tagBDSMCan't Stop Thinking of You

Can't Stop Thinking of You


This was a typical day in the lives of the Braxton family. Chris went to work. The kids went to school. Trish was doing her chores. Before leaving for work Chris laid her some clothes out. He wanted her to wear her short blue jean skorts and a white short tank top shirt to do her chores in. She had only a navy blue thong underneath with no bra.

Before leaving for work he kissed her then whispered, “Whose is it?”

She looked at him and smiled. “It’s Yours Master”

“Very good my precious.”

Chris was at work and as hard as he tried he could not stop thinking of her. He was thinking of how she would be bending over and stretching doing her chores in her little skorts and tank top.

He woke up this morning with the thoughts of staying home all day and keeping her in the dungeon and him doing all sorts of things to her but work wouldn’t allow such a great day.

While at work the more he thought about her the more it drove him crazy. He couldn’t leave today and go see her at lunch because he is the only manager in the shop today.

Wesley was out in the field and Gary was taking care of something at home. He tried to shake it off by doing some invoices. Nothing was working. He looked at the picture on his desk of her sitting in his lap. Oh how he would love to have her sitting on his lap right now!

Trish was finished with the breakfast dishes and kitchen. She tidied the living room and the kid’s bathroom. She works with her phone headset on that he bought her because he calls her while she’s working and it keeps her hands free. She was walking to their room and the phone rang.


“Whose is it my precious?”

“It’s yours Master, Always”

“Very good. What do you have left to do on your chores?”

“I just have our bedroom, all the floors and dinner left to do.”

“I have something I want you to do for me.”

“Sure. Anything”

“Go to the dungeon. Tell me when you are there.”

She suddenly wonders if she is in trouble or if something might be wrong. She walks to the dungeon. “I am in the dungeon.”

“Go over to our toy drawers and get out your little silver egg. Tell me when you have done this.”

She walks over to the counter and opens the top drawer and takes out the silver bullet egg. “I have it Master.”

“Walk across the room to the side of the bed. Tell me when you have done this.”

She walks to the side of the bed. “I am at the side of the bed Master.”

“Unzip your skorts and take them off. Tell me when you have done this.”

She uses one hand to hold the egg and one to unzip her skorts. She took them off and laid them on the bed remembering how strict he is about clothes on the floor.

“My skorts are neatly on the end of the bed Master.”

“Very good my precious, now I want you to lay the egg on the bed and take your thong off. Tell me when you have done this”

She lays the egg down on the bed and slowly takes them off then places them on the bed. “They are off and on the bed Master”

“That’s my good girl. Now pick up your egg, crawl up on the bed and lay on your back. Tell me when you have done this.”

She picks up the egg and feels a few butterflies in her stomach. He has never done anything like this. He has called her and talked sexy and sweet but nothing like this.

She crawls up on the pillows and lies on her back. She can see herself in the mirror above the bed. “I am here on the bed Master.”

“Mmmm can you see my precious in the mirror?”

“Yes Master” She smiles. She loves to hear his voice and him calling her precious.

“Now precious there is a small wooden box that I have behind the mirror on the right side of the bed. It is on your left. I want you to look in that box and take what is in it out and lay them across your belly when you lay back down. Tell me when you have done this.”

She leans over and there is a wooden box behind the mirror as he said. She picks it up and opens it. Inside is a set of silver adjustable nipple clamps that are joined together by a long small link chain. She places the box back behind the mirror and lays down placing the chain stretched across her belly and the egg in her hand.

“I am on my back with the chain across my belly and the egg in my hand Master”

“Very, very good my precious. From now on I want you to do everything I tell you to. Do it exactly the way I tell you to. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master”

“Turn the egg on low. Put the egg in your right hand and use your left hand to open yourself up really wide. In small gentle circles I want you to massage your clit”


“Feel good my precious?”

“Yes Master”

“Keep massaging your clit for me precious.”

“Ahhh ohhmm”

“Take it off now precious” She gives a little disgruntled moan.

