tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCan't a Guy Get Any Rest?

Can't a Guy Get Any Rest?


It started out as a nice weekend for working outside. I had quite a bit of landscaping to do and I looked forward to the hard work I had planned over the next few weeks. What I didn't plan for was the heat wave that took us that afternoon -- over 100 degrees but I kept shoveling.

I should've know better, but I really felt fine. I only stopped for a beer every few hours to cool off. Renee, my beautiful wife, would come out every so often and check to see if I was doing okay. I didn't marry her just because she is smart and funny. She's also really sexy, with nice long legs, a shapely ass and 36DD's. By early evening, I was already toast when I learned that Renee had called our friends over to hang out at our house.

These were all nice folks. We all knew each other because our children were all around the same ages and we tend to revolve our social lives around kid events. My wife became close friends with these two gals and us guys just tended to float along and make the best of it. What ensued was the same three couples and a herd of kids all enjoying birthday parties, soccer games, school events, and a hundred other little events that we all did together.

Once I came in from the heat I jumped right in the shower while everyone else gathered downstairs. As usual, everyone brought food and drinks to share, and no expectations. I came down in a t-shirt and gym shorts and greeted our company. I grabbed a cold beer and showed the guys all the digging I had accomplished that afternoon. The women prepped the food and kids ran all over the place. Very relaxing.

My wife was chatting with Mia, her closer friend, when we all came in for another beer. While I never even think of straying, I did enjoy looking at Mia. This curvy asian gal is hot. She always dresses in skirts or shorts, showing-off her smooth, sexy legs. Renee knows I like looking at Mia and she grinned at me when we all came in. She knew I came over to check Mia and her out. Of course, she may also have been grinning at the erection I was having trouble hiding in my gym shorts.

We finished eating and everyone grabbed another beer to sit down. That's when the problem started. I felt light headed through dinner and the beer buzz started turning into a headache. I was standing by the end of the sofa when I felt someone holding me by the shoulders. Next thing I knew, that someone was laying me down on the sofa. I had nearly passed out!

Everyone agreed that I had overdone it in the day's heat and that I should take it easy. I excused myself and headed upstairs while everybody gave some advice or other about working in the heat and drinking. Whatever -- my head was pounding and it was too late now, anyway.

Upstairs, I laid on my bed and pulled a pillow over my eyes to ease my headache. This was just what I needed, as I started feeling much better and my body just completely relaxed. In fact, I was so relaxed that I felt that erection stirring again.

Since I was all alone and trying to ease my headache, why not? I reached down and sort of massaged my balls through my gym shorts. I wasn't trying to masturbate, it just felt relaxing. But relaxing is just a breath away from feeling good and my growing erection was feeling really good. It felt so good, that I reached down the elastic top of my shorts and gently rubbed the head of my cock.

My wife is really good at hand jobs and she's developed a cool technique since we've been together. Who am I to stop her from practicing? She has a way to pull and massage my scrotum, digging her fingers into just the right places between my balls. At the same time, she slowly strokes me by pulling down from the head all the way to the base and slowly all the way back up while twisting her wrist. Somehow, she gets this pattern going where the sensations just rock my world. This is what I was thinking of when I started rubbing the tip of my cock. I've never been able to duplicate the technique on myself, but all I was doing was rubbing while my growing erection snaked its way through the top of my shorts. This was feeling so nice that I must have dozed-off.

I don't know how long I was sleeping, but I felt groggy and could barely move when I heard the doorknob click and the door slowly swing open. "Where am I ," I thought for a second as I tried to stir. Then I remembered I was laying down, still feeling groggy, and someone was in the room. "Oh, no!" I had been playing with my cock and I had no idea who came in. I stayed perfectly still, partly because I was embarrassed about my penis exposed and partly because I was still too sleepy-headed to move.

"Babe?" My wife whispered to me. "Are you okay, honey?"

I was about to respond and sit up, but I heard another voice. It was Mia asking, "do you think he's okay?"

I was petrified. Mia must have come up with Renee to check on me and like an idiot, I fell asleep while playing with my dick. But neither of them said anything. Maybe they just won't notice? Is my cock still poking through the top of my shorts? The pillow was still plopped over my eyes, so I couldn't see. Maybe its dark and they'll quietly leave and try not to disturb me.

The pillow was slowly being raised, so I concentrated on keeping my eyes shut. "Please just let me sleep," I begged in my mind. I was exposed as a pervert in front of my wife. I'd rather they think that I was passed out.

"He's really out of it." My wife was the one lifting the pillow. "I knew he shouldn't drink like that while working in the sun all day." She thought I was out! I was going to escape.

"Turn the light on, Mia."

I was so close, but now I was caught. The light was out and it had grown dark. That's why they didn't see my penis. But my cover was blown, so my excuse now could be that I was drunk and passed out.

