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Camping with Mrs. Lawrence


Thanks for all the positive feedback on 'Fulfilling Jamie' guys. This one is written in kind of the same vein, but the subject matter is a bit different. Before I get more confused letters, please note that I am a male writing from the female perspective... I don't know why, I just find female first person hot.

Disclaimer: The boys in this story are eighteen-year-old seniors in high school.

Special thanks to Suzanne Wright, who writes the best DP scenes in history.

I awoke to the cool breeze and salt-spray smell of ocean. I could hear the boys and girls on the other side of the campsite running around, getting ready for the big trip to Morro Rock and I sighed in relief knowing I had at least twenty more minutes before I had to be dressed and put up with any of them. It was Tuesday morning.

There was a knock on my cabin door, and a familiar voice chirped "Mrs. Lawrence?" I'd been divorced for three years now, but I never got around to changing my name back to Sue Ann Pierce... even though it still made my skin bristle to hear myself referred to under HIS last name.

"What is it Bobby?" I called back. I'd hoped he wouldn't just barge into my room, but just in case I pulled the rough campground sheets up to cover my naked breasts.

"Can I come in?" he called back, but he was already twisting the doorknob. I sighed.

"Come on in."

He stood in the doorway looking like the proverbial.. whatever it is that cats drag in. His unkempt black hair hung down to his cheekbones. His dark, Asian skin glistened from running around in the morning sun. His torn, baggy jeans and his faded knock-off Tommy t-shirt looked liked it had been through more than one of his brothers as it was handed down.

"What is it Bobby?" I asked, taking care to keep my forty year old body covered.

He stared at his shoes and nervously rubbed the nape of his neck. "Can I ask you a favor Mrs. Lawrence?"

"That depends on what it is," I smirked.

"Could you be the counselor for my group today?" he asked, embarrassed. "Some of the guys are joking about pushing me into the ocean because they know I can't swim. And I don't trust any of the volunteer counselors."

I smiled, flattered. "I'll see what I can do." I took one more look at my sad little student. Bobby was incredibly intelligent, but he was only a stick of a young man and unbelievably impoverished. It was the worst combination for any boy to live with trying to make it through public school. The other boys were all so mean to him, and nothing I could do was going to stop that. If only he had a little self confidence.

"Thanks Mrs. Lawrence," he smiled.

"Bobby, you shouldn't let the guys push you around so much. I think you should keep your head up more, and stand up straighter. I know how mean boys your age can be, but if you can at least look less scared, than they wouldn't give you such a hard time."

He groaned a little, under his breath. "I'll try," he muttered, uncommitted.

"Try it now!" I laughed. "Look me in the eye."

He slowly raised his face until our eyes met. It seemed to take all his effort to stay focused. He'd held it for a moment, but then his eyes would dart back downward.

I tried not to chuckle. "And take your hands out of you pockets. It makes you look scared."

"Ummm..." he started. His eyes kept bobbing between my gaze and the floor.

"NO 'ummms' from you," I responded. "It'll make you feel better, I promise." He took his hands out of his pockets. He was slouching worse than ever. "Come on, stand up straight Bobby."

Bobby stood up straighter, and that's when I realized I'd made a mistake. His bad posture, and his hands in his pockets weren't due to being shy... it was because he was trying to hide the erection that was tenting in his baggy jeans. I inhaled sharply, and took a long look at him... his eyes weren't darting to the floor. He was trying not to stare at my nipples, which had grown hard from the cold air, and were standing out against my sheets.

"Can I go now?" he asked, his cheeks a dark crimson.

"I think you should," I muttered. Now it was I who couldn't meet HIS gaze.

His hands returned to his pockets, and he hunched over again as he closed the cabin door behind him. And I sat in my cabin, alone and in the dark, trying to figure out why I was so wet.


It worked like this:

Every year, the three teachers in the grade level I taught sent their students to Camp Explorer in the san Simeon woods. It was a dense forest located about 35 miles north of Morro Bay California. We arrived on Monday and went home on Friday, and for many of the students this would be their first experience out of town without their parents, so obviously it was a big deal for all the students.

