tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 05

Captive Ch. 05


i couldn't believe how strong those memories were but i knew that it was something that i needed to pay attention to. Lord Ulrich was just a man and certainly not one i should put up on the pedestal of being a Master. He was the one that turned me into a slave but He didn't have a clue as to how to treat one.

i had not been born a slave but for the last five long years i was molded into what i had become. Lord Ulrich had changed my world with little thought or care to the long term effects it might have on me. The only thing i truly longed for now was service. Somehow thought my body knew that Lord Elrik was a true Master.

Lord Elrik introduced me one by one to every member of His staff. i knew i would never remember all of their names but there were a few that all ready stuck out in my mind. There was the man at arms, Sir Kern, who twice now had found me in Master's arms, the Falcon keeper, George, because he smelled of leather, and one of the kitchen lass's, Tara, because she actually looked me in the eye when introduced to me. i shook hands with those who would accept my extended hand.

The introductions took the better part of that morning. i understood why this was so important to Lord Elrik. i tried not to show that i was uncomfortable and was actually terrified being around this many people at once. i had been kept in my former Master's quarters for a reason – too many people drove my sense of smell into over load.

That evening while alone in Lord Elrik's chambers, i shared the memories that had distracted me earlier in the day. His response was to pull me tight against Him and hold me tight. He sought to soothe me in that moment and i let Him pull me close to Him. While i was in His arms He spoke to me in hushed tones.

"My precious kitty please do not let memories of things in the past worry you. I will not allow anyone to harm you here provided that you follow the rules of My Household. My people are really loyal and nice once you get to know them. I will see about having a representative from your people come here to speak with U/us. I do not want you to be alarmed again by things you do not understand."

i felt comforted by His words and was soon nuzzling up against Him. He felt warm and safe to me. i enjoyed being pressed up against Him. His lips soon traced a line of kisses down my jaw and then down onto my neck. His hand reached between my nether lips to coax me into a wanting state.

"My kitty, I need you. I know that you are troubled yet by your thoughts. Please push them aside though so that we can simply enjoy this time T/together. I want for you to enjoy that which I do to your body."

i often wondered why He spoke to me with such caring. It was a foreign concept to me but one i none the less enjoyed. i, also, enjoyed the fact that He treated me well. i did not question that this man was quite frankly the Master of not only my body but also my mind and soul.

i slowly gave myself over to feeling what He was doing to my body. He played with my clit in such a way that i was squirming beneath His touch. He seemed to love playing with it and knew exactly how to get me riled up. i was more than happy to let Him. It felt so very good to me.

Soon enough i was wiggling against Him getting lost in the sensations He was brought to my body. i wasn't used to getting so much attention to my body. i was soaking it up and letting it take me to new heights of pleasure. If this was what pleasure was truly like then i wouldn't be going any where any time soon.

i realized that in a way i was becoming a slave to these new sensations because it was so foreign to me. In rare moments i could remember a flick or two from Lord Ulrich's fingers over my clit to stimulate my wetness. Lord Ulrich soon realized that it didn't take much to get that result He needed. Lord Ulrich was not a man to spend a lot of time on what he considered pampering a slave.

Master smiled when i started to beg Him to use me. He chuckled a little bit at me and told me that He was far from done with His fun yet. With that said He tied my wrists together and attached them the bed post. He ran His hands along my body and admired the presentation of me bound like that.

The kitchen lass, Tara, who i thought was nice brought in a tray of food for Master. she seemed more than a little embarrassed to see me bound so upon His bed. Master told her that she could pet my fur is she wanted to. my body was so pulsing with need that i moaned when she reached out and touched my fur. At first she drew her hand back but then reached out again to touch my fur and stroked it.

Master came up behind the kitchen lass and moved her hand to my pussy and helped her to rub along my clit a bit. The lass got the idea of what He was intending and soon was flicking her fingers over my clit and nether lips. Master whispered in the lass's ear to undress and sit upon my face. Tara did as she was asked without much prompting from my Master.

