tagBDSMCan He Take The Punishment? Ch. 02

Can He Take The Punishment? Ch. 02


For those people that commented on and enjoyed part one, I decided to continue the story. There were mixed reactions as to how it should end, whether he should be forgiven or not...


She woke a few hours later and sleepily raised her head. The sun was rising on a new day. He lay, eyes closed as she had left him, his arms still attached to the bedsteads by his ties.

The rise and fall of his chest was steady, indicating that he was asleep. She slid off the bed without disturbing him and padded to the bathroom to freshen up. As she leant on the sink brushing her teeth she had an idea. Squirting a large amount of toothpaste into her mouth she returned to the bedroom and knelt on the bed, leaning over his naked form. Very gently she lifted his dozy penis from its nest of curls and took it into her mouth against the minty paste.

"Arrrgghhh!" came the response from above, "what are you doing?!". The mint felt like fire around his member, a total shock to his system. His hips bucked wildly in an attempt to throw her off but she just grinned and kept on sucking. He was holding his breath, the feeling was so intense it was all he could do not to scream.

Then, gradually the mint cooled, the feeling became more comfortable leaving his cock feeling hot, like it was ready to burst.

By now her mouth was filled as his length had grown to a proud size.

"Babe?" he said, "Hasn't this gone on long enough?"

"Hasn't what gone on long enough?" she innocently asked, raising herself to a sitting position.

"Please untie me," he asked, "I want to show you how sorry I am".

She thought about it for a moment before finally sliding up his body to untie his arms from the bedstead. He sat up and stretched his arms out, to regain full feeling in them before scooting her up into his arms. They lay spooning together and he gently stroked her back.

"You certainly had fun didn't you?" he laughed.

"I did," she smiled in answer.

"Well now its my turn," he shouted as quick as a flash he had her pinned face down to the bed by his hard body. She squealed at the assault and tried hard to wriggle from under him but he was too strong for her. Pulling her hands from under her body, he stretched them to the bedstead and tied her to it in the same fashion that she had done to him.

"Not quite so much fun now it is babe?" he asked, although not unkindly. In answer she brought up one leg sharply and kicked him in the back. "Oy!" he shouted, "Temper, temper now". Swiftly he moved to the bottom of the bed and held down her ankles. "Try and be nice," he suggested, "You never know, you might enjoy this..."

He began to massage up one calf, stroking her skin firmly, using his thumbs to move the flesh, feeling her gradually relax under his touch. As his hands reached the back of her knees, they were replaced by his lips as he softly kissed the back of the joints, ran his tongue in the crease and instead used his hands to massage up the backs of her thighs. When the backs of her knees were wet with kisses, his lips and tongue began a journey up her inner thigh, softly softly until she allowed him no further. Moving in between her legs, he roughly separated them with his knee despite her best efforts to keep them tight together. He could tell that she was desperately trying to keep from him that she was actually enjoying this and it became his mission to make her beg for him.

Once he had full entrance to her inner thighs he planted small kisses up them as his fingers danced a path towards her ass. He took forever, kissing, biting and rubbing the skin along either side her pussy that he could see was now pouting and ripe. She made no noise though, no indication of how she was feeling and he smiled thinking just how bloody stubborn she could be.

Bypassing her womanhood he began to massage her buttocks, grabbing the skin hard, making her whince in response, before sliding one hand up the length of her spine causing him to lean over her. Nudging her legs even further apart, he began to stroke her bottom with his semi hard cock, up and down the crease of her butt, up and down, noticing her tense up as if she were worried about what may happen. Let her worry he thought, as he increased the pressure of his strokes against her crease. She shifted under him and once again brought up a leg and thumped his back again. He laughed out loud from the assault and threw himself forward so that his cock lay in the crack of her bottom and his body covered hers. He moved his legs wide so that they covered hers, stopping her from kicking him again. His full weight was resting on her and he could feel the strain on her breathing. "Will you stop doing that?" he asked. She didn't answer.

Staying where he was he began to slide up and down, enjoying the friction around his cock wedged in her ass cheeks. With each shift of his body she grunted as the weight of him and his movements knocked the air from her lungs. "Will you stop kicking me if I get up?" he offered.

