tagErotic CouplingsCandy, Judy, Celine and Lisa

Candy, Judy, Celine and Lisa


If you came here looking for one of my typical sweet romances, you will not be pleased. This is a story about a man who loses his first true love in a violent and tragic criminal act and becomes addicted to sex. Vowing never to fall in love again, he uses women to satisfy his almost insatiable sexual need. As is my style, there is a romance but it takes some time to find it and it is really a minor element of the story. This is an over the top story, more for the stroke crowd Be prepared! The majority of this story involves nasty, uncaring and often brutal sex of every kind you can imagine with not a hint of love. But, as usual, there is resurrection.

Candy was just a little sport fuck he'd brought back to the house for the evening. He'd met her at a cosmetic counter at the mall, wearing one of those official looking little lab coats. He'd invited her to dinner at an upscale eatery and she'd sucked him off in the car in the fucking parking lot.

He'd known her about a week---and didn't plan to know her too much longer. He'd been fingering her butt for all of that week. They were outside on the pool deck. She'd just performed one of her better than average blow jobs---not great but okay. After he had cum in her mouth, he had just fucked her throat for a few minutes, watching her eyes water and enjoying the sheer domination of making this woman put up with some discomfort in her desire to please. Earlier in the evening, he'd fucked her in the pool; she'd really gotten off on that. She was about to give up her ass for the first time---and she knew it. She'd never taken it in the rear before. Would she like it? He doubted she'd love it the first time, in spite of his efforts to loosen her anal passage with three fingers---and his favorite acrylic anal probe.

She was a pleaser and he was a user. He planned to use her ass for his own pleasure and she intended to please him by giving it up. There'd be some pain. She might try to talk him out of it once he started to sodomize her. She wouldn't succeed. He'd say the right words and work the right buttons. He'd already rimmed and tongue fucked her crinkle. He was sure she'd never had that experience before. It turned her on immensely. He'd told her he was going to fuck her ass---that tonight was the night. In the past he'd discovered that, for most women, several days of warning about what was going to happen to their virgin passage heightened both their excitement and their apprehension.He knew she was a little scared and hoped she didn't make too much noise when he popped her anal ring. He had close neighbors.

What a dumb little girl, he thought. She believed that if she was accommodating, some nice man would give her a ring and a walk down the aisle. He wasn't a very nice man. There was no ring, just a long, hard ass fuck. It was amazing the lengths these desperate little shop girls would go to in their effort to get a man. He knew and had known women who liked it in the ass—even preferred it. He was pretty sure Candy wasn't one of those.

On the other hand, if she ended up getting in to it, she wouldn't be the first little anal slut he had nurtured. It really wasn't that much of a stretch from, "no, no, not there" to, "please fuck my ass". Time would tell. If it was the latter, she'd enjoy the nice things he could provide for her a little longer. If not, this would be over. He had absolutely no interest in this little bubble butt with the big tits other than her ass...well her cunt was damned tight and she'd get better at sucking him off with more training, but still, anything resembling a relationship was simply not in their future.

He hadn't always been this way. He used to be a nice guy. He'd been married---he'd been in love. That was in the past. Woman had become little more than plumbing. He cared about their mouths, their cunts and their rectums. He didn't give a shit about their feelings. He had an uncanny ability to make them submit---submit to degrading, humiliating and even painful sexual activities that previously they wouldn't have even dreamed of. He was extremely handsome, had lots of money to burn and the salesman's ability to talk a nun out of her habit. He was a complete asshole when it came to women---a manipulator---and not ashamed of it. Women existed for one reason---to please him.

He never really abused them; he certainly did no permanent physical harm. He wasn't into the whole BDSM thing. A little spanking was kind of a turn on. He'd bent Candy over his knee the night before and walloped her well padded butt. She had been impudent. She'd whined, complained and protested. When he had finished reddening her butt cheeks he'd fingered her steamy little slit from behind. The spanking had turned her on immensely. She'd wanted some cock. He'd made her settle for a quick finger fuck.

