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Captive Audience


I came to in more than a bit of darkness and confusion, swearing to myself that I hadn't possibly drunk that much Scotch the night before. Wait, was it morning yet? If so, it was my wedding day! I couldn't have had that much to drink, or was I becoming a damn lightweight, thanks to going to bars less often since I met Natalie? That wasn't possible, or was it? Anyway, I didn't have too much time to think of it, because as I reached for the light, I found my wrists bound and helpless. I was tied up! What in God's name was going on?

That was when the lights were turned on, allowing me to see Laila, the maid of honor for the wedding, who signaled for me to be gagged before I could speak. The next thing that I knew, Laila had her skirt hiked up and planted her drenched pussy on my stiffening cock. Oh, God, why the fuck was I hard at being held against my will and basically raped by my fiancee's girlfriend, anyway? Then again, Natalie's best friend was as sensual and sexy as women came, from her olive complexion and jet-black curls to her hazel eyes that hinted greatly at playful deviance and mischief. Now I knew for sure what sort of mischief, but too late to stop her...What would Natalie say? Would she ever believe that it was forced?

I was utterly helpless to resist or speak out, while Laila continued to straddle me for the sheer pleasure of it, waving her fine, smooth tits in my face as she leaned over me now. Worse still, I was well aware by now that I had no condom on...she was taking it bareback! I did my best not to cum just yet, but you try preventing a release when a sexy bridesmaid mounts you and takes you into her sweet, slick snatch! Ha, I didn't think so, either! I was a fairly mentally tough guy as they came, but not enough to avoid getting suckered first into monogamy (in spite of my personal dislike of it) and now into cheating (or was it really cheating if it was basically rape).

Only when I finally exploded inside Laila did she remove the ball gag, kissing me hungrily on the mouth. My cock now smelled distinctly like her pussy, and I had probably less than 12 hours to clean up for the nuptials. This could get ugly...but why had Laila bound me and used me that way? To make matters worse, Laila began to kiss her way down to my dick, putting it in her mouth to clean it with her lips and tongue. I tried not to get that hard again, but it was a hopeless cause...most guys have at least a considerable male refractory period after cumming most of the time...I did not. Did Laila already know this, or was it a surprise to her, albeit a pleasant one?

"Oh, damn, it's true! I thought that Natalie was kidding, but she wasn't! You got hard again that quickly? Boy, you and I have a long morning ahead of us, then! I don't have to give you back to Natalie until at least noon. Don't worry! It was rape, remember? You didn't cheat on her. Except that you won't press charges, will you, sweetie? No, I didn't think so, either. You wanted me for a long time and now you've had me.

"You're not dumb enough to refuse more of this, not when you can have it on demand. That's right, honey. Whenever you want it, on tap, your hot Baghdad booty call, baby! I know, I'm like the worst Muslim girl in the world, aren't I? I drink, I eat pepperoni pizza, and I fornicate with my best friend's fiance. You love it with me, don't you? It's just starting, baby, and it's not just me. Valerica, sweetie, come on down!" Laila invited another bridesmaid, a buxom Romanian girl, who began to plant kisses all over my face before sitting on my dick to ride me cowgirl-style.

"Val is such a good sport, too, you know. She's going to enjoy making love to you whenever you wish it...just don't forget me, okay? You won't forget your Iraqi minx, will you?" Laila pouted now as her friend used me for sex just as she had, and of course, I was gagged again.

While I lasted a little longer inside Val because I just came a short time before inside Laila, it was still tough to resist the pleasures of a sweet, if hefty Romanian girl of peasant stock who smothered me with loving kisses the entire time that she rode me. Again, it was bareback, and to make matters worse, I noticed a camcorder set up to catch the action. While I was being filmed, here I was, bound, gagged, and used for the pleasure of two women in a very Fem Dom threesome. I fought the urge to come again, but when Laila started sucking on Valerica's fine tits, I couldn't stop myself. I spilled a shocking amount of seed given my previous encounter into that Romanian cutie.

