tagNovels and NovellasCampfire Stories Ch. 05

Campfire Stories Ch. 05

byGood Burger©

The camp had two groups of campers. There were the weekly campers and the full summer campers. As it turned out, Colin's cabin (Lenape) and Julia's (Arapaho) were both full summer cabins. The campers arrived at 10 AM on a Saturday, and the counselors were all there to greet them for orientation.


Joe was glad today would be a busy one. Colin hadn't come home last night, probably too embarrassed after catching Joe's one-handed action in the shower. There really wouldn't be a chance to bring it up, and for that, Joe was thankful. Joe had seen Colin chatting with a few girls earlier, and man was that blonde hot!

Colin and Joe led their 12 campers to the Lenape cabin. Joe and Colin reviewed the rules with the boys, aged 14-16, then let them unpack. During the commotion, Colin pulled Joe aside, saying he had to introduce Joe to some people later that evening.

Meanwhile, at the Arapaho cabin, Julia and Marie were helping a dozen teenaged girls unpack for a summer at the camp. After unpacking and reviewing the Camp Rules, Julia and Marie led their girls to the Mess Hall for dinner and a special announcement.

After dinner, the director welcomed the campers. They promised a fun and exciting summer for the campers, and to help them get to know each other, they'd begin the next day with the Tribal Tournament, featuring the four full-summer cabins competing in various events.


By Tuesday of that week, the campers were all comfortable in their summer home. Weekly campers wouldn't arrive until the following week, and the Tribal Tournament was in full swing. The day before, Lenape had defeated Cheyenne in a kickball game. Sunday saw Arapaho defeat Pueblo on the beach volleyball court. That left the boys of Lenape facing the girls of Arapaho in whatever Tuesday's event would be.

The counselor's were excited to announce to their campers that they'd be competing in the classic game of Capture the Flag. Counselors would patrol the game as the campers chose positions, hiding places, etc. The game began at dusk.


Keri is 5'7" and slender, with perky breasts, a slim figure, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Your typical cheerleader. She isn't stupid, quite bright actually, and she's glad her two new friends see that. Ashley and Gina have their bunk on either side of Keri's, and the three girls became fast friends. Ashley is short, with fiery red hair and the competitive spirit to match. Her athletic background led the Arapaho cabin to victory in volleyball that weekend, and keeps her body in amazing shape. How a girl that short has such large breasts, I don't know. And finally Gina. Gina's dad is black and her mom is white, and Gina is a stunning mix of both races. She is very slender and slightly taller than Keri, with petite breasts. The three girls were one of the search crews for their team, and their job was to search the woods for the boys' flag. As the three girls stepped into an opening, three boys did so from the opposite side at the same time. At once, the six teenagers "captured" each other and after a few moments confusion, just sat and laughed.

Nick, Mike, and Dan were the boys from Lenape. Nick and Dan were both football players at their high schools, and had impressive builds for being in the summer before their Junior year. Mike ran cross country at his school, and the tall African-American was very slim yet still cut.

The six teenagers introduced themselves and began wondering what to do, and who captured who. Screams and cheers erupted across the lake, and they knew a flag had been found. All six took off in the direction of the sound and saw one of the girls tearing across the field with the flag. Mike quickly caught up to her, captured her, and took off into the woods with his flag. Keri quickly arranged to meet Nick and his friends later that night before taking off after Mike.


About an hour after lights out, Joe and Colin walked over to Arapaho to meet up with Marie and Julia. They were hanging out, giving Joe a chance to get acquainted with the girls, while remaining in viewing distance of both their cabins. Julia took her eyes off of Colin for a moment and noticed three boys outside her cabin. They quickly darted into the woods, and shortly thereafter, three girls followed! Julia alerted her co-counselors, and Joe and Marie remained while Colin and Julia went after the campers.


Nick, Mike, and Dan sat down on a few rocks when they got to the clearing in the woods. The moon was bright enough to give a pretty good view within the clearing. The sounds of snapping branches signalled the girls' arrival. The young ladies weren't quite prepared for the guys when they came up to the window near Gina's bunk, so they hurried out in what they had worn to bed. Gina was wearing a long tee shirt that reached halfway down her chestnut thighs, and barely concealed her blue bikini style panties when she sat down on a log next to Keri. Keri slept in the nude at home, so she had bought a light, airy negligee for sleeping in at camp. It was white, and in good lighting, see through. She had on white panties under it, which were barely hidden as it only reached just below her shapely ass. Both the negligee and her panties were tied on by lacy straps. Ashley wore a tank top that clung tightly to her large tits and boxers that revealed she had no panties on underneath! None of the girls found it particularly comfortable to sleep in bras, and the boys were very appreciative of this.

The guys all had cut-off tees with mesh shorts on, and the mesh shorts did little to hide their arousal at the sight of the girls. They all felt so daring, sneaking out on the first night, and decided to play truth or dare. Little did they know just how daring the night would be...

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