tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 03

Captive Ch. 03


You smile at me and let the flogger kiss my flesh several more times. There is no set rhyme and reason to how the flogger hits my ass. You are careful about where it does hit my body which leads me to think that You are quite experienced with using a flogger. i cry out softly with each kiss.

It feels so good but my body beginning to cry out with another need. It wants to know the feel of Your hands on my body. The soft feel of Your fingers rubbing along my slit and teasing my clit. It wants to feel Your cock buried deep within my pussy once more. i am on fire with my need. Slowly, i find my voice to speak.

"Please Master let the whip no longer kiss my flesh. Your kitty needs to know the feel of Your cock inside me. Please Master use Your kitty."

i can hear Him chuckle at me for a moment or so. The kiss of the whip does stop, but it is not for the reasons that i was longing for. i could feel His hands brush over my mound but and then rubbed along the heat of my ass. You pinched my ass where the whip had kissed it sending chills of delight along my spine.

Then You reached around and spanked me on my slit. Your slap was not light but it was not the same sting that a whip's kiss would have been. i squirmed more in the restraints and tugged at them. This was a truly decadent feeling and i didn't want You to stop.

"Kitten, I fully intend upon using you. Be patient My little one and you will be rewarded well for your obedience to Me."

He continued to spank my slit a few more times and soon parted my lips so that my clit was now fully exposed. You pinched it between Your finger tips and rolled it before spanking it as well. my body was crying out for more and waited to see what You were yet to put me through. i knew that You were not done with the teasing of my body.

You reached down between my legs and slid Your fingers along my slit and teased along my opening. You found that i was very well soaked with my juices and could easily take Your cock within me. You softly growl in my ear as You slide two fingers inside of me. i roll my hips back against You and wiggle against the restraints.

With one hand, You undo the ties of Your pants. You walk around and stand in front of me. You tell me to look at You as You slide Your hand over Your cock. i couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of You. i know that in many ways this is just another way of teasing me.

You move to stand before me and quickly rub Your cock along my slit collecting my juices. You lean in and nip along my shoulder which makes my body shudder. You grab my hips to steady me before shoving Your cock up into my drenched pussy. You wrap my legs around You and fuck me hard and fast.

All i can do is grip You with my legs. i am feeling my need for release growing but not quite ready to start begging for it. i am relishing this feeling as it was not often i was allowed to feel pleasure in this act. You reach down between U/us and pinch my clit between Your fingers.

i cry out in pleasure and my body begs for You silently not to stop. You sense that i am enjoying this and continue to take me harder and faster then You had before. Your one hand reaches around and spanks my ass hard. It makes me cry out and whimper with my need for release. You seem to sense this and softly speak leaning in to whisper it into my ear.

"If My kitten needs release she had better beg for it."

You said this to me with a grin about Your eyes. You know how on the verge of release but You simply let me have it. You are going to establish early on that You control my release. You want my submission to be complete to You. You nip at my shoulder and drove Your hard cock deep inside me as You wait for me to speak.

"Please Master let Your kitten cum for You. Please let me show You how You have affect my body. Please Master let me cum."

You turn my head towards Your mouth as Your lip crush mine. You kiss me deeply and make continue to let the fire build a bit longer. You can feel by my movements against You that i am so very close. You pull Your lips from mine and finally whisper in my Your consent for me to cum.

"Yes, cum for Me, my kitten. Show Your Master how well I have teased your body. Do not be silent as I wish to hear you cum for Me."

I whimper my understanding of Your instructions and let my body respond to Yours. My pussy and my body shudder and pulsed around Your cock as i cum hard for You. i scream out my pleasure as my body shakes and pulls at the restraints. my ecstasy is seen in my eyes as i throw back my head to let my voice be heard.

You groan as my pussy grips tightly at Your cock. Just when i think my orgasm has begun to subside You pinched my clit and i scream out as another wave hits me. my body milks at Your cock wanting You to cum with me. i know that You won't be able to hold out with how my pussy is gripping at You.