"What does M'Lord wish me to do?"

Those were the first words i can recall Tara ever really speaking beyond her brief hello. i can still hear Master chuckling at her words as He guided her body over mine so that i could lick her pussy. i knew what Master intended for me to do and as soon as her pussy was within reach i started to lick at her clit. i took delight in giving Tara some pleasure.

"Tara you are to let My precious kitty here lick you to orgasm while you finger only her clit. Then and only then will I allow you more."

Tara nodded at Master to indicate that she understood His directions and went proceeded to finger my clit. Her finger moved in circles around my clit and it was driving me quite mad with need. i moaned into her pussy and licked a bit faster at it to indicate that i was enjoying what she was doing. She moaned at me as i licked her clit.

i felt my legs being spread apart a bit further apart and soon felt Master's cock rubbing along my wet slit. Without much preparation, Master slides His cock into my pussy. It was good and wet from Tara's teasing of me so His movements were smooth. i moaned as His cock moved its way around up inside my pussy.

i quickly returned my attentions back to Tara. i was then driving my tongue up into her pussy fucking with my tongue like it was a cock. Tara writhed above me and moaned quite loudly urging me on. Tara kept rubbing my clit and that was pure heaven to me.

Master was pumping away at my pussy and was about to make me cum when He pulled out and pulled Tara to Him. He moved her body to position her on her hands and knees facing me and slide His cock inside her. i started to move out of the way and He snapped at me to stay where i was. i was only trying to move so that T/they would have more space on the bed.

Tara wasn't far from cumming from the tongue job i had given her and was soon cumming on His cock. That just seemed to urge Him on and He continued to pound away at her pussy from behind while i looked on. He reached under and played with her clit urging her to cum again and she was not one to disappoint Him as she was cumming again from His fingering. He groaned as her pussy milked at His cock and soon spent His seed into her.

He spanked her ass then and told her to lie down on the other side of Him in the bed. He pulled U/us both into His arms and He began to doze off. i was feeling a little hurt by being denied orgasm. i was sure that He has some reason why i was not to cum. i was a bit restless beside Him and i didn't want to wake Him with my restlessness. i crawled from the bed and sat before the fire and stared in to the flames for a long while.

i must have fallen asleep sitting there because i was awakened by His hand smacking my ass sounding. Master drug me to my feet and drug me over to the foot of His bed. He was not gentle in His handling of me and bound my hand above my head at the foot of His bed. i wasn't even sure what i had done wrong but quickly knew that i was in trouble.

"Why must you show such defiance to Me? Did you have My permission to sleep by the fire and not at My side? No, you did not. Do I really need to tell you that you will sleep where I tell you?"

His angry words startled Tara quickly awake. She had heard her Lord angry before but had never seen it up close and personal. Her eyes looked at me and quickly lowered to the covers on the bed. She knew that i was in trouble with Him. She was a bit afraid to move from where she was now sitting up.

He barked at her to dress and leave U/us. He didn't want her to witness His anger and my punishment. He didn't want anyone to see how He was going to punish me. i could feel the heat of His anger upon my skin.

i waited to see what to expect next. i was expecting Him to strike me. i was expecting Him to make the staff come running at the sound of my screams. Instead i was met with the stinging of His words.

"zara, you have seriously disappointed Me. I do not know why you have chosen to disobey Me in such a manner. I expect you to be better behaved than this. I woke up and you did not answer me when I called out for you. I found you curled up here by the fire this morning and your spot beside Me quite cold. you are not permitted to roam this castle freely. I will now have to include this room as well since you have disobeyed Me."

i trembled at His words. It was worse than any corporal punishment. i could feel His anger with as He spoke to me. i didn't quite understand what the big deal was but knew He had His reasons for reacting so.

Just then the man at arms, Sir Kern, knocked on Master's door. Master barked for him to enter. He left me bound to the bed and strode back over to me. He spanked my breasts with His hand to get my attention back.