"Ok," she answered sheepishly.

He resumed his position knelt upright between her thighs and leaving her buttocks began to massage her back, rubbing the muscles in her shoulders, feeling the tension leave her as his strong hands moved over her skin. When her back was flushed and relaxed he kissed his way up her spine to her neck and shoulders, his arms either side of his body supporting him as he nuzzled her neck, nipping and biting at the sensitive skin there until he reached her ear.

He knew the effect even just breathing near her ear could have on her and he knew that shortly it would become very obvious just how turned on she was. Moving her hair away from her ear with his chin he took her ear lobe in his mouth and gently sucked. He thought he felt a slight movement underneath him but not anything like he expected, boy she was determined not to give in to him! He traced the shape of her ear with his tongue, making sure he breathed heavily into it as he did so, and still she held fast.

He knew it must be killing her to not move as already he could see the hairs on her arms rising and a covering of goose bumps appear. It wasn't until he dipped his tongue into her ear that she reacted with the involuntary movement of squeezing her head into her neck and moaning softy. He knew that if he were to reach underneath her and find her breasts that her nipples would be standing fiercely to attention. He continued to nibble and lick her ear, reveling in the fact that she could not deny the feelings he was bringing about in her as she tried to contain the small whimpers that were falling from her lips. He knew that right now her pussy was leaking her juices profusely without the need to touch her. He knew that if he were to part her legs now to take her, he would find no difficultly in sliding into her body. He knew that she would welcome him, that she would clamp around his hard cock and encourage him to release into her.

His cock was rock hard, the temptation to do just that was enormous but he didn't feel like he had had his revenge, he wanted her to beg for him. Moving his hand down over her bottom he felt between her legs smiling as his theory was proven right. She was deliciously wet. Resisting the temptation to pleasure her with his mouth as he so desperately wanted to do right now, to taste her, to clean her of her juices, he slowly slid a finger inside her. Inwardly he groaned at the feeling, she on the other hand made no sound. Adding a second finger he felt around, trying to find that special spot, that special place that would no doubt have her begging him to make her cum. He knew he had found it when her hips shifted in a movement of their own. "You like that?" he asked, knowing she wouldn't answer. He continued to stroke her, feeling her hips start up a rhythm of their own. "Ah, you do," he chuckled, "Well, let's stop that then," and he removed his hand. He had expected her to complain or react in someway, as he had done when she had teased him, but she lay still and quiet.

He couldn't deny he was annoyed. He knew how turned on she was and how much she wanted him, why couldn't she just admit it, give in and they could give in to their urges?

"I'm going to untie you now," he said, "You need to behave when I do otherwise I will tie you back up." He moved up the bed and gently untied her wrists, allowing her to sit up on the bed. He laughed at the scowl on her face and stood up by the side of the bed, pulling her to her feet. "Look darling, it's a brand new day," he said steering her towards the window, "Let's make a truce and forget all the bad feeling from last night." The sun was streaming through the window with the promise of a glorious day. Across the road he could see the milk man on his rounds, dropping various items off at their neighbour's doorsteps.

She moved to look through the glass before remembering she was naked and moved to the side out of view. He stood behind her, threaded his arms through hers and cupped her full breasts from behind. She leant back into him and wiggled her butt at him, feeling round behind her to tug playfully on his cock. He lowered his hands from her breasts to gently push her against the bedroom wall where he began to kiss the back of her neck softy. She murmured against his lips and began a gentle sway with her hips, rubbing against him. He took one hand and felt between her buttocks to her still sodden pussy and began to caress her at a steady pace. Her sway became of a less gentle nature as she tried to move against his hand to set her own pace.

Without warning he gripped her arms and moved her sideways to the window and pushed her up hard against the glass. She immediately tried to move away, conscious of the fact that anyone walking passed the house would see her in her naked state but he held his grip.

"No!" she shouted, "Let me go!"

"What's the matter," he drawled, "You not having fun now?" Her breasts were flattened against the window, her palms spread next to them and still she tried to move free from him. He pressed up close to her and with one foot forced her left leg to slide apart from the other along the thick carpet, allowing him to step between them. Taking his cock in one hand he roughly sought out her damp hole and with one movement plunged upwards into her hot depths.