You scream out in Your own orgasm and hold me close to You. You rest a bit with Your head resting upon my shoulder as Your spent cock slowly slides from my pussy. my juices flowing from my body and dripping down my legs. You reach up to undo the restraints and drag me onto the bed to cuddle me in Your arms.

Slowly my body calms from such an intense orgasm. i thank You for allowing me to cum and rested my head upon Your shoulder. You rest Your one hand upon my mound and lightly squeeze it now and then. Slowly i find myself beginning to doze off and You keep me in Your arms to rest.

i find myself still in Your arms when i awake some hours later. i look at You and find You dozing beside me. i can't help but smile as i find myself feeling so content and safe with You. i lay my head back down and drift back off to sleep.

Much later that evening, You stir next to me finally and shake my until i awaken. You instruct me to kneel up beside the bed. i quickly do as i am told and await further instruction from You. Previous lessons have taught me not to question my Master on why to do something. i can't contain a smile and steal a look over at You to see if You have one upon Your face as well.

You swing Your legs over the side of the bed and rest right on the edge of the bed. You grab a hold of my hair and pull me towards You. Your pull is not to hurt me but to instruct me without words and a further showing of Your Dominance over me. i know that You are setting the tone of O/our relationship in small steps.

"Kitten, you will please Your Master with that sweet mouth of yours. Your Master is restless and wants to relax some more. I want you to be the sexy little kitten that You are for me. You will please me in doing this. Master knows that you want to please Him."

i smile sweetly at Him and understand what He was wanting. i move so that i am now kneeling between Your legs. i softly rub my fur against You as i move to run my tongue along the length of Your cock. You are not yet hard and i know this is a task to see how well trained i am with my mouth.

i know what is expected of me and don't need to be told more than once what it is that i am to do. i look at You for a moment for a sign that i have the go ahead to proceed. i know enough that even though i have been told to do something that i still need permission. You respond gripping my hair in Your hand and pulling my face closer to Your cock

i run my tongue along the length of Your cock. i slowly set about pleasuring Master with my mouth. i teased Your cock with just my tongue. my voice was only a soft purring that would soon be vibrating along Your length. i was letting You see that i wanted to show You pleasure in this simple act.

i could feel You grasp my hair a bit tighter as You pulled me even closer against You. You softly tell me to open my mouth and You slide Your cock into it. i open a bit wider to adjust to Your size. i can hear Your sweet moan as my tongue runs along the underside of You. i slide my mouth back and forth along You.

You softly pull at my hair and guide me as i suck upon Your cock. my soft purring of happiness vibrates against Your cock. i can hear Your heat beating quicker and it makes me smile to know that i am having this affect upon You. Right now the only thing that truly matters is the pleasure that i can give to You.

You abruptly pull me to my feet by my hair, and tell me to get onto the bed on all fours. You waste no time in mounting me, and drive Your cock inside my sweet pussy. i thought that You wouldn't last long after the attention i have been giving Your cock. You soon proved wrong that i was wrong in that thinking.

You bit at the nape of my neck and reached around me to pinch my clit. You knew that both things would make me want release and soon. You were driving me closer to that edge and You were playing my clit with a definite purpose. i was hoping that You would want me to have my release soon as that would feel so good.

"Sweet kitten, your pussy is so tight around My cock. Master wants for you to cum with Him. Do not dawdle and cum with Me now!"

my pussy gripped tighter at Your cock as You spoke those words. my body shuddered as You bit hard along my neck and i swiftly obeyed Your direction. O/our orgasms crashed over U/us and W/we cried out in intense pleasure. i was sure that any person passing by the area would hear U/us but i did not care. i was too far gone in this pleasure and nothing else mattered at that moment.

You relaxed against my back as Your body began to calm. My pussy continued to milk at Your cock as my body slowly calmed as well. i could feel Your breathe against my neck as You slowly pulled out. You laid a soft kiss in the middle of my spine.