During Camp Week, one teacher would stay behind to take care of the students who weren't allowed to go, while the other two would follow the students to camp to act as supervisors and Counselors. The student body was then broken up into three groups at random, and separated amongst twelve same-sex cabins. Each cabin would be issued a counselor.

Since there were twelve cabins and only two teachers, we would spend the months prior trying to talk parents into volunteering to chaperone. We would also find college students studying for their teaching credentials, and they would volunteer in exchange for "work experience" credits. Every year it was a fight to make sure there were twelve counselors before we left... many times we weren't sure if there would be enough chaperones until the week before we were scheduled to leave.

This year was special for me though. I hate feeling good about this, but the week before we were scheduled to depart a particularly bad case of the flu virus swept through our school. Before I knew it, some eight kids had backed out of the trip due to illness. We left Monday morning with twelve chaperones, but only enough students to fill eleven cabins. Through a coin toss, I won the right to have a private cabin, and I would act as an extra counselor to one of the three groups, whichever I chose. Because of Bobby's pleading, I chose his group.

It was great having a cabin to myself this year. I hid a little bottle of Belvedere vodka in my luggage to keep me warm at night. I also snuck my little shoebox, my treasure chest, along for those cold nights alone. Inside was an assortment of my favorite toys and lubes to keep me occupied.

Being forty and single was admittedly hard. I'd started to dye my blonde hair a few years ago to hide the white that was creeping in. I was wearing more makeup to cover the new lines that seemed to appear daily. My bright blue eyes were turning a dull shade of gray. And my once firm and tight body was growing softer and curvier.

I'd gone on a few dates since my divorce, and even fooled around with a few men. But the fact that I was no longer a young woman, that I was no longer going to be fucked by some young stud, usually came crashing down on me following a few weeks of dating, and I'd brake it off. My nights were spent perusing stories on the internet and shopping for newer, bigger sex toys.

When we got off the bus at Morro Rock, all I could think about was getting back to my cabin tonight and trying out my new toy: it was a dual vibrator with a big thick dick that curved around into a slimmer dick, made to penetrate me both vaginally and anally at the same time. While I'd resigned myself to a life of masturbation and fantasy, I saw no reason I couldn't at least pretend I was being taken by two virile men.

The bus broke up into three groups... one would go up to the Falcon observatory at the rock, another to the tide pools around the sand, and mine and Bobby's group would explore the beach and observe the local sea lions, harbor seals, birds, and otters.

Bobby held a special place in my heart, far above the many young faces I had taught throughout the years. He was always so optimistic, always ready to answer and question. His father had left a few years back while his mother, an uneducated immigrant from the Orient, supported Bobby and his brothers on her meager earnings selling Mary Kay and what she could collect in food stamps. I'd caught Bobby once a few months back, bussing tables under-the-counter at a local trucker's diner, trying his best to pull his own weight. But he never missed class, and always turned in his assignments on time, so I never reported it.

As we strolled along the beach, Bobby trailed at rear of the pack with his only friend Josh. Josh was not a popular boy, but he wasn't picked on either. He was almost six feet tall, taller than my meager 5'6", with his blond hair in a flat top. His cheeks were perpetually rosy, and his western European heritage left him with skin as white as alabaster. He played football and baseball, and it left his young body hard, but it never seemed to provide him with a tan.

Josh and Bobby should have had nothing in common, and yet they were joined at the hip. Bobby had no other friends because of his station in life, but Joshua had no other friends because of his perpetual accompaniment of Bobby. And both, for whatever reason, were happy with this arrangement. I was just satisfied to know that Bobby had a little joy in his life.


I was daydreaming about tonight again when, about an hour into our walk, the students started hollering and chanting "Fight! Fight!" They had huddled into a large circle, while the camp guide and the other counselor tried to fight their way into the center. I stood on my toes to peak over their heads, and I wasn't surprised with what I saw:

TJ, one of the alpha-male rich kids, was pushing Bobby around and trying to make him cry. Josh was also trying to break into the center of the circle, screaming "Leave him alone or you'll be sorry!" but one of the counselors were holding on to his arm to keep him from following through on his threats.

