tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCampfire Stories Ch. 06

Campfire Stories Ch. 06

byGood Burger©

Based on who had the closest birthday, Keri got to go first. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty looked around the group until her eyes fell on Nick, the tall football player with spikey brown hair. "Truth or dare Nick?"

"Hmm...since we're here to get to know each other better, I pick truth."

"Okay...do you have a girlfriend?"

"Nope. Alright, I'll pick Gina."

"Truth I guess." Gina was a little shyer than her two friends, but was still eager to participate in the game.

"What's your favorite TV show?" Nick asked.

"Are you serious?" Ashley blurted out. The spunky short girl never saw such a boring game of truth or dare on TV. The rest of the group laughed and Gina quickly said "The OC" before the question could be changed. Gina then picked Mike. Mike also opted for truth, much to the dismay of Ashley. Before Gina could ask, Ashley pulled the girls into a huddle. Giggling, Gina asked "How big is you're...ya know."

Embarrassed, Mike said "I don't know, I never measured. And since I know whose idea that was, truth or dare Ashley?"

"Dare! I'm no wuss!"

"Alright, if you're so bad, flash your tits!" Nick and Dan both smiled. Although the redhead was short, she easily had the nicest pair of D cup breasts they'd ever seen. Ashley hesitated for a second, and then pulled her tank top up, letting her huge tits pop out. Her nipples hardened as the cool night time breeze whispered across the pink nubs capping of her voluptuous breasts. Keri noticed the boys shift their positions, and also noticed Ashely's nipples weren't the only body parts hardening in the group.

"There." Ashley pulled her shirt back down. "Alright Danny boy, it's your turn, truth or dare." Dan was afraid of what could happen next, but not wanting to look like a wuss, he chose. "Dare me."

"Ok, let's see," Ashley thought for a minute. She had noticed the erection forming in Dan's shorts, and her curiosity was killing her. "I dare you to make out with me for two minutes."

Dan walked over to Ashley, trying to hide his lengthening rod from the girls as Nick prepared his watch. "Go!" Dan put his hands on Ashley's waist and slowly moved towards her. Their eyes closed and their lips parted awaiting the arrival of the other. As Ashley felt Dan's lips brush her own, she also felt his manhood rub against her leg. It sent a tingle up her spine, and nipples were poking through the material of her tank top. As she slid her tongue into Dan's mouth, Ashley's hands ran down his chest and stomach and lightly grazed the tip of his erection. She guided Dan's right hand to her left breast, and he squeezed, sending shockwaves through her body. Modesty aside, she grabbed his cock and gripped it through his shorts, squeezing and pulling at it.

"Time!" called Nick. Ashley and Dan separated, breathing heavily. Dan sat next to Ashley, and she laid her head on his shoulder, eyeing his erection out of the corner of her eye. Dan picked Keri.

"I'll take a dare," Keri said with the slightest hint of uncertainty.

The six teens didn't notice Colin and Julia walk up from the woods. Before the counselors could intervene, Dan said "I dare you to let Nick kiss you're bare tits." Dan was all worked up from his intenses make out session with Ashley, and he knew Nick had a thing for Keri. Colin and Julia stepped back and watched from out of the campers' sight as Keri untied her negligee. Nick's eyes were glued to her perky boobies, and he began kissing each one, and then starting sucking each engorged nipple. Julia slid a hand behind her and began rubbing Colin's cock until it grew, straining against his pants.

By this time, Keri had dared Mike to show everyone his penis. Mike stood up, and dropped his pants, revealing his long cock. Julia gasped along with her campers. While he wasn't as thick as Colin, he had to be eight inches long! Dying for a release, Mike quickly dared Gina to jerk him off. As Gina reached out for her first cock, Keri's hand found Nick's manhood, and Ashely did the same for Dan. Soon, three pairs of beautiful young breasts glowed in the moonlight as three hands massaged three teenage dicks. All the while, Julia and Colin were watching, hornier than ever.

Julia had pulled down her pants, and told Colin she was too turned on to do anything but feel his erect penis fill up her tight vagina. Colin complied, and entered his gorgeous girlfriend from behind, allowing both of them to watch the scene before them. Nick had moved his hand between Keri's leg, were he was surprised to find her wet. She guided his hand to a small, hard bump inside her pussy lips and moaned at his touch. Ashley, being bold, kicked off her shorts revealing her thick, red bush and sexy round ass to everyone. She leaned over and touched a phallus to her mouth for the first time, gradually taking Dan's inexperienced manhood into her virgin mouth.

A chorus of orgasms would soon spread through the forest, beginning with Mike, who shot his load onto the unsuspecting Gina's face and small tits. When Nick and Keri saw Mike's fluids coat Gina's tiny boobs, Keri saturated Nick's hand with her orgasm as he fired loads of cum into the air and all over her hand. Soon after, Ashley felt gobs of thick, warm liqiud filling her mouth as Dan instinctively humped her face. Overwhelmed by the sight before them, Colin emptied his jism into Julia's depths, and felt her contract around him, and felt her warm cum soak his penis.

By the time Julia and Colin had pulled their shorts back into place, the campers had stole back to their cabins. Julia gave Colin a quick kiss and took off for Arapaho. Colin entered his cabin and nearly laughed out loud. Nick, Mike, and Dan were all in their bunks, feigning slumber, but their rock hard erections told him otherwise. Colin just hopped into his own bunk, and wondered where Joe was just as he drifted off to sleep.

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