After a few moments, You laid down upon Your back and pulled me with You. i rested my head upon Your chest and listened to Your heart beating. You rested Your arm along my hip and held me close against You. Your hand lightly brushed along my fur as W/we calmed and kissed my forehead before softly speaking.

"Well done My precious kitten. Let U/us sleep for now. Tomorrow you will have your reward."

i smiled at You feeling safe in Your embrace. my mind did not think of my previous Master in those sweet moments. i hoped that the new day would bring new answers and further direction. i knew that sleep was needed as well. i purred softly at my Master.

"Thank You Master for the pleasure and permissions You have given to me during this time. Your kitten is happy and content."

i could see a smile even in Your eyes as i spoke those words. i truly was thankful and was happy. Perhaps truly happy for the first time since i was a child. This Master was not like my previous in so many ways. There truly wasn't a comparison and that opened my heart to something new.

i woke that next morning to find that my Master was sitting by the fire. His eyes were staring into the flames and He looked lost in thought. Not wanting to disturb Him with questions, i tended to my morning business and quietly kneeled up beside Him. i softly rested my head upon His leg and quietly purred as to tell Him that i was there.

Without saying any thing He began lightly running His fingers along the fur on my neck. i was content to simply sit there by His side. i knew that if any thing was required of me that He would tell me. After as short while, He reached down and patted my tush and indicated for me to climb up into His lap. He lightly wrapped His arms around my waist and held me close to Him.

His hands softly brushed along the fur on my stomach and had no rhyme or reason to the pattern. It was soothing to me and i was sure that it must have been soothing to Him as well. i nuzzled softly against Him and purred so that He would know that i was content and happy with this. This was truly a tender moment that before i could have only longed for.

i was not accustomed to simply sitting in the lap of my Master without some sort of task to do. For the first time in my life as a slave, i didn't feel taken for granted. It was often said among other slaves that a busy Masters did not take time to simply be with Their slave like this. i knew that Lord Elrik was not a Man who had a surplus of time on His hands but this meant much more than to me than a precious gem.

A knock on the door interrupted the quiet time that we were sharing. Master made no move to get up and held me a bit more firmly against Him. He answered the knock by yelling for the person to come in. It was His man at arms and the very man who had found U/us the other morning in my cage. A small blush crept over my face at seeing him again.

A part of me wanted to grumble at the man for disturbing this peaceful moment. i held my tongue for i knew it would displease my Master to speak. i turned my gaze to look down at Master's lap and to concentrate on being a comfort to Him. i purred softly and ran my tail along His legs as if to provide some comfort to Him.

"M'Lord, You are needed downstairs. I apologize for having to interrupt Your morning yet again. The staff is a up in arms this morning. They have heard about the cat woman is no longer confined to the cage below. They are fearful of her M'Lord. Some are even talking of leaving."

i heard a small grumble pour forth from Master's lips upon hearing this. i did not wish to be trouble for Him and yet it appeared that in a way i was. That is what i was seeing in my mind. i started to squirm a bit in His lap wanting to be allowed to get down.

"I will be down in a moment with My slave in tow. I will not have My people afraid of her as she will be staying with here with U/us. she is not something that is to fear but rather just an exotic creature who feels just like You and I do."

Master softly tapped me on my bottom and indicated for me to slide off His lap. He crossed the room and i followed Him at His heels. From the armoire, He took out one of His silk surcoats with His family crest upon it. He placed the garment over my head and fastened a belt around it. He stood back and seemed pleased with how it looked on me.

He placed a sweet kiss upon my lips much to the dismay of the man at arms that seemed uncomfortable with the entire scene before him. Master led me out the door and down to where much of His staff had assembled idly chatting. The room came to a dead silence quickly upon seeing me. There was some small chatter when they realized what i was dressed in.

i was certain that many of the people assembled here in this room had never seen one such as i up close. Without being instructed to do so, i slipped to my knees and kneeled as a good slave should before their Master. i felt His hand softly caress my neck and with a look tell me that i had done a good job. He waited to see His people completely stop at their tasks before beginning to speak to them.

And so ends Chapter Three...

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