His thing was turning a "nice" girl into a slut. The slut gene was there in all women. You just had to dig a little to bring it out. He'd coaxed women without a bi bone in their body into three ways with other women. On more than one occasion he'd introduce them to double penetration or being fucked up the ass and in the cunt at the same time. Public sex was his favorite---making a woman perform a blatant sex act in the open, terrified of being caught, or even arrested. His absolute favorite was sharing them with his friends. What, you stupid little cunt, if I talk you into fucking one of my buddies, then I'm going to marry you?

Now it was time to pop Candy's little cherry rump. She was on her knees and elbows---head down, ass in the air, in the classic position which all little sluts learned to assume without question. She was waiting apprehensively for the inevitable. He was standing over her. He lined up the head of his cock with the little brown target. She flinched as he popped through her anal muscle. That had to burn a little in spite of his preparation. He could sense her fear and it turned him on even more. She was real close to getting cold feet. He stroked her body in the right places and whispered affectionate bull shit in her ear---all the while continuing his advance on her bowels. God he loved the hot, buttery velvet of a woman's ass hole. He loved the absolute domination of the act itself. He'd lubed her well and was taking his time inserting all eight and a half inches into her chute. She was getting used to it, albeit whining a little. He knew that if he shoved his cock in too quickly, the fullness would cause her real discomfort.

She was taking it well. He didn't think she was enjoying the physical part but was getting off on the submissive element. She had a fantastic ass he thought to himself. I hope she gets into this and comes back for seconds. The ones that didn't, well he usually didn't have to, "break up" with them. They were just not willing to come back for another anal assault. Just as well. This one, on the other hand, had become delightfully submissive. Once you got these stupid little girls to give up their butts---to take a little pain to please a man---you fucking owned them. Getting women to give up their treasures was so damned easy.

Not bad, he thought. She's diddling her love button and rotating her hips. He doubted that she'd ever be a true anal erotic who preferred the back door, but he knew she'd give up her ass again---anytime he wanted it. She'd probably be one of those women that doesn't hate being boned up the shitter---particularly after a few drinks. At least she wasn't balling and crying and begging him to take it out. He doubted she'd be entering the details of this night in her diary.

"You are one very hot little anal slut, aren't you Candy? You like it up there in your tight little pooper, don't you my fine little ass fuck?" He wanted an answer.

"Talk to me, Candy, tell me what I want to hear, bitch!"

"I'm a little slut. Your little slut---your little anal whore. My ass is yours baby." She was getting into it.

"Excellent! You are a very quick learner. That pleases me."

As he was getting into a slow rhythm, he saw movement on the other side of the fence. The houses were pretty close together. His was surrounded by a shadow box privacy fence, typical in this area, since it let the air through better than a stockade fence. Sitting by your pool---every house had a pool---you couldn't see into your neighbor's yard. If you got up close and the angle was right, you could easily see. It had to be Judy. Judy was his neighbor's hot new wife.

His neighbor had a high paying government job. The week after he had moved in, the neighbor's first wife---he thought the guy was named Greg---had moved out. Three kids---her three kids---had been too much for her. They'd gotten a divorce in short order. Greg had come out fine financially. Greg wife number one didn't want the kids and had literally abandoned her family. She didn't get squat.

Greg had been overwhelmed trying to raise three kids with a job that demanded travel. Greg wife number two, Judy, had arrived quickly. Greg hadn't known her before---there was no affair. After dating for a very short time, they were married.

Judy had a trashy undertone, but she was very hot and not remotely unattractive. She was five and a half feet tall, solid 36C tits, great legs and a fine ass---which she liked to show off. And she had that nasty little smile which promised a very nasty fuck.

He and Greg weren't friends, just neighbors. Judy would work out in the yard in little surf short/halter top outfits. He would check out her ass any time he had the opportunity. She would intentionally bend over when he was outside to provide a perfect view. The surf shorts perfectly defined her ample cleft as she got down on hands and knees to attend her gardens. As she would work, her full rump would oscillate provocatively. She was advertising. Maybe Gregg just wasn't living up to his marital obligations. He had planned to make a move on her before this but had been too damned busy.

