tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCampfire Stories Ch. 08

Campfire Stories Ch. 08

byGood Burger©

Keri, Ashley, and Gina were excited. The day had finally come when the first set of weekly campers would arrive. But that's not what had the girls in a fit of giggles as they headed for the showers. Tonight they would return to the woods and meet up with Nick, Mike, and Dan. The girls could not wait.

On Sundays, the full summer campers had no scheduled activities, and could therefore sleep in and just hang out all day. The girls were the last to get up on that particular Sunday, and they hit the showers. Ashley really enjoyed the communal showers in the cabin. She was pretty sure she was straight, but it still turned her on seeing other girls in the nude. Just as she started to appreciate the beauty of her two best friends, their counselor, Julia walked in.

"Hey girls!"

"What happened to you?" Gina asked. Julia was very muddy, and her hair was soaking wet. "You guys know Colin, the counselor from Lenape?" The girls giggled, they had figured something was going on between the two counselors. "I'll take that as a yes. Well, he threw me into the lake, so I came back here to get cleaned up." With that, Julia stripped and joined the girls in the shower. After rinsing the mud off, Julia grabbed her razor and lathered her pubic area with shaving cream. Ashley couldn't help but stare as her counselor shaved every last hair from her mound.

"Do guys really like that?" the short redhead blurted out. Julia laughed, "Yeah, they pretty much do. I kinda like it myself, it feels really nice. You should try it."

Unsure, Ashley replied, "Oh, I don't know if I could. I always cut myself shaving, I just get so slippery in the shower. I don't think I could trust myself to do it without messing up."

Julia thought for a moment. She looked at Ashley's pretty face and lowered her gaze to her very large breasts and finally her bright red bush. Julia remembered last week when she noticed Ashley pleasuring herself while staring at her, and Julia knew exactly what she wanted to do. "I'll do it for you the first time, so you can get a feel for it. Sound good?" Ashley smiled and nodded. Julia took Ashley's razor and kneeled in front of her. "Okay, spread your legs for me."

Keri and Gina had stopped soaping and lathering to watch. Ashley parted her legs, and was obviously breathing heavy as her D-cup tits rose and fell deeply with each breath, and her nipples stood rigid. Julia coated her hands with shaving cream, and began rubbing her hands all over Ashley's pubic region, casually letting a finger slide up the redheaded virgin's slit a few times. Finally she took the razor and began scraping away the curly red her from Ashley's pussy. When most of the hair was gone, Julia deliberately ran her fingertip up through the virgin camper's moist slit. "Do you want me to do the rest?"

"Yes, please don't stop," came the reply. With the pretense of protecting her camper's sexual organs, Julia laid her index finger across Ashley's slit, covering it and conveniently placing her fingertip on Ashley's clit. Ashley moaned and squeezed her own tits as she felt Julia's finger brush her love button. Keri and Gina stared unblinkingly. Keri began to rub her pussy as Gina began caressing her puffy pink nipples. Julia had finished shaving her camper's mound, but continued to rub the newly hairless twat, pretending to wipe away straggling hairs. Ashley called out "Oh shit!" and came on her counselor's hand. Before the spunky short girl could be embarrassed, Keri had spread her legs and said to Julia, "Do me next!"


It only took Nick, Mike, and Dan two days to realize their luck. All cabins were designed the same, bunks in front, bathrooms in back. The bathrooms had screens for the last three feet of the wall before the ceiling. It was Mike who discovered the mother lode for the three horny teenage boys. Arapaho cabin backed up against the woods, and there was a rather sharp incline immediately behind the cabin. If they laid at the top of this hill, they could stare straight into the girls' showers while being concealed by the leaves of trees at the edge of the forest! They had decided to test out their new spot today, and were just given the show of a life time!

Just as Julia began rubbing the shaving cream between Keri's legs, Nick couldn't take it anymore. "Oh fuck this is so hot," shoving his hand into his pants and pulling out his six inch rod. Dan and Mike watched their buddy begin to stroke his manhood, amazed that it didn't take away from the scene below, but added to their horniness! Mike glanced back and saw Gina rubbing her pussy in the shower. He and Dan both moaned when Ashley reached out and began massaging her friend's little titties. Dan and Mike glanced at each other, and both pulled out their dicks and began stroking. Dan cupped his balls with one hand as he rubbed his average sized penis with the other. Mike got up to his knees while his friends had rolled over to their backs. He took both hands and began fucking his eight inch cock into the hole they formed. As the girls cries and moans signaled their orgasms, all three boys fucked themselves harder, and the sounds of slapping flesh interrupted the silence of the forest. Nick came first, and shot his load in an arc, hitting Mike's stomach and cock, the pearly white semen contrasting against Mike's brown skin. Mike grunted and erupted and his cum splurted onto Mike's chest and Dan's balls. Dan felt his testicles tighten as the warm liquid coated them from the outside, and he quickly began shooting his cum straight into the air, most of it landing squarely back on it's source. Exhausted, the three guys tried to collect themselves in the forest before heading back towards their cabin to clean up.

None of the six teenagers could wait for their next forest meeting.

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