tagFirst TimeCaneing with Abbie Ch. 02

Caneing with Abbie Ch. 02



Dawn came, and I don't think she had moved a bit during the night. Her first orgasm had been that draining. I stirred a bit and went to the bathroom for the morning rituals of washing and teeth brushing. When I sat on the bed to dress, Abbie stirred and rolled over sleepily. "Morning," she grinned. "I've never slept so well. Is it always like that?" she asked.

"Actually, no, that was about as intense as any I have seen, not that I have seen hundreds or anything. You were lucky- it was just the right combination of circumstances- situation, anticipation, partner, buildup- they just combined to make your first orgasm with a partner spectacular. You have set the bar high to start so you will have to work hard to get there again. Now get up and let's get on the lake before it gets too windy," I smiled at her.

"I need to go back to my room and shower and get some clothes. Give me a half hour or so," she said as she slipped on her night wear.

I went down to the lobby and got us both a cup of coffee and went to her room to leave her cup there. She had just finished drying off from her shower, emerging wrapped in a towel. "Thanks" she said, "you are making my dream come true one step at a time, and I think its best that way. I'll really have a great memory from this weekend."

All I could do is smile and say, "That will be true for me too." I slipped out to get our gear ready. A few minutes later she knocked on the door. She was wearing a really tiny bikini the showed off her tight athletic body.

"I have a problem," pointing to the thong and the curly bush that extended on either side of it. "Can you help me get this trimmed so I can wear this bikini? I always wanted to wear something sexy like this so I bought it for this weekend."

"Looks like a major trim is in order I said. Let me see what tools we have." I rummaged through my suitcase and found a mustache trimmer, rather like a small hair clipper. "This should do for a start. We can finish off with a razor. Do you have some skin lotion?

She came back with the lotion, and I untied her bikini and her lie on the bed on a towel, propped up by the pillows. I plugged in the trimmer and began cutting back her bush, the golden curls tumbling onto the towel.

The vibrations were obviously arousing her as I could watch her labia swell and her clit come out of its hood. She was soaking wet too. I avoided any sexual contact which served only to tease her more.

"Ok, done with the clippers. Go wash yourself and then use some of my shaving cream. We'll finish in the bathroom." I ran a sink of hot water and had her sit on the toilet seat, legs splayed. I carefully removed the stubble with a couple of disposable razors, leaving a small patch above her clit so she was not totally bare.

I finished shaving, rinsed her with completely with a clean washcloth and told her to go back on the bed for the next step. Abbie looked at me quizzically, but obeyed. She lay on the bed, again propped up by the pillows as I carefully rubbed the skin lotion on the tender skin to protect it.

When I finished, I looked at her and said, "You are crazy if you think staring at your pussy from six inches away for the last half hour didn't have any effect on me. Now 's the time for your next lesson."

I knelt on the floor next to the bed and leaned over and ran my tongue slowly from bottom to top of her aroused slit, ending with a swipe at her clit. That brought a tremor and a moan continued tonguing her pussy and alternately flitting my tongue rapidly over her clit. She was writhing and moaning. I reached a finger inside and stroked her G-spot as I flicked her clit and she shuddered in a minor orgasm as I could feel her muscles clench my finger.

I licked down to her asshole and flitted around the puckered opening. With a finger wet with her juices I slipped it into her ass, feeling her arch and shudder in response. Ass and pussy filled with fingers, and my tongue working hard on pussy and clit, it was just a matter of time.

The pattern started again, the moans and undulations, random spasms, incoherent grunts urging me on. I waited for what I thought was the right moment and wrapped my lips around Abbie's clit and sucked hard. That sent her over the edge, the scream, pussy and asshole clenching my fingers spasmodically. She stiffened and soon went limp, and fainted.

I crawled up the bed to hold her as she quickly revived and gave her a deep kiss transferring her juices to her mouth. "I taste pretty good, don't I?" she grinned coquettishly. "I have to admit I planned the whole shaving scene when I bought that bikini. I thought if nothing else would get you interested in having sex with me that would. I think it worked out just fine, don't you?"

