tagBDSMCaptive Ch. 12

Captive Ch. 12


That night Princess zara snuck into Duke Elrik's chambers after the guard had been posted outside T/their rooms. Even with the ruling against the now deposed Lord Ulrich, neither of them felt that safe and a guard was still posted to protect them. King Edward had insisted upon it even. zara thought that it was a wise measure considering how angry Lord Ulrich had looked when the verdict was passed down.

Duke Elrik cradled zara in His lap as they talked about the upcoming events that would be taking place. Without much thought, zara wiggled upon His lap and rubbed her hand up and down His chest soothing Him as He spoke. she kisses along His neck softly and nibbled on His earlobe – a zone that was sure to get His attention in a good way. He ran His hands across her fur and stroked it similar to one would a cat knowing this was something zara enjoyed.

zara wiggled in His lap as He touched her. she truly loved this man whom in her heart she would always call Master before husband. she knew that she still had much to learn to properly serve Him as she had never been a slave to someone she truly cared for but knew that it would all come into place over time. Duke Elrik had slaves before but none like Princess zara.

Duke Elrik began to be more teasing in His touching of zara. He ran his finger tips back and forth over her pussy lips. He wanted to her to start wiggling in His lap and beg Him to take her. He loved tormenting her like this and knew that she enjoyed it when He did this.

He held her firmly against Him as he continued to tease her pussy lips with His finger tips. she began to squirm quite nicely for Him upon His lap. He knew that soon she would begin to beg for something more than a tease. All she had to do was beg for it.

"Please Master no more teasing."

"But I thought you enjoyed my teasing My precious?"

"i do Master but i need something more."

"What is it that you need?"

"Master, please will You take Your slave."

"you can do better than that zara. I know you can."

"Master, will You please take Your precious slave and make her cum all over Your cock."

"I quite like the sound of that."

That night wasn't about begging further but rather about the T/two of T/them growing to know O/one A/another. Duke Elrik claimed Princess zara and kept her there by His side the whole night through. The next day began with preparations for the coming ball season to be held at the Duke's home. There was much to be done in little time really.

King Zack spent some time with his granddaughter and learned more about the life she had led and was leading now. He knew from reports and talking to Duke Elrik's men that He was a good man. He came to love zara from their talks and knew His son had a lot of explaining to do. Prince Zarn wasn't going to have an easy punishment for what he had done to not only his own child but to the emissary talks between the two people.

King Edward and Queen Catherine were happy and proud as any parent might be to see the love bloom and blossom between Duke Elrik and Princess zara. King Zack welcomed the former Lord Ulrich to be banished on his lands where he could properly learn how to treat others under supervision of course. King Zack departed with Ulrich before the great ball. Sir Kern saw them to the land borders and would be back in time for the first dances.

Queen Catherine saw to it that Princess zara continued to learn womanly things like how to sew, dance, and behave like a proper lady while at Court. Princess zara blossomed in those skills as well and helped the ladies make her wedding gown which was to be a complete surprise for Duke Elrik. It was going to be a one of a kind creation. The ball gown was a pale blue off the shoulder creation.

The night of the ball quickly came to the Court. People from many miles away came to the ball. The house was full to capacity and some of the men were taking quarters above the stables in order to accommodate all the visiting Lords and Ladies of the Realm. There were grand introductions of everyone who came down the stair cases to the ball room.

Soon it was Princess zara's turn to make her grand entrance and all eyes were on her.

"Lord and Ladies it is with great honor that I present to all of you the visiting Princess zara"

she slowly descended the staircase and made her way over to Duke Elrik's arm. He stood there a moment amazed at her beauty and soon enough escorted her on to the ball room dance floor to dance. They twirled around on the dance floor and danced to many songs before sitting down with the King and Queen to partake of the feast. It was certainly a night of jubilant celebration.

It wasn't until later that night that the King found out about Lord Ulrich's escape from King Zarn's men. He choose not to worry the happy couple with such news that night, but had the guards made aware and to keep a stern eye out. The King knew that Ulrich wasn't about to just let zara go without a fight. He was crazed by lust for the lovely cat lady.

Duke Elrik was mad in the morning when King Edward gave him the news. He called to have the guard doubled and found that it all ready was. He grumbled a bit more but said nothing. King Edward assured the Duke that everything was well in hand.

