tagGroup SexCanadian Spends Christmas with the American Ch. 02

Canadian Spends Christmas with the American Ch. 02


Amy had the cabin all decorated for Christmas including a Christmas tree decorated with tiny candles.

Jeff was beat so he went to the loft for a nap.

Rita put away all the things. This was Jeff’s special Christmas, one that she hoped he’d never forget.

Amy suggested a bottle of wine and a hot tub.

“What a great idea” Rita said.

Both the girls stripped down and wrapped towels around themselves until the got to the tub. It was a cold winter night, the sky was clear and you could see the stars twinkle.

Rita got in to the tub and looked up at the beautiful starlit night.

“Gwaaaaaaad ,I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here” Rita sighed.

Amy sliped in and agreed. “I like the fact that dad didn’t get electricity up here. Makes is rustic, you know.”

They sat and downed three bottles of wine and feeling no pain at all.

They would get hot and run into the snow and roll around in it like they did when they were kids. Then jump back into the hot tub, giggle and squeal like two highschool kids.

Amy moved towards Rita, pushing her up against the wall of the tub, thier breasts crushed against each other , their tongues seeking each other . Amy spread her legs to grind her thigh against Rita’s pussy as they hungrily devoured each other, Amy’s hands moving over Rita’s hips and sides.

As Amy kissed Rita, her hands moved down to Rita’s pussy lips. They were swollen and her clit stiffened in anticipation of what was to come. Amy wasn't disappointed. She moved in and licked her wet lips, sending waves of ecstasy through her body. Rita lifted one foot up to the edge of the hot tub to give Amy better access and she moaned as Amy’s tongue licked the length of her wet slit, ending with a circling motion on Rita’s clit. Rita shuddered in pleasure, loving the attention.

Then Amy settled in to work Rita’s clit with her tongue, her hands grasping her ass to help her pressure Rita’s clit. Rita leaned against the wall of the tub, biting her lip, Amy’s hands moved from Rita’s breasts to hers, to pull and tug on ours nipples.

It wasn't long and They felt that familiar sensation build then crash down over each other as they orgasmed, Rita’s pussy convulsing as Amy licked appreciatively at Rita’s juices. As Rita stood, weak kneed from the pleasure, Amy stood up and kissed her, sharing the taste of our juices mingling on our tongues.

“Lets go wake Jeff “she slurred as she climbed out of the tub.

Rita was anxious to share Jeff .”He’ll be surprised”

They both stumbled upstairs to wake Jeff ,but to their amazement Jeff was already awake.

Jeff had watched the whole thing from the loft and was very ready for them.

Amy was still horny and wanted all of Jeff She climbed on the bed and prowled towards him like a tiger. He bent down and kissed her on the lips, long and passionately, their tongues flashing in each of others mouths. She moaned softly and started to finger herself.

Jeff’s rapidly rising circumcised cock that looked like it would be about 8 inches long when it reached it's full extension, something which would happen at any moment. He knelt down and swung a leg over her head so that he was straddling her, then he pushed his cock down and placed the tip of it into her mouth. She grabbed it in her hand and gulped it in greedily, slurping and slobbering, moaning as she sucked him. He smiled and bent forward all he way until his face was buried into her fragrant cunt and he started to lick and suck at her pussy like an artist. Rita lay and listened to the soft wet slurping sounds as he licked and sucked Amy’s cunt and her clit and the muffled moans from her as she slobbered all over his hard cock. It became too much for Rita just to watch and hear without doing anything. She reached down between her legs and started to finger herself. Rita must have given an involuntary gasp or moan because Rita caught sight of Jeff raising his face from the sodden pussy he was eating and looking at her with a huge grin splitting his pussy juiced covered face.

“You wanna join in?” Rita swung around to join Amy down by Jeff’s cock .Jeff could smell her heat &could see the outlines of her pussy. She and Amy both had their hands on his cock and balls and were taking it in turns to lick the shaft. Jeff took a few tentative nibbles at Amy and was rewarded with a grinding action by her hips.