"Fine for you, but I still need some relief," looking at my rock hard cock standing straight up. "We could go right to the main event, but I have an idea that can raise the anticipation even more. Do you masturbate?"

Abbie blushed, "No, my mother told me it was evil and sinful and I should never touch myself there. I know other girls did it, but I never have. I think it's time I find out what that's about too."

"I like the way you think- try it and decide for yourself. A lot of people think it's a real turn on to watch their partners masturbate. Let's give it a try. You touch yourself where it makes you feel best and I'll do the same. We can describe to each other what turns us on watching each other."

I stood up and grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. "I love looking at your body, your tits with their pink nipples that get so hard and stand out when they get pinched or sucked.

"I love the ridges in your stomach, but I really like that pretty pink pussy, how the lips swell and get red, and your clit pops out of its hood. I love to see you pinch your nipples, and slide your hand up and down your slit, smearing the juices all over and making your bald pussy glisten. Yeah, put a finger deep inside, pull it out, and stroke your clit- that gets me hot"

Abbie's hands were all over herself, rubbing, pinching, teasing, caressing. She began to arch her hips to meet her teasing fingers. "I love your big cock with the veins standing out and pulsing. I love your big body and your muscles. All the girls on the team would sneak peeks at your thighs and butt- they are so big and defined.

"Some would tease each other about how wide they would have to spread their legs so you could fit between them- I never was in those conversations, but I'm the one who will finally find out. I can see the precum oozing out and your cock is getting slick with it. Your chest is getting red and I can see your hand moving faster. Are you getting close? Wait for me, I'm getting closer."

Abbie's hands and hips were in a rhythm that grew faster with each minute. She was being overtaken with sensations and her words became grunts and moans and little exclamations. It was a incredible picture of concentration by this sexy beautiful young woman breaking out her parental confines.

Her breathing became ragged and here movements more irregular. Mine were too. I was concentrating on the look of her face as different sensations came and went. I could feel the pressure building in my balls and stumbled a step closer to Abbie lying on the bed. Just as her body stiffened and she cried out "Aaaahhhh! Aaaahhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!"

I spurted jets of come over her belly and tits grunting "Aaaagh Uuunn! Uunnn!" I flopped on the bed beside her, and watched her rub cum on her nipples and then put the finger in her mouth. We just smiled at each other as we came back down to normal. We probably laid there for a half an hour just basking in the experience with each other.

Wordlessly I got up and took her hand to lead her to the shower. Under the hot water we washed each other gently and thoroughly, getting to know every wrinkle, ripple, curve, and feature of each other's form. It was intimate and personal, but we were too tired for it to be sexual. We dried each other off and left the bathroom to dress.

Abbie found the tiny bikini that had started it all and put it on. It was perfect for her, and she was a tiny goddess .She found a t-shirt of mine and used it as a cover- it went almost to her knees. I threw on some shorts and a t-shirt.

By now it was nearing lunch and since we had no breakfast we were famished. Off to the diner for lunch. Abbie would alternately tease me with a glimpse of leg or bikini covered breast and then modestly try to pull the t-shirt down her legs so she would appear immodest.

It was hard to miss the irony, so I pointed out my observation to her and told her this was a resort town. People had seen a lot more blatant displays than her bikini, and with her looks she was a treat for anyone to look at. After that, she relaxed and concentrated on finishing lunch.

We walked straight to the dock and put the canoe in the water. We threw our gear bag with water and sunscreen into the canoe and paddles out a quarter of a mile or so. The plan became to just drift, get some sun, and enjoy the light breeze that dimpled the lake's surface.

Off came our T-shirts and on went the sunscreen. We oiled each other's backs and stretched out in the bottom of the canoe. We dozed and enjoyed the sun's warmth. After an hour or so we had drifted close to one of several small islands in the lake. This one had a little beach maybe ten feet wide so I paddled us onto the beach.

We put a couple of towels on the sand, but before lying down and decided to go for a dip in the clear lake water. I swam out a couple hundred yards but Abbie was not as good a simmer so she stayed close to the beach. The water was cool but comfortable and I swam back to beach. I flopped on a towel beside Abbie and soon the air and sun had dried us, and we both fell asleep.