Evidently Judy was a good mom. She couldn't have kids and was up for marriage to an established family. She didn't work. She raised the kids. He and Judy had chatted. He found excuses to do yard things when she was outside.

Back to the present, as he kept long dicking Candy's tender little pooper, he looked carefully in Judy's direction. It was her, but he didn't think Judy knew he saw her. She was watching him plunder Candy's bung hole. She was fingering her own female treasures. A couple of times, he withdrew his cock completely from Candy's hole and stroked his cock. He moved Candy's prostate body around to give Judy a better angle. Judy was no more than ten feet away from the action.

He had, he had been told, a bigger than average cock. If average was seven, he had a solid eight and a half of thick meat. He was uncut. He could get hard and stay hard, even without the 20 mg of Cialis which he occasionally took prior to a marathon session. He hadn't needed it tonight. He only planned to cum three times and Candy was new enough and sexy enough to keep up his interest. At the prospect of sodomizing her dirty hole he had become rock hard. He had far better control than most men. Outside of work, plundering the butts of prospective young sluts had become a full time activity.

He moved around to Candy's mouth and put his cock to her lips. She resisted for a second but ultimately took his ass stained dick in her mouth. He pushed his cock to the back of her throat. She looked a little scared and gagged a bit but got the idea and worked her head back and forth. He face fucked her for a minute or two getting off on her almost immediate acceptance of her fate. What a compliant little whore she was. He went back to his favorite female orifice. He looked right at where Judy was diddling. He stroked his rigid member a couple of times before resuming the anal exploration of Candy's stinky hole. He pulled out again and slathered some more lube on his cock. He rimmed poor little Candy's tender anus one more time for good measure.

It was time to get this show on the road. He wanted to dump a hot, sticky load in Candy's colon before she really got sore. The audience had made him highly aroused and he needed to get off. He began to seriously plunder Candy's little ass, slapping her chubby little cheeks with abandon, riding her back hole like a cowboy in the rodeo. He came with a roar. Once again, he presented his deflating but still serviceable organ to Candy's for cleaning. She did herself proud.

He kissed Candy which both surprised and excited her. She hadn't cum yet. He thought about eating her little quim to get her off; he decided on the big black vibrating cock he procured just for Candy. Candy was a Southern bigot; the black silicone implement was as close as he could get at the moment to completing her fall to the depths of depravity. He had a very good black friend who would find Candy to be a delightful diversion; that time would come down the road.

Candy had shaved almost every millimeter of her pussy and ass---for him. With her baby face and small, but well formed body, screwing her was like fucking a pubescent girl---not something he had ever done nor had an urge to do in reality but it did add to the abject depravity he was feeling.

After the anal exercise, his cock was slow to completely go soft. That was typical. He was one of those lucky guys whose cock was always large, even when soft. He was in peak physical condition. He knew that if he needed to he could get hard again in less than half an hour. That wasn't going to be a requirement, since he had no plans to let Candy spend the night. It was time for the cum filled little bitch to depart; he was done with her. She knew the rules but seemed to think that tonight was special. It was but not that special. They dressed and he drove her home.

The next morning he awoke with a major boner---as most healthy men do. In his case taking a piss didn't really reduce his hard-on very much. It was early but it looked liked the morning paper was already here. He slept naked; he threw on a bathrobe to go get the paper. The way the houses were arranged, only Greg and Judy could see him as he walked down the driveway. Greg wasn't home and he hoped that Judy would see him. She did.

Judy was already out in the yard puttering with something. He tossed the paper up by the door and walked over to chat. There was a wood façade in front of the house with a small shade garden behind it. He walked over and stood just inside the façade and spoke.

"Good morning, Judy, you're out bright and early." He said, admiring her barely concealed young body.

"So are you." She replied, with a lascivious smile. "I, ah, heard you last night, entertaining one of your, ah, lady friends. I assumed you would be sleeping in."

"Nope. No sleepovers. Sorry if we made too much noise." He replied.

"Are you wearing anything under that bathrobe?" She coyly inquired.

"Not a stitch. Never do. Does that bother you?" He asked.

"Not at all." Judy replied, distinctly flirtatious. "I was just curious." And then after a short pause. "You want to prove it?"

