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Captivating Sin


Fiona tossed and turned in her sleep as the same nightmare she had been having for the past two months once again played front and centre in her nocturnal musings. It was always the same. The other car came racing at them, baring down on them in the dark night and heavy rain. The rain was so heavy that it obscured the other vehicle, but it did nothing to hide the blinding headlights coming closer and closer by the second.

She remembered that he had swerved their car so his side, the driver's side, would take the impact when the two cars surely collided. He had in fact taken the full impact of the crash. The crunch of metal on metal had been sickening. Their car had started to spin wildly and Fiona heard nothing but the rising crescendo of the engines whining, and tires flying across wet asphalt.

Then there had been nothing but blackness until she awoke in a hospital bed.

It had just be an accident on a dark rain slick country road. Accidents happen all the time. Lots of people walk away from accidents. However, Keith had died, and so had the driver of the other vehicle. Fiona had been the only survivor, but she didn't walk away unscathed. She was badly injured with sprained ankle, broken arm, broken ribs, head trauma, whiplash and of course numerous bumps, bruises, cuts and abrasions.

Her broken body was healing, but there was one more part of her that had broken. A part that wasn't so easy to repair. Fiona had a broken heart. She had loved Keith, and they had planned to be married in the near future. They wanted to buy a nice house in the country, and have all sorts of children. Or maybe just two.

Gone. All of their plans and dreams were just gone. He was gone. She lived on, but felt empty and hopeless. Broken, she was broken.

The hospital had kept her for a few weeks, and then they released her to her parents. Fiona's mother and father, Lila and Vince, had brought their daughter to their home and tucked her safely into her old bedroom with it's lilac colored walls. They would later arrange to have her apartment cleared out, and her things placed in storage. It seemed senseless to keep paying for an apartment she wouldn't be returning to for a long while.

They fussed over her and took great care of her. She tried to be brave for them, but she felt so empty and had so little to offer them. Some friends and family came with to visit. They wore their platitudes like armor as they came to sit beside her. Everyone was gentle. Their voices were gentle, their expressions, and even their touches. It was as if they felt she might shatter at any moment, and Fiona couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't.

Some would tell her she would heal and be strong again. Others would be so bold as to tell her that she would meet someone new in good time. She hated their words, but rather than rage and tell them they were liars she stayed silent and pretended not to hear them. Often they would just pat her hand gently before leaving awkwardly. She wasn't sorry to see them go.

Fiona slept a lot, watched mindless television, and read a few books her friends brought. Her body was getting stronger everyday, and she knew it was only a matter of time before her parents insisted she leave her room and join the real world again. Fiona wasn't sure how to even do that, and had even less interest in trying.

It was late one evening when Fiona was tucked into her bed in her dark room. She was wide awake and thinking. No matter how hard she tried to keep her mind away from that one fatal night, it kept running back there. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. There was a soft knock on her bedroom door. She was certain it was her mother coming to make some fuss or another. She didn't respond to the knock. The door opened slowly with a very faint creek, and Fiona barely concealed her growl of irritation.

"Fiona?" The voice was her father's, not her mother's. This was a surprise.

He stepped into the dark room and closed the door behind him. He didn't turn the light on.

"Are you awake sweetheart?" he whispered softly.

"No." Fiona answered equally softly.

Her father chuckled softly as he moved to the bed and sat down beside her. "Baby..."

She didn't respond. This was out of character for her father. He wasn't really good with emotions. He hadn't avoided her per se, but when they were in the same room he never brought up the accident. He rarely asked her how she was or offered empty words of encouragement. To be honest she appreciated it. He loved her and always had, but was never terribly good at expressing himself.

He wouldn't lecture her though, and for that she was thankful. Remaining silent, he stood and pulled off his robe. Fiona watched him in the mostly dark room. In the minimal light from the window she could see he wore shorts and a t-shirt. He pulled back her blanket and got into the bed beside her. Fiona didn't protest. She was too surprised to protest. He wrapped his arms around her and just hugged her close. Her father kissed the top of her head and just held her.