“Turn it up a little bit now and I want you wide open massaging your clit with the egg.”

He can hear her breathing getting faster knowing it won’t take long on medium so he only lets her do this for a few moments.

“Take it off precious and turn it off”

She moaned even louder this time.

“Ohhh Master I was so close”

“Shhhh whose is it?”

“Yours Master”

“Keep it open wide with your left hand and now I want you to use your right hand to spank your clit for me.”

He knows she loves when he does this. He can hear little smacks. She’s moaning and whimpering.

“Harder precious, spank that bad little clit for me”

She smacks it even harder. He lets her do this for 10 or 15 smacks.

“Now take both hands off precious” She sounds exhausted wanting to cum so bad already but he isn’t through with her yet.

“You ok my precious?”

She whimpers, “Yes Master”

He knows her well. “No closing your legs or turning on your side precious.”

Very disgruntled she moaned and laid back.

“Turn the egg on high precious. I want you to massage and pinch your left nipple and when I tell you place the egg on your nipple while you pinch it”

He could hear her moaning softly.

“Pinch it and twist it baby” Just as her moans got a little louder he said, “Now put the egg on the tip of your nipple while you pinch it.”

"Ohh Master"

"Lay the egg on your belly and while you keep pinching your nipple pull the nipple and place a clamp on it."

She let out a sharp moan of pleasure and pain.

"That's my girl now start massaging and pinching your other nipple." She whimpers.

She loves to have both nipples stimulated at the same time. This was the only time it had ever felt good from her doing it.

"Place the egg on it now precious"

She places the egg on her nipple.

"Pull it and pinch it baby then place the other clamp on it."

It sent shivers through her whole body. "Ohh Master. Ohh ohhh"

“Listen to me precious. I want you to turn the egg on medium and place it on your clit while opening up really wide for me.”

She let out a really loud moan.

“Not yet precious”

She’s whimpering and he can tell she is nearly to the point of not being able to hold out much longer.

“Move the egg away precious”

She groaned really loud. “Master please”

“I want you to spank it for me again baby.”

He can hear the smacks. “Spank it a harder precious.”

He doesn’t hear it much louder.

“Harder precious”

She is spanking it good and hard.

“Good girl now faster”

“Ohh God Master”

“Not yet precious”

“Please Master”

“Put the egg back on it baby and cum for me”

She put the egg on her clit and it didn’t take long at all before she was moaning and yelling out.

“That’s my girl. Listen carefully baby. Keep the egg there love and close your legs around it squeeze it tight and with both hands at the same time remove the clamps.”

He knew that if she let the orgasms fade and didn’t remove the clamps it would be even more painful. When he heard her yell out he knew they were off.

“Massage them baby and get the blood circulating.”

She’s breathing really hard and whimpering.

“Take the egg off baby and curl up until it passes.”

He heard her whimpering and it sounds almost like this was one of those that make her cry.

“Shhhh its ok baby, think of me crawled up behind you holding you and stroking your hair. That’s my girl. I love you precious”

She sniffled and whimpered, “I love you too Master.”

“You ok my precious?”

“Yes Master”

“Feel good sweetie?”

She softly said, “Yes”.

“You can lie there for a little while precious then I want you to get up and resume your chores and I will see you when I get home this evening.”

“Ok” He hung the phone up and she clicked hers off.

Well that didn’t help him any but it was nice to hear her cum for him. It was even nicer to have her offer herself to him and call it his. He got back to work and kept busy so the day would fly by.

It had been about 1 hour. The shop phone rang. “Braxton Computer Networking, May I help you?”

Very softly she said, “Master?”

He put his tools down and walked to his office. “Yes precious. Are you ok?”

“Yes. I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you and thank you.”

She is talking very relaxed and soft.

“You sure you are ok precious?” He smiles knowing she is just pulling it all together.

“Yes Sir. I’m going to go back to work now Master. I hope to see you soon” “You will precious in only 3 more hours. Are you finished with your chores?”