Princess zara was scared but tried to not let on to anyone including the King. she knew that Lord Ulrich was probably going to make a play for her and didn't want blood shed because of her. she began thinking of ways to leave the estate unnoticed until it was too late to stop her. Lord Kern kept a stern eye on her when Duke Elrik wasn't with her so she soon began to see that as fruitless.

King Edward messaged King Zack about the escape and plans to push the wedding date ahead. King Zack responded back post haste and agreed that in light of things there was no reason to make the two of them keep waiting any longer than plans could be made for the event to take place. A priest was easy enough to obtain the services of because one came once every two weeks to the Duke's household.

They had to wait but a week. King Edward passed along the happy news to the couple after making sure the priest would be coming. Lord Kern had a guard assigned to the priest so that no harm would come to him. The happy couple was ecstatic at being able to push up the wedding date.

King Edward and Queen Catherine saw to it that that happy couple wasn't able to spend much time alone. Trying to make the wedding night as special as it could be was going to be hard on both of them. Funny how it took the intervention of the royal couple to get the two of them to listen to some reason when it came to such a matter was amazing.

King Edward and Duke Elrik hunted for the prize deer meat for the feast the day before the wedding. It was a good hunt and they found a large eight point buck that would be good eating. The two men had become close in the time since the trail. Despite the strain on the stores of the estate it was worth having the court there right now.

Queen Catherine did keep Princess zara busy perfecting her embroidery on some new handkerchiefs for Duke Elrik's wedding present. They had his symbol – the raven – on one corner and his initials on another corner. They looked very nice when done. Queen Catherine, also, helped zara to come to terms with not running from the present situation.

The Queen knew as most women would because of intuition. She knew that zara wasn't running from Duke Elrik but rather wanted the madness to end. That was the biggest obstacle before them – Lord Ulrich's obsession. It was something that zara soon realized that she had no control over. Besides she loved the Duke too much to truly leave Him now.

Lord Kern arrived with the priest the night before. King Edward had the priest under heavy guard upon his arrival. There was no going to stop this wedding.

The King's men were under strict orders not to let Lord Ulrich any where near the estate. The men were not about to fail their King on this task.

The day of the wedding, Queen Catherine lent Princess zara one of her hand maidens to help her dress in the flowing gown. It had a long train and what seemed like a hundred buttons along the back of it. King Zack was unable to be there on such short notice but sent an emissary in his stead with a special present. It was a garland grown of blue and white flowers that had been carefully dried for the occasion.

Duke Elrik dressed in his best outfit and kept pacing back and forth in his room until Lord Kern said it was time to go to the chapel. He made his way to the chapel with Lord Kern and wondered what the priest was going to think of this union. Lord Kern assured Duke Elrik that the priest had all ready been made aware of the fact that Princess zara was a Cat Person, and had no conflict of feelings against going forth with the ceremony. That put Him at ease.

Queen Catherine was all ready seated in the chapel and the priest was waiting when Duke Elrik arrived with Lord Kern. They quickly took their place beside the priest at the front of the chapel. Tara, from the kitchens, motioned to the priest that the bride was ready to make her grand entrance. Princess zara walked down the aisle of the church on the arm of King Edward.

Duke Elrik's people and staff were all happy and proud to see the bride walk down the aisle that day. They had grown accustomed to her and loved her like they loved the Duke. Flower petals were dropped in front of her as she strode to the altar. The King once at the altar transferred her arm to the Duke's when the Priest asked who gives the bride away.

The ceremony went smoothly without a hitch. Duke Elrik gave Princess zara a ring that Queen Catherine had helped him choose for his bride. Princess zara present Duke Elrik with a ring with his crest on it. King Edward had it commissioned the day it was decided they could wed.

The huge feast following the ceremony went off without a hitch as well. They merry couple partied with their people well into the wee hours of the night. They were both tired when escorted to their chamber. The ladies had prepared the room and turned down the bed as was customary.

The couple was a bit exhausted and soon fell asleep curled in one another's arms. This was a day of merriment and joy. A Master and slave were joined together forever by bonds that even the King could not dissolve. Lord Ulrich would not be able to harm the fair Princess again.

Thus ends the story......

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