Just as one of the college-aged students was about to step between TJ and Bobby, something shocking happened. Bobby balled up his little fist, and packed it into TJ's nose. A spray of blood splashed Tiffany, one of Mary's students, and she began screaming. TJ fell down.

"You're gonna regret that you little shit!" he spat. A counselor grabbed TJ and pulled him up, while another was dragging Bobby away. "Just wait 'til tonight!" he promised. "You just wait!"

Bobby started to cry.


The rest of the field trip was called off that day, and when we all returned to camp an emergency counselor meeting was called. Threats against students couldn't be taken lightly, so we were debating the situation and our options. We could call off the trip altogether and go home, but many of the students (and their parents) would have been severely disappointed. We could send TJ home, but he had a lot of friends in school who would have taken out their anger on Bobby. It was a shitty situation, but the only thing we could think to do was send BOBBY home, for his own safety. But that was like punishing the victim. We couldn't even transfer Bobby to another bunk, because we had no idea which one of students were going to be willing to act as TJ's lackey.

That was when I realized: there was ONE safe cabin to keep Bobby in.

"Why doesn't he share my cabin," I volunteered. "There aren't any other students there to give him a hard time, and I'll stick close to him through all the tours from here on out."

The other counselors regarded my recommendation with apprehension. "I'm not sure," the camp manager began, "how his parents would feel about him bunking with a woman."

"I know his Mom," I continued. "I'll call her and inform her of the situation. At least give her the option. That poor kid is never going to get another opportunity like this."

They nodded in agreement, and left me to make my call. His mother was ecstatic that I was going to keep a closer eye on the boy, and with that we pulled Bobby aside privately and informed him of the situation. He seemed very relieved with our solution, and I thought that would be the end of it.

Half an hour later I was back in my cabin. Bobby was collecting his things, and I was repacking all the contraband I had brought with me. For the second time today, I heard a knock on my door.

"Mrs. Lawrence? Are you in there?" It was Joshua this time, and I was a little surprised, because Josh was one of Mary's students. I had no idea what he would want to talk with me about.

I opened the door, but only a crack to keep my belongings hidden. I didn't need him asking what the phallus with the jelly rabbit was supposed to do. "Can I help you Joshua?"

"Mrs. Lawrence, I feel bad about Bobby. It wasn't even his fault the fight broke out, and now he has to stay with a teacher all week!" Then Josh caught himself. "No offense, or anything."

I smiled. "None taken. But all the counselors talked about it, and we can't come up with any other solutions."

"Well I was thinking," he started. "Could I bunk with you guys too? There are six beds after all. And at least he'd have some company."

I thought about this for a moment. It sounded like an excellent idea. "I've got to make sure it's okay with your parents. But if it's okay with them it's okay with me."

"You're the best Mrs. Lawrence!" he exclaimed. "If you tell them what happened, I'm sure they'll say yes."

So I called his parents. And when they had heard what had happened to "poor Bobby" and about their boy's proposition, they beamed with pride. They'd always taught him to step up to the plate when he was needed.


I was restless that night. I'd waited almost a week, waited until tonight, to finally try DP'ing myself. But of course, the company of two young men negated that plan, and by midnight I was absently caressing myself in the darkness. The cabin had three double-stacked bunks to hold six people, arranged in a horseshoe shape. I stayed on the top bunk on the far right, while Josh stayed on the top of the far left bunk, with Bobby underneath on the bottom left. I was counting on sleeping naked all week and hadn't packed anything to sleep in - luckily I had brought along a spaghetti-strap tank top that was far too tight and meant to be worn underneath a shirt, as well as some hiking shorts in case we'd had a warm day. It was uncomfortable, but I had to make due.

Lights-Out was three hours ago, and I was desperately awaiting the sounds of the boys' heavy breathing so that I'd know they were asleep. I'd already undone the top snap of my shorts and was sliding a finger up and down the swollen, damp lips of my sex. Just I was growing confident enough to take off my shorts, I heard a whisper.

"Are you still up?" It was Joshua. My heart sank.

"Yeah," whispered Bobby in return. "You can't sleep either?"

"Nah. What've you been thinking about?"

I thought about sternly telling the boys that they needed to go to sleep, but I didn't want to lash out at them just because I was epically horny, so I kept silent and pretended to be asleep.