"Oh, wow, such a nice load! Well, need to keep you going, so I made you breakfast in bed. How's that sound? Don't get any ideas. We're going to feed you. All of it. We'll wait on you, hand and foot, until noon. Don't worry about your bladder, either. We'll gulp that down for you, too. Yes, all that piss, what do you think of that? Shocked? Don't be. We love the taste of your pee and we drank it last night, too. Relax, we used mouthwash afterward. Wouldn't force you to drink something like that," Laila stunned me with her confession of being into watersports... I would never have guessed THAT about her...

"In case you're wondering where you are, you're in my apartment. Val's and mine. We're a couple...yes, a lesbian couple, but we're not gay. We're bisexual. Told you, I'm a terrible excuse for a Muslim. I really am! Probably going to Hell, but I'll enjoy every day that I live on this planet. Everything's Kismet, so it's Allah's fault, anyway. Drink up, baby," Laila fed me the orange juice and omelet that Valerica brought in on a tray, before both of them burst into giggles.

"By the way, Levi, that orange juice was spiked with potency drugs, a certain blue pill ground up into it. You'll have no trouble getting it up now, will you? A good thing, since there are other bridesmaids to fuck. That's your cue, Bethany!" Laila called to the next lady in the crew, who descended with her mouth on my cock like it was going out of style.

The trouble was that Bethany was my stepsister, so this was more than a little shocking to me that she wanted this. This didn't stop me from getting a serious hard-on. In fact, it made my arousal worse, as I had a serious incest kink that I never mentioned to anyone but Natalie. How the fuck did Bethany know that I wanted to fuck her, anyway? In fact, I never told anyone about any of these fantasies...except Natalie. That was when the lightbulb flashed, just as the TV came on.

"Oh, hi, honey! If you're watching this, Levi, I bet that a certain male potency drug either has kicked in or soon will. Odds are, your sweet Bethany, sister to you in all but blood, is bobbing up and down on your dick like it was an apple or something. Yes, this was my idea, baby. If you want to break this off and press charges, you're free to do so once released, and you'll certainly have the evidence to use against me. I'm party to a rape. I admit it freely. Nor am I the only woman that is, as you can see from the way that Bethany is probably sucking you hard right now.

"Why am I doing this? That's easy, dear. Look, I fucked up in more ways than one. First, at my bachelorette party, please don't get too angry...I slept with Laila...and Valerica. Yeah, I cheated on you with two women. We were drunk, things got a little crazy, and the worst thing was that I kind of wanted things to get out of hand. That's why I held it so early, in case you wondered. I needed time to make it up to you, baby, for cheating on you as I already planned to do! Yes, I confess, I intended to seduce Laila and Valerica that night, and yes, I got them so drunk that they went for it. I was the seducer, not them. You want to blame someone, blame me.

"The second was that I then, knowing that I was going to make it up to you...I fucked your step sister. Yes, that one. Bethany. The only one you have. I just couldn't pass up her attentions, and it was her idea to make it up to you in this way, rather than what I originally planned, which was to have my mother show up at your bachelor party and tell you that you could fuck her with my blessing.

"The bridesmaids all gladly volunteered to help save our marriage so it wouldn't end before it started. Frankly, I think that they all kinda wanted you, anyway. Not sure how much longer you could have fought them off, and frankly, I never expected you to...not really, in my heart of hearts. In fact, I wanted you to yield to temptation, not resist it.

"The third way that I fucked up was by pretending to be straight. I was afraid that if I acted on my very strong Sapphic feelings, you wouldn't understand. I should have been upfront. No, I'm not a lesbian. Not completely. I'm bisexual, and I adore men like you. I just also like women...a lot. Which brings me to my fourth mistake. I lied about my family and its lifestyle...we're an incest family, dear. It's a long-standing tradition with us, though we certainly welcome fresh blood, like you. We all fuck each other. I tried to get away from it, be normal by marrying you, but it just wouldn't work.

"Please, sweetheart...please forgive me, okay? Say that you'll forgive me, and the girls will remove the bonds right now. You can fuck them with my blessing until noon, and then get ready for our wedding. You'll be untied, although I hope that you'll cooperate with the pegging. Yeah, Laila wants to fuck you in the ass with a strap-on dildo while you fuck one of the other sexy bridesmaids. Don't worry, she'll use plenty of lube for it and the woman in question has agreed to take it in her butt for you while you get sodomized.

