tagBDSMCan't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 02

Can't Judge a Mistress by her cover Ch. 02


What you missed Misty a Psionic Mistress has enslaved Lady Katherine a proud dominatrix.

Misty lead the leashed and humiliated Katherine out the club to her Porsche.

"Have you done enough to me?" Katherine complained.

"No," Misty responded. "But if it gives you any comfort as soon as we left I did a mind wipe on everyone, except for Jane, Bambi and Isabella."

"Well I suppose, I should be grateful for that."

Misty pulled her leash forcing Katherine to her knees, "You should be, my powers need to be kept a secret or at least not publicized. Now give me your keys I 'I'll drive the Porsche."

"Yes Mistress" Katherine said through clenched teeth.

"And when you get in the car take off all your cloths and start masturbating."

"I despise you Mistress Misty,"

"But you are still aroused and want to have sex with me?"

"Yes, but that is only you controlling me."

"No Katherine your sexual attraction is your own feelings. You just wanted to be the one in control." Misty grabbed her left Brest while controlling the car with her mind. "Since it's only us, your plan was to make your sex toy wasn't it?"

"Damm right!" She snarled. "And if I break your mental control. I'll rape you then I do the same to Bambi and Jane."

Misty laughed "Paralysis and Pain"

Katherine suddenly felt a major pain through her body.

"It will cause no damage but for the final 2 minutes of the drive, you are being punished."


They arrived as a tastefully contemporary house whose entrance view was blocked by trees.

"Release" Misty said

Katherine let out a groan.

"Now crawl to the house," Misty commanded. As Katherine obeyed, Misty chortled" You are doing this on your own."

"I am doing because I have no choice" Katherine replied defiantly as they entered the house.

"Girls!" Misty clapped her hands.

Two beautiful woman entered the living room and knelt.

"These are your fellow slaves" she introduced. "Miko is a member of the Yakuza enforcement arm, I took out of circulation for the government."

Miko a dark haired Asian nodded to Katherine

Pointing to the tall blond, "This is Caroline Hyatt, yes that one. She made you and Isabella at your worse seems caring and giving."

"I know her" Katherine replied.

"So you do" Misty replied after reading their minds. "I must compliment you Katherine making her mow the lawn in the nude with a dildo was something I had not thought of."

"Mistress" Caroline asked, "Will I get to see you punish Katherine before I leave?"

"Let me explain the rules Katherine. I only keep two permanent slaves you will be replacing Caroline. Caroline will depart after a month of slavery and will no longer be the selfish party girl she was."

"No Mistress Misty."

"She will go to college and stop being a parasite on the family fortune. And in answer to your question Caroline: Yes you will get to participate in Katherine's breaking in."

"Thank you Mistress."

"Time to begin, Katie cunt start licking my pussy. You can either do this willingly or be a mind puppet."

Katherine did not reply but suck her tongue out and tried to penetrate to Misty's G spot.

"Good, Caroline you may spank her 10 times only, than you must submit yourself to Miko and me."

Caroline took her time rubbing and pinching between spanks before completing 10. "I am yours Dear Miko."

"On your back" Miko commanded producing a large dildo as she trust it in.

"Oh Miko"

"See Katherine you will enjoy pleasure along with your servitude. Miko is very talented as you are in the domination arts. That enough now stay on your knees and observe."

Misty sat on Caroline with her ass over her face. "Start licking , Miko kiss me."

The Asian sinuously kissed her mistress, Katherine was getting hot.

"You may not cum" Misty ordered

Katherine was agony and finally came without permission.

"Mistress she failed" Miko said, "as you predicted."

"Let move this to the dungeon."


"I always make the first night the toughest Katherine," Misty told her.

Caroline has finish typing arms above while Miko attached a spreader bar. "Open your mouth" Miko instructed.


"Open" Misty ordered.

Katherine lip widened and Miko poured something down her throat.

"An Asian aphrodisiac" she informed the brunette.

"The final touch" Misty smiled" attaching a chastity belt.


"Yes you are mine" The Psionic answered. "Caroline you may began the punishment, Miko make love to me."

Caroline grabbed the Cat o 9 tails" I've always wanted to get you back."

"You were a drunk fool" Katherine responded " you asked to be dominated."

"Shut up!" Caroline screamed and began whipping hard.

"Stop" Missy looked at Caroline "half that much Caroline or Miko gets released first."

"Sorry Mistress."

"Miko continue" as the blond and Asian were engaged in a passionate 69

After 10 minutes, Misty said "Switch and bring me a strap on Caroline"

Miko picked up a single tail" I'll be gentle" she whisper in Katherine's ear.

Misty meanwhile had Caroline lubricate her strap on" Now spoiled Princess I want you take this all the way in."

"Oh Mistress"

"That's it " as Misty rammed it in into the taller blond. "You're a slut aren't you!

"Yes Mistress"

The sensation plus the drug finally made Katherine pass out.


Katherine woke up in a bedroom, the chastity belt had been removed and she had been bathed.

Miko came in, "How are you feeling?"

Like I've been put through the ringer" "

"I know, but Misty said to let you know this will be the worst of it."

"Where is she? "

"At her government job. Other than not leaving the house we are free agents till tonight.. You want to have sex."

Katherine sighed "I need some."

To be continued

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