"Just how big an asshole TJ is," Bobby replied. "You?"

"Wondering how deep Mrs. Lawrence is sleeping." Joshua's voice was a little louder now, like he was growing confident that I was out for the count. My curiosity was piqued at this point: what could they possibly want to talk about that had to wait until I was asleep?

"We've been laying here for hours," said Bobby, still whispering. "She's gotta be out. Mrs. Lawrence? Hey, Mrs. Lawrence!"

He called my name so quietly that I understood he wasn't trying to get my attention - he was making sure they had some privacy. So I didn't respond, but I did roll my head towards them and cracked an eyelid so that I could make out what was going on.

"I think she's out," Joshua said, and this time, he did so at a normal speaking voice.

"Yeah," said Bobby.

"You want to jack off together for awhile?" asked Joshua.

That was when my heart skipped a beat. I was locked in a cabin alone with two young men who were going to jack off in the dark together. I thought at that point that maybe I should stop them, but I stayed silent and discreetly continued rubbing my crotch in spite of myself.

"Definitely!" agreed Bobby. "Should I climb up there?"

"Yeah, that way if Mrs. Lawrence wakes up we can say we were just fighting over the top bunk!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They weren't just planning on pleasuring themselves, they were going to do so in bed together. On the top bunk. Well within my eye line.

I heard some rustling as Bobby climbed up to the top. Both were in tees and boxers, and I could clearly see the silhouette of Bobby's tent for the second time today. It was dark, but it looked huge. When he finally got to the top bunk, I couldn't make out much... in the darkness they just sort of blurred together.

Then I heard the unmistakable sounds of an open-mouthed kiss. Bobby and Joshua were making out.

So that's what they had in common.

Even in the darkness I could tell that they were removing their shirts and bottoms, and soon were both completely naked. They sat upright with their backs against the wall, and their legs spread eagle towards me. Bobby and Joshua each intertwined a leg with the other, and began rubbing up and down on their young tools and making out. All I had to go off of were silhouettes, but these two looked to have the largest cocks I'd ever witnessed - probably eight inches each, with the girth to match. I repressed a sigh as I slipped two fingers deep within my folds and began massaging my swollen clit with the palm of my hand.

"Did you see that top Mrs. Lawrence went to bed in?" Josh asked. "She looked so hot!"

I blushed in the darkness.

"That was nothing," Bobby replied, stroking himself faster. "This morning I woke her up, and she was sleeping naked!"

"Shut-up!" Josh shot back. "Did you see anything?"

"No, but her nipples were standing up behind the sheets. I had to beat it twice this morning after I saw that!"

I felt the pressure between my legs building when I heard about the effect I'd had on Bobby. The thought of him alone in the shower, whacking it furiously to fantasies about my naked body, was intensely flattering. I began pistoning my now-soaked fingers in and out of myself faster, making quick circular motions with my palm. I was trying to be careful about rustling the sheets, but the closer I was getting to climax, the less control I had.

And then Josh whispered, "I hope I lose my virginity to someone as hot as Mrs. Lawrence."

That was too much for me. I bit my lip, trying to keep from making any noise, but as the pleasure overtook me I involuntarily let out a little, muffled moan.

Suddenly the two were scrambling. I was afraid I'd spoiled it right then, and that they were separating. I silently cursed myself for having ruined the moment. When I finally found the courage to open my eyes again, I was relieved to find out that both were still in bed together, they had just moved. At first I thought that they were lying down next to each other, and that the creaking rhythm of their bunks meant they were still masturbating. But as my eyes began to refocus, I realized that there were feet sticking out of both the top AND bottom of the bunks. And the wet noises accompanying the creaking of the bed could only mean one thing.

They were locked in a 69.

I wished silently that I could turn on a light and witness the details of the show, but I didn't want to risk stopping them again. Soon they were moaning, and their bunk started slapping against the cabin wall as they were thrusting harder. I needed to feel something deeper inside of me, so started frigging my clit with my right hand so I could focus on my penetrating myself with my left. I was so close now, and I was sure that they would have heard the back and forth shuffling of my sheets had they not been so preoccupied.

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