"I just want us to stay together, and I'm more than willing to share our bed with any woman that you want. I want you to be there, at that altar this afternoon, ready to take our vows, which I've taken the liberty of rewriting so we could drop that whole 'forsaking all others' BS. The priest was nosy about that, but I rode his cock for about five minutes, so he shut up about it. Yeah, I'm naughty like that. He didn't last long at all. That's what celibacy does to your staying power, I guess.

"In any case, I hope that we still take our vows, preferably with your cock smelling of another woman's pussy or ass and my own pussy filled with plenty of cum. You see, right now, I'm going for broke, sort of 'in for a penny, in for a pound,' and I'm riding my father. Yes, dear old Dad. He's great in the sack, too. Hope it's okay, seeing as you get to take Mom's ass! That's right, it was she who agreed to bend over for your dick while you get pegged! Your family might not be so kinky, but mine definitely is! I'm also fucking my brother, Paul. They're going for a threesome, where Dad will fuck each of us and we'll do each other. Yeah, Paul is kinda bi, too, my dear, as is Dad.

"How about it, honey? You didn't really think that you would be stuck with the same pussy and ass for life, did you? I'm French, remember? Well, highly Americanized, since I was ten when we left Marseilles, but who's counting? Trust me, baby. One way or the other, I was going to share you, as long as you would willingly share me. If not, well, we wouldn't have lasted, and I think that you know that by now. Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, if you ask me. Very savage.

"If you agree with me, you'll be untied now and you can roll around on the bed as much as you please with the bridesmaids. If you refuse, well, I'll show up and join the reverse gang-bang for a goodbye fuck to change your mind...to remind you of what you'd lose. Only then would you be released. That might sound great until you remember that you'd be giving up our wedding night and the wildest sex that you've ever had...even wilder than this. Your call. Just say the word. Bonne chance, ma cherie. Just remember that I'm very much in love with you, twisted and perverse as I might be," Natalie blew me a kiss as Laila turned off the TV.

"Well, what's it to be, lover?" Laila asked me, removing my ball gag, as Bethany began to mount me and Carmen sucked my balls.

"I think that I'm going to do the only smart thing that I can do. That is, show up at my wedding, take my vows, and claim the sweetest, sluttiest bride known to man! She's the wife straight out of my fantasies! Sure, she committed a crime, but she's willing to do the time, too...only her sentence will be a life of servicing me. Be sure that I'll show no mercy. I'll throw the fucking book at her...figuratively speaking, of course," I chuckled.

"See, I told you that he was smart," Bethany grinned as Laila untied me and started riding my face.

"Well, you were right. I hope that you show me and the rest of us no mercy, too. I want to bed you regularly...frequently. So do the other girls. We kinda plan to join you on the honeymoon...all of us," Laila announced, which prompted me to part her swarthy buns and lick that fine butt-crack of hers, "Oooooh, more of that, please! That's fantastic!"

Something told me that this day's festivities would make the wedding almost an anti-climax. I wondered how many of my groomsmen I should invite to gang-bang Natalie soon before she got the idea herself. I owed her one, after all. I wasn't worried about prosecution...I still had the tapes, not that I would need them. Love was stronger than blackmail, wasn't it? I also thought of knocking the bridesmaids up, but soon, I couldn't think of anything but how silky smooth and slick Bethany's pussy felt on my cock and how delicious Laila's ass was...oh, and how soft Valerica's lips and tongue were on my balls.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you...Bethany's fertile," Laila declared, which just caused me to shoot out my jizz like striking oil.

"Damn, even the idea of me pregnant makes you cum, eh? Oh, I'm going to love walking around with the baby bump that you just gave me, bro. Don't worry, I'll find ways for you to pay your child support in kind, no need for scandal. I've wanted you for years, Levi. Ever since we met," Bethany confessed, while I continued to rim Laila and my step sister joined Valerica in sucking my dick straight from her own twat.

Yeah, contrary to myth, this day wasn't just about the bride. The groom and the bridesmaids were doing fine, too...and if I had my way, the groomsmen would soon as well.

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