tagErotic CouplingsCaptain's Woes Ch. 04

Captain's Woes Ch. 04


As it was, Dan was only ten minutes late to class, but that was enough for his teacher to give him after-school detention. This was coupled with the fact that due to last nights festivities, Dan had forgotten to do his history homework, which happened to be his first class. He really didn't mind the detention though, because tennis practice didn't start until an hour after school. Also, Miss Kline wasn't a bad person to have to spend a half-hour with.

In fact, today she was looking especially good, with tan slacks that were tight in all the right places. A black blouse with a slight "v" in the neck completed the outfit, and showed off her chest nicely. Her face wasn't the prettiest, but she wasn't unattractive at all, and her body was enough to overcome any hesitation to make a move.

So when the school bell signaled the end of the day, Dan almost ran to the class in order to mess with Miss Kline. When he got to her room, she was erasing the chalk-board.

"Take a seat," she said, glancing over her shoulder, "and take out your homework from last night. You can work on that first." Grabbing a seat in the first row, he took his time getting his things out of his bag. Instead he focused his attention on her panty-line and how much he really wouldn't mind hitting that ass. By the time she finished cleaning the board, he was busy working on the assignment.

"So, Dan, how's the tennis team looking," she asked as she leaned against the front of her desk, looking over some papers.

"Uh, pretty good, Miss Kline," he said, looking into her face. He had never noticed it before, because she didn't wear them all the time, but she looked a lot better with her glasses on. "Say, can you help me with this part?"

Putting down the papers, she walked over to the seat next to him and sat down. He moved his desk closer to hers so that she could see what he was working on, and the leaned in close to one another. After she explained a question that he really already knew the answer too, she asked if he needed anymore help.

"Actually, I think I better work on this for a little bit by myself. It's a little distracting having you sit so close to me."

"Dan!" she gasped, blushing furiously. She quickly rose to her feet. "What's that supposed to mean." Here she made a first-year teaching mistake, and instead of diffusing the situation, let it continue. Dan, with his newfound love of domination, took the reins immediately. He got up and walked over to her.

"You see, you smell really good," he said, leaning into her neck, "and it was making it hard for me to concentrate."

"Dan. . .I,"

"It was making it hard for me in other places, too," he smiled, taking her hand and putting it to his crotch.


"Don't worry, Miss Kline, it's perfectly natural." Still holding her hand, he rubbed it up and down his now hardening penis. He pulled her in close with his free hand, and gave her a slow kiss on the lips.

"Dan. . ." she whispered. She was about to tell him this was inappropriate, but being a new teacher, she had been forced to move from her hometown in order to find a job. As such, she still hadn't met a lot of people here, and hadn't had sex since college. And not even her last semester at college. She had to admit, too, that her vibrator had used up a lot of batteries playing the role of Dan Grover's cock. Now that she was handling the real thing, she realized that her dildo didn't do the boy justice. She leaned back in, and kissed him forcefully, her horniness getting the best of her.

Dan broke the kiss off. "Go close the door, Miss Kline." About to protest, he smacked her across the ass with a little strength that sent her scurrying to close her door. She had put posters over the windows in order to keep her kids focused on her lessons, so with the door closed, no one could see inside. She quickly returned to the sexy senior.

He pulled her close again and they began kissing passionately, tearing each other's clothes off. Lifting her up on the desk, he pulled her pants down as she tugged her shirt over her head. Dan smiled as he saw the sexy green underwear she was wearing. "Nice panties," he said. "I've never seen green ones before."

"I hope you don't get too attached to them, she said, unclasping her bra, "I don't plan to be wearing them much longer." She smiled seductively back at him, playing with her tits. She started to pinch her nipples and moan. "What are you waiting for, stud. Take out that horse cock I've heard so much about." Dan blushed when he heard Miss Kline use that language.

"Who told you about my cock," he asked, his face red.

Laughing at his embarrassment, Miss Kline hooked a finger into one of his belt loops and pulled him closer. She undid his belt and started unzippering his jeans, eager for what she had overheard about from some of the girls in school. "Let's just say it's somewhat of a legend amongst the females of this school," she murmured, tugging down on his boxers. Seeing she was having some trouble, he pulled them down all the way, his big dick springing to life.

"Oh baby." She looked up into his eyes. "Nice cock."

"I'm glad you like it." Grabbing her panties by the waistband, he jerked his hand back and ripped them off her body.

"Holy shit, Dan!" Running her eyes and hands over her young Adonis' body, she knew her pussy was in for the time of its life. Dan didn't disappoint, and slowly pushed his dick into her opening. Of the three girls he had fucked in the last day-and-a-half, Miss Kline was the first to have any pubic hair at all. It was dark and curly, but neatly trimmed into a "v," so that none would show in a bikini. He bet it smelled great, but he had more important things to worry about right now.

Finally inside her, he slowly started thrusting in and out of her. She wasn't as tight as Casey or Ashleigh, but it didn't matter to Dan. The size of his cock made any pussy tight, and he just enjoyed the ride. Her ass was at the edge of the desk now, and she was reaching back to find some sort of solid hand-hold. Almost as soon as he entered her she began bucking her hips forward, meeting each solid thrust with one of her own. She wasn't a talker during sex, but her moaning was every so often punctuated by an almost inarticulate "Oh God, Oh God. . ."

The excitement of not only fucking his teacher, but fucking her in her classroom was starting to get to Dan. He didn't really need to worry about Miss Kline, who was so horny that she was well on the way to her second orgasm, and so he began to seriously slam into her hot pussy. He could feel the swelling in his balls and knew the moment was near. Pulling out of her, he flipped her over before she could protest and did something he had been dying to do for a long time. With her round ass thrust upwards as she was bent over her desk, he shoved his big, juice covered cock into he incredibly tight asshole. Surprised and shocked, Miss Kline let out a little yell before she gasped for breath, trying to take all eight inches into her virgin ass.

The pressure was intense, and grabbing her hips, Dan drove his cock home again and again, the brief respite from her pussy enough to get him in control. Reaching around her waist, he found her slick pussy and slid one, then two fingers inside of her. Virtually double teamed, this was enough to send Miss Kline way over the edge, and a second, third, and then fourth orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to thrash about the desk trying to find some release for the pleasure this young tennis player was giving her.

This was all Dan needed to fill her ass with his come, and he streamed inside of her so much that it started to leak around his cock. Taking the panties he had torn off Miss Kline, he shoved them in her mouth so that she could scream without anyone hearing, and she gladly accepted the offering. Her ass clenched to together, milking his cock while her pussy muscles clamped down on his fingers. When he was finally drained, he slumped over her back, running his hands up and down her tingling body. Removing the panties from her mouth, he turned her face around so that he could kiss her, which she eagerly responded to. They lay like that for a few minutes, giving Dan's cock time to soften enough to slid out of her ass.

He slowly backed away and watched as she awkwardly rolled over. Leaning back on top of her, he kissed her gently. "That was great, Miss Kline."

"You were fantastic, Dan. Your cock is perfect," she smiled dreamily.

"I have to go to practice now, and I didn't get to finish the homework."

"That's quite alright, Dan. I think you earned your grade today."

"I appreciate that, but I don't want a grade I don't deserve. How about I come by your apartment this weekend and you help me finish it up?"

She smiled broadly. "I think that's a wonderful idea."

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