It felt so incredibly good to just be held. Fiona felt tears splash onto her cheeks. She hadn't actually cried in a long while, but somehow she couldn't stop them from falling. Still her father said nothing, and just held her. A while later she fell into a deep dreamless sleep. When she awoke the next morning he was gone. Had it just been a dream?

This became a regular occurrence. It wasn't nightly, but several times a week her father would come into her room later at night and just hold her close. He'd let her cry if she needed to. The crying became less and less. Fiona felt safe for the first time in a long while when her Dad held her close.

She would snuggle close to him and sometimes place her head against his chest so she could listen to his heartbeat. It would always sooth her. One night they were snuggled close, and Fiona couldn't even put into words what emotion and need came over her. She found herself tilting her face up to his. She sought his mouth with her lips. She shifted as near to him as possible, wanting to feel her body so close to the warmth from his. Somewhere in the back of her mind she realized that this was inappropriate, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

She kissed her father that night like no daughter is meant to kiss her own father. She had pressed her lips softly at first. She could feel his hesitation and surprise, but she pressed on. She moved her tongue between her lips and brushed it over his lips. He resisted and didn't really kiss back at first, but then all at once they were kissing passionately.

The kiss went deep and swirled with heady desires that they both knew didn't belong there. Heat rose in both of them making the room feel impossibly warm. Their hearts beat hard and fast and when their lips parted they panted for air. Fiona felt her father's cock rigid and hard against her, but then felt suddenly cold as he quickly pulled himself from the bed and sprinted quickly out of her room.

Fiona touched her lips. They felt swollen from their kiss. She felt both elated and ashamed all at the same time. However, for the first time in a long time she also felt a small glimmer of feeling alive again.

Fiona's father didn't return for a week. In passing during the day they behaved as they always had. She felt more and more ashamed of her behavior. She wanted to apologize to him and try to explain it had just been a mistake. She had let her emotions get the better of her and it clouded her judgement. She hadn't meant to kiss her own father as she had!

He had come to her and offered her silent support when she had needed it most. He had done for her what no one else had been able to do. Holding her and letting her just feel safe, even for a short period of time, had made such a big difference for her. And she had ruined it all by kissing him in a way that was beyond wrong.

It had been one week to the day. Fiona looked at the clock radio on her bedside table. It was late, and it was normally about this time that her father would have come in. She had figured out he seemed to wait for her mother to be sleeping before he came to her room. Most likely this was because it was easier than explaining it all to his wife. He certainly hadn't been doing anything wrong...until Fiona had gone and ruined it all by kissing him.

When the soft knock sounded on her bedroom door, Fiona was sure it had been her own heart she was hearing. She didn't say anything, but held her breath. The door opened slowly, and her father came in. He closed it softly behind himself, and in the quiet of the night Fiona heard him turn the little privacy lock on the handle. She bit her lower lip.

"Daddy..." she whispered.

"I'm here, Baby."

"I'm sorry." she started, keeping her voice low.

Vince hushed her. "Nothing to be sorry for."

It was as if nothing had happened, and Vince got into bed with his daughter and they snuggled together as they had so many nights already. Maybe his body was a little closer than it had been before. Maybe he noticed how good she smelled. Maybe as he held her he thought about her mouth, and remembered how it had tasted. And maybe, just maybe...he felt a little aroused by holding his beautiful adult daughter so close.

Regardless, they wouldn't cross that line again. They wouldn't blur the lines of the father and daughter relationship. He was here to offer comfort and his fatherly love. It didn't matter that he noticed the sweet curve of her bottom pressed against his thighs. He would try not to notice the press of her pert breasts against his arm as she breathed softly.

Vince was a man, with desires. Desires that admittedly he and his wife had not addressed in a long time. He didn't blame his wife of over thirty years. Lila was a good woman and a good wife. She was also an incredible mother. It takes two to keep a marriage finely tuned, and they had both neglected their relationship.

Of course he masturbated in the shower to relieve some tension, but jerking off was not a substitute for human touch and affection. It was at that moment that Vince realized what had drove him to his daughter's bedroom to hold her, it was not just his desire to help her heal. It had been as much for his needs as hers. He needed to be close to someone.