I awoke sometime later to the sensation of little hands applying sunscreen to my chest. The water had washed off my sunscreen to some degree so I was getting a bit pink. To save me from disaster she got me oiled up. She had bigger plans for me than to nurse my sunburn on a Saturday night.

She pushed at me to get me to roll over so she could do my chest. When I did I just scooped her up and held her to me and gave her a hard kiss, which she returned vigorously grabbed her at the hips and began bench pressing her which brought a squeal of surprise and then laughter. Every time I lowered her she would strain to give me a kiss so I would of course slow down to tease her.

We tired of this game and decided to canoe around the lake before going in. The distance was about three miles around, but with the light wind and no current we should finish in an hour or so. We established a rhythm paddling, and chatted about her ambitions and concerns about medical school, and I answered her questions about my work on aircraft software, and my plans and ambitions.

She asked about girlfriends, and I answered truthfully that I had a favorite girlfriend but nothing at the commitment level yet, though I felt that was coming soon, I just did not know with whom. She seemed satisfied with that.

Abbie asked me if I dated much while I was teaching, and again truthfully I said no. Since I was not a native of the area I just did not know that many attractive single women. I told her about dating an elementary teacher who was divorcing her husband, but that she treated me like her third graders, and I felt like I should be treated at least like a 10th grader, which got a laugh.

She asked about dating students, and I told her I was attracted to several but never dated anyone until they had gone away to college. She said she had heard of my seeing Pam for a while and Karen a couple of times, and I acknowledged that, and that nothing came of it.

Abbie then told me of some of the girls that had crushes on me. A couple of names surprised me. Kara, the tall dark haired head cheer leader, who of course was dating the quarterback, had told Abbie that the she thought I was really hot, and wished she could play on my teams rather than be a cheerleader.

She also said Mrs. Sams told her that she thought I was good lucking guy and smart too. She said she wished she had met me before she met her husband. Mrs. Sams was a young English teacher, lean frame with oversized breasts that distracted from the delicate features of her beautiful face. I was friendly with her in the faculty room but did not even really flirt with her.

Her husband traveled a lot so she had a lot of time on her hands. I imagine that her youth and healthy interest in men left her yearning for more attention. Had I known, I might have been friendlier with her, but I'd already been shot at by a jealous boyfriend once and that was enough. That Mrs. Sams would make this comment to one of her students, albeit a very trustworthy one, surprised me the most.

By now we were rounding a rocky point and the dock was a half mile or less away. Somehow we both realized that we were heading towards a decision point that would affect us both a lot.

Whatever form of inaudible communication raises the tension between two people had made a full power broadcast to us both. We were suddenly both nervous and our paddling became out of synch. Abbie noticed too and called over her shoulder, "We're headed for a big evening. You really have been a lot of fun and a great teacher. I'm really glad we made this trip. I'm starting to wish it was longer."

I had no response to that. I was a bit confused since I had begun to really know and like Abbie, but I just couldn't see a future together. After all, I was 28 and she was 21- a huge age difference I thought.

"What do you want to do for dinner?" I asked hoping to change the subject.

"A picnic. I want a picnic with champagne. Can we get something and roast it on the grill?" she responded eagerly, "Like we're camping."

"That's a great idea, let's get cleaned up and head to the store and pick up what we need."

We glided into the dock and secured the canoe and headed back to the lodge. Abbie's arm slid around my waist and my arm draped over her shoulder. We had to look like a happy young couple. I wish I had a picture.

We showered together, and we took care to wash each other thoroughly from head to toe, though it was a lot more efficient for me to wash my own hair, she was too short to reach the top of my head and it was difficult for me to lean over in the small shower.

We dressed casually. Abbie wore a white button down cotton blouse that fit loosely which allowed her to wear no bra. I knew, and she knew, but it was far from immodest, and besides, it made her feel sexy and a bit naughty. She had a pair of tight tan shorts that hugged her tight butt perfectly.