Jeff’s hands reached up to find something to fondle. He was expecting to encounter Amy’s pert breasts but encountered something much larger and softer. Rita had positioned her breasts over my groping hands. I massaged her mounds in my hands and grasped at her nipples biting into the flesh of Amy’s's cunt.

I plunged my tongue into the sweet wetness of Amy’s slit. She practically crushed me as she pushed back on my probing tongue. It wasn't more than a few seconds after I let go of Rita to grasp Amy properly before she was bucking wildly to the many orgasms of the night.

Amy fell of Jeff onto the bed and her place was taken by Rita who straddled Jeff with his cock pressed against the warmth of her pussy.

"Having fun big boy?"

"Oh yea!" Jeff replied "does it get any better than this?"

Rita rocked her hips gently against his stiffness. "I can think of a way"

Jeff put his hands on her waist and in one fluid movement flipped her round so that he was on top and she was lying spread eagled beneath Him. He looked into her eyes "I want to fuck you".

Her hands on his hips urged me to do just that. Jeff paused for a moment to find the right spot then plunged into her. Her legs went straight up and wrapped themselves around Him as he thrusted in again and again.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me" she murmured

Jeff pulled her arms up over her head and with one hand around her wrists held them on the pillow above her. His other hand roughly caressed her body as he pumped her. Rita went with the rough handling and started to urge him on with her own little fantasy.

"Fuck me like you want to fuck Amy, teach me a lesson, come on, fuck me harder!"

Jeff would have happily filled her full of cum then and there, but Amy had recovered and was now curling herself along the side of Rita's heaving body. One of Amy's hands fell naturally on Rita's breast, which she started to mash with increasing vigour. Still thrusting inside Rita, Jeff bent down to kiss Amy lustfully.

Jeff told them that there was one thing He'd always wanted to try and he got Amy to lie on top of Rita in front of him. Everytime he fucked Rita his balls mashed into Lucy's bald pussy as well.

He pulled out to enjoy the luscious view in front of Him; two beautiful, willing pussies and Amy's puckered ass as well. he took it in turns to slide his shaft into each of their cunts and he slid his hands up between their chests to enjoy feeling all four breasts at once.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and selected Amy's cunt for his final thrusts. The pressure building up in his cock was explosive and He pulled out as he came. The first shot went clear up to Amy’s shoulder and got some in Rita's face. The rest of his cum squirted out to flood the small of Amy's back.

He collapsed on the bed next to them and stared in stunned amazement as Rita and Amy stayed in position kissing, Rita's hands working across Amy's back to rub my sperm all over her skin.

Jeff woke in the morning spooned with Amy, her sweet ass jammed against his worn but still willing cock. Rita was leaning over Jeff giving him a kiss. Rita went to the kitchen to cook up a great breakfast and heat up the cabin. All week it was the same for the three of them. Jeff would go back to the states with a whole new outlook on older Canadian Ladies.

Rita was voracious, Jeff fucked her on the kitchen table, got blown by her in her car at the supermarket and fucked her up the ass one morning after she surprised him in the shower.

Amy wasn’t as greedy. She was shy in public, but get her in the cabin and look out .

On Christmas day they went out on the sun deck. It was a beautiful sunny day. Jeff took off his clothes and said” if the skiers can so can I “

As the sun shone on his naked body his cock got hard again the cool breeze felt so good on his bald balls.

“Look Ladies, Santa’s cum alive again …”

They both giggled and crawled over to his lap.

Jeff sat back closed his eyes and felt the sun beat down on his chest as the girls sucked and licked his cock.

“Now this is truly a Canadian Christmas”.

With that he shot his load in the air and Yelled

“Merrrrrrrrrryyyy Christmassss!! Uhnnnn Uhnnn Uhnnnnnn!!!!!”

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