This made Vince wonder why he hadn't felt the ability to pull Lila close? Why hadn't he reached for his wife when he was feeling lonely? Of course, Fiona needed him, but the natural desire should have been to reach for Lila, the woman he married. Vince felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, and as soon as Fiona was asleep he slipped out of her bed and made his way back to his marital bed.

Vince felt more confused than he had ever felt in his life. He loved Fiona, and he wanted her to feel loved and safe. He knew it was not inappropriate to hold her and hug her the way he was, but he felt their relationship was shifting into dangerous territory. What kind of father kisses his own daughter? What kind of father becomes hard and aroused by his own daughter?

Needing to prove he wasn't a monster, he reached for his wife. She was sound asleep. Vince rested his hand on her back and rubbed gently. "Lila..." he called so softly.

Lila woke with a bit of a start, "What? Is Fiona okay?"

"Shhh, yes...yes. I am sure she's fine." Vince felt himself losing the nerve to ask his wife for what he needed.

"What's wrong then?" she asked. The room was dark, but Vince could just imagine the confusion on her face.

"I...uh..." Vince paused. "I want you."

"Want me to do what? It's late, Vince..."

"No, honey...I want you. I want to make love to you." Vince's voice sounded strained even to himself. When had it become so tough to ask his own wife to make love?

Lila didn't answer right away, and then she said softly, "I don't think so, Vince. No."

There was no explanation offered from his wife, and he didn't dare ask for one. Her rejection stung. "Okay. Good night, Lila."

Vince rolled so that his back was to his wife, and forced himself to go to sleep. It would end up being a restless sleep filled with erotic dreams of Fiona, not Lila. Vince would wake up more confused than when he had gone to sleep, which he hadn't thought possible.

The nightly routine continued, and as soon as Lila was sound asleep Vince would slip out of his own bedroom and go to his daughter's bedroom. He was careful, so very careful, to remain chaste and proper with his daughter. However, he couldn't lie to himself anymore. The more time he spent snuggled close to her body the more his desire for her grew. She was healed. Her body was healed anyway, but Vince knew it was a long road ahead before his fragile daughter's heart and spirit would be healed.

During the day they behaved as if nothing happened at night. He behaved as if they had never kissed. Lila did not seem to suspect anything could be amiss. And was it actually amiss? They had kissed only once. Prior to that and since that they had only snuggled each other. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself that he had no reason to feel guilty, he did.

"Dad, could you drive me to physio today?" Fiona asked. They were all in the kitchen, and Lila had made a nice breakfast for the three. Fiona was starting to spend more time out of her bedroom. Vince was grateful to see his daughter show a little spark of interest in life outside the four walls of her bedroom. She had lost a lot of weight, when he hadn't felt she had any to lose in the first place.

"Sure, sweetheart. Maybe we can grab some dinner after, what do you think?"

Lila looked at her husband, and she seemed pleased with his suggestion to their daughter. She wanted Fiona to get out and be around people. That was about the only thing that Lila seemed to discuss with her husband these days. She would talk to him about her worries concerning Fiona, but that was about it.

More and more, Vince was beginning to wonder if the problem between them was caused by them both or just her? Was she pulling away from him? From time to time Vince would reach out to his wife, but she rejected him each time. Of course she was normally quite gentle about it, but it was rejection all the same.

Vince decided to try to reach out again now, "Why don't we all go to dinner together?"

Lila shook her head softly. "I'd love to, but I have my book club tonight."

"Oh." Vince said simply. "Okay. Fiona, what do you say to dinner with your old man?"

Fiona seemed to be watching them both as if trying to figure them out. "Sure, Dad. It's a date." she said finally.

Fiona was tired after physio. Vince helped his daughter into his car. "If you're not up to it we can just get some take-out and go home."

"No way. We have a date." Fiona said with more passion than she had shown in ages, and Vince secretly enjoyed that she kept referring to it as a date.