We drove to the store since we would have something of a load to carry. The store was small but well stocked for the small community, and had a lot of local produce. We collected the makings for our camping picnic and headed back.

The lodge had a little picnic area with a couple of tables, a gas grill, and a cold water sink on a homemade concrete counter. We spread a disposable tablecloth on one of the picnic tables and started preparing our simple dinner of salad, fresh bread, and chicken while the grill was heating.

I put two chicken breasts on the grill and let them roast slowly while we opened a bottle of wine- all I remember was it was cold, white, and cheap- I did not know a lot about wine yet. We sipped our wine and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor setting, and chatted idly as we waited for the chicken to be ready. By the time the chicken was done the smells of it cooking had us both practically drooling in anticipation.

We finished the wine as we ate dinner, our hunger satisfied without leaving us stuffed. The wine had relaxed us, but not so much that we had no energy. We cleaned up our dinner and stowed everything no longer needed into a bag to be carried to the car. The sun was behind the hills so the air was cooling and the light was fading slowly.

Time for desert. We took the pint of fresh strawberries and the bottle of champagne out of the cooler. Abbie was beaming, "I saw a movie once that had a scene with a lot of people outdoors in England, all wearing very formal clothes from the 1800s but they were having a picnic in the country and were drinking champagne from crystal glasses. It looked really sophisticated. From then on I decided I would someday have a champagne picnic in the country, but without the stuffy clothes. It's just a little thing, but I'm glad we could do it."

With something of a flourish I popped the champagne cork, launching it high in the air, and champagne flowing rapidly out of the bottle. We quickly caught it in our crystal glasses- tumblers liberated from our bathroom. We toasted each other, and took a sip. It was cold and the bubbles tickled our noses.

I took the biggest ripest strawberry from the box and fed it to Abbie, who bit into it with a tiny stream of juice running down her chin. We sat down, and she snuggled into me and we fed each other strawberries as we sipped the champagne.

It was getting dark so we packed up to go back to the room, but not without Abbie putting down her glass and standing on the bench of the picnic table, putting her arms around me, and giving me the most ardent and passionate kiss she could muster. I responded in kind and held her to me, her stiff nipples poking through her blouse into my chest.

When we got to our rooms, we put way our picnic items except for the champagne. Another toast, "to my beautiful friend Abbie!" She smiled and responded, "To my soon to be lover." If there had been any doubt of her intentions to proceed to her objective that was gone now.

I wanted to make it lovely and memorable for her so she would enjoy sex in the future without any apprehensions about discomfort. Our glasses were put on the counter, and we kissed again, longer, and our hands roamed each other's now familiar bodies. Her neck, her back, her butt, her breasts all felt my caresses. Her hands roamed too, but with a little less range than mine she had limited reach.

I took a step towards the bed with her, and we separated enough so that I could undress her starting with her blouse, a button at a time kissing each newly exposed area of skin, lavishing her nipples and breasts when they were finally exposed. By the time her blouse was off her nipples were stiff, her upper chest rosy from excitement, and her eyes half closed in pleasure.

I picked her up and set her gently on the bed and unbuttoned her shorts and kissed them off her legs an inch at a time. When I got back to her panties they were wet and pungent with the aroma of her arousal. Now nude and ready to go she moved quickly to sit up and tear at my clothes. It was rather funny when she tried to pull t-shirt over my head- she just couldn't reach. That only frustrated her more and she growled, "You better help me get that off you or I'll rip it off!" I had no doubt she meant it so I slipped it off for her.

She was immediately at my shorts unbuttoning and unzipping, yanking them down my legs. Next came my underwear, followed immediately by her shall hands fondling my cock and her mouth slipping over the head of my cock starting the classic bobbing motion. I stopped her, as I did not need any more encouragement to get harder. Besides this was about her tonight.

We lay next to each other on the bed and kissed passionately. I began a lingual exploration of her body, her throat, under hear ear, her breasts and nipples, belly button down to her dainty feet. I sucked on her toes one by one and then kissed my way up the inside of her leg and all around her smooth mound. It too had blossomed pink and her labia were engorged and spread open.

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