Sure enough, I heard the light switch click on. I don't know who gasped, but it was clear that my erection was there. I stayed perfectly still, concentrating on slow and methodical breaths.

"Oh my God!" Mia blurted. Then giggles from both of them.

"Honey, are you okay?" Renee gently shook my leg. "Man, he hasn't passed out like this for years."

"Is he really sleeping?" Mia asked, still whispering.

"He must be," my wife replied. She clutched my leg harder and shook. "See?" She called my name again, but I continued my ruse.

"God, he really is big." Mia could probably see everything.

"Oh, yea." Was Renee boasting? "But it doesn't look like he's completely hard yet."

I thought, "what on earth?" as I listened to this. Was my wife really boasting about my cock while I was laying there exposed to another woman?

"How big is he?"

"Well, here." The top of my shorts were pulled down, causing my cock to spring up. "I can't touch my fingertips together when I hold him." I felt her hand grasp my shaft. I was amazed.

"It gets bigger?" I felt Mia sit on the edge of the bed.

"Yep, just watch." My wife started stroking me and I knew my erection was nearing full mast. After a few more strokes she said "here, check it out now."

I felt a different hand on my cock. Mia tentatively squeezed me. Her hand was soft and warm.

"Hold it down here," my wife instructed. I felt Mia's hand shift all the way down. "Are your fingers touching?"

"No," Mia giggled. She kept stroking me, just like my wife did.

Suddenly, another voice came from the hall. "What now?" I thought. I was petrified. I was also worried that this was going to stop.

"Is he alright?" I heard one of the other guys call in. The bed bounced as my wife sprung up to meet him in the hallway.

Then I felt the most amazing thing. Could it be? Yes, a hot, wet mouth engulfed the head of my cock. Too much was happening at once. With my wife right out the door, that sneaky Mia put my cock in her mouth and nobody had seen. I stiffened, either from the shock or the pleasure, I don't know. However, my stiffening caused me to jump. But my jump was more like me popping my hips up. The result was that it drove my cock further into Mia's mouth. What a sensation!

Instead of continuing, though, she lifted my shorts up and quickly covered me up. Somehow, I managed to keep still. This was way too good to change.

"He's okay, he just overdid it today." Renee kept him out in the hallway. "I'm just going to help him settle in and I'll be right down."

She came back into the room, but this time the door shut and I heard the bolt lock, too. My wife was not done yet.

"I almost shit!" Renee said. "Oh, good thinking. Thanks for covering him up." She and Mia giggled again.

"I can't believe we did this!" Mia laughed. "Can I see him again?"

I felt my shorts being pulled down again. "I want to see him cum." Renee was by me again.

"I've got to see this!" Mia's voice came from the foot of the bed.

My cock was out, my wife's hands were stroking and I was in heaven. Then she started her awesome hand moves. She pulled on my scrotum, stretching the skin out and massaging my balls. Her strokes picked up that twisting motion.

Mia said, "That looks so cool!"

"Do you want to try it?"

"Okay, what do I do?"

"Well, you just pull up on it like this." She rolled her fist up while rotating her wrist. "Then you pull it back down, but turn your hand this way," she said as her fist rolled down and her fingers slid down their spiral path.

I felt Mia's hand replace my wife's. "Like this?" Slowly she pulled up and then down. Her fingers were tight and my foreskin stretched along with her.

"Sort of. Try doing it in one smooth motion" Renee sounded like an art instructor. "Kind of dance with it."

Bingo! Mia got the stroke down. "Here, let me help" I heard as I felt my wife's fingers pull and massage my balls. I was not going to last long.

"I can feel him ready to come." My wife's voice was husky and low. "Reach over and grab the tissues."

"Where? Aren't they on your side?"

"Oh shit!" My wife moved back by the dresser, but she was too late. I felt it building from way down deep. Mia kept her strokes long and firm.

"Ooh, I think he's cumming." She slowed down and squeezed harder.

"Don't let it stain the cover!" My wife scrambled for the tissue box.

This was it. I was just feeling the first wave when a warm, soft wetness engulf my cock. Again, Mia drew my cock between her lips. No holding back, I felt the strongest gush of sperm shoot as my cock was swallowed.

"Mia!" My wife's voice was almost a scream. "I can't believe you did that!"

"Mmmmmmmmm." She bobbed her head and swallowed, sucking my cum.

What was that grunting? It was me! How can I hide now that I had just shot a hot load down my wife's friend's throat? They didn't notice, though.

"Well, you said not to get any on the cover." She kept squeezing my cock, drawing the last few drops of cum from me, and licking the tip off.

"I know, but I didn't expect you to do that!"

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" She pulled herself from the bed and I was completely ignored. "By the way, this spread looks really nice in here."

"Oh, thanks! I found it downtown. Did you see the throw pillows that go with it?" They kept chatting as they left the room.

Dang, can't a guy get any rest?

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