“No Sir. I need to do dinner and finish our room. I took a shower in the dungeon and cleaned it up. I knew you wanted these clothes on so I just put on new thongs.”

“You did very good precious. Get back to work baby”

“I love you Master… Very much”

“I love you too precious”

He went back to work smiling and thinking exactly what he will do when he gets home. He cleared all the computers out before he knew it time had flown. He went to the office and printed all the work orders for the techs. It was nearly 5 pm and he closed up the office and gave the techs the work orders.

“See you guys tomorrow. Wesley is going to close the shop tonight.”

Trish finished all her chores. She has thought about what happen all day. It was a great feeling to know she had given herself to him completely.

The kids were coming in and she greeted them and hugged them. Michelle was telling her about a dance practice she has and how her and Melissa were going to teach the preteens a special for church. David didn’t have any homework so he is on the sofa watching TV.

Trish was finished dinner and had the food served on the table and covered. She fixed hamburgers and fries for the kids and steak and potatoes with salad for her and Chris. She had cleaned the entire kitchen and was finishing by wiping the stove down when she felt him behind her.

He whispered so the kids couldn’t hear but sternly said, “Go to the dungeon NOW”

She nearly jumped out of her skin but quickly dropped the kitchen cloth and walked through the living room and to the dungeon.

She got in the dungeon and stood at the end of the bench a little bit concerned.

She was fidgeting until he walked in, locked the door, grabbed her hand and walked her to the bed.

He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately. He ran his hands down to her butt and grabbed each cheek really tight and pulled her to him. He then unzipped her skorts and had them drop to the floor.

“Step out of them and turn around.”

She stepped out of her skorts, turned around and picked them up. She was standing with her back to him. He came up closer and wrapped his arms around her and reached between her legs and grabbed her.

“Whose is it?”

She nearly melted remembering what he did to her just hours before.

“All yours Master.”

He moved his arms and pushed her to the bed in a bent over position and yanked her thongs down. He used his left foot to open her legs a little more while he was undoing his pants. He got closer and placed the head of his very hardened shaft to her entrance and not slowly but quickly forced it inside of her.

They both yelled out in pleasure. He doesn’t tease her, go slow nor do anything fancy, he just slammed it in and out of her time after time. She moaned and gasped as she gripped the bed linens.

He placed his hands on her hips and pounded harder the louder she got. It wasn’t long before he flooded her with his hot liquid. She moaned and milked him squeezing tighter and tighter.

“Ohhhhh Yes precious squeeze it baby get every drop.”

He pressed into her as hard as he could. As she squeezed him he slid out of her. While she leaned on the bed he undressed completely and laid his clothes on the bed.

He put his arms around her and lifted her to him. He turned her around and held her.

He kissed her neck then her lips. She could feel their warmth running down her legs.

As she wiggled he broke the kisses and seen and kind of smiled.

“Yes it is all mine but seems I had something for you too my precious”

“What you gave me still feels very good Master”

He lifted her up and took her over to the shower. He took her top off and turned the water on. They both stepped into the shower. She went to wet her hair and rinse off and he stopped her.

“I’m going to bathe you precious.”

He treated her like she was a precious gem and gently washed every inch of her and washed her hair. He let her sit under the warm water on her side of the shower as he showered.

When he was finished he got a towel and wrapped around himself then got her a towel and dried her.

He took her by the hand and led her to the vanity bench and started brushing her hair.

She loves it when he brushes her hair.

He got a set of his house clothes that they keep in the dungeon for times such as these and put them on. He picked out her a night shirt, thong and robe and she dressed.

“Let’s go eat and watch TV with the kids then we can sleep in here tonight if you like precious.”

“I would love that Master.”

She loves to sleep in the dungeon. It is their special place, he does all sorts of things at different times and it is sound proof. *BIG SMILE*

(This is an episode following the book) “Only in the fairy tale, does a girls dream come true” By: precious)

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