"M'Lord, I am sorry to bother You but I thought You would like an update on the *grows silent for a moment* matter We spoke of last night. This message was delivered to the gate just moments ago. I have brought it straight here to You."

Sir Kern handed Master the note. Master read it with bitter silence loaming in the air. He paced a bit before me. He seemed lost in thought for a while before speaking.

"Double the guards at the gates until I tell you further. I want a guard posted at my door here as well. This is a very bold and stupid move on Lord Ulrich's part. I will not give him back zara. He has refused to pay her ransom."

"Yes, M'Lord, I will see to Your orders. *shifts from foot to foot nervously looking in my direction* I know this is none of my business M'Lord but the kitchen wench, Tara, thought that well. I see now that she was exaggerating the situation. *sighs* The poor girl thought You were going to beat zara for not being in bed this morning. *chuckles a bit*"

"I am not amused. *grumbles a bit in anger at the man's words* Sir Kern, you go too far this morning. You will not tell me what to do with Mine. she disobeyed Me and will be punished. I have not struck her beyond her breasts as you joined us. I have tied her up as you can see and did drag her butt over here. *plops down in a chair by the fire* I am stressed and full of worry over recent events."

"I understand M'Lord. I did not mean to question You on this."

"You questioned Me none the less Sir Kern. I'm going to let you in on a secret that I have uncovered about zara. There is a reason Lord Ulrich did want to pay the ransom and a reason why I had you and the men take her from him. zara is his niece's child there for making her his cousin."

i blinked in disbelief at the words Master had just spoken. It made me sick to my stomach to hear it really. How could Lord Ulrich touch me knowing I was a blood relation? How could any one do that to someone related to them?

Master looked right at me after He revealed that to Sir Kern. He had not told me that in private but in front of trusted man. This news was not sitting well with me. i was looking a little green.

"Sir Kern, release the kitty from the restraints and carry her over here."

Sir Kern did as he was told and i tried to hide my head against his chest. Right now all i felt was shame. How could Master touch me knowing what He did? Sir Kern set me in Master's lap and sat down in the chair across from Master.

"I'm sorry my sweet zara for not having told you this in private. I have no secrets from Sir Kern and I trust him not to spread this information. *softly rubs my back to comfort me* My sweet kitty, you are innocent of so many things My sweet girl. you do not disgust Me for you were unaware of this blood relationship. Lord Ulrich knew and I can not allow you to return to such a situation. My sweet kitty no man will ever harm you like that again so long as I am alive."

"M'Lord if she is his from Lord Ulrich's bloodline how is she one of the Cat People?"

"Lord Ulrich's niece was in love with of the Cat Men who had come to visit when negotiations for the peace talks were under way. She ran off with the guy and never returned. It was a surprise to everyone that zara was very much like her father upon her birth. Her mother died in childbirth and was cared for by her father's people for a while. Lord Ulrich demanded to know what had happened to his niece. I suspect Lord Ulrich knew she was dead but wanted confirmation of it."

"M'Lord, I don't profess to tell You how to run Your lands...but how can You keep her as a slave knowing what You do about her? I mean no disrespect in saying this but only speak up out of concern."

Master's hands were idly roaming over my body. i was trying to not let it affect me as i sat there in His lap. Sir Kern was trying to ignore where Master's hands were but it was a bit hard not to notice. Master's finger pinched at the hood of my clit.

"I will eventually set her free. For now, however, I wish to keep her as My slave to do with as I see fit. Is she not a beauty?"

"Yes, M'Lord, zara is a beauty."

"You act as though you disprove now that you know. I have her well being close at heart and will do everything within my power to keep her safe. *turns me in His lap so that my pussy is well on display to Sir Kern* Just look at her...such a lovely beast. Who wouldn't want to keep her? When I know that she will be safe here I will release her from the bonds of slavery."

And so ends Chapter Five....

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