They both groaned as he bottomed out from the deep angle of penetration and for a split second she forgot that she could be seen in clear view through the window. She could see the milkman, still across the road, back and forth from his float and what's more, didn't care that if he looked up, and saw them fucking.

He placed his hands on top of hers and gripped them as he pumped in and out of her furiously, banging her hips against the window sill painfully and causing her to turn her face to the side to avoid hitting her nose on the glass. He buried his face into her neck and whispered into her ear, "Do you like me to fuck you hard like this?" Her legs buckled slightly as his hot breath tingled in her ear, causing the same lightening reaction as earlier. "Do you want me to stop?" he whispered again. In response she held herself steady against the window sill, pushing back against him feeling him go even deeper inside her. She clamped her pelvic floor muscles and gripped him tightly and he groaned into her neck.

"Does it feel like I want you to stop?" she murmured back to him and began to push back against him at a matching pace, causing their bodies to thud together. His thrusts became more and more frantic and she became conscious of the force they were putting against the glass. She tried to manoeuvre him backwards as he jerked against her, pushing herself away from the glass until he realized what she was trying to do. He stopped his thrusting and allowed himself to be pushed gently towards the chair positioned in the corner of the room and with her still impaled on his impossibly hard cock, they lowered themselves to a seated position.

"Hmmm this is good," he whispered into her back, as he reached around to fill his hands with her warm and flushed breasts. With her legs either side of his she lifted herself slightly off him making room for him to resume gentle thrusts from underneath her. Removing his hands from rubbing her erect nipples he used the arms of the chair for leverage and began to increase the depth of penetration, taking longer strokes deep into her canal, focusing all his concentration on the place where their bodies met. His thighs were warm, wet and sticky, as he pumped his cock up and down he could see his pubic hair matted with her juices. The friction of her tight pussy against his shaft felt incredible and he knew he couldn't last much longer.

He began to increase his thrusts as he tried to reach his point of no return and breathed heavily into her neck. Knowing that he was close to cumming she smiled to herself and slid down his entire length until she was sat fully on his knee, restricting his thrusts totally.

Not quite understanding what she was trying to do, he unsuccessfully tried to thrust upwards into her but as he was already totally encased within her, the effort was futile; he could neither thrust upwards or pull out. Slowly his mind began to focus he realized what she was doing. He tried to move out of the chair but she had wrapped her legs backwards around the legs of the chair itself and so he found himself pinned underneath her.

Once again she was in control, once more their coupling was back to being on her terms and once again, she was in a position to call the shots. He lay his head back in the chair clenched his fists in frustration. He was so close, just a few more thrusts and he would finally be able to empty his heavy balls inside her.

"Why have you stopped?" she asked him innocently over her shoulder. In a pathetic attempt to bring himself off he found that if he rocked his hips in a sort of rolling motion he could create a small amount of friction against the swollen head of his cock. She allowed herself a smile as he desperately rocked underneath her. "Do you need some help with that?" she asked.

He ignored her and carried on with his pitiful movements that kept him just on the brink of orgasm but were not enough to take him over the edge. He knew he was beat. He knew that from the moment they had arrived home hours before, from the minute she had decided he should be punished for his behaviour the evening prior, that he would not win. He stopped moving and lay his head against the back of the chair.

"Please?" he whispered.

"You only had to ask nicely," she answered and unhooking her legs from around the chair slowly began to rise and fall on his cock, once again clenching him fiercely with her well trained muscles. He held his breath as she increased the pace, moving faster and faster up and down his hard shaft. He gripped her hips tightly and thrust upwards hard to meet her on her downstroke, her ass slapped against his thighs, her juices coated his length as she rose and fell, faster and faster.

Then he was there! Pulling her roughly down he held her on his lap stationary and groaning loudly he shot hot thick streams of cum up as far as her cervix, pumping what seemed like gallons into her welcoming pussy, filling her completely.

He lay his head on her back, spent. "Finally," he said.

"Finally," she repeated, "Don't ever make me angry again."

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Did she enjoy the divorce?

I wonder if he sent her to jail in order to keep more of the marital assets? You see when she released him he immediately called the police and pressed charges. Illegal restraint, assault, battery, sexualmore...

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