Vince let his daughter pick any restaurant she wanted. Fiona picked a long time favorite. A chain restaurant that boasted pizzas and pastas, as well as lots of free soup, salad and garlic bread. They stepped in the door to be greeted by the hostess. "Will it just be yourself and your daughter tonight?" the woman asked with a bright smile.

"He's not my father." Fiona snapped quickly. Vince swung his eyes to his daughter, but tried not to show his surprise. "My boyfriend and I would like a booth please. It will just be the two of us."

Vince's jaw nearly dropped. The hostess looked embarrassed and contrite. "I apologize. Right this way."

Fiona had Vince's eyes. The same shape and the same color. There were surely other similarities as well. Vince didn't blame the hostess for having assumed they were father and daughter, which of course they were, and likely they appear to be as well. He wondered what had possessed his daughter to tell this woman otherwise?

Once they were left alone at the table with their menus, he asked, "What was that all about?"

"You're my date tonight." she replied with an easy smile.

Vince had to smile back. Seeing a smile on her face was incredible. "Okay, fair enough." He glanced around. "Looks to me that I have the most beautiful date here."

Fiona blushed lightly. They chatted casually about nothing of importance. The waitress came and took their drink orders.

"So, what's going on with you and Lila?" Fiona asked abruptly.

Vince noted his daughter's out of character use of her mother's first name. "What do you mean?"

"You two were acting weird this morning, but you've been acting weird a lot lately."

Vince didn't answer right away and instead pretended to be very engrossed in his menu. The waitress came and placed their drinks on the table a short while later. "Are you ready to order?" she asked politely. Vince went with pizza, and Fiona had a Fettuccine Alfredo dish with chicken. As soon as the waitress walked away they began talking again.

"I mean...I noticed the weird strain between you two. I have also noticed you two barely talk and never touch." Fiona tried again.

"You certainly are observant lately." Vince said. He lifted his bottle of beer to his lips and took a long drink. "Truth is I have no idea what's going on."

"That's a cop out." Fiona took a piece of the free garlic bread that the waitress had brought when she took their drink orders.

Vince took a deep breath and glanced at his beer. He might need a few more of them if this conversation was going to continue on this subject. "I've tried reaching out to her. She cuts me off at every attempt."

Fiona eyed her father speculatively. She seemed to be toying with something she wanted to say or ask. Vince kind of hoped she decided not to ask or say whatever was on her mind. As it was, his head was already spinning. He was feeling nothing but rejection from his own wife, and yet he was crossing all sorts of invisible lines with his daughter. Putting aside the piece of garlic bread she had been nibbling, her petite hand slid across the table and took his. Vince could only imagine how intimate they appeared sitting together in the booth with their hands linked on the table. It was another line crossed.

"Are you two still...you know...doing it?" Fiona finally asked, her eyes going wide.

Vince coughed hard, drawing the attention of some nearby diners. With his free hand he took his beer and swallowed a log pull from the bottle. He eyed his daughter over the bottle. There was no way he could discuss his sex life with his daughter, or lack of sex life as the case may be. No way, no how. That was his and Lila's private business. Furthermore, it felt wrong discussing that specific topic when lately his sexual fantasies have included her...his own grown child...

"I am sorry. I shouldn't have asked that." she had the good grace to cast her eyes down and blush a pretty shade of pink.

"It's okay, Baby. It's just private." Vince explained gently.

"Since when is Lila in a book club?"

"She's joined all sorts of things lately. A book club, a scrap booking club, and she joined the gym."

Fiona's eyes narrowed. "Huh...weird." she said, scrunching up her nose a little.

"I thought so too." Vince was glad to have someone agree. Lila had never shown any interest in any of these things before. He thought maybe she was just bored now that we're both retired, so maybe she was branching out. It was around the time she joined all these clubs and such that she had stopped communicating with him. They were a bit on the young side to both be retired, so he didn't blame his wife for wanting to get out and be active.

Vince casually changed the subject, and Fiona allowed him to. He could see she had more to say, but she seemed to sense that it was making him uncomfortable. They shared a nice dinner. They chatted easily. The avoided talking about the accident and Vince's failing marriage. They also avoided talking about whatever was happening between them.

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