"I only take my equipment out if I'm going to use it." He responded, smiling. "Is that an offer?"

"Might be, if it's worth the effort." She bantered back.

"Judy, I'm pretty sure you saw my cock last night when I was boning that little blonde's ass. I'm figuring you're just not sure if you can handle it." He replied, leaving no doubt of his intentions.

"There's never been a dick I couldn't take care of." She replied, and pulled the tie on his bathrobe.

His cock now hard and upright at a forty five degree angle sprung into plain sight. She reached out and stroked it. She wanted it. They both knew it.

"It looks even better up close." She commented, moving in close and kissing him. "It might just be worth my effort."

"Blow me Judy. You have cock sucker written all over your face. Get that cock in your mouth and stop being a tease or I'll go back home and read my paper." He told her.

He helped her make the decision by pushing down on one of her shoulders while moving his cock directly to her mouth. Sometimes you just had to get the ball rolling. She gobbled it just as he knew she would. What an easy little whore she was.

Candy had been only a better than average dick sucker. Judy was a fucking professional. She had it all. Her tongue action was exquisite, her teeth were not a factor and her mouth was very wet. She'd work the head with her tongue, then take it all way to the back of her throat. Few women could do that easily with his cock. Judy had a point to prove. He blew a massive load on her tonsils within a few seconds. He stayed hard and she continued to suck him off, not missing a drop of cum. He fucked her throat for a few more seconds, just to establish his control. She fucking loved it. She looked up at him and smiled, a dirty little girl smile. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her. He yanked her shorts down---no underwear---and fingered her cunt. He worked her mouth and finger fucked her slippery gash. She came, groaning into his mouth. He broke the kiss.

"That was fun, Judy." He said. "After you take your kids to school, nine o'clock, I believe, why don't you come over and we'll kick it up a notch. Use the gate. I'll leave it unlocked."

"I'll see you later." She replied, recovering her shorts.

She was right on time, as he heard the gate latch open at around 9:30. He was getting some rays, wearing only a pouch to protect his privates from sun burn. She wasn't wearing a fucking thing. Her pussy had dark hair, but not a hell of a lot of it, just two tiny strips on either side. Her breasts were magnificent, full, firm and erect---not a hint of sag. As she turned to latch the gate, her ass was perfectly displayed. She bent over, snaking a finger from the front and caressed her pussy and brown eye. Fantastic, he thought. No dinner, no dancing and no small talk—just fucking. How nice it would be if it was always that way.

Judy was visiting her next door neighbor for one reason. She wanted to fuck. Had she taken a cock in her bottom before? Was it the butt fuck she had witnessed the night before that had turned her on? God, what a fantastic ass, he thought. He hated the trend toward women who looked like boys with tits. Judy had a real woman's ass---full but firm. It was unquestionably an ass created to be penetrated.

She was a wanton little cunt who'd blown him with few preliminaries. He was sure she'd give up her little brown hole without a lot of work on his part. Knowing she hadn't had children of her own, he hoped her pussy was tight. If it wasn't, he'd take her ass sooner rather than later. How convenient that she lived next door and could visit him without anyone in the neighborhood seeing her do so. Greg traveled at least two days a week and the kids were in school from nine to three. As quickly as she'd gone down on him in her front yard he surmised that she was up for anything.

He didn't get up as she sauntered over to where he was lying down. She fingered her sparse little pussy and smiled erotically as she stood at his feet. She went to her knees and removed the pouch covering his hardening cock. She moved forward and squatted over his massive organ. With no foreplay, she spread her labia and lowered her body onto his raging boner, a wicked grin on her face. She was every bit as tight as he had hoped it would be. He enjoyed the lazy man's fuck as Judy did all the work and he simply provided the implement. He wished more women understood the need to take a more prominent physical role in satisfying their own desires.

She played with her nipples and fingered her quim as she drove her tight little body into his groin. As she started to cum she leaned forward and gave him a sloppy wet kiss.

"Don't look now. That cock of yours seems to invite an audience. Someone is watching us from the other side of the yard." She whispered in his ear.

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